Poptiq Mobile Video For Bold And 8900 Devices

Poptiq Mobile Video For Bold And 8900 Devices!
By Bla1ze on 11 May 2009 07:22 am EDT

The news from WES 2009 is far from over for us here at CrackBerry as there are still lots of things to cover and get a closer look at. One of those things is Poptiq Mobile video that launched for 8900 and Bold BlackBerry devices and is currently available through BlackBerry App World for free. Poptiq is a video service that allows direct to BlackBerry downloads of high quality video. Similar in the way it functions to PrimeTime2Go, Poptiq downloads a wide selection of videos over WiFi so that content is constantly kept up to date. With selection ranging from Comedy, Music, Science & Tech, Sports, Nature and much more Poptiq is well worth a look, but I heed a warning the app does roll in at just over 5MB which is quite large for a download.

While free for now, Poptiq is looking at introducing some "premium" options where in which a subscription based pricing model may be looked at. You can read the full press release announcement at Poptiq's parent company, MetraNome website and please feel free to leave some comments if you have checked out the application.

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Poptiq Mobile Video For Bold And 8900 Devices


...well, I checked the BlackBerry App, and it's not listed; not even in search. I then checked the Poptiq website, and they say to look in the Music section of BlackBerry App, and yet it's still not there...

I have a BOLD. Am I missing something?

Yah same for me .... I checked both ways and not listed ............... Grrr!! I was hoping that I would be able to try it out

I have emailed the developer, and will post again after I receive a reply. I'd love to give this app a try.

What I want to know is, why didn't the software company post a link for the install for said application for BlackBerry devices (since they did for the 'i' thingy) on their website?


I downloaded Poptiq for the bold on friday from App World. At this point, I WOULDN'T waste you time. First off, it is a HUGE app. 6 meg!!! So it eats up your memory before you even start to use it. 2nd of all, I could get it to open, but never did get it toconnect, or even come close to understand how to even use the app because there is zero support for it on line, when I pressed the menu button in the app itself, nothing happened, it just sat there trying to connect. I downloaded it a second time and it wouldn't even install correctly. I am fairly technically savy with my bold, but this one is a stumper to me. It could be the beta OS5.0.0.93... but I have seen several posts in multiple forums saying that it doesn't work for the bold. I think a little more tweaking is needed on Poptic's end, unless the issue is with

I'm glad I'm not crazy, but I don't see it either. Even Poptiq's website is saying that it's in App World.... but no it's not :(

I just checked and was able to find it within the category "Music & Video". Maybe try 'searching' for 'Poptiq' within the search bar at the top when you open up the "Music and Video" category.

Couldn't find your program, Did a Type in search and looked at your web site and followed your instrucions still couldn't find it

I installed it a couple of times but it would never connect to the Poptiq server, wifi or non wifi.

We just released an updated version of Poptiq - it should be in App World any minute now. We discovered (with the help of many users) that there were two problems with the previous release. An installation problem and a connectivity problem. The installation problem (due to the app size) was fixed in this new release, and as a result the app is much smaller. The connection problem is impacting BIS users only and is currently being fixed, we expect to have an update for that soon.

We appreciate all the help and feedback to date. Thank you.

Maybe it's just me, but, as of 15:27 on 11th May 2009, I don't see said application in BlackBerry Apps.

I even did a search...

So, err, now what? And, what about what I said before, post a download link on your website, Poptiq, no?

I wouldn't say you're impatient. Several people have reported seeing it Friday, several NOT seeing it today, and a few did see it today. The company claims it's definitely up there, but I still didn't see it after they claimed that.

Now I do see it, but it's listed as 0 bytes, no reviews, and no download link.

Someone REALLY needs to get there act together here.

Quick update...It appears it takes some time for app updates/changes to show up in App World. We've been told it may take up to 24 hours to propagate through the system and show up properly on all devices. The 0 size and no download link is the result of a partially propagated app. Sorry about the 'hurry up and wait', appreciate your patience :-)

so i downloaded this app thinking that this is such a great idea only the app could not even get started. it said connecting for two full days then i uninstalled it. i hope others have better luck

We've fixed the BIS connectivity problem, an updated version has been submitted to RIM for approval, hoping for a quick turn around. If you have any other issues send an email to support and we'll take care of it.

The build with the BIS connectivity fix has been approved and should be available in App World within 24 hours. It's build 4360 (in case you already have it). This morning there was an Amazon platform outage that affected the majority of our user base, which would have caused additional connectivity problems. This has since been resolved.

Thanks again for all the help. Feel free to contact support if you have any questions/problems/concerns.