Pooter Pro 2 - A unique BlackBerry 6 styled theme that rocks!

Pooter Pro 2
By Bla1ze on 19 Aug 2010 01:34 pm EDT

If you're looking for a uniquely styled BlackBerry 6 theme then Pooter Pro 2 is what you'll want to be checking out. I typically try to avoid flashy themes, since I tend to like simple, easy to navigate ones. Pooter Pro 2 takes both those concepts and smashes em together for ya. Aside from the overall great look of the theme, Pooter Mobile has included some great features as well:

  • 5 shortcut screen on the homescreen
  • Scroll/Touch the bottom 5 icons for big status text
  • 12 customizable icons
  • Weather widget can be turned on and off
  • No carrier
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • No transitions 

Personally, the no transitions sold me as often I find some themes have entirely too many transitions in them. Sure transitions are cool and all but, in excessive amounts they can be annoying I think. Pooter did a great job on this theme and it looks good on any device. Pooter Pro 2 is available for Storm, Bold, Tour and Curve 8900 series devices for only $3.99.

Reader comments

Pooter Pro 2 - A unique BlackBerry 6 styled theme that rocks!


Thanks Marc! :)

goldenozaru what kind of fixes are you talking about? I would want to know so I can quickly resolve the issues so you can have the best experience my themes can offer :)

Theme is very nice and well put together. However the navigation with the trackpad (bold 9700) is somewhat choppy even after a couple battery pulls.

Hey Poots, long time no speak!
Hopefully the new and expected version of BB Theme Studio will not handicap us theme builders...

Tito!! Loooong time! lol
Yea I really hope themeing will only progress with OS6. I would really want to see what you can cook up with the new Theme Builder when it comes out, as long as it doesn't handicap us like you said...

I`m so disappointed, i just bought it and i only used it for two minutes. Not useful, not recommended.

I wish i could get a refund.

great theme indeed - but some fonts are too big, especially in sms and email. can i make them smaller? font size is already 5 (bold9700)

The OS 6 focus icons have been out for a couple weeks, but I've yet to see a theme that uses them, it's still the blue highlight for focus...what's up with that...

There should be a trial version for a theme like this. I was going to purchase it. until I seen the bad comments...:(

just downloaded this,,WELL WORTH IT! looks Great on my storm 2
the only thing I would change Is the Blue Background color on selective Icon,to"Light Gray" .Besides this, IS PERFECT!
well DONE..

I've had this theme for awhile now, and I have to say, I LOVE IT! I haven't experienced any battery/memory leaks running it on my 9700. The functionality is fun and different, while still being completely professional. He obviously put a lot of work into this theme, and it shows!

As far as some of the other negative toned comments:

-The person that commented that it's boring, likely is judging by the screenshots alone, not by the actual theme, on her device.

-I never experienced any "choppy" navigation.

I hardly comment on themes or applications. But this could have been better.

mistake made : Should have read the comments first.

A lesson learned.

HELP I cant seem to download it.
It keeps telling me to download via pc but when I do that I get a blank page!!!!!

I understand the wanting of trial themes before you purchase because you are spending money, but how could you know if a theme will work well on a device by using a trial theme? I'm not too sure but a trial theme would be one that doesn't have all the functions the full paid theme would right? What if the trial theme runs smoothly because it doesn't have all the features and bells and whistles and when you go and purchase the full theme it might be a bit slow or take up more space or have a memory leak or what have you because of all the graphics and animations. That's my thoughts on trial versions of themes based on what I think I know about them. I'll look more into that matter and see if the positives out weigh the negatives.

It might be your OS because I have been running this theme for a couple of days and I've only had 1.3mb of memory leak. Various people have used this theme also reporting back with no problems of a memory leak. Sorry if you're experiencing memory leak with this theme but I highly doubt it is the theme.

I'm using storm 2 running OS
This Is a Awesome Theme Pooter." I Really like it'
I will continue to Monitor my memory but I doubt Is my OS
Im Using another Theme and Im not seeing this issue,.
above and Beyond,.GREAT JOB,...LOOKS SWEET

I like the theme but I would like to turn off the text that displays across the screen when you click on the 5 shortcut icons.

I didn't buy this theme, but I am impressed by the fact that the theme builder is taking time to read and respond to posts in this forum. Says a lot about pooter, good job! :)

Pooter, I love the theme. This is the first one I haven't deleted after a couple days of use. Just two things I would like to see changed if you make any updates to it:

First, on the main screen it'd be great if hitting the cancel or end button would take me back to the home screen with my wallpaper rather than having to scroll over and hit the home icon every time. It's just a pain having to scroll back there all the time in order to enjoy my wallpaper. And this would also make the home icon unnecessary and open up a spot on the screen for another app/icon.

Second, I wish the big status text faded away after a brief time like the default zen theme does. I don't like that it stays there if you don't click anything.

Other than that, awesome theme. Great job!

Wow thanks wolframtungsten :) glad you're enjoying the theme. Thanks for the suggestions also. For the first suggestion I can see how the end button would be easier but taking all the other parts of the theme right now I can't really see that function working out. Is it really that hard to scroll to the home button? :-p I'll take that into consideration though. As for the fading of the big status it might have a negative effect on the performance of the theme because of the animation. I really like the feedback from customers, as long as they are polite like yourself :) so thanks again!

I don't think this is working properly on my 9550. Instead of the weather widget I have a "messages" icon that when clicked just shows my combined inbox. If i turn the weather widget to off, the icon goes away. are any 9550 owners having this problem as well. I have on my BB. Thanks!

Hi centuri2010 sorry if I am a bit misleading about the weather widget. You see the way the "weather widget" works is that you can hide/show the first app in your applications screen. Many people and designers use that first slot for a weather app so that it can be shown on the homescreen in a specific place. Some people like to have the weather in that spot some don't that's why I gave users the preference to have it or not. I think I'm going to have to clear that up in the description of the theme.

So all you have to do is either buy or download a free weather app and put it as the first app in your list of apps in the applications screen :)

this is brill personalised info from obviously talented
chap .i am new to bb lark so bear with me i take it crunch sms has to stay within apps rather than messages where there is no space for it other than that brill !!

Very cool looking theme. Installed it today on my AT&T Bold 9000 (OS 4.6) and immediately after I applied the new theme the performance of the phone degraded to the point that it wasn't even usable. Sadly, I removed the theme, rebooted and call me crazy, but my phone still feels sluggish. I use my phone constantly, so I can tell very quickly if it is not responding properly (or what I am accustomed to). Kinda bummed. Hopefully it works better on faster phones or on OS 5.x.

Did you try a battery pull? Sorry you were bummed...maybe you should think about updating to 5.0. An update is coming for Pooter PRO 2 so that might help.

Nice update... cleaner and looks like using less memory (at least on my phone). Now, if you could implement a calendar view (maybe by using the "weather" widget location that would show appointments (4-5 ala Solan theme) that would make this my go to theme... heck I'd even pay for that upgrade!


*Now 5 icon bottom dock can be hidden - click on the arrow to hide/show
*Removed large status text
*Fixed active call screen text overlapping contact's picture
*All fonts left to default

I like the theme , but the memory loss is huge and it always seams to freeze up on me , 9550 5.0 user