Poll: Is BlackBerry done?

By Adam Zeis on 4 Oct 2013 10:45 am EDT

We've seen a few of these pop up over the last few days - polls asking about the state of BlackBerry, devices or in this case, "is BlackBerry done". While the haters will argue til they go down in flames, we have faith in BlackBerry that things will pan out in the end. Yes, it's been a long road and there is still a long way to go, but the BlackBerry faithful will keep things alive.

At the time of this post, the poll is pretty tight, but we want to make sure that everyone's voice is heard. So if you haven't already, swing by the post here and drop your vote in the poll. Be sure to weigh in with your comments as to why you think BlackBerry is or isn't "done" given all the news lately. There's still plenty more in store for BlackBerry over the coming weeks so don't count them out just yet.

Poll: Is BlackBerry done?

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Poll: Is BlackBerry done?



Interesting how sites like CNET will write about every single negative BlackBerry news but if there's something positive, they skip over it. No freakin wonder why people are afraid to buy the devices. That said, BlackBerry isn't helping the cause by announcing their "strategic review" and pathetic marketing.

Sk8er_tor makes a great point. Mainstream tech media only notices BlackBerry when there's a failing. It's unfortunate. I commented on a particularly negative Gizmodo article back when they delayed BBM4all. Outlining why it was a good idea to delay the app and not necessarily a mistake. The moderator never approved the post. Meanwhile, on the launch day for iPhone 5s and c there were no less than 5 - 10 articles about it's brilliance

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"only notices BlackBerry when there's a failing"

And why do you think that is? Who are the greatest buyers of advertising?

Some major blogs and media outlets have pretty close ties with Apple and Google. What you read isn't always what it seems. (Actually its pretty well always got some hidden agenda).

Reader beware.

You mean when the NYTimes said buy a BB10?

"It’s the BlackBerry Z10, and guess what? It’s lovely, fast and efficient, bristling with fresh, useful ideas.

"And here’s the shocker — it’s complete. The iPhone, Android and Windows Phone all entered life missing important features. Not this one; BlackBerry couldn’t risk building a lifeboat with leaks. So it’s all here: a well-stocked app store, a music and movie store, Mac and Windows software for loading files, speech recognition, turn-by-turn navigation, parental controls, copy and paste, Find My Phone (with remote-control lock and erase) and on and on. "


Great point. I don't disagree. However, NYTimes spun the platform as complete, missing some of the details. An example of media being overly positive on BlackBerry. It happens, we just don't notice.

Ya BlackBerry made themselves worse off announcing the strategic review never mind countless delays, pricing the products to high (they're not Apple meaning they are not popular) and the horrible marketing!!!

So unfortunate, they have a great product a lot better in some areas than Android and iOS. Marketing was way off so most ppl didn t even know about it except word of mouth and the pricing. Come on BlackBerry executives make your products more appealing to ppl by making them a bit cheaper. Perfect example is Samsung tablets vs Apple iPads.

That's with all media. People hear what they want to hear. Everyone wants to see BlackBerry die after the slow, freezing, unreliable Curve they owned four years ago. No one wants to hear about the could-have-been comeback.

It's the same thing about the iPhone. Tech sites will post fifteen articles of leaked iPhone 5c's as opposed to three for a leaked Android device. The more people who visit the site, the more money they get for ads.

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Would I expect any other comments from u and your best friend?

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Don't see much upside

Favorite BB10 apps: CB10, GasBuddy, Word of the Day PLUS, BlackBerry Travel, USA Today

Well, anything is possible I would say!

Although it might not seem possible, the top tech company of today, Apple; with it's $100+ Billion cash in the bank, once hit rock bottom as well. Gladly they didn't just close up shop, the reconfigured and now they are the top-dog.

BlackBerry was once a top dog as well and I think that if they take the time to reconfigure themselves, they can make a comeback when the time is right. They really lost their way due to leaders who were stubborn or scared to make any moves towards the future as it's been noted many times and that's why a lot of them haven't really recovered. Plam is gone. Microsoft revamped, QUICK. Nokia is gone. BlackBerry, is on the ropes... one more TKO and they are out!

I really hope though that this isn't the end of BlackBerry. Even though I've owned a number of iPhones for the past couple years now, I've always wanted to come back to BlackBerry because of the physical keyboard. Had they made a Q10 with a larger screen, I'd be there in a heartbeat. In this day and age, a 3 inch screen ain't gonna cut it. If they just combine the best of all worlds, it would be amazing.

Nokia (NOK) is not gone, and BlackBerry has been on the ropes for a little over five years but they have not fallen for the count, why, I'll tell you why thanks for asking; BlackBerry has a diversified portfolio of products and they cater to the world's business model, a solid business device. No they do not out sell the other brands because they do not flood the market with a new device multiple times a year, and their devices are easily upgradeable therefore I can hold onto it for a very long time. Anyway my main point is, BlackBerry is still here for a reason and they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

I forgot to mention, isn't the app game about over yet, because devices these days don't need an app for that, the device can do without the app, e.g. BlackBerry Hub. :)

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Apple sells other products besides the iPhone, including high-end software not to mention third-party software and products. Heck, on Apple's own website you buy an iMac, MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro plus Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, a $6000 camera, and all necessary accessories. It's the same with Samsung, don't forget they sell a whole slew of consumer products.

Unlike BlackBerry, both of these companies can afford to lose their phones...they would be hurt, but nowhere near death. What did RIM have, a few phones, BES, and an awesome but failed tablet. It didn't matter how far a head of the pack they once were. Once the rug was pulled from underneath them, they had nothing else to fall back on.

And going back to apps, Android only does so well because of the sheer number of free apps. Android users are notorious for being cheapskates. However, developers are taking notice and free apps are the future (with ads, of course. Or freemiums) . Developers for is are starting to come around, too, at least for the iPhone. It's seems to me that BlackBerry has the highest percentage if paid-fir apps. If this is true, it could be another hindrance for BlackBerry.

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Not yet. They still can survive they have to compare themselves with the competition instead of looking at their bellybutton....

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Sad to see all issues facing BlackBerry :( but Hopefully D die hard fans Love for it will save it from being "Done" or won't it? Hmmm...

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Sadly I think it's the end of the line for blackberry as we know it! They should give up on making devices and give their OS to other handset companies, that way they can put all their resources into making a secure OS! And let the likes of samsung/LG etc build the phones.

I've been blackberry all the way up until now, sadly switching to the iPhone 5s simply because of my need for apps.

Goodbye my amazing Q10 and Z10.

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Well not LG in particular! Just mean shift the handsets away from blackberry to other manufactures.

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LG is the WORST phone company they are not even taking care of the customers... instead of fixing bugs on their devices the come out with a new phone instead. And leave the others behind with their previous crappy phone.

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Hahahaha. That's comedy. The worst ever? Never fixing bugs but just coming out with a new one?

I had a blackberry tour 9630. Supposedly a flagship phone. Pre orders and everything. Pos. Never fixed.

Oh. Got me a PlayBook too. Pos. Never fixed. Worst web browsing experience ice had.

I was faithful. I don't know why....

LG as the worst phone company. Laughable.

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9630 worse than a Blackberry Storm?? Also supposed to be a flagship phone. Never fixed. Owners screwed.

all the parking apps for around london, plex app, banking apps, easy vpn for accessing smb shares on our server, to name a few..... but there are a few more that i cant think of right now.

Are you kidding! An obsolete BB10 is still more valuable to me than anything out there right now! That may change in 3 years when my contract is up, but I'll worry about that in due course.

How does a company with only negative revenues stay in business?

BlackBerry would have been much better off if they did have creditors and a pile of debt, with more capital to work with.

Instead their cash is like sand in an hour glass.......

Sometimes you have to lose before you can gain. That's what restructuring is all about and it's only been 2 quarters. I don't think people understand what restructuring really is. No one restructures a company as big as BlackBerry in a couple months.

A couple of negative quarter revenues doesn't doom a company, you make it seem like a riddle. Obviously they've made profits, but they've had bad quarters just like everyone else.

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Umm, file for bankruptcy, they don't owe anyone. BlackBerry owns all of their stuff. Dude, where are you coming from with this stuff.

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Unfortunately yes. All that work creating something as good as BB10 all for naught (almost). Although I've loved the z10 and all things BlackBerry, I'll be moving on to android....

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Very confusing company, they are releasing a product close to $700 dollars, amidst all these issues of their impending doom, where did this management team get their business education out of a cracker jack box,
I love my Z10 it has been a great phone, but every single day some nonsense about Blackberry, it's starting to be this injured horse now, is it time to get the shotgun and just put the poor bugger out it's misery !
Where is the loyalty from Blackberry to it's dedicated customer, to be honest I doubt Blackberry has a clue on running a company and treating customers.

I will hang in there, but maybe we are looking at bricks now, and who in their right mind would buy a z30, it would be a very expensive brick,

I was going to say no. Then I saw the $700 outright for the z30..... Now I know it is over. The culture under enormous pressure still can't change.

I totally agree, pricing strategy for the Z30 is wrong, they should price the loyal customers that are willing to stay in the platform, and they should reward them with a very very good price, as I told in another thread the first Z30 production batch should be sold at cost.

Focus fous, focus! Bring back BIS for revenues. Concentrate on enterprise. Don't try to mess with Apple or Android. Customers (prosumers) will discover the advantages of BB10 after a while...

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How does anyone with an education give a self made billionaire a 0% of succeeding?

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Did you read the article?? With your apparent education, surely you can read and absorb all of the information, analysis and forecasts..

So the CNET journalist who makes 40k per year knows more about business then a guy who makes more than 40 K in a day?

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Do you need more proof? Here you go...

I'm not trying to troll. I promise I'm not and I'll stop after this. BB is facing enormous problems with going private, they promise to focus more on the pro-sumer market. Yet nobody wants to bring them to work anyway, which is why Apple and Android has eaten BB's lunch in the pro-sumer market. BB honestly has no where else to go.. Their BB10 sales are terrible and causing massive bleeding, much of their profits are still from BB7 in emerging markets.. They can't get big name apps.. The list goes on and on. They can't win. Rogers sees it and so does everybody else. It is time...

I won't say if it's dead or not, but i just got an htc one after lots of little issues with my Q. This phone is amazing, all the apps are there, it works like it should. Side by side comparison the Q is about a year or more behind. I defended blackberry forever, but i can no longer do so.

I just got an HTC One also. It looks just like my Z10, except it actually looks nice. It's not made of cheap plastic like the Z10, instead it has an all aluminum body, it works far better over all and... it has apps. And oh, yeah.. it still has an awesome blinking led light too.. It is indeed better..

I was holding out with a white Torch 9810 and finally cracked and bought myself a HTC One too. Man, I love this new phone. One of the features I use the most on it is the FM radio (I still don't understand why not many phones have it)

And the title of next years poll will be - "Does anyone even remember what a Blackberry phone looked like?"

Sad to say it, but yes, they are done.

Almost every phone company is posting losses. HTC just posted a 3+ Million dollar loss last quarter. The market is slowing down and the companies that will survive have options and can downscale.....just what BlackBerry is doing

In the form that we have known BBRY until recent months, Yes. But, I think it'll change it's form and the way it operates and so the business will continue.

They are going to be fine. But will not be selling hardware to consumers.

Hopefully they licence their is to hardware producers like Samsung, htc.

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I don't understand that????? Google the list if companies that have ended up being successful after restructuring or in bankruptcy... apple, ford...etc.

BlackBerry has to restructure, and focus on better execution, adapt, advertise better and grow.

Right now they have a pile of unsold z10 Q10's... i say do a swap blitz in North America with all legacy devices. for the BES to update to v10 and BB could create cash flow on the personal app side and pro with the BES update and apps.

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I agree with the swap blitz. Get everyone on BB10, but forget about competing with crapple and slamsung, that dog won't hunt.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Blackberry is done. And to be honest I don't understand how there can still be fanboys of this company. They are literally the worst ran public company. This BBM fiasco and $1 Billion dollar suprise loss are just the latest. They obviously have no regard for their customers so why do people cheer for them. "Playbook will get a BB10 update"......"BB10 not coming to Playbook"???

Another smart idea is to just stop advertising since the current plan wasnt working and continue making millions of BB10 smart phones. Did it ever occur to anyone in Blackberry to maybe come up with another marketing strategy??

Sadly, I'm afraid it is - at least from the consumer side. I think their efforts were too little, too late in the face of iPhone and Android.

On the business (dare I still call it "Enterprise"?) side, perhaps not. That remains to be seen.

And who knows. Maybe BlackBerry will lurk under the surface for a couple years, regroup, and then once again make a big and noticable dent in the consumer/smartphone market again. I can only hope

You see, I believe the more competitors in the marketplace, the more it benefits the consumer (by which I mean people who grab a new phone with contract from the local carrier -- I'm not talking about business which have or will purchase them in larger quantities). And so as a Canadian, I see this as a sad thing. One less competitor in the smartphone market to drive innovation forward, and (hopefully) keep pricing in check. And on top of it, what was at one time a HUGE Canadian business - one that held their own for a long time without being bought out or absorbed into a larger entity - is now bleeding badly and on the ropes.

Hoping for the best and brightest future for Blackberry, but the realist/cynical side of me isn't holding my breath.

RIP BlackBerry

People seem to be expecting things to happen so quickly, mobile cycles for upgrades are 2-3 years. A very small portion of consumers can go out and upgrade right when a new device is launched. I still know many, many people using old BlackBerrys AND even feature phones. I live in Canada and work around technology, I can't imagine what other segments are like. People can't see the big picture and give it time

Yes. They will survive but BlackBerry in the future will be a lot different. Slimmed down and focusing on what makes money. The consumer market is emotional and coming out with innovative products will not always be successful. Good marketing will go a long way. Look at how Apple did it. They created a best brand not necessarily the best phone.

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I wouldn't say done as stick a fork in it done, but more like when you have a sick relative and you get that call to gather at bedside

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Regardless of the move to go private and uncertain future, I still don't understand why BlackBerry's marketing efforts seem so minimal whether it be advertising to the public or educating both public and carrier employees that sell the devices. Outside of my personal circle, and these forums, no one seems to even know anything about the BB10 other than negative spins the media puts out.

I don't think so, there will always be a market for a quality OS and platform that they provide, and i'm part of that market!

Yes they are done. They shot themselves in the head with the release of half assed outdated phones and called them flagship.

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It is the end of Blackberry as we know it, hope the new Blackberry doesn't need to stop selling phones at least in a small scale, but definitely there won't be the tens of millions of Blackberries out there like they used to be.

IPhones to me are like the Honda Civic.......great car, reliable, trusted brand, everyone has one! You may drive into a parking lot and see half the cars are Honda civics from various years, like the iPhone, but nobody will say that Mercedes should stop making cars! I'm proud to using BlackBerry and I feel it's better. I don't want everyone to have one honestly. Premium experiences aren't always for the masses

I wonder, for a supposedly going dead company, we still get new major games come over to BB10 and BES is still being picked up in the industry/government sector. Now why would industry still be interested in BES10 when BlackBerry supposedly will cease to exist?

No, I think BlackBerry will still be around if they can capture on a niche that will work for them. I don't care if BlackBerry is at the top or at the bottom of the smartphone market, I just want them alive, remain Canadian, and keep giving me the BlackBerry phones/OS that I prefer.

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I'm through with iOS and Android, both didn't satisfy me like my BlackBerry does. And I think a lot of People would think the same way - they just don't know. Here in Germany nobody really knows how good BB 10 really is and I think that's the key.

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I agree - I'm in Germany a lot for work (with tech companies) and get some funny looks when I whip out my BB!

I can't believe all the comments I am reading, Blackberry needs new management, that's a given. All the hype we gave the "mighty thor" was useless. The phones are amazing and their just getting better, sure we don't have instagram or netflix buh were slowly getting there and developers are helping us with walkarounds to get the much needed apps to our OS. I believe in blackberry as a qualified OS in the market, we just need the right people to do their jobs! Wasted so much money on the wrong people!! I will be with blackberry until the last consumer phone is shipped.

Until this morning I was thinking maybe not. After seeing the Z30 priced at $700, maybe yes.

I'm still convinced that this is internal sabotage. Nobody can be as incompetent as BlackBerry management and BoD has shown to be.

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Unfortunately based on their idiotic pricing models, Yes.
Who ever is setting prices needs to be fired.

I've gotta say, I've never been so disappointed in this community as I am right now. Does nobody here remember when Apple was on the edge of being dead? While I expect this sort of attitudes from the users of other platforms, I never thought I would here it from this community.

Why on earth would anybody feel BlackBerry is dead for the average consumer market? While I use my phone for work, it is my personal phone and it's head and sholders better than other platforms! I'm sick of hearing "oh booo hoooo, BlackBerry doesn't have any apps! Gord lord, it doesn't have Instagram or netflix! Get over it!!!

No wonder other platforms are all over BB as being a waste, people have stopped standing up for BlackBerry even though they use them and, at least at one time, appeared to love them. When the Z10 first came out everybody was in love with it. Now BB is going private and all the sudden BlackBerry is dead?

Personally I hope BlackBerry does make a huge comeback. I'll be right here watching all the posts from you that left, saying I tried iPhone or Android and now I'm back to BlackBerry.

BlackBerry isn't dead by a long shot, but I can certainly tell you I've about had enough of CrackBerry biting the hand that feeds them. Time to start looking for somewhere else to get my BlackBerry fix. All of you have fun with your iPhones and Android devices. I hope you will be very happy together.

Now I'm off to use the best device out there.

Mike (#BB4Life)

+1 I am so tired of reading all the negative comments. Its bad enough reading bad articles in the press but when you read it from Blackberry users as well it gets a bit boring.
Let me know if you find another site that is a bit more supportive?

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This what BB shoud have done: Make all of your services cross-platform and for free (in app ads). Make BB10 Open source just like android or license it for a really low price. Make phones that run BB10 and/or Android and/or WP. Like this they can become this extremely open minded cool company that is almost every where.... In the beginning they might lose a lot of money but teens today (ik cuz im 19) want to buy products from companies that are considered cool and fun (in example google does some really funny stuff which is why a lot of ppl like them). BB needs to be everywhere, they need to be this open minded company that really gives you all the choices you want.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings.. and the orchestra has not even sat down to tune up yet. So NO is my answer.

i don't see any reason for the poll...it is not this kind of poll that will make or break blackberry. Even if the result of this poll say that Blackberry is doomed, it does not really follow that Blackberry will be doomed. So this is an exercise in futility.

If BlackBerry is done I think Crackberry is done too.. at least from all the continuous negative threads I've been seeing. There really use to be a sense of pride belonging to the site for members that really found value in BlackBerries.

I need to find a new site that is truly a fan site that discusses about how great the products are and assist others that believe this product still has value.

I'm actually surprised to see this article posted on the CB front page. The trolls have indeed taken over our beloved CB site.

Seriously thinking about moving on from this tainted site. There's still many great members that believe in the product but the bad apples are multiplying. I never thought I would see CB get so bad.

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What can I say.....its beyond our control, as BlackBerry loyalist since 2007, ive done what I can as a consumer. Now it's up to the people running the company. As owner of BlackBerry products I will continue to use what I already have, until things change for best or worst, then I will decide what to do.

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Can still go either way. With lots of cash and no debt it will depend on how successful they are at managing that. All any cell phone company can hope to do in a Samsung and Apple dominated market is to make enough money, just enough money to stay in business and keep the doors open. And it looks like that's the way it will be for a while to come. But I think if any company can, it's BlackBerry. Oh, and maybe Microsoft, too.

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This is a question that you reserve for most countries around the world, not a company that is debt free, and about to claim a monster tax credit from both prior paid taxes and research tax credits while growing certain sectors of their business. Ridiculous idea.

Not if they go private and stay out of the eyes of the negative speaking trolls. BlackBerry has to be happy with being the best enterprise device out there and stop trying to compete with the insecure game machines. They should sell direct to consumers who are tired of waiting for their carrier to react. Also, make all devices unlocked. I am sick and tired of the games that carriers play.

If your getting your news from CNET allthingsD the verge or pretty much any American based news you will never get any good news about blackberry. I think sadly only Crackberry gives you any news that's good. Even the news about HTC making losses now was not as doomsday as the news for BlackBerry is. Do I think there done no they are not they will survive as a niche player in the enterprise market. All consumers have different needs. My Z10 is not a year behind other smart phones like ( ie the iPhone 5) I have all the apps that I need but you can always have more apps I will agree. But to say that it's not a good os is just giving into the same market perception that only apple and android are the best...... just because everyone else has it. personally I think all platforms have pros and cons and none really outshines the other for the average user...... i mean seriously they all make and receive calls right lol

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I remember when Nintendo was the biggest gaming system in the market in the 90's. Then came Sony PS3 and Microsoft X BOX. Those two game systems took over pretty much the whole gaming market, the big game titels were no longer available on Nintendo, so sales dwindled. Nintendo went back and reinvented themselves and here came the WII. The little gaming system took the world by storm. There were no gaming system on the market with sensor motion technology. They even had the old folks buying so they could bowl in the home.

My point is Nintendo found a niche and it caught on and even the big two gaming system has copied the motion sensor technology. BlackBerry need to dig in and find their niche and run with it. They can still survive but they have plenty of work ahead of them.

DJ TEKNISION (All mix No talk) Podcast BBM Channel C001208C3

My prediction, based on everything we know:

- No new BB10 phones manufactured (they'll continue to sell the ones in inventory until they're gone)
- Perhaps another run of the most recent BB7 phone before it's over (no idea what THAT inventory looks like)
- Private Equity will give them a year to split the various business divisions, at which point, the company will be broken up and sold off. (I just don't see PE doing anything else with BB, given their current situation.)

It's a shame, but that's how it works in these situations. BB's performance over the last few years, and the last few months especially, has so damaged its image that it's too far gone to fix.

I think we will see another couple handsets in 2014...and then it will be BES10, NOC and BBM focused , but not "done"

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Honestly I don't think so. QNX is strong and not going anywhere, and B.E.S seems to be gaining traction. I admit its REALLY grim but I hope things improve. Please live on BlackBerry.

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if Blackberry does not survice on its own I would like Microsoft to pick it up. this will perhaps be best fit. i can see myself using q10 with windows 8. i do not think microsoft would keep bb10. it would perhaps take what is the best like security etc. and implement it in windows 8

If blackberry can some new people to change up their business strategy they could easily come back. It's not like they have an inferior product that can't compete it's their lack of marketing and bs pricing that's pushing consumers away. Don't they realize their most important goal is to get customers on the platform and not making a profit? With this more apps come because developer's faith is restored. Or am I just a simple minded fool?

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Dear Adam Zeis you can call people haters but you are a true sci-fi dreamer... Anything can happen and you will still say the same thing over and over again..... and blame others as haters... There is a word for that...hmmm... FANBOY?
Keep your faith but we will keep our money... fair deal?

In it's current form, I think it is.

BUT....If Prem can take it private they will continue but it will be a different company. Too many governments and big businesses rely on the security of the platform so I think they will scale down, focus more on Enterprise and making BBM cross platform.

BB needs to get back to what it once was, an enterprise focused company. They need to focus on becoming the go to solution for securing all mobile devices. Listen to corporate IT personnel on what they need and move quickly to get it for them. They need to focus on bringing amazing business focused applications to the platform. This is one thing I found odd about BB10, there were a bunch of built in features everyone loved about BBOS and they did not include them out of the gate for the BB10 OS. Major banks in the US did not release apps for BB10...how is a business person supposed to use a mobile device for business unless all the apps they need are there? So in my opinion, although Netflix and Instagram would be nice for consumers, focus on stuff that is required to make BB once again the best option for enterprise. Like Umi said, take a bunch of those written down Z10's and provide them to your corporate customers to get devices into peoples hands and start getting the service revenue for all the enterprise devices.

If they can pull this off by becoming focused on enterprise, getting the service fees for this business, release BBM cross platform and figure out how to make $$$$ off of BBM they will be just fine. By then BB10 will more mature, TAT will have developed some crazy awesome features and a beautiful interface (IMO BB10 is not that pretty), and they can then take another crack at the consumer space if they want to.

I, too, am quite confident that the government/security-conscious corporate world is not going to drop them overnight. As for the candy crush, instagram, and netflix crowd? Yep...best that you move along. I see BB being, as has been highlighted before, a niche player offering one touchscreen and one qwerty....MAYBE two of each (I know they said they are doing that now, but I think it may get paired back even further).
I know that as long as they offer devices, I will buy one....I need a phone that out communicates all others....I'm not interested in selfies with a 70s polaroid-esque filter OR watching movies on a 4-inch screen OR playing the newest Tween game...

Frustratingly yes! If you'd asked me a year ago if Blackberry had a real shot I'd have waved my pom-poms for Blackberry proudly, but not now.

As a consumer who waited and now owns a Q10 and uses just a few apps (not the hundreds of silly games that some people fill up their handsets with!) I was hit repeatedly with problems.

Most of the apps which Blackberry bleated about having in the new app world were not fit for purpose. Why were only a handful 'Built for Blackberry'?

They should have all ruddy well been 'Built for Blackberry'!

Ports are fine when they actually do something! Fanboys/girls will argue that it was up to the 3rd party developers to test them but I say BS!

That's why I wanted a Blackberry, because everything they build/develop is solid. When they handed that over to the 3rd parties they handed in their integrity because Blackberry is not Android where anything and everything can be loaded into the Google Play shop.

And of the apps that were in the shop less than half worked on the Q10. I understand the need to have a keyless handset but the Q10 is what Blackberry have always been about. It should have been the star and not treated like the red-headed step child it was unfairly cast as.

I will never buy any apple product because I refuse to be dictated to and join the cult of "I" but when my contract runs out in a year, sadly I might just join my hunband in the Android camp if for nothing more so our handsets will comunicate better.

Sad but true.

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

I really don't want them to be, it comes down to broken promises( I think). Blackberry 10 is the best smartphone OS to date, (Again...I think so). I personally cant imagine buying another device. I've supported this company for so many years. The reason that I think they're done is because of Marketing and Constant broken promises. C,mon, look at the cross platform BBM for example. You simply cant ruin your credibility like that, sadly...that's whats happened. I talked a lot of my family members and friends into buying blackberries years ago and now I'm the only person out of the bunch that still uses one. I cant even get my wife to jump back on board, and she LOVES my Z10, but she says that she simply cant support the company because of stupid business decisions and credibility and she says her friends feel the same way. I hate only having two people on my BBM contact list when i used to have 20 to 30

No they are not done.

I can't see them disappearing .

One reason is because of military and government contacts.

No one have even mentioned how a possible breakup during a sale would affect them.

BlackBerry makes the only devices and software that has permission to go on the of the U.S. - Canadian / British /Austrilian/ German...... Military And goverment secure Network. Yes Samsung and apple have some government contracts now but they are only on lower security Networks.

Since they just can't replace them at a whim, I do believe that the Canadian government will step in and block any company that will try to break them up thus paving the way for a Fairfax takeover and private sale.

The one reason that there are few companies looking or refusing to even put a bid in on BlackBerry is due to government contacts. they know that the Canadian and U.S government would step in and block and sale to Asian or non north American companies.

The only option I see that makes perfect sense is Microsoft. They need to understand that Microsoft has the servers and computers on these networks but windows phone does not and I do t think ever will have the security BlackBerry has. Kill windows phone. Integrate bb10 with windows 8 and Microsoft servers.

But again what do I K ow just looking from the outside in....

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A poll written by a self-professed iOS and cat freak. There's a lot of journalists out there who are in bed with their Macs. Maybe her next poll could ask 'has Apple iOS security improved?', but her bias might not let write such negative thoughts about the eco system she's bought in to.

NATO has just approved the BB10 devices. It's compliant with FIPS 104.2 standards. It's a better unified communication experience. There will always be a niche player. With 70 million users, I'm sure half of them are still on 2 year contracts.

I'm going to ride with the company to the end though! My biggest disappointment is the Playbook. I have two of them. (16gb and 64GB)

It's not over, until it's over... I'm a BB fans all the way....some reports claimed Blackberry will burn their 2 billion cash in six months or by 2015. Ridiculous acquisitions, and if they become private, i will still have a blackberry on my hand. SECURITY is a must to me..

Quite frankly I don't think they are done. Not by a long shot.

I'm looking forward to that exclusive feeling I used to get whenever I took out my BlackBerry Pearl in public.

The masses, the trolls and the cloggers from BGR, allthingsd, Engadget etc can all go find something else to trash talk and take their schadenfreude and stick it.

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Remember apple wad in the exact same position in the late 90s, almost the same amount of losses and the same amount of lay offs, just takes a few good decisions to go from broke to wealthiest company on the planet.... and don't forget it works both ways... that's how BlackBerry got into this mess

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Adam - How much money does Thorsten Heins make a year to "Hide"??? This is the most lame Leadership that I have ever seen by a public company under attack.

Canada does not deserve a company - like RIM sic Used to Be.....

Second round of massive layoffs, looking for (or found) someone to buy, selling or renting out office space....
Hey, everyone thought Nortel would never go anywhere either.

I've been in business for almost three full decades, I've seen large and small struggle much like BlackBerry is currently. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Apple are all companies within my time that at one point or another were on the "brink", in one form or another. Personally I believe that BlackBerry has the right stuff, just extremely poorly executed the game plan. I firmly believe that with the right people directing the orchestra eventually the music will be sweet again. Will they rise to their former glory days again, that I don't think is likely, possible yes, but I don't see them completely disappearing. This is of course unless someone, or a group of someone's, make some really bonehead moves in the near future... if that happens well all bets are off.

Maybe my head is in the sand, but, I can't picture me using anything other than my Z10.

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Why is the BlackBerry Executive team "incapable" of working out some type of a deal with Rogers to carry the Z30?

WTF is wrong with these people - or is the "screw the retail stockholder game" in full swing so one of these "Bidders" can get BBRY cheaper?

Ahhhh doom and gloom. BlackBerry needed to trim all their fat and TH was the man paid to do it (paid even more if they were bought out). They knew that this had to be done in order for them to remain in the smartphone market.

BB10 is still in its infancy and only the ones who know how to use it get it. If you want to dummy things down change platforms and hit the easy button (or shall I say get the app).

Speaking about apps look at all the evolving that is going on with Instagram (ads will repel many users) and with Twitter looking at video, Vine is screwed.

The mobile market is extremely fluid and what you see today will most likely be different tomorrow.

BlackBerry will have to get back to its roots, roll up their sleeves, put pencil to paper and

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No. The BlackBerry name will be a round. I love their devices, but deep down, I believe they must concentrate on improving mobile security and other services they offer like BES10 with features admins want to manage mobile devices.

I will continue to follow them as I want to see what they will come up with next as the towel has not been thrown in just yet.

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It was reported today that BBRY could burn through their cash in 18 months. Also they have requested offers from Cisco, Google, SAP, Lg, and Samsung. It is unlikely that any of these companies would keep BBRY operating as a complete entity.

So it is reasonable to say they are done because their own management are soliciting offers which will likely see the company broken up.

Loaded question, really. Although all the armchair critics that post here seem to think they are in the know, it's really in BB's hands. The problem is NOT the product, it's poor management combined with poor execution. Find someone who uses the BB10 OS who legitimately hates it- you'd be hard pressed, and that's FACT. If you slapped a Samsung logo on the device it would sell like nobody's business. The overwhelming majority right now thinks that any chance of success would be to remove the devices from carriers and sell directly from the BlackBerry website (catering to the business sector). I'm sure this is an option under heavy consideration. Security may not be in the masses best interest right now, and that may change over time, but it matters to the corporate sector, and no other OS caters to that sector better. I'd like to suggest to forget about the masses who like their Tonka toys, and go full out niche market. Once re-established, refocus direction toward the next BIG thing, and don't try and re-invent the wheel. Technology has caught up with itself, and every company from here to eternity is going to try to re-invent that same wheel. Stick to what your good at, which is security (hint, hint), and when your ready, hire the right people to market it.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

The poll is hardly impartial now that it has been shared on a BB fan site. If this same article were posted on iMore, Android Central and WPcentral, the results would be more accurate I believe.

Have you read the negative comments from crapple and spamsung's sites? No difference, really.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

They want to kill BlackBerry and build new company, it's clear to me now..

That is why they priced $700 on z30 for people to drop it easily...

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I hope not. We will just have to see how things pan out. I hate the iphone. Ios7 makes me feel stupid it's do dumbed down. android device isn't organized to much hassle to find apps. BlackBerry user since first smart phone and a smart phone user for life!

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I think it will change as well, not go away. Phones will be sold from website. Blackberry phones will be niche only available to those that can afford them. And then the cycle starts again. Everyone will want one.

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I think BlackBerry is done the way we have loved it in the past. However don't think it will go away, unless the government contract goes away. If the Z10 is good enough for the president it good enough for me ..
If not here I guess I will have to move on to Samsung

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Blackberry as we knew it is done. I'd be happy with them being a nice player continuing to sell OS10 phones to a smaller market share. As long as I have my platform of choice, which continues to evolve in the positive direction then I'm happy.

I think they will stick around, it will be a long road, but once they can get this bias negative media reaction to BB going private off their back it will be all uphill. I am going to get the Z30, and hey worse case scenario even if they did cut the app store from the consumers i would still love the phone for all its stock features (plus i would have my 4s as a app fall back lol). App numbers is really being over rate. who needs 3 billion apps like really.

I really believe that BB will survive and return to being a major player. It seems to me that senior management and even the BoD needs a good kick in the ass or perhaps out the door. But that said there is too much about the products they produce and the services they provide that are too good to disappear. I agree wholeheartedly with an earlier comment. This looks so much like Apple did and the obit for that company was writ large and repeatedly not so long ago. Is my Z10 all that I was promised? Nope! Am I happy with it? Mostly. Do I want to switch? Not even a little bit.

I hope not because Android is junk. Their sync and PIM software is some sort of bad joke compared to BES and OS 7. If BlackBerry knows what's good for them they will keep selling Bold 9900 and support BES 5 for the next five years while they get their new software to work in an acceptable manner for business use.

No. I think they're doing what they can to stay relevant. It's not over till it's OVER! So let them do their thing and stop being negative. It sucks to see BlackBerry fans give up and BlackBerry hasn't closed the doors yet. I'd hate to have those people as friends and they give up on me if i were at a low point.

Unfortunately I think BlackBerry is done. Been a proud BlackBerry owner from 2005 to today.

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I still have hope but it's dwindling. I'll be loyal ad usual until I am not able too. Lol

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BlackBerry, in the form it exists today - that BlackBerry is done.

Change isn't always a bad thing.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

The next 6 months are crucial. If they could sell their OS to a handset manufacturer maybe. I think they won't be making hardware in the future.

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I fear the end might be near, but I really dont want it to be... bought a Q10 just 2 days ago. Amazing piece of hardware, just amazing.

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they are not done!!

I hope and believe that once they go private it will allow new management to refocus the company on their Enterprise being in the front and phones as their secondary product. Even if they lose the carriers stocking their devices in their stores and only available online it's not that bad. They eliminate the overstock of their own inventory and they can also sell all their devices unlocked on their website and we can then go to AT&T or whoever and get it set up.

Long live BlackBerry

I flick all my words on my amazing Z10

What's really sad is that if they are done there is nothing out there that comes close. It's truly a two horse race.

Posted using my sexy white Z10 on Z10STL100-2/

I will be the one who turn's off the light. (hopefully never)

Posted with my Z10 or Q10! ..or on my Z30..soon. ;)

Heck no! Prosumerc/mobilecomputing is future. BlackBerry is rebuilding for that. #thewritingisonthewall

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This is kind of a tough question depending on what you consider "done". I think they're done in the consumer hardware market, I hope they're still successful as a much smaller more focused enterprise/software company. And who knows, maybe one day they'll be able to offer an ipo again and move into the consumer market.

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BlackBerry will survive if users continue to believe in the product. As it is, I still think the product (bb10), has a huge amount to offer, not least because of great developer support. The headline apps that consumers want are and by large all there.

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These sort of articles are diluting the integrity of crackberry.com.
You're just lowering yourselves to the same gutter level as all the other rumour spreading sites out there.
It's a real shame.

People can't come here for unbiased advice and opinion any more.

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What are you talking about? Would you rather they write up a fanboy article and be delusional of the situation at hand?

This is reality, BlackBerry is facing issues. Talking about it is not a bad thing. Also, keep in mind that they are referring to the poll posted by another website...

Years back, CrackBerry used to be laughed at because despite all the missteps, they kept singing the praises of BB instead of facing reality. If anything, the reporting has become so much more real in the past year than ever before. Anyone that has been on this site for a number of years knows that the team is place are THE MOST die hard BlackBerry guys around. They love the devices but aren't afraid to speak the truth when they see it.

What BlackBerry is going through now has very few positive points to touch on, that's just reality.

I don't think the last chapter has been written in BlackBerry's bio.
I think with new management, and a new focus, they can move forward.
Their bread and butter have always been mobile security. This new platform is gaining the approval of those governments and agencies that rely on security. BlackBerry is the benchmark. Still is.

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They can make it...it depends on who will be in charge. if He is stays they are done...Z10 great phone...

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The BlackBerry BB10 OS is young, amazing, and has great potential for the best communication product of the future. I believe in BlackBerry. The Z30 is next.

Probably done in my view, however I'll still be using my z10 for a couple of years yet at least.

I'd rather use a long piece of string with a plastic cup at each end than be assimilated by ios or that confounded green robot.

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With Rogers not selling the Z30 it's certainly sends a strong negative message to the consumers. I've been refusing to admit it, but I think they are done. It really saddens me to say that. A part of me hopes that somehow they will work their way out of this mess. Good luck BlackBerry!

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They should have a promo. Exchange our old obsolete PlayBook for a New Z30 straight up. One time offer to get the playbooks off the street and get the Z30's out there for everyone to see!!

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It's hard to face what looks like a conspiracy alone.
The media just love BlackBerry bashing for some reason. One issue and they throw all they can on BlackBerry and how bad it is, ios7 is the worst os apple made with countless big problems and we only read about how great it is.
How many app dev just refused to make a bb10 version ? This can't be a good business decision.
BlackBerry need a great marketing division and strategy not a better and bigger phone. They need the likes of instagram netflix viber etc to make a BlackBerry App.
I still believe that they have another chance if they realize how important is the marketing and how important is the bb4all just not to give more fuel to those who want to see BlackBerry burn.
And somehow let those iPhone users know that "no service" is NOT normal to see on a regular basis on a PHONE.

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They will survive but downsized.
This market turn, they will not make a big share. Hopefully in few years it turns back. They've been the focus of corporate and professional target group, then they had the luxury of expanding their customer base. Lived in a fantasy and their ego killed them.
Went back to basics with the corporate and professional consumers.
I hope they learn and evolve.

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