He's a cheeky fella - Pop Corny comes to BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Feb 2013 12:30 pm EST

You may remember Pop Corny from a while ago - we covered it when it was first launched for the BlackBerry PlayBook. I enjoyed playing it then and I still do now as it has made its way to BlackBerry 10. The game was first available on Android and iOS before the PlayBook but the developer saw the potential of the new BlackBerry platform and decided to commit.


Pop Corny is the name of the character in the game. He loves to eat pop corn funnily enough. As the corn flows onto the screen you must shoot it which will cause it to pop. Once popped he can eat it. It isn't quite as easy as that though. If the corn gets to Pop Corny before you have popped it he will be damaged. And if you manage to shoot a piece of corn that has already been popped then that will be bad too.

As you progress through the levels more and more corn fills the screen and that's when things get a little tense. Some of the corn supply coins which you can collect for extra treats. You do get some help in the way of bombs and shields but these are limited so you had better rely on your shooting skills.

Pop Corny comes with a reasonable price tag of only £0.75/$0.99 so it won't break the bank. The graphics look even better to my eye on the Z10 compared to the PlayBook - this must be to the screen resolution. The Z10 sure is crisp.

Features of the game include:

  • Simple but deep one-touch/sling-like control
  • Upgrade your popcorn box by completing objectives 
  • Multiple stages to play
  • More than 40 achievements to complete
  • Collect "drachma coins" and spend them on bonus upgrades, bombs, shields, etc
  • The first ever endless eater!

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Reader comments

He's a cheeky fella - Pop Corny comes to BlackBerry 10


I try a lot of games out and this is one that I always comer back to. Its really a great game. I probably play this more than any other game I own and I have about 80 or so on two different PlayBooks.

James your making the same mistake I made when I played the game. You do not have to fire from the middle of the screen. You can fire from anywhere on the screen. For example if a pop corn comes into view in the top left of the screen you can place your finger top left, directly over the pop corn and fire. This makes the game much more enjoyable.

I've had this one on my PlayBook for a while and it's just as fun on my Z10!!!!!

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