Poll: Would you Buy a Bluetooth BlackBerry Watch?

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Aug 2009 11:50 am EDT
 BlackBerry Bluetooth Watch?
* This is a Photoshop *
It's actually a Fossil/Sony Ericsson MBW-100

Sometimes BlackBerry stories have a habit of reviving themselves. Word of a bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry watch being in development has been buzzing around the interwebs the past couple of days, though the root of the story actually goes back to RIM's annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium show that was held in early May back in Orlando. Back on May 8th, our friend Michael Bettiol, who writes for BGR, posted on the possibility of this watch after interviewing RIM's VP of Accessories Integration, Antoine Boucher:

While sitting down with Boucher we noticed that he was wearing a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch, something which does not work with any BlackBerry. When we brought it up, Boucher winked and said he could not discuss that matter. But when we continued to ask questions about it, it was revealed that yes, it is indeed possible to modify the SE Bluetooth watches to display when a new emails, BlackBerry Messenger messages, texts, IMs, Tweets, Facebook messages, etc arrive on the device - something that could be very beneficial for those situations when it would be considered very rude to pull out ones BlackBerry. When we asked whether or not RIM was looking into developing such an accessory, Boucher simply said that "we are exploring many accessories that would surprise people." Hmm. 

Other than this initial story, to my knowledge there's been no real new information to surface officially as to if or when we'll see RIM push out a Bluetooth watch accessory. As always, time will reveal all. But now for our CrackBerry Poll question... if such an accessory were available, would you wear a BlackBerry watch? Personally, I don't think I'd be that interested in it... unless of course RIM were to team up with Audemars Piguet or Panerai or Hublot or Patek Phillipe or Bell & Ross to achieve the product (I prefer watches of the mechanical nature - not going to work so well with Bluetooth!). Though... if they put a blinking red light on it and make it vibrate on the wrist when you get an incoming message, I could see myself getting addicted to it despite my distate.

Update: As I type this update, over 7,000 votes have been cast and it seems to be a dead draw between the Heck Ya's and Hellz No's, with a the other third being undecided - they'll have to see it in action first. But that's already a few thousand customers ready to buy, so hopefully we'll hear more about this soon!

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Poll: Would you Buy a Bluetooth BlackBerry Watch?


I prefer nice watches, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Rolex, and having a tech watch that will be cool today and not so hot tomorrow is not for me, besides who the hell wants to wait on a firmware update from their carrier for their watch?

A forearm type watch with controls would be cool, maybe something like Ironman would wear. Storm size screen on the forearm

Not something I would definitely need and use all the time but I have collected watches since I was able to tell time and I am a BB addict so...how could I not own this if it were to come out???

On that note unless it was for a BB I would have no interest. Even though I collect them, I don't own one watch that I wouldn't wear or that doesn't mean something or hold any sentimental value for me.

The fact that it is a Bluetooth accessory and not a Blackberry in Watch form makes it much more appealing to me than say the LG phone watch. I played with that thing many many years ago when it was first being developed and all though innovative my opinion on it was ...eh.

So, Yes, I would buy this if it where to come out and not cost too much. I could see purcahsing it if they maybe had a few different styles ranging in costfrom $150.00 to maybe $350.00.

Go to Casio - tell them G-Shock with the old AA-85 module in it (floating digi hands) or if they really want to impress:

A G-Shock version (Tough Solar and Wave Ceptor) of the databank watch with the ABC keyboard that resembles the suretype of the Pearl - they briefly made one with a dot matrix display. If you have a mobile like a BlackBerry (or just about any mobile these days), you don't need a colour screen on a watch.

The posting says "in cases it would not be appropriate to pull out your Blackberry" would it be any better to be staring at your watch?

The RIM guys are always talking about the stuff they are working on that would surprise people. When do we get to see it? Judging by their products, I would call BS, but after seeing some of their patents and patent applications, I have began to believe that they really are working on new and interesting things.

Still... when do we get to see them?!!

Hello from Greece, I already have this Sony Ericsson and it works fine with by BB Bold, if you search the net you'll find the program that connects it, but it only displates incoming calls and sms messages. I bought it because of an offer in expansys.com (for 69 Euros !!) And haven't regret it, its a great watch to wear, very good quality and people stare it !

I would get one, I need a watch and if it saved me having to dig my bberry out of my pocket 983745 times a day, AWESOME.

I would buy one in a heartbeat. Let me at it. Let me at it. Make it work so I can see whos calling and answering it with my bluetooth in my ear and I just might go out of my mind!

I would use it for sure but I think whether or not I would buy it would come down to price. I would have to consider price vs functionality to decide whether it was worth it.

seems like the poll allows me to vote an infinite number of times.. Not that I'd want to, but odd that it seems to be that way.

So growing up I always thought that I would have to have the tech-y-ist of all tech stuff. But here I am grown up and Im thinking how much more do I need to be plugged in? Am I to understand that this watch syncs up with my berry to tell me when i receive email or have a calender event go off? And act as a watch? Seriously? Its now too hard to reach into your pocket or purse and pull out your berry to check it when it vibrates?

And if its "rude" to take out your berry, whats the point of knowing that you have an email waiting for you? Wouldnt you take it out after you allowed to check anyway? Why does it only really have "entertainment" options on it? Facebook? Tweets? BBM? SMS? All of those are "toys" on my berry. except maybe the BBM.

This just seems like more and more connection that is not needed. I mean we already carry a device that have the processing power and capabilities than the laptop I had in high school. And the damn thing makes phone calls wirelessly. I used to think that I would LOVE this kind of toy. Now I yearn for the days of my grandfather when "put a rush on this" meant you did by the end of the week and not yesterday. And Im only 28...
[/ Old guy complaining mode]

I would definitely be interested if it were an accessory, like if it showed bbm messages, caller id, song titles, notifications, and othwr utility functions I would get it, but I don't want my whole Blackberry tied up in a little tiny watch-phone! I want my keyboard! And sexy 8830 shell!

I love square faced watches such as this one.. Although i would definetly have to see and feel it on my person before I would spend money on a watch. Watches are a very big deal for me.. Completely sets off (or throws off) everything. A good watch makes everything come together.

Wish I could find the study for you guys, but I remember being in a presentation with the guy who is developing this, or at least one of the persons.

It was envisioned by a 3rd or 4th year system design engineering student from the university of waterloo. It was currently in the prototyping stage and he had partnered with RIM to develop the watch. From what I remember, he had said the watch would receive email and other alerts from the phone and they would be readable on the watch so you didnt always have to remove your device from your holster or pocket. This was back in march and the patents had already been filed.

wonder if it would have a trackball on the side :P I really would buy this instantly. it would be a little more discrete looking to see what my messages are than actually pulling out my phone :)

any chance i could get some blackberry condoms too? safety and functionality! maybe some BB toilet paper for those spur of the moment needs...

Sounds interesting. I'd have to see it up close and play with it tho (and if it was as clunky and male-looking at the one in the illustration, I'd def have to pass)...

When I think BB, one of the first things that comes to mind is keyboard (yeah yeah, I know we have a touchscreen now too)...so this is way off the mark to that regard.

But it could be cool. If it was very functional, I might give it a shot.

Funny, when I think Blackberry, I think of the bug-ridden, outdated, memory starved OS and its accompanying poor performance. Best of luck to anyone foolish enough to buy one.

Schools where playing with your phone isn't allowed?
Jobs that don't allow cell phones?
Meetings where it isn't proper to play with your phone?
Movie theatres where checking your phone shows this insanely bright light where everyone stares at you?

Man I would be all over this!

Please give updates quickly, don't give any flap product like playbook and drop support and kill product, I am stop believing in blackberry.