It looks like the CrackBerry nation could well be tempted back to a hardware keyboard with the BlackBerry Q20

BlackBerry Keyboards
By James Richardson on 21 Mar 2014 04:06 am EDT

Since BlackBerry announced at Mobile World Congress that the BlackBerry Q20 is coming to market later this year and it would be sporting a hardware QWERTY keyboard - along with the trackpad and function buttons, we asked the CrackBerry nation if this news could bring you back to a physical keyboard BlackBerry 10 device if you've already made the transition over to all-touch. 

As you'll see from the results below, they initially look very positive towards the Q20, but then we get to the option where 23% of voters are unable to make a decision until they see the final product. I totally understand their thoughts with this one, but even if half made the switch from all-touch back to a hardware keyboard it would be great news for the BlackBerry Q20. 

With BlackBerry very much focusing on the enterprise market, the Q20 could be the perfect device for millions of business users to upgrade to later in the year. Of course, we are yet to see not only what the finished product looks like but also its specs - with the battery size being a big factor if you ask me. 

Whichever way you look at the results it seems that BlackBerry have certainly made the right decision sticking with the traditional hardware keyboard as well as the virtual option. 

Roll on more BlackBerry Q20 news. 

Reader comments

It looks like the CrackBerry nation could well be tempted back to a hardware keyboard with the BlackBerry Q20


I'm not a big fan of randomly making up names for buttons 7 years later.

(although, it does make sense. )

Posted with my CB-Q10 using the power of " Q "

Hopefully it gets all those ppl who didn't want to upgrade to the q10 or the ppl who did but went back to their 9900 one bec it was too much of a change for them.

I'm not sure how the q20 will attract ppl already on all touch phones like the z10 or z30 even if it has track pad and those extra buttons. OK maybe a few who hard core qwerty keyboard users.

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I'm on the Z10 but am waiting to see how it is implemented but I'm very much interested. I might be in the minority on this though.

Been stuck on Crack for too long

I think it all comes down to execution. If it's a nice looking high quality device that is easy to use with a normal size screen and a keyboard people will buy it and more quality apps will become available to the platform. Currently standard apps for android and iOS are typically widescreen so not many apps come out for the 1:1 screen which a large number of BB10 users have. If keyboard devices had all the same apps and a nice standard HD screen for reading documents, web pages, emails, etc. people would buy it for sure. I think the trackpad and phone buttons will help but fear it will take away from a standard size screen.

Blackberry seriously underestimated those core QWERTY users (their core fan base ) and it has seriously cost them. They need to win them back. Blackberry will continue to make those all touch devices but they they can't do so at the expense of the core users

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I am on the 9900 ATM and really wanted to get the Q10 but the missing tool belt as it is now called killed it for me. I can't tell you how many times I missed a call because the screen on an Android/iOS device wouldn't wake up fast enough for me to answer. IMO if it doesn't have a Call/End button then it isn't a phone it's a mobile PC that can make calls. I'd even like to see the Z series get a tool belt along the bottom or top or along the back like LG is doing. I don't want a lot of buttons but some are needed.

Why isn't there an option for those of us that are happy with a Q10 and do not want the ribbon of hardware buttons and a trackpad?

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Because the question is whether a lot of people opted to skip the Q10 because of a lack of the trackpad. You guys will simply buy the successor to the Q10 when it comes out, Q30, or whatever the name should be, that will not have the trackpad. While people who have jumped from a keyboard to an all-touch, jumping back onto the keyboard because of the trackpad, is a much more interesting statistic since they are making the biggest change.

Wrong. Folk who have a Q10 just now appreciate the keyboard - that's why they selected it. They need it for productivity. Q10 users are more inclined to be battering out emails and using the phone for business and productivity. Those who jumped over to all touch did so for other reasons like media use and massive screen real estate. Granted, the virtual keyboard is supposed to good but Z series users don't value the keyboard as much as Q users. This is where your comment is flawed: Their choice to take the Z series over the Q series was NOT because of "hey, Q10 doesn't have a trackpad or tool belt, screw that i'll take a Z10". It didn't even cross their mind. They chose the Z10 because they wanted the screen real estate and ALSO because the Z10 came out 1st (massive product development mistake by BlackBerry yet again not releasing the iconic phone that enterprise wants (Q series) at the same as the Z series or before). Q30 presumably will have a bigger screen stuck onto the physical keyboard. This Q20 is only a way to get BBO7 users over to BB10. All Q10 users will be wondering what the point is when BB10 OS has been developed to rely on gestures and other shortcuts. Give me a large screen onto a Q10 keyboard minus the redundant tool belt and i'll buy that as a business user who would like to value screen size and a keyboard - or to freak everyone out - I basically want the BlackBerry quality keyboard onto something the size of an iPhone...sound familiar? Just wish BlackBerry would release the Q30 this way.

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Disagree. I miss my keyboard like crazy but switched to the Z10 when it was launched because my bbos device couldn't keep up with me anymore.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Exactly, that's my point. You are one of the users who jumped to Z10 instead of waiting for Q10 as BlackBerry mistakenly launched the Z10 before the Q10 thus giving up their main asset which was the keyboard loving business user. That was down to the moronic management at the time. Now they are trying to get it back on track and focus on the business user after failing to take on (stupidly) the apple and samsungs of this world instead of sticking to their niche. The teeny boppers running around with BBM phase seemed to confuse the BlackBerry board and they lost their direction. You jumped to the Z10 because you couldn't wait any longer to move over from legacy devices - who could blame you, their browser was in the same era as a dial up modem. You didn't choose the Q10 as it wasn't even out yet but the toolbelt or lack of wouldn't have even played a single role in anyone's decision to get the Q10 over the Z10. Those who had the benefit of both options and opted for Z10 did so for screen real estate. If they wanted the toolbelt they would have had to accept the Q10 as the natural next best thing, not move to a gigantic screen. Tool belt lovers want a keyboard too.

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I also switched to the the Z10 over the Q10 because the Q was not yet released when my contract expired and I could get a new phone (my carrier was being annoying by not saying if they would carry the Q10, maybe so as not to undercut overpriced Rogers plans). Coming from a 9810, I was willing to give up the screen size for a physical keyboard. However, as much as it feels weird to type on glass, the virtual keyboard is pretty good and I just mash away blindly by muscle memory and it figures out what kind of garbage I typed. So I can get by without the keyboard and would make that trade for a bigger screen.

That said, a phone with the tool belt is still attractive for only one thing, the trackpad. Even after the improvements to the selection tool, it still doesn't work as well as the old trackpad for placing the cursor exactly where I want it, the first time. As for the rest of the tool belt, IMHO it's useless and doesn't fit with the design ethos of BB10.

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If BlackBerry had launched the Q before the Z I would have got a Q. As it turns out, getting the Z was the best decision ever as the keyboard is just as good if not better than the physical, and I get all that extra screen space.

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I agree. It was the only choice (Z10). Now, according to the poll, many of us are ready to become BlackBerry users again since they are ramping up the keyboard device selection.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

Actually, plenty of people not only waited for the Q10 to come out, but even bought a Q10. Only to either go back to a legacy BB device or switched to a Z10 or some other platform all-together... Again, not everyone feels exactly the same way as you. I love the Q10, but definitely miss the buttons and track pad. Buying a qwerty phone means sacrificing screen space. And depending on that person's own personal needs and wants, it would depend on if there are enough benefits to justify that sacrifice. In some people's cases, being able to see more cells in a spreadsheet or some other kind of document is more important than simply having a keyboard. The thing that would push the phone over that threshold where the screen sacrifice would seem worth it to them is if it also had the trackpad and function buttons. I know hardcore android fanboys who were actually envious of my old Bold 9900 because of the trackpad... But yes, that suggests the wild concept that every one is different...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

3 things. 1) to suggest legacy devices even compare to the new devices doesn't even deserve a response. 2) spreadsheet work is useless on phones, period. To suggest doing proper work on any size of phone other than a quick glance is redundant. 3) a trackpad (and redundant buttons!) is not on the list of reasons for people to choose a blackberry. If anything they remember the ball used to stick or the infrared trackpad was jumpy in sunlight. It was hardly (understatement) a successful piece of hardware. It was the number one thing to fail on legacy devices. It is not a reason people will move to a keyboard phone. It is not a reason for Z series users to move to a Q. The keyboard is the reason and not a tool belt. Z series want the screen real estate.

Posted via CB10

I respect your opinion but I beg to differ as you don't believe speak for all of us. I'll agree that legacy devices like the 9900 does not compare to the new devices but in our case, the 9900 are still preferred as productivity tool more so than the Q10 even after 6+months. We have a mix of both but unfortunately the 9900 are end of life and slowly have to move to BB10 devices as required upgrades transpire. The announcement of classic devices was a godsend for us who are stuck in the intuitive legacy mode we are accustomed to so if they can get even more legacy productivity features into the BB10 classic and as a user have the option to use either one of a gesture / toolbelt / keyboard as we please in the most efficient manner, the BETTER!

Qtenmillion, you are missing some elements of z10 choice over q10. I tried q10 but went with z10 because the q10 didn't have the trackball making touchscreen editing required, which is very difficult. The z10 provides a bigger screen. Gotta admit, the touchscreen typing is simply inferior to hardware, even using swype. Now, if they can find a way to provide hardware, a trackball, and "large" screen real estate,

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A Lot of us, myself included avoided BlackBerry because of the crappy browser and the track pad, years ago and went to android for our first smartphone. I use my z30 as a work device. I send emails and texts that are work related. We get to buy a new ambulance, I sent close to 30 pics by email of our other trucks to our builder by email. Did that with my trusty z30 and could have just as easily done it with my z10. I constantly text back and forth with administration and Co workers. I'm not however doing video presentations or printing documents off my phone or much of the other stuff some of you do. What I am is a new BlackBerry user who is digging bb10 and the all touch experience including this awesome keyboard. I want to listen to music with my phone or play the occasional time killing game. Real racing is pretty neat on this big screen. I'll even watch an episode of a show I need to catch up on with Hulu on rare occasions. My friends and coworkers like to forward YouTube video, I like to BBM video chat with my daughters when they aren't with me. I'm only saying all this because I get so tired of all the I hate touch screen and BlackBerry isn't for media consumption and I'm just gonna stay with my old legacy phone blah blah blah. Well this is BlackBerry 10 and it needs to happen and continually improve for BlackBerry to be viable with phones. Those of us who don't constantly need our office in our pocket don't need a q20. If you do, I understand, I hope BlackBerry does it for you all. Same time, they need to keep right on making z type phones for the rest of us. I've owned my BlackBerry for a total of 3 months. Never owned one prior. The z type phone is what made me give it a shot and I'm hooked now.

Rant over. Forgive me but I needed to do that.

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Totally agree. They missed the boat and screwed it right up. Everyone one was waiting on the new blackberry and they came out with an iphone competitor. It goes back to the board room fights in the previous couple of years when the founder was pushing one way and the others another. Total mess. What was the result: a company that released products late with a poor strategy both in terms of sales and marketing. They got it ALL wrong and we're seeing the repercussions. However, I'm hopeful this new board (tasked with stripping back the co., let's not pretend they're not) will turn it - but turn it around in a focused way and concentrate on enterprise, state of the art, secure devices with excellent productivity features.

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Actually I switched to the Z10 then picked up a Q10 and didn't like it. Reason being that I found the screen too small. I'm really hoping for either an elongated phone with keyboard on the bottom or a high quality slider with REAL blackberry keyboard not the fake keyboard of the torch. Maybe a Z30 with a keyboard and that 5 inch square screen would be OK.

When I changed carriers there were no phones that appealed to me available.I switched to an iphone and then a galaxy, because everyone told me the bigger screen would make it easier. Upgraded to a Q10 after a while and kept it for 6 months. I made the full switch to gesture based on all 3 platforms and went back to Bold because I like the keyboard and tool belt set up the best by far. I'm not the only one and I don't see having a monopoly on users who don't like touch screen devices as a bad thing.

I got a z10 because I wanted touch on a larger screen, and still wanted excellent keyboard input. The z10 has such a good touch keyboard I don't miss a physical one at all, plus every time I put up any other phone, even those with alternative keyboard apps, I wish it was my z10.

For input, the touchscreen keyboard is amazing. Really really good.

Posted via CB10

Um, yah, perhaps you need to speak to all of the business people who made the jump to all-touch before you simply say I am "wrong." Just consider, hypothetically of course, that the reasons you made your choices might not be the gold standard and that MAYBE not everyone is exactly like you. Hard concept to swallow, I know...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I guarantee, that in the main, if Q was available before Z then most people moving from legacy devices would have opted for Q. Q is the iconic design and targets the niche blackberry are now focusing on - the enterprise user. They lost the plot trying to chase down other manufacturers instead of focusing down on their core business which is what they are finally doing now. Keyboard market dominance, niche, security, enterprise.

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Well ...i am waiting for a new Q ( ' ) . With one better size lcd for interactive visibility . Q10 it's small than 9900 . The pictures and browser there ...don't push to change
My experience with Q10 wasn't enough for catch it immediate .

I am thinking that the new device must be , and it will welcomed with new fashion visual... under 64 bits .

So personally i am asking that RIM bring us the future with a bright device .

I wouldn't rule it out yet. Might be a non tool belt q30 down the line. That concept that came out was w/out a tool belt

you already have a Q10 which doesn't have it. The next generation of that phone will fulfill your needs. For me it turns out I miss the tool belt. For a year I used a mixture of an iphone, then a Galaxy and finally a Q10. I can do everything I need to on all of them, but when my Q10 broke I got a 9900 as a service loaner and bought one for myself because I love the keyboard and tool belt and was willing to sacrifice internet speed and better games to get it back. The Q20 is for people who don't really want touch screen, which is currently not an option from any manufacturer in a smart phone so this phone will corner the market for people who don't like touch screen phones such as myself.

Same, I have no use for a physical keyboard anymore. I thought I would have after leaving my 9900. But after a week with the Z10 and this fantastic virtual keyboard there is no way I'll opt out of screen real estate in order to have physical keys of any kind on my phone.

I also still believe the Q20 will just be adding fuel to the perception fire that blackberry devices are old and outdated in their appearance. How is anyone going to distinguish a Q20 from an old BBOS device? I understand why BlackBerry thinks this is a good direction and might very well pan out. However, I personally feel they should have taken the time and effort used on developing the Q20 towards things like, better advertising and education of their current gesture based OS. So that the next line up of devices can be better received.

Posted via CB10

Your comment is too logical for BlackBerry to have acted upon. Instead we get a rerun of 2008 with the return of the belt.

Gotta wonder sometimes who's the genius making these decisions.

Posted via CB10

So you're happily speed dialing people from the homescreen with just one button, you can quickly start typing universal search entries or type n go actions? Use the keyboard to quickly perform functions in the media player and the browser? Because that is how I define how good (useful) a keyboard is. Awesome man *high five*

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I'm with you, I still miss the trackpad terribly . . this whole business of tapping on the screen to get a cursor then using a finger to move it around gets really really old fast when I could just flick my thumb on a trackpad before. But . . I still think the screen is too small for me so if they could do the keyboard with a bit taller screen like the concepts show I'm all in for sure.

If the Q20 has the same specifications (also 720x720 resolution or better) as the Q10, I'm going to regret getting a Q10 because I want that trackpad! :I

If I'm paying hundreds for a device, it better be improved from what I'm using now. So I'm buying it only if the specs are actually better than the Q10, not the same or close to it. I don't need it to be overkill, but definitely future proofing it a little bit is always good.

I need it to be better than the Z30 and at least on par with the next all touch beast. I don't want to get it then hear "introducing the new Q..." -_-

At least not for a while. If it'll be right away I'll skip the Q20 for whatever is higher and not too far away.

I guess because the number "20" leaves so much room for a "30" or "50", I'm torn against devices that don't even exist lol.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

That's unfortunate that you two are having issues with that. I haven't on my Q10 as of yet and it's been the best typing experience I've ever had on a phone. I hope you're able to get the issue resolved some way.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I would love to see a poll here on the main page and get some actual % numbers of people being affected by the issue. I've been one of the lucky ones not affected (knock on wood).

Posted via CB10

I've had mine since May 2013 without problems. That's a lot of usage. At one time I sometimes got a double type when exiting the lockscreen, but this disappeared with 10.2.1 making me think it was a software problem.

To zero barrier you answered your own question. Its the Q10! The perfect option!

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Some people simply don't want to adapt and move forward with technology then blame the manufacturers for not producing higher spec devices

Posted via CB10

Easy Naruto-kun! :)

Nothing wrong with the phones, they just need better education and advertising for adoption.

Posted via CB10

Ironic that Blackberry was at its height of popularity when we had the good ol' them wheel on the side. Anyone remember that? That's when Steve Jobs was thinking up his ways to rip off Blackberry and take the smart phone to the next level and make it like a little apple computer. And it worked. And then HE accuses Google/Android of ripping off his concept? And the two conspire to destroy Blackberry and we self destructed when Lazaridi's and Balsillie lost their focus?

Now, we finally have a new smart and savy team of intelligent designers and business men with leadership who take companies to new levels and they get Blackberry (except I think this the sophisticated and highly intelligent Mr. Francois Mahieu has forgot about what "true classic" Blackberry means, that was when we had the thumb wheel, after they took that away, it was downhill from there.) Nonetheless, time for us to turn the tables back around yo'! Surprise the heck out of the world and people will be dropping the Adroid phones and iPhones and running back to Blackberry so fast the Blackberry sales reps dissing on us to carriers who diss on customers will all be left with their mouth's agape and tongues hanging out. That's where we are heading. Get it? "THINK DIFFERENT!"

I don't like this new "old" design... a lot of people that grew frustrated with the previous lineups like the bold and curve freezing, crashing, memory leaks, battery pulls, and so fourth left with a bad taste in their mouths about blackberry...
by going back to this design they are giving the impression that they don't know how to move forward and the uninformed people will simply look at this new phone and associate it with the old ones, regardless of how different it is on the inside...bad move.

Posted via CB10

It simply means we're given more choice.

"Let them have the trackpad, that want the trackpad still, let them have the keyboard that want the keyboard still, let them touch the screen that want to touch the screen still, and let them have a tablet, that want a tablet still" (adapted from Revelation 22:11)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Let them have it all,
let them buy nothing because nobody knows we exist.

Meanwhile, while we lose all our money and market share chasing legacy users developing these franken-devices (which is a shrinking user segment)

You either move forward, stay still or move back. You can't move forward while moving backward. Physics.

Posted via CB10

Also, omega supreme, don't underestimate Avago and Chen's keen sense of playing it modest in the public and having a killer instinct behind closes doors and how he leads his team and brings in only the grade A best of the best, something we have not had in over a decade. And do you think after all this time that the reason for this is associated with Avago's "say hello to my little friend" surprise?

Need a successor to z30, with 2.4ghz quad core processor, 4gb ram, flexible screen, strong build quality.

Posted via CB10

For me it will depend on two things:

* aesthetics - how does it look/ feel?
* screen size- if it's large I will love it!

Posted via CB10

Since there is rumor that no touch screen flagship is going to be released this year, Q20 is the only thing one can want for Christmas 2014.

Posted via CB10

Why they dont make portable keybord with extanded battery inside and give me choice of use?

Z30 with portable keybord would be nice.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Need a new slider phone already. 4-5" screen, trackpad, full physical qwerty, put in some of that Z30 specs.

Posted from my Google Nexus 5

I'd love to see more screen real-estate, the Q10 is great but the screen is tiny compared to the Z10. Ideally I'd love to see a typo device for the Z10

Posted via CB10

Personally I think it should be made more like the bold 9900 just a little bigger. I have a z10 now I'm spoiled watching videos on it. I'm definitely thinking about getting this if it came out

Posted via CB10

As long as the Q20 doesn't have a ridiculous looking 5 inch *square* screen.

If it does, then we're gonna see the number of people eager for the Q20 drop like a lead anchor.

Posted via CB10

Yes 5 inch would be ridiculous but a 3.75-4.0 inch square screen would be the minimum and hope they surprise us !
But add more specs, faster processor minimum !
Go BlackBerry Go

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

I love the idea of the track pad and call buttons with a bigger screen than the Q10, would like to see a stronger cpu to improve browser speeds. But yes I will buy this one once it hits the market.

Posted via CB10

I hate this idea of bringing the trackpad and function keys back. It's just so not needed IMO

Posted via CB10 on my white Q5!

Looking forward to seeing the first leaks, I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised ;-)

Post via a very smart Q10

They'll have to make the keys way bigger than they are now to attract my eyes ...
Cannot go back to 9900 not Q10 KB, I just can't (while I was addicted), the Z10/Z30 KB are pure awesomeness and have no comparison with IP, for instance.

All touch for me. I never go back to a physical keyboard. Wear and tear on that keyboard eventually gives in and then you have lots of problems. With all touch, no sore thumbs, no problems mentioned above and increased writing speeds. Honestly I can type faster on my z10 than on my bold 9900. No thank you BlackBerry, I will be looking forward to the z50.

Posted via CB10

The 3.5 inch screen still small.
Hope they surprise us with a 3.75 - 4 inch screen minimum !

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Make sure that Blackberry makes the screen bigger then the Q10. The keyboard of the Q10 is amazing, I hope it stay as good or even better in the Q20.


I am quite happy with my Q5. And looking to eventually upgrade to the upcoming Z50 full touch.
But this unique Q20 device will give qwerty lovers more choice. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

Posted via CB10

"With BlackBerry very much focusing on the enterprise market, the Q20 could be the perfect device for millions of business users to upgrade to later in the year."

Business users rarely buy a new smartphone unless their employer decides to upgrade to replace ageing devices or because the company just switched to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Sole practitioners are even more cost-sensitive regardless of field of work. The BlackBerry Q5/Q10 would have been their choice if a physical keyboard is their preference. I don't see how the BlackBerry Q20 is any more compelling than a BlackBerry Q5/Q10.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

Like I stated before I'll try it if they don't sacrifice the screen real state!

I been Rocking my beloved Z10 for a year now and I don't want a smaller screen, my next step is to buy directly from BlackBerry the unlock Z30

If they ever come with a Z30 alike but with physical keyboard I most definitely will try it...

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I understand BlackBerry wants to get the most of the enterprise market. But I think it must be clear that it's preoccupation with the enterprise market in the past is what got them into trouble. The enterprise market is small and with large economies os scale, competitors will drown them. BlackBerry can not waste time. It must become THE secure android or face extinction. There is no option, there is little time.

Posted via CB10

It has got to be a complete BEAST across all specs - battery life, memory, processing power, GPU, screen quality and clarity etc.

We need nothing less than GODZILLA with this device and all other devices that follow.

Anything less will be classed as a failure by Mr Chen / Foxconn. It will be a testament to whether Mr Chen is serious about turning BlackBerry around.

More innovation, less talk.

We demand and the critics demand the wow factor.

BlackBerry supposed to make it extremely difficult to criticise them not easy .

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

Posted via CB10

I will never use touch screen keyboard again!!
The Z10 keyboard the nicest touch experience I have tried!

I don't have a problem with the existence of the Q20. With the amount of people still using OS7 and buying them BlackBerry is doing what they need to do. There will be belt free devices available and innovation in those devices so I'm happy.

Posted via Z30 C0002FDEF

I like to touch! Had a few of the older keyboard Blackberries, but since getting my beautiful Z10 I am all for the touch screens. Plus I love the bigger screen.

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

I'm gonna stick with full touch z10. But I'm getting tired of my Z 10. Had it for a year and i can upgrade any time. Really want the z30, but I know if I buy it the z50 will come out right after I get the z 30.

Posted via CB10

Your right. Once you get the z30, the z50 will be around the corner. I'm waiting for the z50. It's gonna be a monster compared to the z30.

Posted via CB10

Was planning on getting my wife a Q10 today to go with her Z10, I'm a little worried about the double typing lots of people are mentioning. Is this limited to an older os ? should I hold off buying for now?

Posted via CB10

Can't go back to a keyboard, I love the screen space of an all touch
Although I had a brief flirtation with keyboard BlackBerry while my Z10 was out for repairs it was nice while it lasted hut couldn't go back full time

Posted via CB10

I like the physical keyboard but not the reduced screen size (for Internet browsing) . Why not make the back of the phone a full screen? Use the the front as a traditional Q device. Call it BW for Both Worlds!

Posted via CB10

Right on Angus, I said the same thing before. Best of both worlds. Would sell great I think.

Posted via CB10

Like the blackberry blade. Full touch on the front screen or you can slide up and use the keyboard. Would be the best phone ever!!

Posted via CB10

I think you're pretty right with that as long as the slider mechanism doesn't give in.

But even if, then you'd still have a "Z10" or better.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This is great and all, but would have like to see a poll on what kind of all touch device they would be leaving to go to Q20. If most are already BB users this seems like they are still not focused on the right track. The next new device should be something everyone will want.

No no no Z30 is the top dog and BlackBerry should keep making such phone to be one of the three competitors on top

Posted via CB10

I'll have full touch screen BlackBerry Z10 or Z30 with out the track pad or those button why give it a better look & feel to it

Posted via CB10

All I ever said was what I wanted was a 9900 with a bigger screen and better camera and me thinks hopefully Q20 is my next keeper , I hope it is high end materials , bring it on Mr. Chen my Man.

End of year.......that sucks! Found it funny that the article questioned battery life? WTF I thought, per you guys here, battery life was of no issue with BB??????

Bring it on!

Never want a keyboard again. The BlackBerry virtual rocks and I love the big screen.

If BlackBerry ever killed off the touch phones, I'm gone.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately I would be too. I despise Google and apple for their obvious snooping and insecurity. I don't want to go back. That is the reason I gave BlackBerry a shot, but I never would have done it on a physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10

The ideology behind the Q20 with track pad is that the Q10 was a failed product, which its nowhere close to.

I understand the benefits of a trackpad especially if increased real estate is considered. But those who feel they "need" it are stuck in the past.

Posted via CB10

Never had a double typing issue with my Q10. Gotten used to not having the tool bar, no longer care about it.

Why didnt they just sticked with the legacy devices amd.updated there OS. Thats what BlackBerry looks like doing.

Next know the next slider its gonna be the storm 3 running BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

I will buy a Q20 just for keepsake and because I'm curious to have the experience. :) Don't be surprised if there are many others like me, out there.

hesitated for months to make the switch from my with the Z30
unfounded fear for tap typing..i love it, especially the flick typing... no need for the physical keyboard...try it, you will love it...

Love my BlackBerry Z30

Posted via CB10

As much as I love BlackBerry I wouldn't go back to a physical keyboard device again on any mobile phone.

Z10 In action here!

Something just occurred to me....wont the track pad interfere with the bottom bezel swipe up motion?

I guess you'd have to swipe up beside it, over the hardware buttons...unless they make the bezel wide enough between the screen and buttons...but that also means losing screen real estate.

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Keen to see what it looks like, unfortunately I'm on a 3 year contract with my Q5 so won't be switching anytime soon. But I have this feeling it's going to be a huge hit because of the tool belt and increased screen size.

C004635F8 - Premium BlackBerry 10 Wallpapers.

I think an option to disable the touchscreen (possibly controlled at the per-app level, temporarily re-enabled by a two-finger-long-press for the current session) would get even the most stalwart anti-touchscreen users on board.

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Never! Not as a main device anyway. John Chen underestimates the BB10 software keyboard. It has revolutionised the way I type.

As much as I considered myself the Charlton Heston "from my cold, dead, hands" type regarding physical keyboards, I can honestly say that the Q10's terrible reliablility with its keyboard has made me realize it's probably time to make the swith to a fully touchscreen device. There's nothing more frustrating than an unreliable input device.

Of course, that means I'm not tied exclusively to BlackBerry anymore.

Blackberry is dead; long live Blackberry!

Bigger screen is a must.

Does any get tired of *!*;;+? Zooming in and zooming out of websites to read from start to finish??? It's against productivity!!

If engineers could design it in way Maximizing screen and minimizing Bezel.
Phone should have latest gorilla glass.

I hear Apple is designing something like this for IPHONE 6.

Trackpad / Security feature should be in all Q series BlackBerry. Maybe a Z series. No power user wants to use gesture control to edit/select
Because its not precise selecting/editing like a trackpad. Wastes time!

Physical keyboard works for power users. Touch keyboard: it's hard pressing letters along the edge because the case is in the way or people with big hands.

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

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It also proves how stupid was the decision to not listen to your customers at first place before launching Z10. Reminds me of JC Penny.

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Don't think any Q10 owner with double typing issues going to buy the Q20.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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The 9900 was the best BlackBerry ever, size and functionality wise for the time, with BlackBerry 10 and all touch devices so much more has been opened up to me now I could never go backwards to a small screen again, Z300

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I'm doing just fine with my all touch Z-10. I've been riding with the all touch devices since the dreaded click screen Storm series.

However, this is my preference. I think it's good for BBOS10 users to have options. Some are hard core physical keyboard users while others are all touch power users.

BlackBerry offers options. iPhone and most Android OS brands do not.

6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

I could use a qwerty device, but the rest of the world has moved on to all touch. Love my Z10 and wish I could get a Z30. The diehards on CrackBerry are the few that would heavily adopt a full qwerty.

In my business travels nowadays I rarely see a BB device. Up until 1-2 years ago I saw 9900's at my meetings all the time. Now all I see is S4's and iPhones. Those people didn't even consider BBRY as a smartphone. They won't go back to qwerty and give up the screen real estate, and neither will I.

I guess the numbers speak for themselves but I still don't get it. As a former Torch/Bold user, I think the Q10 blows them out of the water in terms of ease of use. The optical trackpad on those devices was gawd-awful -- my BrickBreaker scores suffered greatly as a result. Regardless of polls like this, I still think that from a design perspective it's a big waste of real estate and that in the end these phones won't be a big draw.

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I've been planning a switch to Z30 (from Z10) when my contract expires late summer. But, if there's a Q-model out there with performance specs as good as the Z, that's the direction I'll go. I loved my Curve keyboard. I even liked the keyboard on the Torch and had there been a Q10 when I switched to the Z, I'd have gone with the Q.

After running the Z10, there's no way I could switch back to a physical keyboard, with or without the navigation buttons. Owning the Z10/Z30 is like owning a car with push-button start. With the speed and convenience that comes along with it, buying a device with a physical keyboard would be like buying a new car with turn-key ignition.

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Your Poll should have asked "If there was a Hybrid like a Slider would you take that instead?"

A 9810 like device, with Z30 Screen, would be ideal.

And very, very heavy. If I want to carry that much mass around, there's the G Note 3 whose on-screen keybaord is big enough for me to find it usable. The 9810 suffered from being too heavy for its capabilities (I had one), and in fact I used a Palm Pre 3 between getting tired of the 9810, and buying a Q10. Although the Pre 3 was as heavy as the 9810, it had a bigger screen and was a much more comfortable shape.

Unless there is something seriously wrong the Q20 at release, it is currently in line to be my next phone. I found the trackpad + touch screen extremely useful on my old 9930.

I will wait to see the finish product, go to a store, let my fingers feel it, cares it to my hands.. then STEAL ONE..!!!! hahahaha..

In a Yes/No/Unsure questionnaire, don't put additional words/opinions after the choice because it can affect the voter. Just put YES, NO or UNSURE.

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Have to admit... I love my Z10...but I really miss my keyboard.... but love the Z10 screen size.... so something with the best of both worlds... would make me Berry Happy!!

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As someone who has a z10 and a q5: after using a virtual keyboard for a while I found that the physical is no faster to type. It is more accurate (for me) tho. I also find I use the suggested words much more for some reason with the physical.
Just my thoughts.

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Don't they need to attract apple,samsung and windows people back. Surely the best place to ask would be in their respective forums?

If they do then Blackberry may get some market share back.

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This is not what BB needs. Users switching from one BB to another does nothing to grow their base. NEW customers!!!!

I loved my Bold 9930, I am very happy with my Q10. I have two of them and ive never been happier. The trackpad and function keys were great, but I adjusted over to swipe gesturing just fine and now I'm hooked on it. Can't wait for the Q30 to be released.

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I love my Zed10 but I gotta tell you, when people see you pull out a touchscreen device, they assume you are screwing around not being productive. A keyboard device, however, and the perception is that you're taking care of business. And perception means something in work or productive environments.

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Not going back to physical keyboard. I'll stick to a Z10/Z30 type, but would like a metal edge like in the 9900. That was a great phone, sturdy and stylish.

From my Z10.

Definitely very interested in a Q20 but I hope blackberry doesn't use a huge square display like the ones that were leaked out a few days ago.

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I have been thinking of getting a q10 for a while now. But if the q20 has better specs I might consider waiting for it.

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The whole "qwerty is for business productivity touch for media" is laughable. It's all about personal preference, and if physical keyboards increased productivity as much as some say, businesses would stick with them. I have both and the keyboard is collecting dust.

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Curious, why add a trackpad? Why release another phone when the q10 should be attracting this crowd? Why not just release a q30 which is similar to the z30 in size with a qwerty keyboard? I ask again, why a trackpad? BlackBerry needs to bring in users and a trackpad is 10 years ago. Track pad era of BlackBerry kinda sucked pick it up guys come on.

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... bottom line is that BlackBerry has to cater to the masses, and the masses at this time, are the legacy users; who overwhelmingly want the 'took belt' with said trackpad.

I see the value in this, as long as BlackBerry has the other devices with all touch
• Z10 from factor
• Z30 from factor
• Possibly a 1x1 format screen like that 5" square unit, with a drop down keyboard.

The back button would be great for android apps as with the Q10, you can't go back on apps when the bar on bottom is minimized.

after nearly a year with touch screen devices. iphone4,Galaxy and Q10 I've gone back to a bold 9900 so it's a no brainer for me. I want one

I'm officially on the list IF it looks exactly like my beautiful Bold 9900 (with a larger screen).
Better be white available too.

Oh, and don't forget the handy programmable convenience key and charging pins please!

The q10 is revolutionary. I love it. A q20 with a trackpad/mouse? outstanding. Keep up the good work.
-- Tim Jacques.

Q20 will rule. A dedicated call and end button. Thank you Chen I hate android call screen swipe to answer. And then end call and swipe up to close every app. I want to hit end button to end all apps. Chen is a genius you all are just slow to realize it.

Delta Champion

Again we are stuck with far too long teasers...
The realty is the z3 isn't for sale yet and already forgotten.

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Big fan of bring back the trackpad. If BlackBerry is supposed to be all about productivity and efficiency, the track pad is needed for writing emails and working on documents. Way more efficient than the scrolling around with your finger and the stupid giant circle.

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I thought I would miss the trackpad on my Q10 but I do not. I think they should concentrate on app development. The Q10 headset is great the way it is.

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Nope!!!..I'm just not interested in a "Q" current "Z" continues to amaze me....I have tried a Q and think that full touch is the way forward in order for BB to stay in the game...

I have been using z10 for a while now and i can type way faster than the the keyboard, i hope Blackberry make another phone of the same size. z30 is toooooooo big for business people

Love all the physical keyboard BB10 handsets, all two of them! Having just moved from Q5 to Q10 I do like the more solid feeling keyboard of the Q10 over the Q5....but also enjoy the 'not as productive' but still very much enjoy the Z30 as the virtual keys are sufficiently spaced to dispense with a few well crafted emails, however the physical QWERTY handsets are just diamond!

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I would buy the Q20 on the day of its release. This is what I hoped the Q10 would be. I adore my Q10, and bought it simply because it was the successor to my beloved Bold 9900, but I still wish it had the toolbelt. So this Q20, whether I look at it as a Q10 with a toolbelt or a Bold 9900 running on BB10, either way it sounds like my dream phone.

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It's interesting that many people complain about the small size of the Q10 screen. I use my phone for emailing and texting... a lot. I have an iPhone for work and a Bold 9900 for personal use. It seems to me that unless you get a huge phone (which I don't want), you have almost no screen real estate when typing on a touchscreen phone. Most of the time, to get decent speed on the touchscreen, I have to go to the landscape keyboard, and I can see almost nothing. So if you use your phone for messaging, the BlackBerry physical keyboard design gives you at least as good a view of what you're working on as most 4" touchscreen phones -- and probably better.

I also enjoy having the physical keyboard buttons for surfing the web. The shortcuts speed me up considerably.

And finally, there's nothing like a trackpad for selecting text, and a physical button to make sure you've hung up properly. I will buy a Q20 when it comes out, unless it's a completely gremlin-infested lemon! Can't wait for the first reviews....

I've never owned a blackberry before but i'm thinking of getting this when it comes out. Real keyboard > touch keyboard.

The touchscreen phones haven't worked out well for me. My Z10 is the first touchscreen phone and hopefully the last touchscreen phone I will use. Most of what I do with the smartphone is phone calls, emails and documents (creating and editing). The Q20 might be an optimum solution for me. That being said, I wouldn't trade in my Z10. Instead, I would get the Q20 and use it as my primary device and hot-swap between it and the Z10 for those days that are not typing-intensive.

Tempted back? If Blackberry hadn't released the Q10 and forced me to use a touch screen I'd currently be using an S4 or Nexus device.

I tell you I've been on the Z10 for over a year and have missed the keyboard, a few weeks ago I bought a cheap Q5 from Kodoo to try keyboard life again. To my surprise the loss of screen space was the deal breaker. They way Bb10 apps have to compensate for less screen is annoying once you've become accustomed to the real estate. Needless to say I'm back on the Z and sold the Q

Looking forward to seeing the design and then maybe upgrade from my current Q10 but I also miss my Z10 screen size...

I'm a recent revert to BlackBerry. I'm glad I made the switch back from the iPhone. One thing I noticed right away was the ergonomic keyboard where the top row of keys curved upward to match the natural movement of my thumbs. The straight keyboard was difficult to adjust to, so I went with the Z30 over the Q10 because of the bigger view screen. I would seriously consider going back to a physical keyboard if the Q20 returns to the curved keyboard. Does anyone know why BlackBerry went to this straight keyboard design?

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