CrackBerry readers are in favour of an all-touch Passport

By James Richardson on 30 Aug 2014 06:14 am EDT

Earlier on this week we asked the question if you would like to see a BlackBerry Passport without a physical keyboard. With the two next BlackBerry 10 smartphones that we know about sporting a hardware keyboard, whether we will see another all touch flagship model anytime soon remains up in the air.

Although the current flagship device, the BlackBerry Z30, is an all touch smartphone, BlackBerry are going back to their roots with the Passport and the Classic, although the Passport clearly has some new funky technology built into its keyboard.

Taking a look at the results from the poll it's safe to say that yes, the CrackBerry readers would indeed like to see an all-touch version of the passport in the future. But the results were not that cut and dry as there wasn't that much between the three options.

Not having had hands on with the Passport at the time of writing this it's hard for me to say which I would prefer, but I think it's safe to say that options are always good and by BlackBerry not considering an all-touch variant may well be foolish of them as the majority of smartphones are of this style now.

Only time will tell with this one, but it's interesting to see that there's still a big fan base out there for all-touch BlackBerry's.

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CrackBerry readers are in favour of an all-touch Passport


And the smile meaning?
Back to the post, I voted against an all touch Passport simply because we haven't tested the Passport yet and we are already thinking of one w/o a keyboard. I'm not saying absolutely no but the form factor will have to be put to test in the market first to see if a non keyboard Passport will ever succeed.

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Agreed. Also the Passport is unique in the sense of a physical keyboard with gesture capability. All touch is the z30 and it's successor.

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What makes you think that, they haven't sold loads of those other two so there won't be loads of upgraders and the reason we are seeing more qwerty device lately despite it being a smaller overall market is that they are not convinced they can produce an all-touch that would convert ios/android users.

His point remains valid. You can't get boatload of sales from an "upgrade " if the user base of the previous device isn't large enough

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There's a reason they are going strong on qwerty. Do you think they would just blindly release 3 qwerty phones in a row if they didnt have reason to?

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The Z10 and Q10 were released during the height of BB bashing. Specs were all the rage. Very few were willing to pick one up in fear of being ridiculed. Neither had high end specs. The Z30 addressed a lot of this but had a very limited release. I still have my 9930. Not because I still think it's the best BB has to offer, but because I was holding out for the Z30...that Sprint didn't pick up. Now the Q10 (only of the 3 available at Sprint) is facing EOL. I want the "Z50" now. By time it's released, if Sprint doesn't carry it, would I want to compromise and just get the aging (at that point) Passport or Classic? Timing and availability is everything.

I tried the Z30 but had to return it because the screen was too dim for MY liking. BB decided to make their auto-brightness feature without the freedom to allow the user to disable it. It is not that the hardware is inherently limited as some defenders try to claim and as was proven here on a Crackberry forum. I liked the BB 10 OS and would give BB a try again but no way if they only have the physical keyboards. If they rely solely on making phones with physical keyboards they are guaranteed to remain a niche producer and the legitimate question would be can they sell enough of their niche phones to provide the R&D capital for future hardware and software.

Not 100% with you, but is definitely needed to maintain sales. There is huge user base now who ONLY likes the all touch. I know as I'm one now.

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No that would be a LG look alike to the crap they made last year. Large square plastic crap.

Flicked on my Zed30. Did you feel it's power BlackBerry / QNX POWER!!!! Z30STA100-3/

I think they should add the extra virtual row of keys to the Z30 keyboard. I'd love to have instant access to those keys. Actually I'd love the option to mirror the exact keyboard from the passport to my Z30... anybody else would go for that?

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I agree. At first I wasn't too crazy about it just having a physical keyboard but with the word gesture capabilities and the keyboard track/touch pad I am starting to like it a whole lot more. I would need to have it in my hands before I could make a fair call. The more videos I see about it the more I like it.

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What makes the Z10/Z30 keyboard word gesture so good is your eye is looking at the next letter, and the word you want is on the letter. The Passport word gesture while cool requires your eyes to look at two places, so it's not as efficient.

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I think that the very point of physical keyboard is that you just feel the keys and don't have (after little practice) to look at your fingers, so you only look on display.

Exactly what I feel. We say that we are in favor, but the non touch options would not be for people who want to process documents, but rather use it for entertainment but the other touch phones are used for that already. The keyboard on the passport is an excellent idea and an all touch passport is not needed.

A newer replacement of the z3/z10/z30 would be better eventually for all touch options.

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Do you guys realize the form factor would be more traditional without the heyboard? You could also argue that the passport its self is semi-traditional, since the key board is touch sensitive like a screen.

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+1. Invalid results... stop it up CrackBerry ;)

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Exactly. That poll and many here and elsewhere are skewed because of the options. How many people didn't vote because there wasn't a simple no I don't like that idea option?

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Yep rarely appropriate options. It would not be hard to create a pol with selections that would cover most people. Frankly, the person creating the pols should be given a new task to do.

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It was equivalent to:

POLL: What do you think about an all-touch Passport?

1. I want an all touch Passport

2. I don't want an all-touch Passport... and I think the Godfather III was the best Godfather movie.

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Why these polls with pre-defined answers that want to be funny or smart or original?
They are just producing BS results. Completely misleading & pointless.

They are if they don't sell and you're left with a lot if unsold inventory that you have to write off, and then watch your stock price dive since your revenues are in the red because you have to subtract the cost of all the unsold inventory.

So, choice is not always good for a company (or its fan who don't want to see it go bankrupt).

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Probably Games Richardson's wish too... :-)

And you wouldn't hear me complain either...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

The thing is Z10 and Z30 users are used to virtual keyboard to a point that it will take more much efforts to convince us to physical keyboard,

Although we also love physical keyboard
(I mean it's blackberry after all, who would hate it) :P

Snow White Z10

I don't "hate" keyboards but the original storm brought me to BlackBerry and I've never had or needed a physical keyboard.

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I have had failures with BlackBerry PKB and optical trackpads. Still see issues with Q10 users being posted here. I never have to worry about that with my Z10 and I can type faster on it now than I could with my PKB. I have no interest in bringing back potential points of failure to my phone. I still find it amusing that people think that the Passport and Classic will drive BB10 sales. Same was said for the Q10. The Classic's screen size will still be a negative to many, and the Passport's keyboard design will have the BlackBerry traditional PKB users that complained about the lack of a tool belt from getting the device.

Posted with a BlackBerry Z10

There is always much to complain about. There is no pleasing some people.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

As long as the classic and passport address the Q10 double-typing issue, I'll be happy. Mine is starting to get worse.

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It's funny because I've had quite the opposite experience. In 10+ years of using physical keyboard BlackBerry's I've never had a trackball or pad or keyboard fail. I have had screens broken or fail however.

My only reason for moving to an all-touch BlackBerry in the Z10 is because I personally wanted to try something different/new. Even though I miss the physical keyboard due to the shitty predictive text logic in the virtual keyboard (never spells what I'm actually trying to write), I will not go back because of the real estate gained on the screen. The Passport definitely looks interesting, but given I'm fairly new to the virtual keyboard world, I think I'll hold off and wait for either a Z10 or Z30 successor.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

In the meantime I figured the extra screen real estate on the Z10 is not really what I wanted, because width is pretty much still the same (OK, Z10 has a few extra pixels).

To read comfortably on a device, width is the deciding factor. Landscape on a touchscreen usually doesn't cut it, once the keyboard is up, your looking at a tiny strip or slither of text and the same complaint people have with the Q10 applies: screen real estate not enough...

The Passport is going to fix exactly that, the width...

(even the iPad's 3:4 - when holding in landscape - is better in that respect mentioned above, once the keyboard shows up, you still have more text on the screen than on any 16:9 phone. Maybe BlackBerry should have gone with 4:3 portrait on QWERTY, that would have just make them a little less pocketable ...)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I love the z30. However, the physical keypad is still more tactile and accurate. BlackBerry has made an excellent touch keypad, but physical will always be more positive.

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3, actually:

- Square screen
- Portrait
- Landscape

The last 2 could be replaced by the Holy Grail of a rotating keyboard

Sliders are the worst idea ever! Out of all my BlackBerry's I've ever owned, I hated my 9800 the most and I thanked the heavens the day I got a 9900 to replace that piece of garbage!

Not to mention sliders are extremely prone to ribbon failure. I was lucky enough to not experience that headache but a number of colleagues where not so fortunate.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

I had the opposite experience. My 9800 was my favorite designed BlackBerry so far. It can't compete with the new generation because BBOS 10 is the bee's knees.
But for design and functionality, that phone kills it. I'm a landscaper so my phones are prone to getting dust and dirt in the keys and buttons. So, usually I need a pretty solid case to be able to use my phone in the field. The slider design protected my buttons and the phone still works great to this day. My friend (another landscaper) still uses it as his daily pho e and loves it.

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How about an actual Phablit.... BlackBerry makes their phablets small compared to Samsung

Posted on my Z30

Say "Hello" to the BlackBerry Note! Same width as Passport, but all touch and 16x9 screen ratio. Simple, no deep thinking required. The roll the Z10 and Z30 successor into one medium sized all touch. There. It's all worked out. Just do it!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

It's safe to say the majority aren't looking towards an all touch Passport. Frankly, I would rather BlackBerry upgrade existing all touch phones rather than make the Passport all touch also. The size of this is really too big, and would rather just have an upgraded Z10 with larger screen area, with no appreciable increase in the form factor of the device with upgraded specs too. Hopefully, this might materialise in the rumoured Z20, but if not then I doubt that a phone this size would attract me to it really. in action!

I couldn't say it better

Love my Z10 looking for its successor or go for Z30 when the price is right for me

The majority of consumers will never buy a (qwerty) device of such large size.

The small minority (phablet fans) probably will not buy it either because they even don't know BlackBerry is still around.

Passport will be a flop because it's designed to be a flop.

At one time I would have agreed, but I also thought the stylus died with my Palm pda. Now Samsung says that's the next big thing.

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Exactly!! the Z10 is the perfect size, expand the screen and crank up the specs wrap it in a high end frame and BlackBerry will have a winner!

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Still in doubt. In 19 month I bought 3X a BlackBerry product with a total of 1300 euro. All prices now us like 650 euro because I bought it when it was new.

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To get iPhone customers use a passport, then we definitely need an all touch passport. And BlackBerry all touch keyboards are way better than iPhone or Android ones. I have observed it keenly now.

Posted via my amazing z10 while pissing on iPhone

"To get iPhone customers use a passport, then we definitely need", nice start for a thread? Couldn't help it, I'll start:
1) to dumb down BB 10
2) to put an Apple logo on the front
3) them to simply grow up

It's just the screen ratio that will pose a problem to developers...

QWERTY is usually 1:1, and touch is 16:9, but this would have to be 4:3 like the iPad...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Little keyboards are yesterday's tech. They fulfilled a need long gone. How many people, out and about on the streets, trains, in pubs etc have them? Exactly. I'm with others on here, waiting patiently for the next killer touch screen with crazy ppi and the ability to load any android app with ease.

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Part of the reason there's not that many physical keyboarded mobile devices is because very few companies make them. I routinely hear folks* tell me that they miss their BlackBerrys, or whatever keyboarded device, and lament how their carriers don't offer options.

Apparently the Typo keyboard attachment for iPhone was popular for a reason ;p

* not an overwhelming number, but hardly a trickle:

All-touch Passport or not, they need to still put out 16:9 screen all-touch phones as well.

Many (most) people don't want or need a physical keyboard any more so don't start messing with the form factor the vast majority of smart phone users prefer

-via CB10 w/ Q10

+100000000 where is my 64-bit octacore BlackBerry. I want it now!!!

Flicked on my Zed30. Did you feel it's power BlackBerry / QNX POWER!!!! Z30STA100-3/

It was rumoured September! Next month! I put some € in my socks just in case it's true :)

Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531

It's funny, never really noticed till now, the keyboard on the z10 takes up almost half the screen. This may be why the passport is so appealing. Also, The big screen is nice for the eyes.

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No we not get that outta here, hell the BlackBerry Khan is missing the trackpad and tool belt will be an issue for accurate typing.

Posted by Phobe's Owner on the BlackBerry Q10

They made the right move with the keyboard on the passport. Don't go messing that up by using a 1:1 full touch. That would make half or more than half the screen useless while using the keyboard.

They just need something like the z30 but with much better specs and more internal storage.

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I'd like a new z30 with better specs, better display, more ram, more memory and better camera.

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I agree but in the Z10 size. Maybe 4.5 max, but the Z10 is the perfect size. I wish they would move the period and comma buttons to another page, I always hit them by accident aiming for the space bar.


As a Z10 and Z30 owner, I find typing on the bigger screen much more fluid.
I go back to the Z10 every now and again and it is much more difficult to type on. I don't have gigantic hands, the keyboard on the Z30 just feels like a better size. Yes, it felt big and I wasn't sure if I could get used to it... for about an hour! The only exception being one handed (and sliding) typing. For this the Z10 is easier but this isn't the optimal way to type either.

ॐ Posted via CB10 on my ‎Z30

The people who are suggesting that the Z10 is the perfect size are people who generally type with one hand, the flick typing makes it fast and efficient but not on an Android sized device like the Z30! a higher end Z10 with better specs is the way to go!

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I think BlackBerry needs to step up the game with a new all touch BlackBerry phone. I previously had a Z10 but now I switched to a LG G3. I still love BlackBerry (especially the keyboard, wow) but there needs to be a new extremely powerful BlackBerry to beat all other phones in benchmarks.

Posted via CB10, Z10

Still think they're making a mistake going back to a qwerty-flagship.
They'll be bleeding customers if they can't offer a competitive touch phone. I'm currently using the Z30, but my contract ends in March. If there's no all-touch flagship by then, I won't be getting a BlackBerry.

Look, what happened to the dumb tablet? So, you have your keyboard Passport. Want a non-keyboard passport, just mirror your display onto the dumb tablet - a cheap slab of glass with LCD, a battery and wifi/bluetooth connectivity...all the processing power would come from your phone. Or better, the computing power could even be in a little black box, say the size of a deck of cards. The display could be a dumb tablet, a dumb keyboard-equipped device, a dumb watch display, etc. Whatever the situation calls for. The displays would be cheap and come in many form factors; they could be lost or broken or stolen without loss of data, without downtime, and at little loss of value. Just connect to a spare dumb display/interface and keep on trucking. This approach would take a lot of expense and redundancy out of the system, and would give users a lot more flexibility.

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We really need to stop with these stupid inane polls. This has been beaten to death already. Yes we want a new touch screen BlackBerry. We just need to face the fact that it is NOT coming until sometime in 2015 or 2016.

The REALITY is consumers are not BBRY's focus right now, we need to accept that fact, and get over it.

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Exactly. They are focusing on what they do best enterprise and security. We have to wait until blackberry becomes profitable and has a more positive light in the media world then they can attack the consumer market.

People have to understand to attack the consumer market it takes billions of dollars in marketing and that is something doesn't have at the moment.

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If BlackBerry makes an all touch passport then it should work more on the form factor.

Since it wont be having keyboard they should adjust accordingly, they should just try to slim down the touch device more and with clear cut edge definition.

But iam buying the one with the keyboard.

BlackBerry passport all the way.

Posted via CB10

Im guessing that when we get used to a wider screen and seeing office docs like a computer more we will not mind the wide. Wide is better.

Width is the key.

My little grievance with any 16:9 style phone, regardless of whether held in portrait or landscape...

4:3 would be so nice, just not kind to devs... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Hard to go back to a physical keyboard after the Z10/Z30 touchscreen keyboard. Given BlackBerry's focus on improving productivity, it will be great to see the next iteration.

Posted via CB10

I wonder if the type of jobs play an influence in the choice groups. I know mine does and I have a choice in the device.

Those were just the Crackheads of the forum. Us weekend warriors know an all-touch Passport would be a waste of resources and just a quick buck for BlackBerry! Invest in a 2nd Gen Passport instead! If they even entertain the idea of this BS, I will have nothing to do with BlackBerry products in the future because I will know for sure they are simply treading water with one idea to the next without serious direction! IMO.

Posted via CB10

I think I'm slowly accepting the fact that BlackBerry is throwing all touch phones on the back burner. In my opinion they should always have 1 good all touch phone on the market and they do (Z30) but the Z30 is nearing the end of life with no replacement in the horizon. I'm a bit worried there will be no phone for me when my contract expires in March.

Posted via CB10

I have to agree. Last few weeks I have been using a Z10 again and it really is a good phone. The battery life is really weak, however a second generation Z10 with stereo speakers, quad-core chip, 3GB of memory, and a hefty battery (2600 MAh+) would be a smoking good product. The best part is that it does not even need a higher resolution display or anything because the PPI is already very high at true 720p and the display size.

Unfortunately, I don't think there will be any all touch phones by BlackBerry anytime soon.

Posted via CB10

I agree. I also have a z10 for the past year and half, find the battery life underwhelming. I recently bought an aftermarket battery with higher wattage, I find it works better although not by much.
But the fact that the battery is removable is also a positive. I personally would not buy a phone with it.

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This is what blackberry needs for the road map of 2015.

Bb10 torch slider
Z10 successor
Z30 successor
And a cheap classic phone for emerging markets

The first 2 phones should be quad core 3gb ram 1080p 16/32/64gb 13mp stereo speakers at the least

Z30 successor should have a octa core processor 4gb ram 5.2 or 5.5 inch 2k screen with a 3600 mah battery 20mp 4 external speakers 4 mics super amoled display

The z30 successor needs to be specd out like crazy for the consumer market to take it seriously and be released mid 2015 to late 2015. Create crazy teasers for the phone and have funny and hip Every day people commercials to show that blackberry is for everyone....

Posted via CB10

The torch slider is now the Classic. As a 9810 owner I dont understand why any slider people would not be happy with a Classic.

Im one of those slider lovers. I own a Q10 and a Z10. The Q is my communication device used to answer mails and text messages. The Z is better for browsing the web and watch videos. I want both the taller screen and a keyboard in one device.

Posted via CB10

Wouldn't it be nice...?

(Still have a Torch 9810 here, not activated)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

*BB should "FOCUS" on their OS, apps, and releasing updated predecessors (better specs, durability, e.g., waterproof, gorilla glass, build and cosmetic design) of their current line-up, not release a variety of cheap thrills. Actual marketing is not also a bad thing, but can wait till a 2nd Generation PassPort is released- or will they abandon this device as a wham-bam thank you mam? I want a red water-proof Passport, with gorilla glass, reinforced edges, 4 gigs of Ram, a 64-bit processor, running BlackBerry 10.4 with full Android App capability for those without (decent) Native equivalents.

Posted via CB10

I am not trying to be facetious here, but I am trying to understand why are some persons against a physical keyboard, but at the mean time use a virtual one. The form factor of the Passport has allowed for the screen real estate to remain reasonably untouched. Maybe an all screen phone without a virtual keyboard and voice recognition input only would have been a much more better stand point from which to argue against the presence of a physical keyboard.

Given we haven't gotten there yet (due to the lack of perfect voice recognition technology) a keyboard whether virtual of physical will always be present. It is just a matter now of personal preference and what is perceived to be more convenient. Looking forward to an unbiased and comprehensive review of the Passport. Cheers !

Posted via CrackBerry App

All touch Passport WITH tool-belt (trackpad, call, end buttons).

Without tool-belt, Z30 form factor is good enough.

Posted via CB10

Give me an updated z30 with 30% more battery, Passport specs, and AT&T LTE bands and I'm in.

Posted via CB10

This Passport Device is starting to grow on me.. I didn't think much else could be done with a physical keyboard, but John Chen created a great device as it seems so far. Looking forward to this Passport!

Carbon copy of LG Vu. A major failure, just like an all touch Passport would be.

Posted via CB10

I was a die hard Blackberry physical keyboard guy. Took alot for me to move to the Z30 from the 9930. When I did...I loved it. Now I am supposed to move backwards to a Passport? Nah....Blackberry better have a Z50-ish device out in the near future. It seems as though we were all converted to all touch and now are going to be forced to go back.

I use keypad religiously. Just because Iphone emerged doesn't mean we all need to follow like sheep

Posted via CB10

I would personally love the passport without the keyboard. It would give that extra room for viewing important documents and reviewing blueprints and other large drawings

Posted via CB10

lol you blackberry users go back and forth on this issue like mad. without a keyboard its not a blackberry imo, but that's me. I still miss my 9930 everytime I pick it up, just a note for the fanboys.

I am perfectly happy with my BlackBerry Z30. Hiwever, I would not mind a successor with updated specs such as more internal memory, brighter oled for better sunlight readability, better resolution of at least 1080p and more LTE bands available in one model.

Posted via CB10

I wish the next all touch device looked like the z10 not the z30 . If it has the passport specs that would be epic. Or 64bit... I hope BlackBerry leads the changes on that front

Z10 the mighty... until BlackBerry comes out with a 64bit

Personally I would still angle for the z30 form factor all touch but I applaud what BlackBerry is doing with the passport and other keyed devices. Just don't forget the rest.

Posted via CB10

I would want an all touch phone more than a keyboard now after using my Zed for so long. But a Slider would be the very best of all world's and I believe that it should be the next evolution that BlackBerry goes to

Posted via CB10

My thinking is that as my PlayBook gets less convenient to use it will be replaced by another tablet and if at that time I go with a phablet then a full screen Passport might do - otherwise it will force me to leave BB, as hard as that would be.

Posted via CB10

How is that when 53.21% said no or would have to think on that. Seems the reporting of the numbers the way they are represented is skewed a bit.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

This poll seems to be irrelevant to me. If it's about all touch screen then there are full range touch screen phones are available in market. Passport is unique due to its different form factor, practicality of physical keyboard and BB10 OS. This poll does give insight to user opinion and preferences but its better we must hands on this device before taking decision.

Nope not me!! My insane madness to toss my devices over the balcony will come to a header when I can finally use a keyboard device. I know I touch type correctly yet never fails I spend more time backspacing text input than writing. BlackBerry os 10 is much improved over android and ios but u still have inaccuracy touch typing. Although the stellar feature is the auto word pop up prediction and flicking motion. Love that so for me you will see me using a passport.

Posted by CB10 / STA100-5

The poll is all fine and dandy, but I'm still waiting on the official announcement will a release date and pricing for the Passport.

For me I would prefer a Touch Screen because I need and could use the Specs of the Passport in either a Touch Screen Passport or next generation Z30. In addition, I would really love to have a Track Pad (which I really miss and I found to be very useful and more accurate than anything since) in either a physical or virtual form. Only because the size of the Passport fits my needs am I even considering it, I would be really upset if I purchased the Passport with a Key Board and either a Touch Screen Passport or next generation Z30 came out soon afterwards. BlackBerry needs to review this option thoroughly and make a final statement if a Touch Screen Passport or next generation Z30 is a good possibility in the near future. BlackBerry could use the sale data from the Z30 to determine the amount to produce. BlackBerry if you are reading these blogs or getting feedback from CrackBerry on this topic is a Touch Screen Passport or next generation Z30 a strong possibility??????


I am an Android and WP user. The only things keeping me from getting a BB device are:
- Devices till recently came out with sub par specs,
- Displays are too small (need a 5.5" and up to 6")
- I don't need a physical keyboard because swiping it's quicker and the keyboard disappears when not necessary.
I'd be very eager to pay for a BB with the same form factor of a Password but bigger display and no physical keyboard.

As they are now are useless for the way I use the phone.

If it has top notch specs and the size i need yes, without thinking twice. Bear in mind each time i tried a BB i was sold on OS and concept, relative security etc, and then never bought one because in an era where you swipe words at light speed and can actually read news on a big display without having to scroll on microscopic displays, BB refused to adapt and understand how users were evolving (they were not the only ones to be honest).

Had i needed a tablet i wouldn't be posting in a Blackberry website in the first place. Aside from that, i did specify it was up to 6". I thought it was clear what i was looking for. Something with a display that's big enough to allow long hours of work/reading and small enough to still fit in a pocket (exactly like my Galaxy Note II and the Lumia 1520).
Tablets are limiting for my job. Never owned one nor planning to buy one. I carry an ultrabook with a bigger display, a real keyboard and the power i need.
On the side, i need a phablet and i have simply come to realize 5.5" to 6" are my perfect size (to protect eyes and keep going through the day). Blackberry only has the Z30 that came out on the market already old and was never sold in the place i live. If they make a 5.5"/6" Phablet with swipe keyboard and able to cope with the Android apps i need for my work i am sold on it because i am not a Google lover and the Windows Phone platform is missing too much and that's not going to change for a few years.
I gladly leave those small devices with a hardware keyboard to the few left nostalgic and to those who don't need big displays but rather compact devices.
This is if the company doesn't closes before due to the fact they still don't seem to understand the market despite sales data clearly showing what people want (also in the business field those displays are way too small for many users, as needs have changed since the 90s/early 2000s.)

This phone looks like a tablet gone wrong.
Really not my style.
But some might like it.
Definitely not me.
Very happy with my z30

Posted via CB10

Also not my style, too wide and don't like the specs. If there is a Z10 successor with full blown specs, removeable Battery and miracast I will buy. If they make it Dual SIM it will sell very good. Blackberrys first Dual SIM Smartphones . They need to give the majority of their customers a reason to throw money at them.

Otherwise I keep my red Z10 until it's falling in pieces.

Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531

Octacore Fulltouch BB Flagship Z10.2 coming out September,, gorilla glass 3, big removable battery, 17MP back 8 MP Front Camera, Miracast, FM-Radio and Dual SIM. Waterproof also. 4GB RAM.

Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531

Yeah the polls could be more clear.. Yes, No, Maybe, Other.. without the addition of stuff like 'this is the way forward', 'if the battery was perhaps lithium ion removable with an SD card included..' lol

Q10 on T-Mobile

Not by much. The wording of these polls and the wording of the outcome is getting ridiculous. Biased much?

Posted via CB10

This is a dumb idea in my opinion. If you drop the physical keyboard then when it comes time to type the virtual keyboard will occupy a huge part of the screen. The fact that virtual keyboards occupy screen real estate (bigtime in landscape) is a problem that the passport solves with its' spacious screen and qwerty down below. Dropping a huge advantage like that without going to 16/9 would not be very functional.

You make it a bit bigger (like the LG VU) and use a swipe keyboard with slightly small keys reproducing the same hardware keys in a virtual one. Advantage is that when you don't need that keyboard the whole real estate is for reading etc.
Also, making it a bit bigger, virtually removing the upper area and the keyboard + stretching it just a bit and making it a bit wider to keep the same proportions more or less would allow you to read a whole page in two scrolls or less at a decent size.
Can't speak for the others, but i'd buy it.

All touch Passport will be no Passport but yet another 6 inch phablet. A PlayBook II If you will. Good luck selling that for $599.
Passport is unique and will have traction because of uniqueness, baring major problem discovery after launch.
Even now pasport is getting BlackBerry tons of positive press. The phablet would get meh press.

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I feel confident that a blackberry passport minus the keyboard w/ stylus support would make it the ultimate business tool.

Stylus is very useful and they should try making a BlackBerry device that supports it.

The passport could in theory replace a tablet...

Not Fours Years But A Lifetime

I fully agree and they could add some specific apps made for stylus, like Samsung did for the Note series. Some of those functions really make those devices a few steps forward compared to competitors. BB could go the same direction but with better, more professional, secure apps and devices like these.

Pretty sure many users (especially in business environment or just professionals looking for something less childish than those Google/iP icons and safer as well) had enough of Android and iP and have no clue of where to go.
BB still has a chance, if they react quick.

I'd be interested in seeing the real world usage performance of the passport vs the z30. If there is no feature compromise (4k recording maybe) I'm happy with the z30 as 10.3 is really going to make this phone sing and so far I haven't been able to throw anything at the z30 that it couldn't handle. Android runtime hd video conferencing. No sweat.

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I would buy an all touch version if the passport if they where to offer something like that, a GSM unlocked version would be nice.

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Wht ever u say by far z10 n q10 or for tht matter even the super awesome z30 all r rocking devices. What I feel is ppl should go back to using a BlackBerry 10 device n then say Wht they have too. All this is happening as ppl r still scared to try one.

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I believe people have to understand this is a business phone not a consumer phone, I work in IT people love Blackberry for business because of the keyboard, personally I more then happy with my z10 but if I wanted to upgrade the logical choice for me would be z30, but Blackberry can bring the most advance phone but Blackberry must crank up the marketing ,

I won't be having a physical keyboard now I much prefer my Z10 I would never go back to physical keyboard. With the Q10 and Z10 people had a choice if there was only the Q10 option I would not of bought one.

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BlackBerry and listening to their customers and community , lol

They do what they want and that´s why they are nearly dead now. Passport won`t safe them, it will flop the majority of their customers want other phones.
There was a poll not long time ago here at CrackBerry, the message was loud and clear, 80% want a fulltouch flagship device. 8 out of 10 !

Instead they build the oversized Passport with last years specs and a porsche design with hardware worse than a 99$ Phone from a competitor.

Next is the Classic with Z10 Specs, also some years old.

They are done in the handset market and they know it damn well. They build cheap phones with cheap outdated hardware in hope people buy them expensive.

It´s sad but that´s the way it is...

"CrackBerry readers are in favour of an all-touch Passport"

No, they probably aren't. But your poll's quesions were asked in a way that did not allow many people to answer in a true, honest and neutral way, without also agreeing to statements they normally wouldn't want to agree to.

All that you achieve by asking questions in such a BS manner is to mislead the market AND the producers. For future polls, please ask questions in a reasonable and neutral form.

Definitely the iPhone takes nice Pictures. Right James?

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Come on Z50!!.. pack it all in the size of a Z10 with high end specs and a durable frame. BlackBerry Rocks!!..

Qwerty, we do not need an all-touch blackberry of that formfactor. It already is fantastic enough.

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I would buy it that's for sure. I'm actually not too keen on another physical keyboard that could fail again like my Q10 has. 


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I did vote no. But I will say that if the PKB felt very uncomfortable in the hands, an all touch Passport might be the solution if they would make the keyboard repositioned on the screen for comfort.

(Obviously I am just talking out of my arse as I haven't even held the Passport yet, but that is my concern with the phone).

I really don't get the reason for this vote...wouldn't an Passport without the keyboard be like just every Blackberry on the market over the past four years? The Passport is different because it actually HAS a key board with a specialized cursor by way of the keys and metal yeah, there is a big difference here...