PopcornFlix arrives for BlackBerry 10 - Watch free movies on your BlackBerry smartphone

By Bla1ze on 30 Apr 2013 07:57 pm EDT

Although BlackBerry World itself will gladly rent or sell you movies, for those of you in the US, another option is now available. PopcornFlix is an online service the offers up streaming of movies for free provided you don't mind a few ads here and there.

The content is mostly independent films and webisodes created for the site but that's not to say there aren't a few gems in there. With over 700 movies already available and more being added on a daily basis, there is sure to be something to keep you entertained in the mix. Comedy, Romance, Horror, Drama, Action and more is all there on PopcornFlix and it's all available for free with no viewing limits. Well, aside from your data plan.

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PopcornFlix arrives for BlackBerry 10 - Watch free movies on your BlackBerry smartphone


"Unavailable for this device". Why does this happen? Stl100-1 in the Caribbean. No movies or music on BlackBerry world either. Isn't my money any good?

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Is it not possible that he's asking why apps like this, and movies from BB world are not available in the Caribbean? Don't tell me to read the post, I've read the post twice and still don't see the answer to this!
Why isn't his money any good? Why is this happening?

I do see your point. Thanks for sharing a different perspective. I actually believe apps shouldn't be region specific (if all things are considered equal). Every now and then it's nice to get a point of view that didn't seem apparent.

It's happening because the adds that pay for the app are from American advertisers who don't care about people from the Caribbean or any where else. Sucks but that's the way it is

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When is a LoveFilm app going to be released for BlackBerry 10???

See, no need to mention Netflix! Oops.

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Okay I'll insert...Netflix in Canada sucks and we can't get this but sounds much like Crackle.

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Crackle absolutely sucks. Never recommend it. Movies that are 50 years old and still have commercial. yes commercial, the same one over and over and over again.

Sounds like all the other streaming services that started for free now you have to pay to much for mostly crap videos and still get the "few ads here and there"

Not available for me, STL100-4 in good ol Georgia. Anything is better than nothing. I wouldn't even mind seeing Crackle.

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I will download this and see how it works here in Atlanta on AT&T

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It takes a lot to not shake my head when reviewing some comments. The first world problem of reading and comprehension seems to have skipped some folks.


Well expect the production quality to be reduced to Amateur YouTube videos. You won't be getting Iron Man 3 quality if there are no financial incentives to work 70 hour weeks producing Computer Generated SFX.

Crackle works great from the BB10 browser, dropped netflix till they make a BB10 app (most of the content was old anyway). Don't watch a lot of movies on my zd but travel with my hdmi cable so I can use hotel tv to watch Z10 content.

...and it's another content store app not available in Italy/Europe. I don't even know who's to blame.

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Didn't know about this, will check it out. Hope it works outside of US though.

For those who don't know, Crackle is a site that offers free movies and TV shows and supposedly has a few ads but I have never experienced any, at least not from my PC, it's really amazing, highly recommend it.

Lastly, no Netflix on Blackberry is total BS and so is their excuse to not add Netflix because they don't think they will get that much new customers. So, Netflix thinks they will get more new customers by adding Netflix to video games consoles like PlayStation 3, 3DS when it has a small ass screen and PlayStation Vita when I don't even think it has sold three million yet? but not the millions and MILLIONS of Blackberry smartphones and Playbooks out there?

Do we have to interject Netflix (and formerly Skype) into every App announcement? :) Can't we just be happy Popcorn guys worked it out for BlackBerry?

AT&T in NY...works just fine for me. You're not going to have top notch HBO on demand videos, but im sure u can find quite a few good ones in the bunch.

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Blah, streaming a movie will kill your battery by the time it's finished, unless you're using the hdmi or are plugged in while you're watching it.

Z10? Why yes it is.

Can someone in the US get the bar file and post it up for us to download? That would be nice, us Canadian did that for you guys :D

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Works fine for me. Likely the people it works for aren't complaining about it -- you know working. :)

was in UK last week I live in ireland and went to blackberry world they can buy ; rent movies and music through blackberry world. My question is why is this option not available in Ireland? Z10

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Wow I understand for rest of the world to not being available but even for some in the US? What's up with that are yall OS < 10.0.10 ?

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The amount of people who don't read the article before posting "not available for "insert anything else than a 10.0.10 us z10 here" comment is too Damn high. Make Me laugh

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