Pool 3D for BlackBerry 10 - not only fun, but free to download

By James Richardson on 6 Nov 2013 01:26 pm EST

We've seen a few decent Pool games for BlackBerry 10 and Pool 3D is yet another that deserves a mention. As well as the developer doing a good job of the game in general it is also free - which always goes down well. There is an option to remove the adverts from within the app if you desire, but it's certainly not necessary. 

Once the game is open you'll notice three sections in the main menu. These are Exhibition, Skillshots and Supplies. The Supplies section is where the in-app purchases are found. Here you can not only remove the ads, but also purchase 'Unlock all Skillshots' and 'Rooms' - each at a cost of $0.99. 

The Skillshots are fairly self explanatory. You will need to clear the balls on the table within a set number of shots for example. But, it's the Exhibition section where you get to play a proper game of pool. You can choose from easy, medium or hard and then it's time to battle the virtual opponent. 

When you are ready to take a shot the camera will be set behind the que. You can move left, right, up and down to aim the que ball and when you are ready it's just a case of puling back on the que to select how much power you wish to use. 

There are two on-screen tabs that you will want to utilize. On the left is que ball with a red dot in its center. Here you can add some spin to your shots if you need to. And over on the right is a video camera icon. Give this a press and the camera angle will switch from 3D to an overhead 2D view - perfect for double checking your aim before making the shot. 

With some soft background music and bright, colorful graphics - Pool 3D is a great little game to have on your BlackBerry for when you have time to play. Due to the screen real estate, the game is only supported by the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10 at the time of publishing. If you are a big gamer then chances are you are going to go for the non-physical keyboard anyway. 

Features include: 

  • Intelligent Player AI 
  • Decent and Realistic 3D effects and Graphics
  • Awesome 8 Ball Game
  • 3 modes of Gameplay – Easy – Medium – Hard
  • In-Game Achievements for a great challenge
  • Flip around 4 Characters •Change Cam View

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Who doesn't like a free game!?
I have a Z10 full if them. Don't play any of them, but they are there.

CB10 on my Z10


Lol..me too..until I need to do a backup..that's when games get cleaned up :)


Most of those games don't run well. I have yet to try this pool game though. BB is a horrible platform for gaming unfortunately.


Personally every game I've tried on my z10 works great. Never had a problem with any of them.

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They crash and lag occasionally especially when it comes to graphically intensive games. I know I am not the only one after seeing the complaints on forums and the reviews on BBWorld. The same games run much better and smoothly on my old s3.


Never had any problems with games on my Zed.

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no problem with any on my Z10 either, including the Android sideloaded ones I've tried.


I have at least 20 games of all types and I have never had even a hiccup during game play. I'm loving the Z10 for gaming.

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You don't know WTF you're talking about.

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aww did that make you mad? poor fella. I do know what I am talking about. I own a z10 and have tried at least 30 games from BB world.


Have you tried restoring the OS? It might have gotten messed up a little after an OS update. Then again you might have received some bad hardware.

My original Z10 had a similar issue to what you're describing. However, my Z10 became non responsive after the OS 10.1 update. AT&T replaced the phone with no questions asked.


Drew 2


BB10 IS the best!


Would love to play it on my Q10 :( Bummer

Can't beat a Q10 keyboard!

Puneet Kohli

Not all games can support the Q10.. Luckily a few top games like Pastry Push, Angry Birds, Run in crowd, and Minion rush do!


Weird since there was a 3D pool game for the Bold 9900...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


. . .. . . . ...

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m osnato12

Yes! I was so bummed the pool 3D game I had on my bold 9930 didn't cross over hahaha

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Yep, makes no sense for this to not work on the Q10 because of the screen, yet, the 9900 had a lower resolution screen and it worked on that...

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Sooooo sweet I'm hooked on the android side load version!!



Not for Q10 :(

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Works great. Nice graphics and challenging. One thing I did notice was my Z10 got really hot playing the game. Anyone else have this issue. Because it got so hot, I deleted the game. However, the game ran very well with no lags or problems other than the heat issue.

Posted via CB10 via my Z10