Poll: Verizon users - Will you ditch your BlackBerry for an iPhone 4?

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jan 2011 11:50 am EST
 Verizon iPhone 4  

Well the announcement has finally come and Verizon will indeed be getting the iPhone 4. It's been a long time coming, but for some the long wait is finally over. Starting next month, Verizon users will be able to get their hands on an iPhone 4. With the latest addition, Verizon now has plenty of smartphones to choose from. BlackBerry, Android and iPhone are all available on Big Red so there is no lack of variety. Now that the iPhone has been announced - will you be holding onto your BlackBerry or ditching it in favor of an iPhone? Cast your vote in the poll above and let us know! If you are thinking about jumping ship for the Verizon iPhone, or you just want to keep up with the latest Verizon iPhone news, head over to our sister site TiPb for all the latest happenings.

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Poll: Verizon users - Will you ditch your BlackBerry for an iPhone 4?


Even if it was LTE, CDMA still sucks, even more so for someone like me who is a native Brit living in America whereas my home country doesn't have CDMA, therefore I'd be without a BlackBerry, and without a phone I could use at home.

i will try iphone of course but wont sell my bold til i make a decision if im keeping iphone or not !

same here i will keep my storm 2...but i will try the iphone. come on blackberry your kill me all my friends have left you for droid..i'm the only one fight for you. what happen to the storm 3 !!!!!

My NE2 has been able to be used basically since November until March (gotta love it after 20 months), and as much as I do love some of my BB features (but not my Storm 1 any longer) the rest of my world is Apple and the iPhone will be coming into my life come February with the upgrade.

Good luck using your NE2 on the iPhone. My guess is that you won't be able to. Apple loves you like that.

It has already been announced on tech blogs that Verizon's NE2 program is being terminated in the next week or two! They are also reducing their return period from 30 days to 14 days. Oh, did I forget to mention that they are ending their Annual upgrade option, too?! These new policies apply to ALL phones on Verizon, not just the iPhone. Be careful what BlackBerry you go buy, because you're going to be stuck with it for TWO years. With an ETF of $350 if you should decide to change before that 2 years is up. Oh, yes, the iPhone has come to Verizon! :))

By the way, I do plan to use my NE2 on the iPhone if I don't choose Android first. I think if they added a third choice in that poll, say, "If your next Verizon upgrade is not a BlackBerry, which platform would you choose - the new Iphone or Android".. it would be interesting to see how many would have chosen Android. I think the new iPhone is more in competition with the Android than the BlackBerry. I think Verizon's current crop of BlackBerry models just doesn't offer enough to get people to choose BlackBerrry over iPhone or Android. If we had a Torch available for sale, then maybe that poll result would be more like 20% willing to switch platforms than the 44% that it was before I started this reply.

Does this mean that the credit (50 or 30) we are supposed to get will just vanish? Did we not sign a contract that said we could? Or does it all not matter if Verizon changes their policy "at any time"? Kinda sucks if we agree on something but they still change their policy. Hopefully we can use it one last time. I would be ok with that especially with a Jewel of a phone that is iPhone. I will be constantly babysitting it.

I am personally keeping my Bold and anxiously awaiting a PlayBook to go with it.

But my wife's dumbphone is overdue for an upgrade and I am going to upgrade her to an iPhone asap!

iPhone doesn't have AutoText nor does it have Mass Storage Mode. I'll have to pass. It's a great phone, especially for Multimedia. The things I use my phone for at work, the iPhone won't allow.
Wish I could have 2 phones. One for work, and one for play. LOL. I'll just keep my iPod Touch for play.

I'm keeping my eye on the PlayBook. I like how it will integrate with my BlackBerry. Wish they would allow the PlayBook to use the internet with the BlackBerry's data. I doubt they will let that happen, because the carriers want to make money off the PlayBook.

you are able to use the Playbook w/ your BBs Data. That's the whole contraversy with the first Playbook being launched. There will be no Data plan for it. Only WiFi, or secure Bluetooth connection w/ your BB. Which will allow you to use your BBs 3G connection to browse the web.. It wont till late in the summer time that you will be able to buy a 4g capable playbook from Sprint. But even then I assume RIM will keep that "Bridiging" Functionality. However you will most likely have to pay full price for the tablet. Where maybe if you decide to get a 2 yr data plan for it you may get at a discounted price..

I don't understand why the Playbook gets a bad rap for being wifi only at release. The Motorola Xoom which is being touted as the best thing that came out of CES will be wifi only at launch and noone is complaining about that. I think the Playbook has a leg up since you can what RIM is calling bridge but it is basically tethering your BlackBerry to the tablet. Try to tether your Android phone to the Xoom or other tablet nativly and then go cry in your cheerios.

To tether an Android wifi only tablet with almost all the VZW Android handsets, one need only turn on the wifi hotspot built right into the phone. Or you could pair an iPod Touch. Or a Kindle. Or, just about any wifi device.

Try THAT with your Blackberry.... oh, that's right, no Berry can be a hot spot. Can't get most Berries to pair up as a Bluetooth modem.

Yes, there is a fee for turning on the wifi hotspot. And there will be a fee from carriers for the Playbook too. Nothing is "free."

Hey I wonder if you will be like me. I had all apple products except BB and switched my phone to iPhone. That was the beginning of the end. I experienced how bad this phone was and all the hype it was getting at the same time. It made me take a hard look at my apple products. This and windows 7 helped me move to the point where I am today. I now have zero apple products, except my iMac, which I bootcamped and exclusively runs win 7.

Sorry Apple....

R u crazy!!! I'm on att. I came from iphones(3g,3gs,4). I have the torch and no way I would go cak to iphone... Even if I leave att, I would still get the verizon bold!!!! Bleed Berry Baby!!!!! :D

Intersting. I spoke to a woman at the airport yesterday who noticed that I had a united electronic boarding pass on my Torch. She asked if that was blackberry. She said she had switched to a drois but was going to switch back to BB. As with so many others she just couldn't stand the lack of quality of the drois phone and the poor android operating system. She said he phone would switch calls in middle of phone calls saying she'd think she was talking to one person but it was in fact someone else. She also said the device was just poor as a phone.

Hotspots are a nice feature, better than the tethering with that silly "VZAccess Manager" I have to use now (and am using at this moment to post this).

But the iPhone comes with one fatal flaw: Apple. Actually, the Jobs Reich

No dictatorship for me, Steven. I like having CHOICES for apps, music services, buttons, oh, pretty much everything. Not on Apple. I will not drink their koolaide.

AMEN! That Apple juice has been bad from the beginning. Don't drink the juice people! Who remembers the famous Macintosh commercial from the 80's? They've gone from smashing the zombie screen to creating it! Watch this and tell me it doesn't remind you of Apple!


Just out of curiosity, how do you get more choice with 18,000 Blackberry apps instead of the iPhone's 300,000? There seems to be be A LOT of choices with an iPhone...

I think there leaning more towards jobs banning flash, lack of being able to customize to your liking, productivity apps as opposed to gag apps. Personally I see iphone technology ending up in toys r us, something along the lines of iToddler.

Well there maybe 300,000 apps at your disposal and be extremely spoilt for choice but how many of all those do you actually use on a daily basis. take it from someone who bought an ipod just for the apps.

Iphone, I know many people who use it and queued 6 hours for it. I've borrowed and used, no way it's a more functional phone than a Blackberry. Not in any age or day.

dude, no one said it was a more functional phone than blackberry. whoever says so has never tried using a blackberry. its not about functionality, its about UI and aesthetics and such.

it all falls right back to the hierarchy of smartphone needs. blackberry is to functionality what iphone is to entertainment.

ive had a blackberry for 2 years but in a week i will be going to iphone. i love my blackberry but im not entertained by the current direction blackberry is going with. completely focusing on the playbook and ignoring the phone lines until technology meets their demands. the technology is there. they are just too cheap to use it. you telling me that LG optimus 2X with dual core 1GHZ can't run a QNX phone OS? thats almost the same specs of a netbook for god's sake!

anyways i dont have a job, i just finished university and i really dont need instantaneous push email. ( i just use it for facebook and twitter ). and thats why i feel suffocated by blackberry. hardly any media support or entertaining apps to choose from. only downside i see from switching is letting go of that beautiful qwerty :( i'll miss you

It's not about quantity at all. After all, we've all seen the numbers on iFarts or iBurps or even the Yodeler app - so straight numbers don't tell the whole story anyway. The "choice" factor is more about the draconian censorship of Big Brother Jobs deciding what goes or what's rejected. With a BB, anyone can make their own app and make it available for download if they so desire. And it's about being able to shop getjar or the Crackberry/Mobihand stores; allowing free enterprise and competition.

anyone can make a blackberry app, make it available for download.

sure, but they all suck. is it wrong of me, that i care about the graphical interface of an app, that i want something pretty to look at while im working?

did we all turn into C3PO and care only about efficiency and function?

the app store censorship is there to only accept the best app functionality and UI wise for the end user.
they do the same thing for app world. you think anyone who send app world an app they accept it?
let's not forget that app world is very limited and only available in specific countries. which to me makes no sense. it took me 2 days to hack my way into having app world installed on my phone and its a hassle to get it to work everytime.

think about it this way. photographers take hundreds of photos, they only show the very best to keep their high status. if they released everything, the missed shots, the blurry shots, the under/over exposed shots. people will think this guy's pretty iffy.

anyways thats how i like to look at it.
i suggest you try it from another perspective. just coz you utter the words, iphone is a good device doesnt mean you have to get it, or that you betrayed your blackberry or yourself.

its just a phone. to each his own.

Honestly, my Bold 9650 is a piece of garbage. I'm going to switch over on release day. RIM dropped the ball on Verizon's flagship Blackberry and they have been utterly lame at developing their platform. It's time to move on.

I've had too many problems with with my berry, I'm tired of trying to get it to work the way it should, when it should just work. Then by the time you download apps to get it to work the way you want it, I'm out of App Memory.

Catalog - How about saying why you wouldn't go back to iPhone? Just asking. I dont know the downfalls of iPhone

If Blackberry would just make something new for Verizon sometime soon...i'm sure a lot would stay. I've been stuck with a Storm1 for 2 years now. Might have to switch soon.

I'm in the same boat, but I just can't drink Jobs' Kool-aid. Hold out a few more months and we can trade tips on our new devices when they come out; and we'll be able to swap batteries, operate globally, use SD cards, Mass Storage Mode, Not be locked to the App Store. Then, if we ever do have issues, we'll have this Awesome community of diehards with the ability to create Hybrid OS's, themes, and all kinds of tips and tricks for working out things like the white-bar incident on .328

Good things come to those who wait.

Neither of those choices. But I will be ditching my Storm2 for a Droid Bionic in August if BlackBerry doesn't have a competitive touch-screen device on Verizon by then (or coming soon).

I'm in canada, but am thinking of getting an iphone. There's some apps that would make my life a lot easier in particular veganxpress. Nothing like that on any other platform. I'm trying to borrow a 3g or 3gs and use it for a week and see if I could deal without a bb. Android didn't cut it so we'll see how iphone does. Wish there was a way to get my bb to act as a hotspot I'd just get an ipod touch. Someones gotta make this app. Its been on symbian forever now, androids had it for a while and now its on iphone.

I have a Storm, so It sucks. I've had bad experiences since I got it. I was on here all the time trying to keep it updated...and I just realized...It's brand new, why am I updating this thing all the time.

I will never own an Apple product! I spend MY money I should be able decide how I want to use it, not Steverino.
Android on the other hand? I have fallen for the Atrix and in May will own one.

Well I hate Apple so not going there....but I am still afraid that I will likely be leaving RIM....hopefully after the two years of my next contract they can come up with something new...in the phone market...cant carry a playbook on my hip....

It's hard to say because most people I know with BlackBerry's never post or visit forum sites about BlackBerry. BlackBerry also sell phones Worldwide, not just hear in the US.

That's true. I have at least 10 friends who own blackberries and they don't even visit forums.

Absolutely yes. Don't expect to see me around here after 2/10. No offense intended to you guys at Crackberry. Offense intended to the product you cover.

See you RIM! I cannot wait to dump my POS Storm2. It was nice talking to you guys. I have been using an ipod touch since the first generation. It is nice to get the real thing now.

I heard a rumor that Verizon is a CDMA network and that the new iPhone 4 for Verizon is also CDMA. This then means you cannot use talk/web at the same time. Oh well, I think I'll stick with AT&T

That feature will be available in 2011 at some point.

As for the poll its about a scientific as going to AndroidSpin.Com and posting a Poll on dumping a Android phone for the BB Torch.

The addition of the iPhone on VZW will ultimately effect RIM. RIM is really behind the times on phone hardware and even the simple smartphone users are developing knowledge on what to look for.

I ditched my BlackBerry Torch for an EVO 4G. I'm extremely happy on the Android Platform, as their App, Game Market (with other things too) is superior. Don't get me wrong, I still have my BlackBerries, and that won't change, but I won't go to an iPhone4 no matter who the carrier is, as the EVO Android phone is way better. They are evolving at a very fast rate which makes for a wide selection of apps, the preponerance of them being free. iPhone keep to yourself, lol.

As a Storm 2 user, RIM would be smart to spread rumors about an upcoming state of the art Storm 3 before the Verizon release date of the iPhone. Without news of such, I'm inclined to jump ship to an iPhone or Android device. RIM is consistently a day late and a dollar short. It's too bad because I do like my Storm ... there's just too much out there right now that leaves BB owners begging for more.

Exactly what he said... STORM 3 DAMMIT, I'll even take a rumor and wait right now but if we don't hear from rim on S3 soon then Feb 10 might see me checking out the "other" website.

Good things come to those who wait, Man. I'm in the same boat, but I just can't drink Jobs' Kool-aid. Hold out a few more months and we can trade tips on our new devices when they come out; and we'll be able to swap batteries, operate globally, use SD cards, Mass Storage Mode, Not be locked to the App Store. Then, if we ever do have issues, we'll have this Awesome community of diehards with the ability to create Hybrid OS's, themes, and all kinds of tips and tricks for working out things like the white-bar incident on .328

Nope! If I were to switch it'll be back to Android but never the iPhone. Although it has some great features, I don't like the overly tight hold Jobs and crew has on it.

I'll keep rockin a blackberry...

Maybe when i got kids I consider buying an iPhone for them to play with :-P

Blackberrys are tools
iPhones're just toys

Cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching

The sound of Apple/VZW selling tons of these, regardless of who it is.....

I can't wait. I'm super excited for all the iPhone fan boys to go over to Verizon only to have their iPhone still drop calls because it's a crappy phone and then have the Verizon network get all the traffic and free up some bandwidth on the AT&T network so AT&T can continue to match the LTE speeds the LTE phones will be getting on a non LTE network.

I've been waiting for this day for probably about a year, and couldn't be happier it came. It will make all 3 companies more money and hopefully everyone will win in the end.

I'm excited to see that the iPhone is finally coming to Verizon. I think the average person with VZW will not even notice the limitations of the phone as they already have them now.

I will personally be waiting for the iPhone 5 and see what Apple will offer. Personally I would love to see a single phone that supports all current technologies (GSM/CDMA) so I could pick my carrier and use the phone outside of the US.

Im probably going to switch. The fact that Verizon is not getting any new Blackberry Devices anytime soon, they are not carrying the Playbook. Its just severely disappointing.

BTW this Poll is not a fair poll. For all the people that are already on AT&T and are using BB, of course they are going to say "No!" They've already been given the chance, and they have made their choice.

This is a hard poll to ask fairly. So it is quite possible that if you exclude the AT&T BB, and people that are in the gap of coverage where Verizon doesn't, and AT&T does....It actually would put the Yes's at a higher percentage.

are you kidding?! the poll clearly states "Verizon users". This excludes EVERYONE on any other carrier and suggests input on only those BB users that are on Verizon...geez

I would, but no physical keyboard, and even if they did make one, I doubt it would compare with the Bold 9000's. If it did, well then yes I would switch.

i just don't like the iPhone at all. However, I am due for an upgrade in July, so I'll be looking at what's available at that time... plus, you people that are going with the iPhone4 do know that the iPhone5 is probably gonna drop in the next 6 months ( perhaps only ATT,with their yearly cycle an all)

Since I'm on Verizon and I'm tired of my BB STorm2 not being able to get ANY of the cool apps, i might have to switch to IPhone. It sucks cause I've had a BB for 7 years but i'm tired of feeling behind.

Verizon doesnt even have 6.0 yet!! Ugh so frustrating!! All the BB on Verizon are old so what choice do I have besides Android and I cant get used to those phones!!

Verizon's focus does not seem to be with BlackBerry. Whenever I'm in a Verizon store testing out the new phones that are out to see what the options are, a rep would always point a new customer to an Android phone. If they ask about other smartphones, such as BlackBerry, I usually hear them say that the Droids are better because they're faster, have a better platform, and have a better camera. Maybe the return rates for Droids are lower than BlackBerry phones. I'm not sure, but they are always pushing customers to get a Droid.

For the longest time I thought I HAD to have an iPhone. Now, I have doubts. I've talked to several former BB users who got iPhones (one thru his work), and consensus is always the same: very nice but without the keyboard it's lousy for texting & emails.

The keyboard depends on the person. For example, I type way faster on the touchscreen than on my BB. Don't listen to other people - try it out for yourself to see :)

Oh, you know it! I'll be in the store playing with one ;)
I had a Storm 1 (gad, we won't go there), got used to touch screen but did far less texting/emailing back then.

No. I already left for Android. Don't care for Apple anyway. So I would have stayed with my BB if the iphone was my only other choice.

why would anyone stay BB? Let see no OS6, No LTE, no New phone announcements, ancient hardware. No roadmap. Hanging on a thread with the playbook in a sea of tablets coming out. RIMM= fail

blackberry sucks, especially from verizon. but i guess if i'm stuck with that carrier i'd much rather have an iphone over a bb. Plus i hear they're going to be charging people more for their crappy 4g service which is no better than 3g. unbelievable how people let themselves get screwed up and down by these companies.

THANK YOU! One of the things I was thinking! I know it's posted here somewhere but get a Verizon iPhone 4 that ONLY runs on CDMA (Apple COO Tim Cook said this himself); that means no talk and data at the same time, then depending on what model you get you're paying $199 (16GB) or $299 (32GB) PLUS the tethering plan through Verizon? Quote from news artilce: "There will be tethering plans, to make the iPhone a hot spot for up to five devices. Verizon did not yet outline the phone and data plan pricing, which will be announced "in the future." Also, what are you gonna do when the newer iPhone for 4G/LTE drops? Now you gotta upgrade when you could've waited. People are so impatient!

I love Blackberry. My first smartphone was a Tour. I would like nothing more than to stick with RIM, however my contract is up in Feb. and they don't have anything new for me to upgrade to...so...unfortunately it looks like I will have no choice but to either go to iPhone or Droid. Not that i want to but they are somewhat forcing me to. I don't want to wait around on old technology for RIM to decide they finally want to put something out...I'll sign another two year contract with iPhone or Droid and just MAYBE by 2013 RIM will finally have something new out on Verizon that I like, and I will gladly come back if I'm not addicted to my Droid/iPhone by then lol

Having only the option to choose VZW or a much smaller carrier with horrendous coverage(no AT&T in my work states) I am curious to try the iPhone4. I use Mac exclusively at home and Blackberry and Mac have a tenuous relationship at best. DTM for Mac is a poor substitute for the real thing so I spend too much time trying to get my Bold and my MBP to work together. I love my Bold 9650, but it does have some shortcomings. If I had the option to use a Torch I would- but that isn't in the cards, so I'm left with either Droid or iPhone.

Trying the iPhone gives me an opportunity to try the platform, see first-hand the shortcomings, and make the decision for myself. I will keep my Bold and if I decide that it's a better fit for me than the iPhone then I'll give it to my wife who currently has a Curve but doesn't use it for business.

Only time will tell if this is a good move. I'll likely end up back on my BlackBerry, but being able to actually use the iPhone in my everyday life will let me know. Life is about options...

RIM- Get a Torch device to VZW so we can have choice on that network. The Bold is an ok device; not nearly as good as even the 9700 or as functional as the Torch. Options people...options

hmmm... IM not up for a new phone till at least July..... I will see what the market has to offer then. I like my S2 but i dont LOVE it. If there is news of an S3 then I will wait it out. iPhone is tempting because of the large choice of apps. I have a touch but dont use it much anymore because you cant use the cool apps while away from wifi.


And for me, my own upgrade date is not until May anyways. So I can wait. And in my neck of the woods in MA, we would probably be on the tail end of the LTE rollout, so there really isn't a reason to not try the iPhone 4 for my wife.

I have been a Apple/Mac person since 1982. I hate AT&T and have been with Verizon for years. I would not leave Verizon just because of a phone, even if it was an Apple product. My first smart phone was a Blackberry and I got the Storm2 the day it came out. I am now on my 4th Storm2. I was never picky about the screen issues. My phone has bricked 4 times and had to take it to a VZW store and they replaced it. I do nothing but email, web- which is a joke even with Opera mini, basic apps and movies for my kids. I'm not putting it through its paces like some of the folks in the forums do. I have enjoyed it for the most part but have felt limited by the simple things that smart phones do that my storm2 doesn't.
The fact that I have a year old phone from RIM and it won't make the upgrade to 6 which looks promising... I just will pass.
Thanks RIM and I hope you listen to the people in these forums and postings. There are a lot of wise people that run the forums and this site, but as you go down the road with blinders on... your market share will go down as well. Your not giving the consumers the experience that they want.

Thanks Crackberry and it's users for an awesome user experience and forums... it's an iPhone for me.

Interesting the iPhone is only 3G, I think that is a major detracting point for it. I currently have the BlackBerry Tour and my contract ends in a couple months. There is nothing in Verizon's BlackBerry lineup currently for me to desire upgrading to (no the "Bold" 9650 is not a worthy upgrade to me).
That being said, I will try something revolutionary on this forum and stand pat for now with my current phone and not try to look for the shiny new device to upgrade to. I'll see what Verizon and BlackBerry have in store for me with a deadline of the end of 2011 for me to decide on what direction to take. A new phone will cost $200.00 and up plus new accessories needed. I need to find something worthy of spending more money on rather than just spending it because I can.

There should be a Droid choice in the poll, I won't be jumping on the Apple bandwagon when it comes to Verizon. I have the S2 and Verizon has already retired the S1 and S2. It seems Verizon is going away from blackberries and more towards the droids OS and now IPhone. Hopefully Verizon's network is ready for the Iphone, but I will be heading to a droid later this year.

I agree. They rarely mention BlackBerry when people ask for a smartphone. It's all about Droids. That seems to be their bread and butter as of late.

I think I am definitely going to switch to the iphone. My bb's alright, but I'm seriously tired of having to pay for every decent app I find. I have os6 on my 9650 and I am not very excited about it. So iphone it is!

If it was LTE, I might consider it - right now, I still think I'll go to Android in summer if BB doesn't have any new touchscreen with no physical keyboard.

Staying with BlackBerry for the all-around productivity factor. I'm not partial to touchscreens but if I went in that direction, I'd try a new BB one, an HTC Android device or the Samsung Fascinate. The iPhone has a beautiful OS but their control of their products seems...restricting, from what I've read from user comments.

The poll should have included the option of switching to Android. Many folks would prefer Android, rather than BlackBerry or iPhone.

Absolutely. I'm....outa here. I think the Apple marketing machine is brilliant, but I am not one to worship at the altar of Jobs. BUT my problem is I have always loved touch screen phones. My first smart phone was a Palm V. I came to Blackberry after my Palm Treo died. I was one of the initial adopters of the Blackberry Storm 1. To be honest it's not a bad phone after updating. It just does NOT perform the way a smart phone should post-2010. My Storm feels just about as archaic compared to most modern smart phones as my Treo did compared to the Storm just 2 years ago. The processing speed is slow. Web browsing is a chore. No HTML email. And texting using the screen is an adventure. And to make matters worse, there is NOTHING on the horizon from RIM to address these issues or counter the Androids and iPhones of today. And I haven't even begun to talk about APPS! I love the Blackberry email system and the ability to have instant access to your email right on your belt is awesome. But even that feature isn't really exclusive to Blackberry anymore. The only example of exclusivity I see with RIM products is the means of communication via "PIN" so as to save on text messaging fees. But that isn't enough for me. It's been fun. The Storm was a nice stop gap. The powers that be on this site and the members of this community are awesome. It's just the product is no longer meeting my needs.

I'll never switch. For one, I'm a BlackBerry fan for life. For two, even though Verizon has little more coverage in my area, The AT&T service I have is much faster, so it more than makes up for it.

Besides, I still feel like the iPhone is kind of like a toy. My BB Torch just feels more serious to me. Don't mean to offend any iPhone fans, Just my opinion.

I for one will be making the switch. I love my Storm 2, it has served me well. But I originally wanted an iPhone when I bought my first Blackberry and now that it's coming to Verizon, I can't pass it up. Also the voice and data issue will be solved in a few months. The next gen CDMA SVDO will allow voice and data simultaneously. It should roll out the first half of this year.

There should be a poll asking users which blackberry device they ditched for the iphone. A lot of ppl have horrible experiences with BlackBerrys, especially the 8900/83XX/8100(pearl?) series. I can't blame them.

i'm definitely keeping my 9650. while not the latest/greatest, it works for what i need. one of the most important needs is a physical keyboard. and my ne2 is in june, so i'm just going to wait until then to decide. hopefully rim has something announced/released...if i were to switch os's i'd go to android until rim came out with a qnx device

I think RIM will come out with a Torch LTE in 2011 after first quarter. They are not going to sit on the current devices. Look at the history. Many people complained how fast they were coming out with new devices. Now there is LTE. So I think a BB model to use LTE will be coming soon. Just a hypothesis based on past practices. You heard the prediction here. No iPone for me.

Then its off to apple and I'm not proud to say it. I wanna stay with bb but I'm tired of my 8530 and heard nothing new on its way so I may have no choice but to jump ship.

iPone? :)

Yeah, perhaps by my upgrade date 5/11, there will be a LTE BB, or at least evidence of one not far beyond that date.....

My first Blackberry was the Tour, i got it launch week and immediately had to return it because the headphone jack didnt work. got another one that worked and from then on i deveolped my love hate relationship with RIM.

Since then i have been thru 2 more tours due to shitty trackballs, and one for a broken screen. after my screen broke i was sent a BOLD as a replacement from asurion. i loved the Bold from the get go as it was prety much everything my tour should have been hardware wise, however its shortcomings soon became evident as the software was exactly the same, and the memory increase barely made a difference.

basically i love 4 things about my BB. My keyboard/trackpad,bbm, push notifications, and my LED light.

what do i hate? well, theres the awful web browser (truly pathetic RIM), the laughable selection of applications in a word where mobile apps are all the rage, defining the customized user experience. the fact that the said poor selection of applications are always absurdly overpriced when compared to their counterparts on iOS or Android, the 10min reboot time, the fact that a reboot is required after almost every app deletion, the fact that i have to use a PC if i want to make a custom theme, or successfully sync/update my OS, and finally, the fact that OS6 still isnt available for verizon, and the fact that there is still no theme builder for candybar os6 devices, so even if u do have it installed, your forced to use the crappy new zen theme which takes up almost all the screen space, and forces u to use those counter intuitive "home screens". what a joke.

the fact that RIM is in the midst of all of this rapid development on other platforms, and cant seem to get its head out of its ass and realize that os6 isnt enough of an update to keep up with the competition is getting pretty sad. youd think a company with as much experience as RIM would step up their game and introduce a new line of handsets with features ppl want, but what do they do instead? build the playbook on a proprietary OS, in a sea of android tablets riding the wake of the ipad, on the verge of the ipad 2. and RIM still hasnt even released its playbook.

clearly verizon is steering clear from blackberry as there appears to be no future in mind for them, so with the introduction of the iphone on top of the upcoming new droids those who arent addicted to their blackberries are going to look at the lineup of new phones and get to choose between cutting edge tech with constant development, or an outdated blackberry that is exactly the same as it was the year before. i know some people will stay, and i for one will never get rid of my bold, it will always be my backup, but with all the things an iphone can do, as well as the droids, combined with a verizon network, theres literally no reason to keep a blackberry anymore other than for its push email and keyboard, and bbm.

If not Iphone, then Android. I really want to stick with Blackberry (Storm 2, love it!) but Verizon isn't offering anything new from Blackberry. I enjoy my screen size too much to switch to a non-sliding keyboard. And, to be honest, I'm still a bit bitter about the OS6 being abandoned for the 9550. I know that was a Verizon decision (not RIM), but I'm still left with an aging device that receives very little in the way of advancements.

Ok I want to add my love. Good bye RIM. I should stop there. But I am going to state why. When I had a dumb phone (Voyager, then the LG eNV Touch), I thought oh man I was so cool and it was a touch screen and I was reading up on the forums of the time and the people in those forums were really cool. Then I thought hmmm maybe I should just get a smartphone because I was paying almost close to one so why not! So I got the Blackberry Storm 1. Awesome phone! Smartphone! Web! Email (!), BBM--but that's only good (to me) for texting non-Verizon people since I don't have unlimited text to everyone; who have bbm as well. I have been on these forums and updated my phone to get the next best feature. And BB 5.0 came and I was like ohhhh cool this is awesome- new this new that, faster this faster that. But it was not enough after a while. I am actually using OS which is not an official OS. Sad. It actually fixed the 'dimming' issue for me, so thats a plus. I probably would have gone crazy at some point if it didn't fix. It has been causing me problems recently and someone had warned me way before and I thought nahhh. But he was right. Anyway I have been reading iOS this, Android that. I have not become attached with Android and there is SOMETHING that just doesn't make me want to. I can't point out what exactly. Ok well maybe there is just too much stuff going on that I don't need or want. I had ended up getting an iPod Touch 2gen. I had been wanting one for a while only because it looked sleek and it shined and there was something about it that had that "wow" factor. As I kept playing with it and searched cool free apps--and COUNTLESS apps on an 8gb ipod (this was 2nd gen btw) and it was just smooth and 'fast', I was just getting more and more attached and addicted to it. My BB Storm, although it is a functioning phone for $30 a month, has been going unnoticed. Every time I get a text on my phone, I feel like 'oh great i have to pick up this brick'. It just does not make me happy to look at it anymore. It DID have the wow factor too but it just grew very old very quick. And reading how RIM is not helping to improve or slowly bringing things, is falling far behind each and every second. Not days weeks months. Seconds. To each their own, but I will be getting the iPhone on Verizon. They bring out new iOS updates and since it's the latest, it will still be included until maybe iPhone 7 comes and support for iOS 4 stops. But the Storm 1 was a new big thing for a touch screen device for RIM and they failed twice to support it with powerful, light-memory updates. RIM not supporting or showing they CARE about their products just seems sketchy to me. Think about it. I don't know who is really the bad guy here. Steve with his excellence in bringing updates to their phones, ohhh trust me I used to HATE and vowed never to get an iPhone because of adding tiny things each time, or Mike with his slowlyyyyyy progressing--if I can even use progress in this case--products that are just refreshes and nothing to OOOH AND AHHH a crowd, yet offer phones that do the same thing as the last refresh at just about the same price. I am sorry guys, but I used to LOVE my Blackberry Storm and used to HATE the iPhone for not having a camera, then a camera with no flash, then a flash, and no copy paste, but now that iPhone 4 has just about almost everything including that gorgeous eye popping retina display (oh btw, I have upgraded to iPod 4 gen and compared to 2nd gen, its just as awesome and FASTER!) I can feel just about good to buy their product that actually can now start to be called a smartphone. But now I feel the opposite thanks to the iPod. And APPLE is BRILLIANT for having an iPod Touch because if it weren't for that device, I probably would still feel negative towards them. Sorry RIM...some day I may return. You just need to up your game by A LOT! I may come back for you. But who knows when! I don't see my future, not even in 10 years to be back with you at this point. I actually like apples better than blackberries. Oh my upgrade is eligible next month...perfect timing.
Thanks Crackberry team you guys have brought me and everyone here tons of info and you continue to bring it. Thanks for that. But I must say there really isn't much going on in BB world as I come here every day, multiple times a day and don't see many updates other than accessories or apps that can't even fit onto my BB. That's just sad. :-( And paying $30 a month for no WOW or COOL or in the zone stuff just feels like I am getting ripped. And I am no business man so I am just going to carry on with my toy-phones. And BB Apps? If you do get a storm 3 with powerhouse specs blowing the iPhone away...knock on my door. But I probably won't answer if you don't bring along APPs with you that iPhone or Android can bring to the table.

Au revois BB/RIM.

Oh my! Why use 100-200 words to make a straight forward point when almost a thousand words will do? LOL.

hahaha!! I love being verrrry detailed! Lots to say, so little time! haha. I never post on here anyway so I made up for it. Oh and sorries for no break-up paragraphs. And that's 'au revoir'. damn s took the spot. lol. Thanks for not being rude because I thought I did write a lot haha. That's why this forum is legit cuz people are nice. So thanks man.

No worries, I ended up reading all of it and wondered how many words it was. Sometime we just need to get things off of our chest. It's better to be detailed and rational than a one sentence troll or fanboy.

Good luck to you on your next device.

If I dont see a Storm 3 by the end of the year Im ghost, I would love to see Tmobile get the Iphone but if not Ill buy on unlocked

Honestly, what other product site like this would post such a poll? I don't know whether to admire the crackberry team or viw them as a buch of lame idots.

Day after day i come here fr coverage of blackberry product and see a ton of bitching and moaning without the abillity for htose comments to be downgraded.

Here's another potential poll: How many people think there is too much unmoderate bitching about Blackberry Products on this site and would rather move to BB Cool.

Reaally I do like this site but the comments are often a pain in the ass.

One last point for Adam and the crew:


NO 4G OR LTE i think I will wait until the next round.

+ it's a bit pricey, think I can also wait a while for my contract to run out.

I love my BB 9650 but ill probably get an iphone and use it for a while then switch back. And ill still have an iphone to use as an ipod. Only time will tell.

Wow! nearly 50% ready to abandon their Blackberry's!
.. And I would think that the folks who visit Crackbery are a more loyal following than the average user.
Were I RIM, I would find this alarming.

Not on Verizon, another Brit expat living in the US so really fail to see any advantage to CDMA, but suspect that the Blackberry won't really feel the hurt with the iPhone launch.

I have had them on AT&T and yep nice media phones but not what I need so have a 9700. But they are good at what they do probably better than the Android devices out there so suspect that is the area that is going to feel the impact. Both are really feature phones that you download the latest popular app to and play, great if that is what you need or want however most Berry users have them because they need to communicate quickly and efficiently.

I didn't vote in the poll. It didn't have the answer that fit me.

I won't be switching to iPhone but it isn't because I "bleed Blackberry". It's just because out of the phones available right now, BB seems to get the job done for myself and my wife. Now when our NE2 is up in June, we will see. We still won't be switching to iPhone. I love the hardware and actually use an iMac at home but the iPhone just doesn't "fit" me. We may end up switching to the Android platform if RIM hasn't released a decent handset on VZW. I would love to see a QNX powered device by then. Preferably a Storm 3. But if not I will just have to look at other platforms until they get their ducks in a row.

"While visions of S3 with QNX danced in their heads ... " Nope. I'm waiting even tho it is hard. My S2 is plenty awesome enough and meets my needs for now.

So stoked - this is great news for Verizon!! I've heard the complaints about not being able to use voice and data at the same time, but as a long time Verizon subscriber we've never had that - so it makes no difference now.

My Storm2 is a giant POS, and with no pending OS6 upgrade for this model I am more then happy to say goodbye to RIM and hello to Apple. It's becoming the standard that everyone is trying to mimic!

To those of you who are "DONE WITH RIM" you crack me up! Point 1 rim doesnt care about you and neither does google or Apple! You act like your business is going to make RIM go under. Its so funny, you guys are not what RIM is designed for. Blackberrys are primarily business tools as larsvegas stated. Iphones are terrible and all 100 different Fandroid models are all crap. They are flashy but they have just as much lag and software issues as they do fun and for a professional or even someone who likes to keep up with their calender and is big on email it is a step backwards. Couldnt wait to get rid of my EVO and get my 9650 back. So while some of you state that the 9650 is a "piece of junk" you should try android. What a mickey mouse operating system.

I can attest that BlackBerry is more of a business tool than the other platforms. BlackBerry can pretty much copy and paste text virtually everywhere. The are a few pages or places that the other platforms have problems copying text, or won't copy at all. The biggest winner for me is the AutoText feature on BlackBerry. I can edit websites that I manage and make edits using HTML code. With AutoText I can create an easy way of entering the HTML code. This makes things fast and efficient for me. With the other platforms I would have to type out the entire code each time I have to enter it. What a pain! So BlackBerry is the way to go for me. For someone that uses their phone mainly for multimedia, web browsing, apps, games, and social networking, Android & iPhone are great. For those that use Calendar, Calendar Invites, Conferencing, AutoText, Excel & Word documents, and Copy & Paste on a regular basis, then BlackBerry is a better fit.
It all boils down to what you need in a phone, and how you plan on using it.

Please the Evo eats the 9650 for breakfast. And idk why ppl are holding hope for this magically Storm 3. There is no Storm 3. Blackberry is riding on playbook right now so the thoughts of new technological advances to a RIM device are slim to none. You guys see what happened with that trash of a phone BB Torch. If I was on Verizon and had a BB I'd switch. Android or IPhone but I wouldn't stay and just "wait". There's no reason why you should be stuck in the dinosaur age while everyone else is ENJOYING their phones lol

I agree with Anon Emus, just even a rumor of some new BBs coming to Verizon would keep me. Driods are out selling BB like 5 to 1. Now iPhone will take away more sales. RIM hear the cries!!!!! Sorry BB, but this marraige is getting the 7yr itch!!!!

I am very happy with verizon plus have a great plan thanks to state employee pricing.

That said, with no Storm 3 or Torch coming anytime soon I almost feel like BB is daring me to go to the Droid or the iPhone.

If I was RIM, I'd at least be leaking some hints at what new devices may be coming in Q1/Q2 to Verizon.

Otherwise they are sure to lose a bunch of folks (current poll says about 40%)

this is not going to kill rim guys verizon only sells 10% of rims total blackberrys so for those that say this will kill rim how is that possible do the math

Personally I am glad that Verizon is getting the iPhone. Now maybe all the iPhone users will quit DDoSing AT&Ts network and the rest of us can use it! o.o

Eh I think I might be a BB lifer. Can't go CDMA, can't do touchscreen only, and really really can't stand iAnything.

But there's always next year...

To me. Even if it was free I wouldn't own a iPhone. I'll keep my BB until I'm eligible for a upgrade, then its Android for me.

Blackberry's lack of App's and failure to get it right over the past couple of years has made me seriously consider leaving. As much as I love my Berry and the keyboard, there is just something to be said about not keeping up with Apple and Android Marketplaces.

I know it's posted here somewhere but to get a Verizon iPhone 4 that ONLY runs on CDMA (Apple COO Tim Cook said this himself); that means no talk and data at the same time, then depending on what model you get you're paying $199 (16GB) or $299 (32GB) PLUS the tethering plan through Verizon?
Quote from news article: "There will be tethering plans, to make the iPhone a hot spot for up to five devices. Verizon did not yet outline the phone and data plan pricing, which will be announced "in the future."
Also, what happens when the newer iPhone for 4G/LTE drops? Now you gotta upgrade when you could've waited. People are so impatient! Plan ahead get get the best device for you're needs and not the "most hyped".

I'm cool for right now with my 9650 and my 4th gen ipod touch. I'll wait to see what handsets are offered around mid-year then decide what I want to do.

First loyal To Verizon best wireless provider but it is CDMA. Then it is BB. Have the STORM I waiting for BB to bring out the new STORM especially with the PLAYBOOK Coming out and can tether the two together. BUT if BB doesn't come out with a new touch screen phone on Verizon I WILL GO WIH THE IPHONE but no hurry because the IPHONE ISN't global. I will Just keep doing insurance replacement on my STORM I and pay the $50 to replace my beat up STORM I until VERIZON (MY LOYALTy FIRST) has STORM III OR BB TOUCH SCREEN OR THE IPHONE IS GLOBAL. SO BB GET THE STORM III OUT THERE TO VERIZON!

1st question WHY so loyal to VZW?
"First loyal To Verizon best wireless provider but it is CDMA."
Make the jump to at&t. Kiss the crappy Storm g'bye. Come get a Torch. You'll be glad you did.

I won't ever go back to a phone without a full screen touchscreen ever again. I won't wait on RIM forever to bring a new touch to VZW. As a avid Mac user, it only makes sense to try the iPhone. But come on RIM! I don't WANT to jump.


NO WAY! I would much rather see the TORCH come to Verizon, not really interested in the iphone. Sadly, it seems that it takes forever for Verizon to catch up to other providers in the way of devices and software.

There really isn't any excuse for this lag.

I've been a Verizon Wireless customer for 12 years, and it is SO frustrating!

Get with the times big red!

PS - BB it is so exhausting to wait for apps to be available for blackberry devices. WHY is this so hard?
iphone kicks your ass in the app department.
I have been patiently awaiting BB to catch up in the world of apps.

I'm sticking with my BB 9650 from Sprint. Had an Iphone for a year and it was the worst POS I've ever had. Dropped calls, poor battery life, and rotten reception on the Iphone. I needed a phone to get me through the day.
The 9650 is the best phone I've ever had. Combined with an Otterbox Communter case, and I'm good to go.

Then make a decision on whether to switch or not. This will give RIM more time to get their stuff together and answer back with something out of this world that's touchscreen, 4G, produce its own hotspot, and a better looking operating system with better apps.

I sell iphones and Blackberries. I can safely say there is no way on earth I would trade my BB for an iphone. The BB Torch is FAR superior to the iphone and the Bold is as well. If I had a Storm.....who knows? The iphone has sucked on a superior network....on an inferior network it should REALLY suck.

BB users who have issues with the way they perform on verizon should make note on the fact that it aint the BB that is the problem....its CDMA.

I'm most def OUT!! My first and my LAST bb!! Iphone or droid here I come!!! Had waaaaay to many prob w my bb!!

Definitely saying bye-bye Blackberry. I'm a Day-1 Storm user, who upgraded to Storm 2. They are "fine", but just not "all that great". I've used iPhones and Droids enough recently to make me realize that RIM has just fallen too far behind. There's no way I can justify staying with RIM.

My contract is not up till Sept, so I may instead jump to iPhone 5 if that is available in VZW then. Else, likely the iPhone 4 that's available now (Feb).

I don't care if the problem is CDMA, there's no excuse for RIM's Storm to perform as MISERABLY as it does. And for the record, Verizon has told RIM to go jump into a river. They aren't dealing with their overrated BB products. They are pushing Droids @ a ridiculous rate, sell their iPads and now will sell their phones. The best part about Verizon is their service here in NYC. They DESTROY everyone else. It's not even comparable. Now, we're going to have a phone worthy of it's top notch talk service.

Storm 3 isn't coming out this year, if at all. No new OS. No new BB product. No new anything. I'm going to wait for refreshes? Yeah fucking right...

iPhone..I'm a few years late to the party, but here I come.

I've been using the iPad for the past few months and love it. It serves my purposes very well. Someone else might like other tablets which offer different features and that's great for them. I love how so many people here compare apples to oranges. The rebranded BBTour, now Bold 9650 is an entirely different animal from an all touch phone like the Storm or Iphone or Android devices. If a physical keyboard with a small screen is what suits your needs that's great for you but won't work for me. As I've said I've really enjoyed the iPad and since the iPhone is a smaller version of the Pad with phone then I'm sure it will be fine for me.

NOT!!! In fact, I jumped from VZW after being a 10 year customer and went with AT&T so I could get the TORCH. Best switch I ever made.

I'm tired of waiting for OS6 and flash so in June I'm switching to Droid X. Love my Blackberry but they've been teasing me too long with the OS6 upgrade only to just get a OS 5 update. Now I hear rumors that the TOUR 9630 don't have enough memory for OS6. Bye Blackberry, I'm gonna miss ya

Right now I'm actually debating on if I want to get the iphone next month, or if I just want to wait until I'm able to get an upgrade in august. I'm just not sure I can handle my blackeberry's unreliability anymore. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It works great one day, not so great the next. I do love the keypad and the trackpad, but I've had touchscreens before and I'm sure I would be able to adjust without a problem. The apps are alright, but seeing as I use my phone more for fun rather than business, the iphone app store is stellar compared to anything my bb can offer. I've already gone through all the comments and they haven't helped me decide one bit lol.

Hell yea I can't wait to ditch the bb
Its so outdated now even with 6.0
Cmon rim come out with something that keeps me with you guys

Been waiting on the iPhone on Verizon 4 a minute... Sorry BB, U gotta step ur game up (But imma still keep my Storm. Can't let go just yet)

i just jumped ship for android.. i hate the iphone... so i wouldnt get it regardless of what phone i own.. blackberry or otherwise..

btw, i dont care how much you like the iphone, dont try and convince me otherwise, if you dont like my above comment.. move along, nothing to see here for you.

Blackberry I love you! I is becoming increasingly difficult to hold onto you. Please give me (us) something! You are slowly being left in the dust by android and apple. I am always loyal to you but I need something better, something to show off!

Had the Storm2 since the day it came out. It just gets worse every week with the lagging, horrible click screen, web browsing, etc. I've been waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon for a long time. The minute my upgrade is due in June I'm jumping to the iPhone! Tired of the fact that BB just has nothing to offer anymore. And if they release something when I get the iPhone, big deal. The iPhone trumps anything BB can offer.

Results like this (43%) leaving for itoy on top of those who leaving for android that only leaves corporate users this may very well be berry's death knell. OS 6 is not enough they need dual core Qnx now not in two years to stay competitive.

It all depends on what you need your device for. As an IT Manager I have seen many of my users switch to Androids and iPhones only to find out that their email is not as reliable as it was with a BB. Case in point a user recently switched to a EVO and now he has to go into messages constantly to see if he has new email or wait 10 minutes for his Activesync to deliver new messages from our Exchange server. No message indicator just manual checking for new mail. I can look at my BB sitting on the desk with the screen locked and know if I have messages or not without even picking up the device. Also if you delete email on the device it also deletes it from the mail server unlike the BB. That is the first thing users who switch from a BB to another device discover quickly. The BB is a mobile extension of my office PC and allows me reliable mobility that I could not have without it. For fun and multimedia that is what the Playbook will be used for.

Blackberry needs a well thought ought flagship phone. Quality not qauantity, its reputation will speak for itself and carry the product. There are no Iphone flips, or Iphone styles. Just Iphone the marketing scheme makes it feel as if apple is doing you a favor by letting you purchase the product. Thats what Blackberry needs to get back to.

I love BB, but after playing around with ip4 for a couple of days I'm sold... no more battery pulls, everlasting reboots and lag.... maybe i'll switch back whenn BB gets there crap together and releases a more sub-par phone than a dinosaur bold w/ trackpad. Love you BB, but come feb 3, you will go back into ur box and live out ur remainding life in darkness!!!!

Let me say this, I switched to Verizon solely because my wife and kids already had a plan with Verizon (i was on AT&T from work), and the cost was 1/2, $35 vs $77, so that's why I'm on Verizon. I always liked the signal and coverage I got with AT&T MUCH better. That said, I love BB's but Verizon's choice of BB's sucks. I currently have a 9650 and find the keys too small for my big fingers, so when the Iphone comes out and I can switch (April), I'm going to give it a trial and see.

There are some pretty UNINFORMED people on crackberry.com. Call drops have NOTHING to do with the maker of the cellphone. The issue is the network. NOTHING tops Verizon's network when it comes to making calls. If your cell acts as your home phone, you're going to cry with Trash-Mobile, AT&Terrible, and Splint. Those guys are abortions when it comes to reception. ANY network can text and surf the web. Now, if you're a surfer, you have the Droid, iPhone and others bashing BB's head in because the web surfing is a laughable experience on a BB.

In conclusion, it depends on what you need the phone for. If you're a simple text-head, any phone will do. If you surf the web on your phone a lot, you're experience with BB will suck. If you want secure emails, BB is your cup of team. If you want a phone that does a mostly everything well, you're NOT going to be happy with BB. That's why guys like me will be jumping ship in February.

Well said. MetroPCS gives you unlimited texting, calls, & web for only $40 a month. Sounds like a steal, right? MetroPCS even claims nationwide coverage in their ads. Wow, only $40 a month for all of it. What's the catch? Aww, yes... there is a catch... isn't there always one? The coverage map of MetroPCS is horendous. Your phone can work in your backyard and not in your living room!

People who love the BlackBerry and knock the other platforms, all seem to focus on the two things that make BlackBerry great - email & keyboard. If neither of those are critical to your use of the phone, then the other platforms leave BlackBerry at the gate. I think what the market is showing with the love affair with Androids and iPhones is that the majority of smartphone users don't care about instant email or using a keyboard as much as they care about a graphical user interface. So, I agree with your statements, but my only issue now is whether Android is better than Iphone. BB is not even in the discussion at this point.

One point about the network... I left ATT for Verizon because of coverage long before there was an iPhone. Yet, I read many forum posts about how ATT is better in their respective area than Verizon. So, I think network reliability depends on where you live. (Like under the ATT Tower! :))

Speakin of "uninformed" people on crackberry.com!! You, sir, take the prize!
"Call drops have NOTHING to do with the maker of the cellphone." Bull crap! They have a LOT to do with dropped calls. Iphones are a prime example. I would put a BB up against an iphone any day.
"Those guys are abortions when it comes to reception." You make a good case for retroactive abortion. at&t destroys the competition!

The iphone is great as a toy. Serious phone users will always prefer a more mature tool.

GLADASSHOLE- iPhone/Apple doesn't control the towers, you monkey. iPhones suffer from dropped calls, because AT&Terrible sucks like a porn queen when it comes to phone service. That's why my Dare never has dropped calls when I use it as my home line and it's 4 years old. Has nothing to do with the make of the phone, stupid. Verizon Wireless is THE #1 SERVICE in the country. Nobody else comes close. iPhones will be a SERIOUS weapon as a phone now that it's with the HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of wireless service.

If you want a "serious phone" to TALK TO PEOPLE WITH, you go with Verizon. The proof will be in the pudding. AT&Terrible is going to get horse raped when all their fancy iPhone users skip town and move over to Verizon.

No one said anything about apple running towers, dick wadd. What a freaking moron you are! Kiss my ass and go away until you learn something about cellular devices!

In my opinion RIM is putting alot of people in a rock and a hard place. For many carriers they continue to drop refreshed phones or none at all. I had a 9700 but I didn't see the point of upgrading to a 9780. Other than more memory I wasn't gaining anything. Some people with bb on Verizon will make that jump without a question. Rim is lagging behind you have to admit. I'd never go to an iPhone but that's just me.

I love it when people say they won't switch and they end up doing it anyway, just tell the truth for once we are all human in case you forgot.

I have had an iPod Touch for over a year. Great for games and music, but I would not want it as a phone. I can't stand typing on a touch screen! Its a cool toy, but that's about it...

...no way for the toyPhone to make it to MY zone even though Mac is and always will be the computer platform for me...

...hell, I'm still using and LOVING my Pearl 8130 and will stick by RIM like the married couple we are...=)

got my hubby a couple of BBs and he doesn't like them ... I just read the the first Verizon iPhone was delivered an hour ago (can that be true) ... if so, I'll get him an iPhone next time ... we are on Sprint, if Verizon doesn't do the iPhone, I'll get him the Sprint 4G Epic or whatever I can get ...