Have your views changed on BlackBerry making a detachable keyboard for the iPhone now the Typo's future is looking bleak?

By James Richardson on 1 Apr 2014 05:05 am EDT

A wee while back we asked the CrackBerry nation if BlackBerry should make its own detachable keyboard for the iPhone. This was of course following on from the news of the Typo keyboard that Kevin was lucky enough to get hold of and review. Things have moved on recently though with BlackBerry winning a temporary injunction - stopping sales of the Typo. 

Looking at the image above of the Typo sitting alongside the BlackBerry Q10 it's plain to see where they got their influence from. So, if the Typo is scrapped due to it being a rip off of the BlackBerry keyboard should BlackBerry themselves offer a solution to iPhone users? 

As you'll see below the majority of voters were in favor of the idea - not by a huge amount though. I have to admit that I voted for the 'No way' option. I think that although it could potentially be good revenue for BlackBerry it would make the transition from BlackBerry to iPhone even easier - something none of us want to see. 

Clearly there was at least SOME demand for this product as we've already seen. 

The question is, are people loyal to the platform or the keyboard? It feels like a lot of folk who left BlackBerry already (iOS for example) won't come back to BlackBerry for a keyboard, but if they could get one for iPhone, they would. So in that case, if you already lost the customer from being a BlackBerry phone buyer, why not give them a BlackBerry product for the iPhone and get the $$ margin on the sale from the detachable keyboard. It fits into what John Chen has said about "bringing the BB experience to other platforms"... like BBM.

That said, it feels like a BIG part of BlackBerry's strategy going forward is to make keyboard BlackBerry phones. So maybe they won't do it because keyboard BlackBerry's are that big of a part of their strategy going forward. That's fine, but the experience needs to be so good that even the switchers (to other platforms) want to switch back.

Now that Typo sales are on hold until the final trial, have your views changed at all? The Typo is a great idea and one that BlackBerry could cash in on in time, but I'm still not convinced they will. Sound off in the comments now that it's looking more and more like the Typo will end up in smartphone accessory heaven. 

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Have your views changed on BlackBerry making a detachable keyboard for the iPhone now the Typo's future is looking bleak?


I agree. BlackBerry does not have the resources to waste enhancing the user experience of another platform. Everyone knows the keyboard experience on an iPhone sucks. Keep it that way and let them suffer.

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Dumb idea...BlackBerry has gotten in enough trouble over the years straying from their core competencies.

Stay the course....

CB10 from the Z30

Bye the bye, according to court documents. ... it sounds like they sold about 4,000 Typos....dumb idea from the beginning....

Also, I told you last week "who cares what the Typo lawyers were saying about it being a 'frivolous lawsuit'...wait for the judge's ruling"... well chock one up for justice...

Make Seacrest pay the legal fees and fine his ass for this nonsense...

CB10 from the Z30

Don't really think it's about the resources but I think it would be a bad idea.

It's one of the main feature and selling points of BlackBerry devices. Let's not make it available for the competition

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

They should just settle with typo, by buying the company, their patents (if any) and their tech.

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This is the most ridiculous blog post ever. Slow news day??? Anyone with any business sense whatsoever know the answer to this question. You just made me read CB less.

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No. What a terrible idea. Think about it this way. Every time Apple comes out with a new phone the size changes along with every other physical aspect of the phone, so, just as you have set up for a run if 5c keyboards then you have to spend more on R&D for the 6 version then the 7 version and so on. Regardless of the law suit, the business model is awful and the cost to profit in my opinion would have killed Typo eventually anyway.

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That would be an excellent use of R&D for BlackBerry users to get to grips with and test before taking the product cross-platform. I like it!

No detachable keyboard for me. I'm one of the few who miss my slider phone and would definitely buy one if BlackBerry made another one!

OS STL100-4/ on Verizon Z10

I agree. I had both a 9800 and a 9810 Torch and thought it was the best of both worlds. If BlackBerry made a keyboard add-on for any phone, including their own phones, not only are they admitting to the world that it was a good idea, it would be like saying "Hey look at us, we kept the Typo off the market so we could build our own!", and how much negative publicity will THAT get them? I think it would garner a lot. I'm sure that there are a lot of us that went with the Z10 instead of the Q10 because of the larger display. I wasn't about to go from my 9810 to the smaller Q10, but if they came out with a Z10 like slider, I would jump at the chance to get one. The bulk of a detachable keyboard added to a phone, along with the inconvenience of having to attach and remove it constantly, is not very appealing to me.

Negative publicity is still publicity, in business and entertainment any kind is good and not all bad. If they made their own keyboard and it stirred up a ruckus, it would still stir up interest in the product. People would check it out and if they saw that it was a good sturdy product, more will buy it and so on. BB should make one that will fit all of the touch phones ( adjustable size and use bluetooth) and release it with the simple name of BlackBerry Keyboard for All or BBKB4ALL. Imagine if they sold 20 million of these in the first month, it would help to save the company and generate revenues and most importantly, Buzz.

I see your point, but I just wonder if that kind of publicity will hurt more than help. I am all for BB doing whatever they can to keep on the path to once again being a strong and profitable company, but please let one of those "doings" be a slider phone :) I'm sure with use I will get better and may change my mind, but my thumbs know where to go when typing before my eyes do, so I can actually type faster letter by letter without mistakes than when I use the intuitive keyboard. Mostly because I am looking for the next letter to see if the word I want is predicted. For some reason my thumbs know where the next key is before my eyes do. Like I said though, I'm sure I will get better as I've only had the phone for about a month.

@ shannon...I had a 9800 and it was a pretty good seller for BlackBerry....Yolanda on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" still has a beaten up white one...she's worth about $30 million..

Also, the 9800 was the last phone at ATT that they, actually, had a display for in the stores...that was a while ago....fun fact..

CB10 from the Z30

Lol, thanks I enjoyed that :) He makes some good points, but how would you market a Z3 in the US? Commercials? because they don't have the money for that. Maybe try releasing it in Canada first. (I had to copy and paste the link in browser)


BlackBerry already has a detachable keyboard in a patent that they own. Look for it this year to launch with upcoming touch models.

I don't think so. I think making accessory hardware for non - BlackBerry phones holds the chance of eroding BlackBerry's own business model.

You are correct.
If you want a hard keyboard the only product line available is and (hopefully should be) from Blackberry.
The hard Keyboard is what makes BB's special.

Simply to make a few $'s on a low margin product does not make sense for BB.

If it makes good revenue then yes, perhaps iPhone users will change over once they have a taste of a BlackBerry.

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BlackBerry keyboards are for BlackBerry phones...period.
Like the keyboard...get the phone...period.
A GM doesn't turn into a Ferrari just by adding a Ferrari part...get the idea???

...forever BlackBerry...

I disagree. Using your analogy look at how many vehicles on the road have decals or displays of a premium named vehicle (ie Ferrari or Cadillac) when they are driving a Kia. It's income BlackBerry desperately need and likely will be a reoccurring source since the kids will lose their add on or teens/adults will bang them to death and need new ones. So I suggest looking at it as a mini van driving soccer mom sporting a Mercedes key chain.

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Sure make a detachable keyboard for all phones in the end it only profits BlackBerry good revenue. Isn't this what Apple and that guy Seacrest were betting on and intended making a profit?

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That's a no from me.

If people want to change their mind why go to court?

It would smack of sour grapes because Typo thought of the detachable keyboard before BlackBerry.

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Problem is not Typo making external kb, it's typo not paying for (design patent) and a poor quality. Both bad for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry shouldn't make keyboards for just iPhones. Also Android and Windows phones, but not stop there. Keyboards for tablets, game consoles and everything else they can think of. Get everyone to use the legendary BlackBerry keyboard!

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Too many different models out there...

Android may be the king, but it has 100's of body styles. That is why so many accessories are made for IPhones.

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The S4, S5, HTC One, Lumia 925 / 625, that would be a start, then add a few bestsellers according to market research.

Just water down THEIR brand image and a big bulging BB logo on every other phone....

BBM and keyboard for every platform, they will be assimilated !

As long as it makes money, $20 or $50 worth of accessories for e.g. a Windows phone (profit margin I am talking), might be more than they'll make on a Z3. Just make it premium enough...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

BlackBerry should make them exclusively for BlackBerry touch devices and choose one single android device like samsung. This will bring back the love for the brand with greater recognition.

BlackBerry does not compete with samsung as there is currently a vast vast difference in sales, so using that brands recognition and sales volume to piggy back the BlackBerry logo to millions of devices would have more marketing value than possible client losses.

People would love the keyboard and the brand, and hopefully restart the BlackBerry craze!

I believe the best devices will be low end qwerty 4/3 ratio devices with colors and long battery lives targeted to teenagers that love texting!

And the high end corporate ones with similar but high end specs.

Comments please.

Q10 On Steroids running on pure Awesomeness

I beg to differ, anything can be piggy backed on anything. Currently blackberry has low exposure, and needs to jump on a strong horse to get thee brand out there again.

This is my opinion.

Q10 On Steroids running on pure Awesomeness

Let Typo or another do the stuff (for IP and various all touch devices), with the following requirements :
- Quality level (top notch or didn't happen) control
- Patent fees

Ask Foxconn for the BlackBerry branded ones (only for Zeds)


BlackBerry should do what ever it takes to make money and if this involves making products for competitors then why not.

I love BlackBerry but am realistic in knowing that people buy/use other products and that should be taken advantage of. This has already worked extremely well for BBM, BES and QNX (especially with the announcement of CarPlay)

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BlackBerry should run Typo's value into the ground in court, then buy the company and just keep manufacturing what they already have. Call it the BlackBerry typo.

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If BlackBerry starts making the keyboard for other platforms it means they conceded to iPhone and other OS.

Let them push BB10 instead!

I think it would loose money. Let typo make them and pay $4 per device in licensing fees

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No, Typo should buy components from BlackBerry. Selling inferior keyboards with a BlackBerry brand would hurt the reputation of BlackBerry.

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Who gives a damn about Iphones? Look after number one. BlackBerry may want to look at one for Z10 and Z30, not that I would want one or think they need one. Let other brands worry about their own shit.

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 

I think a blackberry type keyboard for the iPhone market is a great idea! The issue is blackberry didn't think of until someone else did and now they want to capitalize on that prospect going forward because they know it's a high profit area. Evil geniuses?

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they should make one for iPhone. Then iPhone owners might be intrigued by its usefulness and come back to BB.

No way... I think blackberry should be worried. what if apple decides to make a qwerty phone? that would be bad news for bb.

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That will never happen. Even though Steve is gone, they're still into the "simple is more" mantra and a keyboard doesn't fit into that ideology.

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I think they should make them if it makes them money. It's all a the money! Right Seacrest?

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

BlackBerry just needs a hardware keyboard device with a significant bigger screen. My Q10 is an excellent step forward from my previous Bold 9900, but after two months, I am convinced that the screen should and could be bigger without compromising functionality!

If they make it for iPhone, should they make it for Android phones too?? I don't think it's going to work. That's encouraging others to not use BB, because that's creating more convenience for iPhone. The keyboard is not going to make much money for BlackBerry. And the key thing is to sell phones!

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Or people who have been using iPhones will remember the quality and productivity that BlackBerry is focused towards

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I think it would be a great idea, at the end of the day if they're making money and not damaging future business then I don't see the problem.

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It's an absolute no-brainer!

If they haven't already been working on it for several months, I'd be very disappointed in them.

I think they shouldn't make a detachable keyboard.. instead let iphone/android users use the BlackBerry keyboard through NFC/bluetooth.. That way, BlackBerry devices can be the second device for iphone/ android users.. If implemented right, it could be a disruptive idea..

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Right...enable the loss of physical keyboard diehards to other platforms. That is the silliest idea if the year. Limited apps is the reason folks leave BlackBerry and don't look back. Giving those converts a keyboard attachment isn't going to win them back.

-via CB10 on STA100-3

Who cares whether they well phones or make a tidy profit with premium accessories for other phones?

Because BlackBerry is THE keyboard phone, why would anyone settle for less than the gold standard? (of course Chinese knock-offs will follow, but hey, people wanted the iPhone for status, and Chinadroids won't cut it....)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Generally speaking, if it could be well-executed with no trade-offs I'd say yes. But as Kevin noted during his trials with the device, it removes some of the functionality that exists with the handset already (most notably the home button and the swipe up for quick settings). I'd just be concerned the product would be heavily criticised for this (and only using this as an example - could be any other perceived minor failing), and the "fault" and finger pointing would be in the direction of BlackBerry, not Apple. A lopsided partnership if you ask me.

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Nope. BlackBerry should stick to its core business n make kick ass keyboard devices. New out of the world products.

CB10 via Q10.

If BlackBerry can get a few dollars from the iPhone crowd why not do it? It's better than not making any money off them

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Keyboards service such a small market. If somewhere in the high 90% of phones ( of all brands) out there are all-touch phones. Just where is the market?
If such large chunk of these people truly craved a keyboard they could not do without, they would have bought a phone with keyboard.
I say no. Too small of a market to make any significant money and would only canabalize some of the remaining BlackBerry users who prefer the keyboard.

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Only 5% of iPhone users getting one, and $30 profit margin will be a tidy sum...

Second half of 2013: approx. 65m iPhones sold

at 5% -> $97,500,000

That's like a hundred million dollars, or 200 million per year only on NEW iPhones....

Or a good chunk of BBRY's current revenue, but this is PROFIT

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

BlackBerry might as well get business where they can. If Typo played it smarter and didn't make almost and exact replica of the BlackBerry keyboard there wouldn't be this whole ordeal. BlackBerry patents don't exclude other phone makers from "physical keyboards", this was a case of that idiot Seacrest admitting he was talking with his friends about how much he hates carrying 2 phones; his iPhone and BlackBerry. He admitted the idea and prototype came up during dinner with friends. The court will tell him to make changes so that there could be no confusion between BlackBerry's keyboard and Typo. His net worth is 250 million dollars. He'll dump money into another. BlackBerry should beat him to it.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10 on VZW from Philly

I fully acknowledge that BB has the patents on the keyboard design that Typo copied. But did Typo "idea" of attaching a keyboard to an all touch iPhone be a unique patent in itself. I am not a lawyer, but while Typo has copied the keyboard layout design, look, and feel of a BB, they have created a product idea that is unique to the iPhone. BB could be sued by Typo for coping their product idea. I do not see BB doing that if my view is in anyway a risk for them. But again, I am not a lawyer, I just stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. :)




Hey... keep calm... when iSheep start moving to BB and Droid, we might also say that the iPhone is no longer smart.

No! These sheeps will won't care for it cos it's a BlackBerry product. If they want a keyboard they can buy a BlackBerry phone

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I don't like this idea. It's like we are giving BlackBerry features to other platform and it seems to be like giving them the option of not coming back to BlackBerry. If they like keyboard, they can buy BlackBerry device. That's it.

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Just add special BlackBerry functions to the keyboard and make them love BlackBerry again

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Yes, I feel that they should make them available to all the other platforms like iOS, android and Windows phone.

Sell them for profit and that will tempt them for come back to blackberry.

www.apktrain.com for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

BlackBerry needs to find ways to make money, so I wouldn't be against the idea. It will also help BlackBerry to stay relevant

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If you want they keyboard get the phone! If you apple is as awesome as apples tells you to believe it is deal with it! And just be a good drone and buy the next new "cutting edge" phone next year.

Tough enough to know what consumers want and get it to market, but in this case they want it and BB makes it, seems like a no brainer. Pretty sure they can do it, and do it better.

Just license it and make Typo pay royalties and court fees. What they sold 4000-5000? They'll probably go out of business anyway.


I think they should make a design and sell it to Apple for a few million, not distribute it directly. This way Apple consumers wont think RIM is their b... well you know.

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Lol so they sue someone for stealing their keyboard than they style their idea as well. BlackBerry won't even be allowed to do this

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So you think BlackBerry should spend limited resources on R&D to make their own version of an add on that saw just about 4000 units sold total???

That's right up there with people who think they should make a smart watch or TV.....

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I'll add to that I'm sorry apple doesn't allow you to put another keyboard on your device really I am even though most friends and family who have it don't seem to mind.
If it is such an issue then may I suggest a BlackBerry or one of the many android handsets that allow for this functionality.

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They make minimal number of keyboards and sell to the public, through the iStores only and maybe through some exclusive sites, which will get some eyeballs rolling for BlackBerry products. Share some of the revenue with Apple. I dont see any harm. Go Chen.

Maybe. To me, making a detachable keyboard for competitors' phones is one of two things:

1. A great advertisement for REAL BlackBerry phones that also makes BlackBerry money off those competitors.

2. A sly way of easing out of the hardware business and into peripherals which I can see as less competitive and thus easier to make money in.

I think, though, that it's probably not a good idea to even make these detachable keyboards. The way I see it is that it gives a person something extra to carry around with their phone and is a hassle to deal with.

Theoretically, a person is carrying their phone, their plug, headphones, and maybe an extra battery or portable charger. Did I miss anything? Now they're supposed to carry something extra just so they can feel clicks when they type? I don't see the value.

To top it off, the "detachable" part of the name will definitely live up to its name seeing as the keyboard would be attached, of course, to a long-screened phone, half of which would be covered by the keyboard. If one wanted to use the entire screen at any point, the keyboard would have to come off. The frequent attaching and detaching would be a pain in my opinion.

I see it being a short flight if it ever takes off.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Why on earth would BlackBerry want to make a device that enhances someone else's product?
But enough about BBM for Nokia; the keyboard for iPhone is an even crazier idea.

Posted via CB10

Typo ran into patent problems because they clearly stole the BB keyboard.

But it is clear to me from the Typo design that they did put their own effort into how their device mounts onto an iPhone and in setting the keyboard rather high in order to leave room to access the ports at the bottom of an iPhone.

BlackBerry would need to incorporate some aspects of the Typo design in order to create a keyboard that mounts onto an iPhone and also leaves the ports accessible. As a result BB would need to acquire at least some of the intellectual property of Typo or else the court of law tables will get flipped on them.

If BlackBerry does create keyboards for other products I'd suggest they do so in a way that incorporates the features that are so handy in BB10. For example a Jakarta type device (maybe every less costly) that can pair with iPhone +/or Android via Bluetooth and that adds the BB10 autocorrect and on screen word suggestion.

Exactly. Putting a keyboard on iphones was TYPOS idea not blackberrys. This article is pointless because it's illegal

Posted via CB10

The typo keyboard used Bluetooth which is not secure enough for regulated and govt use. Lets focus on making a secure wireless keyboard for BlackBerrys first and then maybe that keyboard could also be used with BlackBerry workspace on iOS and Android.

Posted with my Z10

No, BB should not make keyboards for other platforms. and if for any reason or compulsion they want to make an attachable keyboard then it should only be for BB touch screen devices.

I won't cost BB phone sales. If there's a market in a keyboard and BB don't do it, somebody else will, so iPhone/Android users will still have that option anyway.

But if BB do it, it'll be a quality keyboard and an advert for BB; it's a win-win.

Buy them out at a nice price. Personally I think that supporting your competitors is a good idea. When they make money you make money too. As long as it does not under mine the core business. This is a niche at best but it promotes and popularizes the keyboard and this would be a good thing for BlackBerry. Microsoft does this. They have software for Apple. They get money from linux licensing. The best thing would be to simply buy them out.

Posted via CB10

I agree. Microsoft Word was only available for Apple computers in the beginning and Microsoft has an entire Mac division. It might surprise people, but Microsoft and Apple work more in cooperation than they do in competition. Realistically, BlackBerry is going to convert very few iPhone users with or without Typo. It makes more business sense for BlackBerry to offer iPhone accessories than it does to directly compete with them.

BlackBerry should just buy the company that makes these Typo keyboards and rename them BlackBerry Typo. I think it will make them some money.

I say no. Since the idea of the Typo is to give you both a keyboard and larger real estate for the screen, just build that into the BlackBerry. It could be done with either a slider design or Q series with a larger screen. Apple and Android didn't try to make a BlackBerry when they started out. They tried to give the user an alternative. And it worked really well. BlackBerry's problem all along had been refusing to recognize where the market was going. That has changed with BB10. They are now building devices that can keep up with and surpass the competition. Once enough people get tired of having their private information compromised and their bank accounts drained, BlackBerry will start looking pretty attractive.

Posted via CB10

No. Not at all. Typo will build a new keyboard that looks like something else and re-release it.

Mikescraftbeer.com - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Honestly how many units do you think BlackBerry would sell? The profit from this revenue stream would be a drop in the bucket compared to what BlackBerry needs to remain competitive.

I think they should just license the keyboard and collect fees from Typo. Once people see that their iPhone becomes too long and clunky and they keep taking it off when they don't feel like carrying it around, it will probably fade away. I would rather see them produce a Qxx with a taller screen and a solid, built in keyboard with a belt.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Remember when Palm had a detachable keyboard for their PDAs? I owned one (Palm V). This was before laptops and tablets were prominent, obviously. I remember those keyboards being in high demand and whenever I pulled it out to take notes in class, people inquired about it. It was a great little keyboard. Portable, foldable, crucial when taking notes and it was unique for its time. Nothing came close. We have obviously come a long way since then. That being said, it is great that Blackberry fought back against Typo. I am all for Blackberry buying out Typo and its patents and generating some income, but at the same time, Blackberry needs to focus on getting the company back to respectability. How or when only time will tell.

I have a Q10 but I like some of your ideas of Blackberry developing a detachable keyboard for its Z10/Z30 phones. Kinda like Palm and their PDAs :)

Screw the iPhone please make one for my Z30!!! I'm still going back and forth to my Q10 as I cannot type fast and accurate on this device.

Yes because eventually iPhone users will feel handicapped with their frankenberryphone that they will start to research the advantages of BlackBerry devices.

Posted via CB10

There are millions of people who are going to use iPhone regardless. You might as well cater to them. If BlackBerry were doing a good enough job making an argument (i.e marketing) about the distinct advantages of BlackBerry over other platforms ( of which the keyboard is only one) it would be more of a moot point.

Posted via CB10

I feel BlackBerry would wind up in court again, and this time they would lose. Presuming Typo is still around to sue them.

As an add-on for their own products it might be a different story, but it could be awkward as the usb is on the side.

Posted via CB10

I did not read all of the comments, so maybe this has been brought up:

It seems a bit ironic that BlackBerry would take Typo to court, force Typo to stop production, then turn around and produce the same product they told Typo not to create. My guess is that Typo has a patent or two and BlackBerry would once again find themselves back in court....

Typo can change the design of the keyboard, too, you know: making it less like a "BlackBerry". A better solution may be for BlackBerry to acquire Typo. I mean, isn't that what Apple does? Or to perhaps lease the concept behind their keyboard design to Typo.

For iPhone? Meh. Make it as a slider case/accessory for the Z10/Z30 to meet the demand for a BlackBerry slider.

Posted via CB10

Yes. Though the keyboard brought me in from a Samsung S2 (my 1st) smartphone, I prefer the BlackBerry OS. If I want Android that is what my 7 & 10" tabs are for. iOS? My family use iPhones n' iPads.. I will NEVER buy one of those. They could use the revenue as well as open the door to draw-in customers' to the full fledged BB10+ OS from both Android n' iOS base. Monopolize the QWERTY attachments n' continue improving BBM, BlackBerry OS, and draw-in app devs!

Posted via CB10

If the price (margin) is right, absolutely it makes sense. Probably not too difficult to make as much or more off the accessory keyboard than a phone in the current cannibalistic margin environment.

Posted via CB10

Fu(k Typo... if people want a keyboard attachment buy it straight from BlackBerry... Period

Posted via CB10

No I don't want them to use their dwindling resources on this detachable keyboard. Especially when BlackBerry 10 devices get little to no promotion.

Just finish off Typo and let this be a bad memory...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Money is green all around the board, so if iphone came to blackberry for help then so be it...I'm sure they have people looking over contracts and things of that nature...Get that money

Posted via CB10

I totally disagreed on this idea, I mean think about it. If Blackberry decided to make this keys as accessories for all touch phone. Then might as well stop making real qwerty phones. Sure it will bring money to the Company, but it won't be enough. If people wants a real physical keys experience, then get a Blackberry phone PERIOD

They should atleast make one and price it high very high 100£ or like 200$ but also full of features and decent size battery

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)

Look what happen to blackberry when they took so long to go cross platform and now blackberry had to watch whatsapp get paid over a billion dollars Sad.... but I say don't pass on anything that will make you money witch blackberry need to do right now. They need to know some people just won't change there phone no matter how much better you tell them your phone is. It's time to capitalize on Typo mistake.... Whatsapp capitalize on blackberry mistake.... will blackberry capitalize on Typo mistake.......?

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If it will be such crap as my Q10 keyboard - which been all together 1,5 months in service because of double typing issues I can say loud and clear NO! Please blackberry do not embarrassed yourself any more!

Posted via CB10

If iPhone users want BlackBerry keyboard they can just buy a blackberry. Although it's not a keyboard they need it's a magnifying glass for their tiny teeny overpriced screens. PS Thank you BlackBerry for the Z10 i am one of the few who have used and fallen in love with BB10. I am sure BlackBerry will rise again the bottom line is they have a good product that can only evolve into something even better so we all need to hang in there until word gets out that far from gone BlackBerry are packing THE OS for the future.

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Hell. No. Way.
If you want a blackberry, then go out a buy a damn blackberry. It is as simple as it gets. We wanna support a canadian company, we better show that support!

If sales of the final product significantly dents revenue upwards, and if BB doesn't end up writing millions of shelved keyboards off; then by all means, go for it!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

As much as I want BlackBerry's story to be one of success, I wouldnt want the company to linger and cling to survival by becoming a mere accessory company.If you want a keyboard device buy a Q10

I think that BlackBerry could turn a profit making detachable keyboards for iphones seeing as there are so many people with them these days. This would help fund lots of projects BlackBerry wants to undertake. (Think of what Apple did with the ipod which translated into sales revenue). It's an excellent thought.

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No, never. Keyboards are for BlackBerry.

If the vision of a BB10 device as CPU with screens, keyboard, and other peripherals attached then making a BlackBerry keyboard (104 keys) is sensible. Otherwise, no.

Posted via CB10

I agree that there should be no giving BlackBerry goodness to other brands. I think I would like a Z30 with keyboard and mouse pad. The circle thing on my Z10 is still a PITA to use even after updates

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Umm...how about a frickin phone with a keyboard with that screen size. if people bought the Typo, then do it. If they didn't give a crap then don't.

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Whether Typo keyboards are out or not will not impact the sales of BBs. Therefore, Typo keyboards should be encouraged. I recommend that BB structure a royalty arrangement with Typo whereby Typo pays BB a % of each Typo keyboard sold. This results in $$$ for BB without any significant allocation of resources. It's really a no-brainer.

This is what you do in business. You put a road block in front of a competitor so that you can monetize it later.

When BlackBerry beat typoe in court they should seek an order that typoe recall the keyboards already sold. Then offer those customers a Q10 at the same price as the typoe keyboard.

This will hurt typoe, ensure none of the keyboards are left out there and shift some of the stock BlackBerry have on their hands.

They need to hurt typoe because even if they lose you can bed their are going to make a similar keyboard, just tippy toe around the patents.

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I still think that BlackBerry really should not make a keyboard product to be used with other phones.

The way I see it, BlackBerry should NOT give consumers ANY extra reason(s) to switch to another platform.

If people are still attracted to the BlackBerry keyboard, MAKE them a BlackBerry owner by limiting their ability to get the keyboard to actually having to buy a BlackBerry.

I think that any possible extra revenue that BlackBerry could earn from selling such a product would not hold the same value as consumers actually buying a BlackBerry smartphone.

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Why would they do they? To help apple users proficiency and speed? BlackBerry has been known for there keyboards it's a symbolic item so no I don't think think they should do this period...!

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BBM for free and then a cheap keyboard and BlackBerry will say goodbye to even more users to iOS and Android :(

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