[Poll] How do you feel about the AT&T T-Mobile acquisition?

By Bla1ze on 21 Mar 2011 12:30 pm EDT

By now the news of AT&T working with Deutsche Telekom to acquire T-Mobile has no doubt crossed your ears. While it'll take a year -- or more, depending on FCC and DOJ approval for things to go into full effect, the feelings from T-Mobile and AT&T users has been plenty colorful. Looking at the situation from a device stand point it really doesn't mean all that much to BlackBerry users as much as it may mean to other platforms such as Android and iOS since RIM has yet to release any LTE / 4G devices aside from the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook.

But from a consumer perspective -- many folks have expressed concern about losing "choice" when it comes to carriers. Rather then get into the nitty gritty of the details behind the acquisiton, we're just curious about how everyone feels about the situation. If you're a T-Mobile and/or AT&T user, cast your vote in the poll above, then leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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[Poll] How do you feel about the AT&T T-Mobile acquisition?


I only have AT&T because of the Cingular and AT&T merge. But I sucked up the loss of Cingular. I feel bad for the T-Mobile customers, AT&T is expensive. There should be more choices for us as consumers.

I have Tmo and will be leaving if pricing goes up! I love Tmo tech support, very easy and fast!

However, I do have some questions. Before AT&T bought Cingular, it really wasn't a strong Mobile phone company. So the acquisition of Cingular would of course entail renaming of retail shops, etc. Is it a possibility that Tmo will still operate as Tmo under AT&T's control?

I remember when DELL bought Alienware, everyone thought it was going to go down the tubes, but Alienware is still up and going under DELL's control.

How can we as people allow companies to make dictatorship systems? Same problem here in Canada. All low cost phone companies are bullied by big three. They also came up with usage based billing for home Internet which basically means, we can't download movies without being rich.

People here have protested and hopefully these guys will back down.

There is NO ethics in "business ethics" what so ever.

you have this backwards.

Cingular bought AT&T Wireless, which really doesn't mean much since it was ATT in name only.

SBC (which was majority owner of Cingular, with BellSouth) then bought AT&T.

SBC then chose to rename all of their holdings as at&t, due to the brand's "strength", and then spent millions of subscriber dollars de/re-branding.

Alienware exists as a product line within Dell, and while i don't spend much time looking at gaming whatnot, i can say that i saw more mention of Alienware before the purchase. keeping the brand means Dell recognized the niche-market and customer base Alienware had/has and cares to retain that. for this discussion, the difference is less distinct.

More choices? Yes I agree. But when a company like Tmo make bad business deals what can you do? Sprint was trying to get Tmo but how they do that when they can even get out of their own money woes.

wwow so where does it end ... Hopefully before there is one carrier that no one can afford :-{

That would be a monopoly. There will always be at least two. The government wouldn't allow any single company to have all the buisness.

Really? Please point to me another GSM carrier. Not a world phone on a CDMA carrier, a strictly GSM carrier.

This reeks of anti-competitiveness.

Say good-bye to the 3 things that made TMO the best carrier:

1. Lowest monthly rates (Unlimited Text, Data, etc)
2. Contract free prices (Even More Plus)
3. UMA.

Seriously debating a pay as you go now. I refuse to give the death star a single cent.

I'll point you to another GSM carrier:


LTE is technically GSM. Therefore Verizon has a standalone GSM network. By the time this deal were to be finished, their LTE network will be rather large with many phones on it. So you can put that worthless "only GSM" argument away because even if they were, it would still have no affect on competition. 99% of people don't know the difference or care about what network technology their network is, so it doesn't affect what decision they make.

I don't see GSM being part of the Yea or Nay on this one. IT just a technology. You have other options for Service in Sprint or VZW as a national services. In the regions you have other options like USCC and Cellular South as example.

As for the merger I am indifferent. I just went through a horrible experience with T-Mobile. Their Customer Service was horrible and I knew more than Tech Support. There were just like a PC help line on my dropped calls and no data coverage.. Restart my phone and Reset it. I had an G2 with Android that was rooted and customized. So as I said I know what I am doing. My wife's 9700 Bold was in the same boat so it was their network.

I moved to AT&T two weeks ago and have nothing but great 3G coverage, where it was EDGE for T-Mobile. I now own an iPhone which does have Unlimited data and doesn't drop calls as of yet. My wife is still using her Unlock 9700 on AT&T but I am pushing her to the Torch because she still wants a BB. I have lost my interest in BB but I do like the Torch. This is something RIM did right on speed and function.

1. Low rates becasue when they started low rates, they had no customer base and don't forget where they came from (All the pink coloring)
2. Contract free means they don't have to keep up with growing trends because they bank on people who normally don't care about email, wifi, etc. And don't get me wrong that's not bad at all its just been there way of life.

If you go pay as you go, I wish you the best of luck. Since you hate at&t so much, why not go to Vz or Sprint? Why put all your marbles in one basket?

I have been with att since torch release from tmobile. Let's face it customer service is dependant on who you talk to 9/10 times. But the fact that att charges me for the data that I use(no unlimited) wouldn't be so bad if they didn't charge me extra to tether after I already pay for the data I'm using. Plus the uma was nice with t-mo as I'm in an apartment that doesn't get great reception but then I don't use my cell at home that often.

Not much we can do about it... If your contracted to Tmo be4 this goes down then ur contract will stay the same... My only concern is the customer service I actually like Tmo customer service and heared nothing good about AT&T's. I'm sure we'll all get better service and 4G LTE sounds good plus more blackberry options. But my contract will be up by the time this merge takes place so I can jump ship if I don't like it... And also the new BB's will be out by then ;)

Excuse my language but f**k AT&T!! I have T-Mobile and I'm not looking forward to this!! Why couldnt they have taken Sprint or something!. Ugh!! Disappointed! Once AT&T takes over next year I might just switch to U.S Cellular or sumthing cuz Verizon is too expensive Sprint is not reliable with receiving calls and AT&T has a slow network!. Horrible choices left.

Everybody is saying the same thing that at&t is too expensive....but you don't even know. You never hear people saying this about Verizon and the plans are almost 100 percent accross the board. If you hate at&t that's your business but don't be all 'F at&t' when you don't know what's going on and why TMO not at&t decided to sell to at&t instead of Sprint.

The day the merger goes through is the day I switch to Verizon. AT&T's customer service is the worst I've EVER experienced and I refuse to be an AT&T customer. I'll take my chances with a CDMA phone.

As an AT&T customer I'm hoping this increases their customer service. Not sure if it will, but a guy can hope, right?

I'm right there with you, buddy X(

"Well, you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which gets filled first."

My only concern is what happens to the Carly Foulkes commercials now. Does she switch from a magenta dress to an orange one?

This is not going to be good. ATT is expensive and network isn't great. Although TMO doesn't have the coverage of ATT and Verizon, where it is available (everywhere I use my mobile, I have 100%) it was solid! Future choices are going to be very limited and hurt the consumer

Well AT&T and verizon is all we're have to choose from soon. AT&T just bought my carrier (Alltel) and still waiting for official switch over I am hoping that they really improve service and reception here in podunk montana.....to the t-mobile people, it's gonna be a long process took over a year since we first heard of it. good luck.

Odd. In my corner of Nebraska it was Verizon who bought out Alltel. It was ATT that bought out the former Verizon customers who were in my same county. Are you sure ATT bought you out, or was it Verizon?

Verizon merged with Alltel. Certain areas were given up to AT&T or another services why I don't remember anymore or feel like googling it.

Just a word of warning, we just had our transition from alltel to att the beginning of this month. They say it will take one day, we had spotty service for over a week. Email, text, bbm, and phone calls were sometimes impossible to send or receive. We don't have a landline at our house and we were without reliable service for too long. Be prepared.

At&t is like cartman's dawson's creek trapper keeper, it keeps merging and taking over all these other companies, somebody's gotta stop them! Lol actually I don't care cuz I hav vzw...makes me wonder if vzw and sprint will end up the same tho

I have AT&T. I have considered and researched the idea of switching to T-Mobile for years, but they do not have coverage in the areas I need them to. I hope that AT&T will start to offer some of the perks of T-Mobile and not just be huge stubborn money-hogging jerks about it.

I've had AT&T for 10 years now (Cingular for the beginning of that time) and I think I'm the only one who is happy with them. I rarely have any dropped calls and the speed has always been good. I don't really care what other companies get sucked in. Hopefully it works out well for T-Mobile people.

Exactly, I've had great customer service and no problems with coverage or speed ever since I've been with ATT the past 2 years. I had Tmo before that and while CS was okay, coverage wasn't as good as I have it now in the places I need it. The only reason I thought about switching back was pricing and Android phone options at the time, but coverage always kept me where I am now. I think people cry just to cry sometimes and they'd probably find issue whichever carrier they're with. :-p

I have never had a problem with att , customer service has always bent over backwards for me when I have any issues. Coverage is excellent and the network speeds are the fastest I have seen, I have had Verizon (slow as ever) Sprint ( a little faster) and T-Mo ( edge only here) ... This is a win win for both company's, T-mo has the spectrum needed for full out LTE build-out by att. This will make att the best carrier with the best network!

I refuse to go back to at&t. They do nothing but make me wanna punch them in da face. My t-mobile contract is up in a few months and will be going elsewhere. Cell phone companies with contracts are gonna price themselves right out of business. No contract options are looking pretty sweet right now.

Wow...this will be like in Canada where Rogers and Telus hold it all...a Duo-Monopoly....and they get to charge whatever they like because you have no where else to go....not a good thing for anyone !

I've been with T-Mobile for 9 years and am pretty disappointed about this merger. While I considered jumping ship to AT&T many times due to their great phone selection, their poor customer service and HIGH rate plans always deterred me. I'm currently grandfathered into a couple of great plans on T-Mobile and I LOVE my rates. Really concerned about losing these and not sure what I'll do. My contract is up in December.

I don't think acquisition really changes my mind. I'm on AT&T for another 8 months or so, and then it's off to Verizon. Unless I find out Verizon's 4G LTE is absolute crap or something (or that iPhones are wrecking their network), AT&T's 3G network doesn't even cover half of my state (Minnesota), so I'll likely changing both my phone (RIM to HTC or Apple) and carrier. I don't think anyone imagines that AT&T's service gets better BECAUSE of this. T-Mobile's was apparently decent, but largely because it was uncluttered.

As a T-Mobile customer, I'm VERY disappointed about this merger being on the horizon. I like the value of T-Mobile for my mobile service dollar and the fact I'm not "nickel & dimed" on my service choices. AT&T is expensive and customer service is horrific. There won't be very many good choices left for mobile service (left Sprint to move to T-Mobile and haven't regretted it for a single moment!). Apparently T-Mobile was doing something right to get AT&T's attention. Let's hope they learn something from T-Mobile's business model.

I'm with glowball. I've had AT&T for years 10 to be exact. Through the Cingular merge and all that other stuff. I've never had any problems with AT&T. Dropped calls...maybe 5-6 times in my long relationship with them. Data speed is fast and customer service has ALWAYS taken care of anything that I've needed. I'm going nowhere and the T-mobile aqusition really doesn't bother me. I've been taken care of like a V.I.P. & know that will continue. We'll see what happens but, I don't think will seriously effect exsiting AT&T customers.

I have been very pleased with T-mobile's service and customer service hase been outstanding. I am not happy about this acquisition except for the fact that I now have the option to switch to the Torch. I really hope AT&T chooses to follow T-Mobile's customer service model, but I doubt that will happen given AT&T's Borg-like history!

This is SCARY guys! That means there is no more competition in the GSM market, thats it, gone! Now that at&t and T-mobile are going to be one, they can charge you how ever much they like. Plus now they dont have to strive to have improve their services. T mobile have 4G speeds before any other company in the US, Sprints "4G" is just a huge wifi network. Not to mention T-Mobile had the best plans, when it came to getting a lot for so little. I am a T-Mobile customer and i can ultimately say this deal really killed me. Because iv had Verizon, at&t, and T-Mobile, and by far the best of the mall was T-Moible, and the worst was at&t.
Right now was this means for me is, priceless are going up, a cap on how much data i can use, expensive over seas calls, no more unlimited international text for only 4.99. I mean the list goes on people. At&t u just ruined everything, thank you!

I have T-Mobile, My question is will unlimited data be going away. I do not like AT&T, there pricing for plans is to high and they do not have unlimited data.

I've been on Tmo since its inception in 'O2, switched over from Verizon when it name changed to Tmo. In all this time I've been very satisfied, the call quality is great Data speed is solid and Tmo recently beat out every other carrier on Smartphone speed in the US. Its best aspect is its great and affordable bundles, current I have 500 minutes unlimited txt and data for $59.99 I think that's amazingly good...def. Not matched by any other carrier. Its customer service has always been great to me. My biggest gripe, which is a silly one when it really comes down to it, but nonetheless bothers me its is relatively poor device selections. I've always been an Iphone fan, think it has the complete package for what I want and need, but thought ATT (and now VZW) are too expensive. I currently use a BB (bold 9700) and its a solid device and I'm content with it, but would rather have an iphone. When I first heard of the merger news I was excited, since I've been contemplating whether to switch for an iphone for a while. However now that I've been thinking about it ATT plans are expensive always have some cap, and has a stigma of poor service. Now with Tmo gone, the choice won't be there. I'm a little disappointed, but hoping it turns out for the best...

Both ATT and Verizon are TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE. I'm a jobless college student... T-Mobile has been great because of the affordable plans. Contract expires in a year - definitely not staying. Sprint or Virgin Mobile, here I come.

I just want everyone to realize one simple fact... This is an ACQUISITION... Meaning AT&T acquired TMo's TOWERS and NETWORK too. If you read the other articles posted all over, you will see that this also grants AT&T access to another frequency spectrum, thus reducing clutter/bottlenecking for existing AND new customers. ALSO give TMo customers access to broader coverage areas! I fail to see how this is such a horrific occurance.

After the acquisition, let me know if AT&T will acquire TMo's pricing options, unlimited data plans, and customer service?..Not a chance. I have never had any issues with TMo's coverage area no matter where I have been...so that is not a big issue, but I have called TMo's customer service for an issue and actually have my issue resolved!!! That is where it really counts

As a TMO customer, when your bill ends up increasing by +20%, you get less for that more money you are paying (no UMA, no unlimited data, even more plus) then you will see how horrific it is.

As an ATT customer, when you see your over-inflated bill rise as well to "cover the cost of all the new infrastructure" you will see how horrific this is.

Simply stated, its horrific.

I have been with AT&T for the past 7 years and I saw no increase except when I switched over to a blackberry unlimited plan. So this 20% increase I have no idea what you are talking about. UMA? You griping about that... Just think how powerful of a feature that would be on AT&T's hotspots (and I hope the do keep it)... do you have access to 30,000 hotspots? I don't think so!

Finally someone who is thinking clearly about this aquisition. Also all of you who are on T-Mo, like I am, change to a plan that doesn't have a contract. T-Mo offers the option to go without a contract and upgrade your phone whenever you want!!

The merger won't affect contracts and service for at least a year,and they will have to granfather in T-mo agreements.

Also if anyone is swithching to sprint, Good Luck with heavily restricted devices.

If AT&T is smart they will learn from T-Mo's award winning customer service

As long as they honor my grandfathered in plan I don't care. I've been with tmo since they were whatever that was before voicestream (One voice?, omni something or other?. If we can't get iPhones then they shouldn't raise out rates.

I had cingular before the ATT merger but all was well then and all is well now...the merger doesn't mean much to me but I hope that this means ATT will be offering all the devices TMO offers in the U.S.....also I hope this means for a better network...and hopefully ATT's prices drop a bit(doubtful) but if not its no biggie

Love the AT&T-TMO logo! Very funny. I'm not too happy about the merger, mainly because I love TMO's rates. For my current rate, I get 1000 minutes, unlimited text and data for only 79.99. On the comparison chart, AT&T has 900 minutes, unlimited text, and smartphone data for 104.99...so you pay way more for less on AT&T's plan. I've also been very happy with TMO's customer service. If they allow us to grandfather our current plans then hopefully it won't be so bad. I'll be ready for a new contract in 5 months, so hopefully we'll know more by then.

I think this news put the death nail in the coffin for me and blackberry ... I would rather pay the inflated prices on verizon and their lack of quality berries but get some super sweet droid phone than sit here taking it up the ass from att just for a torch or something along those lines ... I've never had a problem with the T-Mob and their customer service has always been top tier IMO. You couldn't get better service at these prices, and with this news thats all out the window .... My contract is up in November, I'm gonna have to see something pretty special on the horizon from att for me to stick with it, like free for a year for all T-mob customers ... This extra sucks because I left verizon 2 years ago for the Mob and now it seems i'm going to come crawling back ....

I will also add that T-mobile Customers should have their contracts void if they DO NOT want to stay with them after this merge takes affect... We should be allowed to leave without having to pay the cancellation fee!!! I signed up for T-Mobile not AT&T

I was once with AT&T but quit because of the worst customer service.
I've been with T-Mo (7 yrs?) and they are solid.
This is especially in New York City and the suburb but T-Mo coverage is fine.
The customer support has been great.
The plan I have is something I can not find anywhere.. $19.99 for unlimited BB!

My friend lives in very expensive neighborhood is with AT&T and just amazed how much dropped calls, delayed e-mails, and the crappy customer support she has to endure...
I mean, it may got to do with iPhone but sending an e-mail to her yahoo or gmail takes 30 minutes to get to her...
We did try every possible way and changed accounts, etc...
No way.
She once mistakenly refused a charge on her credit card, which was from AT&T.
AT&T shut off her service for 2 months until she reinstated her account.
They made her come to a branch office to do this, call a number where they have 2 people in the office, leave a VM, wait there, no response (continued for 2 months)
That is just not right.
I helped them so I know.

I was with Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon but overall I loved T-MO so I hate this merger.
Oh, Cingular was very good.
I was almost tempted to swtich but after the merger (I mean the first one was goood because Cingular took over AT&T but the 2nd), the trace of good service disappeared from the face of the earth.

This is no good...
No choice but I may have to find a new contract with Verizon...
At least it has a solid coverage...
Sprint no way...

I have no delay emails... so its either area or cell phone specific.

I forgot to pay my bill once and all they did was charge me a late fee... and the whole two months thing I have a strong feeling is utter BS as well since I was at Primobile Store and they called AT&T and got the ladies phone reactivated and it took... oh.... 5 - 7 minutes?

The biggest complaint I have seen about customer service is people getting ticked off and leaving because AT&T refused to do something or give something for free and trust me half the people complaining about it were asking for some real dumb crap.

I would be ok with it if AT&T would take use it to start offering UMA and starting pushing UMA to happen but we all know AT&T is not going to that.
UMA is so much better than the Microcell crap.

If you dont like your options check out US Cellular...great plans, prices, and customer service (if you live in an area where they offer service). Better yet they roam off verizons towers. We just recently did a road trip from chicago to florida and back and had no problems.

I have to agree with the masses here in this forum that I for one am not happy with this merger. I left AT&T to go to T-Mobile a few months back because of: pricing, signal quality, pricing, customer care(or lack thereof) and did I say...pricing. T-Mobile service may have a smaller footprint as compared to VZW and AT&T but the quality is outstanding and the 3G speeds are much faster on my 9700. My son has the MyTouch 4G and the HSPA+ is unreal as far as speed goes. If anyone benefits from this it will be AT&T customers since they will enjoy the TMO speeds. I would and still might end up switching to VZW once the LTE Network really unfolds and I can see how BlackBerry responds to it. Right now in a side-by-side speed comparison between a VZW Bold 9650 and my TMO 9700 the TMO loads signifigantly faster. Hopefully that will improve. As long as I don't have to give up my unlimited data feature I will stay once this is all said and done. If I have to give it up I will look at other options. The only good thing is that T-Mobile did not end up with Sprint as that would have been a total disaster.

Ok. This plan is great for T-Mobile customers. I just switched from T-Mobile to AT&T a couple months ago and couldn't be happier. I no longer need UMA because ATT actually has service everywhere I go. (especially my house). I don't use anywhere near my 2Gb cap because I have a BlackBerry which knows how to use data wisely. I don't need unlimited calling because ATT offers unlimited mobile to any mobile with their unlimiter txt plan. And I already have enough roll over mins for landlines if ever I need to use them. Oh and BTW my 3G is actually FAST! Oh and I'm saving 20 bucks a month since switching.

What this merger means to me is that in places where ATT is congested there should be better coverage. And T-Mobile customers should be able to enjoy a better network all around.

TMobile's pricing was low to lure customers and become a more attractive in the sale to AT&T. The pricing won't go up for the TM customers as their plans will carry the grandfather status.

You know what? Gas is expensive. You can always "upgrade" your phone without a contract with at&t you just have to pay full retail price. Yeah yeah I know you're like"I'm not paying full retai!" but it is an option. As I stated somewhere on here, we don't really know why Tmo chose AT&T to take over but we can only guess that it had something to do with Tmo's U.S. business not doing as well as the others. And I'm sorry but there is NO way Tmo's pricing would have lasted in the heated battle between Verizon and AT&T. Look I'm having a round table via BBM Group messeging @ 7:30 p.m. central time and if anyone would like to join, please pin me and I will add you to the group. My Pin is 22BD7C19.

I just lost my Altell service to AT&T. Now I have a data usage cap and a higher bill. I loved my service with Altell. I live in a smaller town so I get to choose between Sprint (horrible coverage) and AT&T (higher bill). Awesome. I feel bad for the TMo customers!

Personally, I'm an AT&T user. I have been for almost 2 years now and I'm a pretty satisfied customer overall. With the acquisition of T-Mobile, I'm just really hoping their will be more choice as far as Smartphones, Tablets, and other products. I'm also hoping that AT&T will reconsider their pricing tiers because T-Mo definitely had some very competitive pricing.

At the end of the day, I just hope that this will be a good thing for both current AT&T and T-Mo customers.

Oh and hopefully I get some "effin" 3G in my area already! Damn! All this talk about 4G and I'm not even seeing 3G!! WTF yo haha.

What is going to happen to t-mobile germany? and all of t-mobiles in europe? will it just stop giving service?

I have T-Mobile for about one and a half years already. I haven't had a major problem by now. It's reliable and efficient. But now, with the merger with the evil empire (AT&T) it would be a matter of time for the following. Drop Calls, bad Customer Service, slow data, and most of all HIGH PRICES with no option of a even more plus like t-mobile has now. When the merger is in effect, that would be day that i'll say to AT&T. F**K you. I'm going back to Verizon even though is high priced but more reliable...

First: then vs. than - two different words, please learn to use them accordingly

second: how will it really affect my service from T-Mo? I though 3g from T-Mo and AT&T were different? Isn't that what everyone always talks about when trying to switch from one to the other with BBs?

Last I remember Verizon didn't exist until Ma Bell, and AT&T were broken up by the government, and up until a couple of years ago VZW was still using/ and is still using AT&T's old network infrastructure. AT&T acquiring TMO is actually a more sound agreement by both parties. TMO needs the funds and the infrastructure provided by AT&T, and the latter needs the LTE start up that TMO is doing. While the whole deal will take a while to close, system integration won't be much of a hassle.

Sprint wanted to purchase TMO, so that it can make the bridge to GSM, thereby increasing their equipment choices.

VZW as usual is probably the one crying.

This deal should help boost the GSM network and service in the US, to be on par with our European counterparts.

I simply cannot understand why this sort of business is allowed to take place! Monopolies are not a good thing, so why is this allowed? I so hope that the authorities wake up and realize this is not in the best interest of the consumer at all.

I think it was in the late 90s that AT&T was forced to break up because they had too much control over the market, but then they magically were allowed to come together again. Where's the logic in this? Give consumers a choice!

I guess i might have to make the choice i NEVER thought i would ever make. Metro PCS.

I am not happy with the news, but such is life. I personally hate at&t, they are thieves !!! and now that they will soon take over t-mobile, we are left with little choice, worst if and when they hike the price of things. Idk....life goes on though right!?....right

The fact that you mention Metro PCS and thieves in the same blog only mean you're from the D/FW area and you still owe at&t money....lol!!!!!! OK joking.

Some of my family are on T-Moble (and I am on AT&T) so what I hope for are free mobile to mobile calls.AT&T seems to be getting a bad rep here but we just lost our 23 year old son (suicide) and they gave us 4K extra rollover minutes so we can keep in touch with our family & friends during our time of grief. So I think AT&T has come thru for us.

I think the last choice in the poll should be "I have Verizon, I don't care because even together, I will still have way better coverage."

For real though, I am constantly driving across country for my work and when my friends who all have iphones on AT&T are dropping calls on edge because we just drove outside a major city, I'm still tethering 3G to my computer over bluetooth and surfing the web faster than most public access wifi networks.

I can see how people will miss the low cost of T-Mobile. Verizon is incredibly expensive in comparison. Although, Sprint is cheap, and the few people I know that have sprint are happy with it.

Expect rates to go up and service to go down. You can only escape from the jaws of the monster for so long before it catches up with you. Even after the FCC chopped it into little pirces, see how it reconnects and rises again to power?

I've been a TMo customer since before VoiceStream as well. It's my understanding (and I hope it's correct!) that TMo customers will be grandfathered in with their current contracts/pricing. If this is the case, it's perfect. I get service when & where I need it right now - adding AT&T's towers would only increase service areas.
Am I missing something, or isn't this what the "higher-ups" are saying about the merger?

Worst news ever! T-Mobile customers are in for quite a downgrade.

1. AT&T wants to use T-Mobile AWS band for LTE. This means the Curve 3G will become a Curve 2G, and the 9700 and 9780 will be stuck in perpetual 2G mode, just like all other 3G phones from T-Mobile. None of T-Mobile's 3G phones connect to 3G on the 850/1900 MHz band, so we'll ALL have to switch phones. It'll be that, or AT&T will impose a TDMA-style fee to those clinging to the AWS spectrum with their TMO 3G phones.

2. AT&T's 3G network can't even handle its current customers. There is no way it'll stand all those iPhone customers plus a migration of T-Mobile customers who will have to use that network since TMO's 3G is going to be taken down for LTE.

AT&T's aquisition of T-Mobile is the worst news in the tech field this year!

You are so clueless. How do you make this statement? We don't even know if this will get approved. Your 2G/3G claims are nothing more that you showing your hate for at&t. Its dislike a company but unless you are on the board of directors or have a relationship with T-Mobile CEO or AT&T CEO SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! I hope you leave Tmo if this gets done because its small minded people like you that keep make things harder for no reason...DAMN!

This is crazy i have both att n t-mobile. And to tell you the truth i love t-mobile plans and to know that i'm going to lose my loyalty plan is a little disappointing. I mean having att a family plan is expensive , att is expensive like verizon but this is crazy... Where is the cell phone carriers world coming to...

Unlimited data on at&t? Get an old iphone 2g and start at&t service with it. Then in 6 months do an early upgrade to an iphone 3Gs. Unlimited data.....there ya go!

Let me start off by saying I love Blackberry! Now with that said, we are all debating this deal and Apple is sitting in the shadows waiting for its time to strike. My guess is Apple with have their own satellite network. I would almost bet a dollar this is going to go down.

I am a current AT&T blackberry user. I got my plan almost 8 years ago so I get my minutes at a extremely well priced family rate. What makes me want to through my cell phone out the window is the messaging/data prices I have to pay. Messaging costs almost nothing for the carriers and I pay $20 a month for it. Isn't messaging essentially data? So on top of the messaging i have to pay $30 dollars a month for unlimited messaging which they dont even offer any more. All other carriers have combo deals with messaging and data and have prices that make me reconsider AT&T all together. This merger will be good in terms of devices and signal quality but if AT&T doesn't respond with lowering prices for monthly usage I can see myself making the transition to (the only) another carrier like Verizon. Step up ur gam AT&T smart phone usage is a luxury that everyone should be able to enjoy. Lower your prices and get more subscribers.

I really am sick of ignorant fools complaining about at&t. It is only a WIN for the TMobile customers. They are losinf nothing. .....only gaining.

does this mean T-Mobile isnt going to be AWS network anymore? If so then FUCK AT&T, im with wind mobile in Canada and T-mobile is basically my source of decent phones (i live close to the border so i can just go to buffalo and grab new phones when they come out).

Wind mobile has the shittiest selection of phones on the planet, the only reason i am with them is for my 40 dollars a month unlimited talk/text/data plan.

if at&t does convert t-mobile to another network then i can pretty much say good bye to any hope of there being an AWS iPhone or blackberry torch in the future (is there an aws torch? i have not found any confirmation on that), as t-mobile was the most popular AWS provider in north America.

To gladhatter: You don't understand why true TMO customers hate this acquistion. Let me break it down for you---My older sister has the 4G Iphone on AT&T and she pays more than my 3-line family plan with 1800 minutes. This plan has BB 9780 (unlimited text, data and web), MyTouch 3g (unlimited data, web and 400 text) and generic flip phone. Because of the MyFaves and free tethering for the BB, I've keep TMO because it has been PROVEN that their rate plan is the BEST. Phone selection is a little frustrating as I wanted the 9780 for a while but the loyalty cost of my upgrade ($80) and the ability to spread it out over 4 months is something AT&T does not offer its customers. Plus, if you're a good TMO you get a $100 financing as well.

So the PERKS that TMO offers are the things that allow real TMO fans to keep with them and not be on a network that has beeen degraded since Iphone entered the picture. Throw in UMA and the service quality on smartphone with TMO is crystal clear. Been with TMO when they acquired VoiceStream so this has definitely has been a tough situation because it's a LOST and not a GAIN for me. My sister will leave in December and most likely drop my my contract is up in early 2012.