Poll: Which Currently Available or Announced BlackBerry Smartphone do you Own or Plan to Buy?

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jul 2009 04:22 am EDT

How is it that we've never run a poll here on the blogs at CrackBerry.com? That just seems soooo wrong. It's time to change that! I think we can have a lot of fun here by running both standalone polls and by tieing polls in at the end of blog posts. So get your polling thumbs ready....

It only makes sense for our first CrackBerry poll that we start with the basics... which BlackBerry do you currently own or plan to buy. Now..this IS CrackBerry.com, so I know a lot of you either own multiple BlackBerry smartphones or are using an upcoming device that you shouldn't really be using. So if you own multiple devices or are about to upgrade, pick the one you're using/plan to be using the most. And if you're lucky enough to be rocking a model that err.. doesn't exist yet (onyx anyone??) then just pick the Older or Other BlackBerry option...

I'm curious to see the results on this! And if you have any ideas for good polls for us to run here on the blogs, be sure to send them in to editorial @ crackberry.com.  

Reader comments

Poll: Which Currently Available or Announced BlackBerry Smartphone do you Own or Plan to Buy?


What kind of poll is this?
Own or plan to buy?
What kind of stats you guys think to get out of it?
Better make it 2 polls.
What do you own now and what are you planning to buy.
8100, Tour.

I kindly disagree. I think this kind of poll lets you know where the demand will be over the next 2 to 6 months.  If you own the 8100 but are soon upgrading to the Tour, then put the Tour in. If you read the text beside the poll I wrote I go into detail - Pick the one you plan on using the most.

As for stats, something like this helps us know how to gear up content (what device(s) the % of interest lies) plus it's just cool to see. 

And for a plan-to-buy only poll, then we'd have to include Storm 2, Onyx, Dakota, Pearl 3G, etc.... don't worry, that's coming in a future poll. 

And for a plan-to-buy only poll, then we'd have to include Storm 2, Onyx, Dakota, Pearl 3G, etc.... don't worry, that's coming in a future poll

or Iphone 3gs lol

There is this new radical way of thinking where you sometimes, just sometimes, do something for fun ... or because you can ... or for the hell of it. It's just 2 clicks to vote ...

I agree... I would have separated this into two polls... because some like me... have a 8330 but want an onyx (but on VZW) so I would get a tour...

Think you should have made it possible to select multiple entries! I own the Bold, the Storm, and plan on getting the next "Bold"..lol

you read the text to the right it says pick the one you plan on using the most or currently use the most. I'm sure you don't use them both exactly equal.

All I hear is complaints about it but then it's highest on the poll. Storm 1, 2 or 3 I will never use that blackberry. I am a fan of the physical keyboard, have yet to find a touchscreen that can keep up with the speed at which I type.

The tour is my first BB but I played around with my friends Storm and it seems fine to me, everyone has said that since the upgrade in the OS went through, that they have not had any problems with it.

Polls are hard to construct and it is important that clarity is used in the question in order to obtain the desired information.

I would have thought for CB the baseline poll should be "what BB device do you primarily use".

There should be options for the ONYX, Magnum, Gemini, and Storm 2... considering their popularity. Older or other seems to broad.

Wow!! It would be handy if people read the text next to the poll before commenting on the usefulness of the poll ...

I agree!!! I'm in the retail business and ppl see and read what they want to. Come on ppl since you guys have all these suggestions why don't you create your own blog or poll site!? Just stop complaining!!!!

No Storm 2 option? That's coming real soon. I would think that's the one a lot of people are also waiting for. I don't think it should be paired up with "older" blackberries.

The results indicate that the Storm is the most used or preferred Blackberry. Seems contrary to opinions in the forums of those that want to get rid of them.

Wow! I didn't know there were that many unhappy Storm owners (36%)... Holy smokes! How has Verizon been doing on customer service for those Storm owners who want a Bold, or anything else as a result of their dissatisfaction with the touch screen Blackberry?

So what should I tick when I have a Bold, Storm, Curve, Pearl Flip but want a 8520????

I think adding polls to the CB blogs is a great idea!

*There are LOTS of happy Storm users here, (despite the complaining from some in the forums) It is a VERY popular consumer phone*

Granted this is my first smart phone, I've been a proud owner of the 9530 since December last year. I've only had one issue with the phone, which was resolved ofter the OS updated. My sister owns a Curve and after lending her my phone to play with for a day she is seriously considering switching when the Storm 2 launches.

Currently I own the Curve 8330. I plan to upgrade next year, maybe to the Tour once they work out the hardware issues. I am just wondering what people are doing with more than one phone. Are they using them, or are they backups.

Started with the Curve. (1st personal Blackberry anyway.)
Bought a Storm for fun with OS switching/back up device.
Bought Tour using my upgrade.

Now using the Tour with the Storm in place for back up. Haven't decided what I will do with the Curve yet. My girlfriend will be a Blackberry user soon so maybe I'll keep the Curve around for a secondary back up incase we both need one at some point.

For me, I have the tour, came from the Curve. In my collection, I still have the 8830WE, and the 8100 Pearl. I used the pearl's trackball to replace the one that was broken on my curve. Mainly these are my back ups. I just can not seem to part with any of these phones. Weird I know.

Currently I own the Curve 8330. I plan to upgrade next year, maybe to the Tour once they work out the hardware issues. I am just wondering what people are doing with more than one phone. Are they using them, or are they backups.

First I am surprised of the result so far, the STORM!

Second I like the way the poll was done one simple question no aggravating pop-ups.

as sh^t+y as this phone is, considering what it SHOULD be, so many ppl, including me, thumbed up the Storm!

So my wife and I went out and purchased the Storm. Everything was great and we loved the phones for the first two weeks... I soon realized that I was charging my phone usually twice a day, and her phone was extremely slow. We had the latest firmware, ... did batter pulls, CONSTANTLY ending applications, you name it, we did it. I ended up getting so frustrated with the storm, I decided to go down and take a look at the Tour. ... needless to say, we both own Tours and it's exactly the same as the storm, but without the battery draining touch screen, and I can have as many apps running in the background at the same time and she runs smooth as a whistle ! I would strongly advise anyone looking at purchasing a storm to play with a friends for a few hours, ... the whole "oooh ... aaaahhhh touch screen will soon become a pain in your side. TOUR for the win !!!


nothing could make me give up the huge screen for a crapstar trackball


I conviced a friend of mine to get a Bold and she loves it. I was tempted myself to wait and get the Bold instead of the Storm, but after playing with the large screen on the Storm, I couldn't go back to a small screen.

So far I have been very happy with the storm, especially with the .151 OS update. The screen is very responsive and I have NO memory leak problems. Also, my battery life lasts longer than my friend's Tour and I have more apps running. Oh, and with .151 I haven't had to do any battery pulls.

... forgot to mention. With verizon, you pay $35 restocking fee, we gladly paid to give them their Storm back :)

Currently I'm a proud owner of an 8330.Was tempted by the Tour but there are so many great BlackBerry devices coming so I don't mind waiting.Seriously wanting to see the Driftwood.

i did own a storm and i am suprised to see it leading the poll. guess everyone was hype about it and rushed out to buy it just like i did.

it could be that it is actually becoming quite a nice phone to have, and many many people are realizing that.

Wondering why so many people are surprised that the Storm is leading the poll? We've seen so many complaints over the past year because so many people have it! I myself just bought the Storm on the 25th after extensive research in the CB forums and playing with one and a Tour at the Verizon store. Both seem to be solid phones but I've been dying for a touch-screen. With a good background in the previous problems and how to avoid them, I'm loving it so far - haven't had any freezing or random reboots, memory has been stable just running .148. Anybody know when .151 will be official? Cant wait to see how the Storm 2 does!

There's no logic in your first two sentences, BashBerry15. The Storm has been on the market less than a year. Are you saying that the Storm has sold more in a few months than nearly all of RIM's other offerings for the past several years?? 8-O

I got my Storm back in February and the only problem I've had with it was the constant rebooting, and that wasn't even present initially. That was w/ .74 (I think). After upgrading to .148, I haven't had any issues.

It even fell face first onto the concrete and the screen didn't get nary a scratch! The silver trim took some dings, though. :( All that time, I thought it was metal...

One complaint; I used to be a texting cruise missle w/ T9Word on my LG VX8300 and on the touch screen of my Samsung Glyde. This click screen slows me down significantly.

You raise a valid point. Perhaps it was flawed logic, but not a lack of it. While the older devices may certainly have sold more total units, they probably aren't as prevalent as people's primary devices anymore. This poll is which BB you own and use the most NOW, not which has ever sold the most. Therefore it makes sense that the Storm, Bold, and Tour - the most recent devices, are at the top of the polls. It also doesn't seem surprising to me that the 2 BlackBerrys on the network with the most US customers are the most used by Crackberry members. Either that, or most ppl with Storms are on CB because they needed the forum advice to even make the OS manageable lol

I own the 8900 now, I used to own the Curve 8320 but couldn't wait for the one I really wanted, which was the Blackberry Onyx, so I bought an 8900 for *temporary measures* :P

How about a poll "Which Blackberry you own and can't get rid of it fast enough".
I know the polling result already! lol

I currently own both a Storm (which I plan on upgrading to a Storm 2 when it becomes available)and a Pearl 8130.

That bb tour is nice I have a few ppl who i work with that have sprint & VZN. I tell them if they want a BB to get that one its like the Bold & Curve all in one & from what ive heard its more like a bold with it freezing issues but thats normal when a device comes out a few bugs. Its something i could really use & if something with those specs but a track pad ever gets to AT&T i'm so using my discount for it!!

Brought about a month ago and had no problems with it thus far. I have .151 on it now and still no problems even have the leaked BBM on it and still no problems. I do own a pink curve that will be used as a back up to the storm.

I'm one that is suprised as well at the storm leading the poll. Must be a lot of early adopters out there that have it currently. I hear nothing but complaints about the thing.

Currently rocking the Bold and looking forward to the Onyx when it comes out. Love my Bold wouldn't own a touchscreen blackberry for nothing.

Well I do have the Storm and plan on changing to the Tour.....3 phones later and I think I will be looking @ a Tour perhaps. I just want a phone to work that's all.

Love my 8900, planning to get an 8520 as my backup phone. And then whatever else may come out after that on TMobile.

It is not officially announced yet, so I understand it is not in this list, but I can't wait for the 3G Javelin follow-up codenamed driftwood to come to T-Mobile. The Tour is great, and I'm sure the Onyx (Bold follow-up) will be equally great, but I really want a GSM 3G WiFi SuperBerry like the Driftwood (a terrible codename)

I've loved my Storm from day 1! Can't really say I've experienced much of the issues *supposedly* plaguing all the complainers, but I am currently on OS .164 and loving it more!

But, I do agree, the Storm is not for everyone. However, the Storm doesn't "suck" just because some people don't have the patience/skill to learn how to use a click touchscreen ;) Its imperfections do not outweigh the benefits and potential.

Regardless of whether the Strom is leading because it is the preferred device or that ppl rushed out to buy it and are "stuck" with it, I think the Storm still rocks! Looking forward to an even better Storm 2, hopefully very soon :D

wow 4595 people flushed money down the toilet to own a storm. impressive lol.

Magnum. rim needs to stop taking forever to launch phones. touchscreen berry with a keyboard should have been out before the storm.

Well I'm one of those 4595 that payed $99 for a Storm in no proximity to a toilet and happen to really like it. Hoping all the bugs have been worked out by now.

As for Magnum, I agree. Palm has had the touchscreen/Qwerty combo for what seems like decades. The idea to put that on a BB seems intuitive to me, but apparently it has only just occurred to the folks at RIM.

Surprised to see many people wanting the Storm. I assume most mean the Storm 2, but I would have thought that most Blackberry users were Physical Keyboard fans.

I currently have an 8350i but miss my Bold so much, and I have been thinking a lot about getting a Tour and carry both.

Currently own a Storm 9530, though as I continue to learn more about the Bold in comparison to up-coming devices as well like the Onyx, I still see that the Bold holds much wait for being an older model.

Bold love, and that's what I plan to buy very soon.

Storm? It's nice, but it cannot handle my speed, it takes too much time to think. (-_^V

I have owned a T-mobile Curve 8320 for almost a year. Prior to that I had a 7230 and a 8820. Both were great phones.

The improvements I would like to see in my 8320 is more device memory, a faster processor and a different design of trackball.

The 8520 looks like a winner for BB users who are looking for a reliable workhorse smartphone.

The Onyx will be my first BB if/when it comes out. CX, RG,...Bueller, Bueller, Bueller... Anyone... Does anyone truly have an idea when this phone might come out?

I currently a Bold IMO the best ever, might consider a Onyx when its released in the UK, but I'm also in a good position as I evaluate BerryBerrys for the public sector where I work and end up getting all the new toys to play with before I decide if they can use them, a tiny bit of power in a big world, but at least I currently have every model of BlackBerry since the 7900 to date on my desk :)

That Onyx looking mighty tempting down the road!! I will never buy a BB without wi-fi ever again.

I have owned (or it has owned me) an 8330 Curve for almost a year. It is my 1st BB and definitely got me addicted to the BB world. If I have a moment of down time I am on my BB reading about something. It has been great! I am consdering an upgrade and will probably go with another Curve.

Own a Storm, and enjoying it!

Especially like the SurePress "clickable interface"! For me, it is a definite plus!

....already planning ahead to upgrading to the Tour when it's my time with Sprint. I've had the Curve 8330 (my first BB) for 2 months now, and I can't imagine getting along without it -- to me, setting my sights on the Tour isn't about being fed up with the Curve -- I just want to make a leap ahead when I'm ready. :)

You should do a poll for which devices we own AND/or have owned.

I've owned an 8830, Storm, and am a current owner of the Tour. I still have my old devices.

...if you had included an option for "whatever blackberry is 6- to 12-months down the road," i would have probably chose that option. even better, why not ask if we might consider a phone other than BB?