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CrackBerry Asks: Are you using a mobile device to keep track of the Superbowl?

By Michelle Haag on 5 Feb 2012 03:29 pm EST
Superbowl 46

Today is Superbowl Sunday, and if you're into football, then there is no doubt you are anxiously awaiting kick-off for the big game. Even if you're not into football, you may still be watching for the commercials, or just eating wings and pizza while your friends get worked up into a frenzy over each play. In any case, CrackBerry wants to know if you are using your smartphone or tablet to keep up with the game, if you're not able to watch it on a TV somewhere. Vote in the poll above, and let us know in the comments below what your strategy is if you're away from the TV and trying to get that football fix.

Get ready for Super Bowl XLVI with BlackBerry apps, games, wallpaper and themes

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


Yup. Turning my off my 55" TV throughout the whole game and tracking the score from my phone xD


Where's the option for "No. I know what the Super Bowl is, but don't care"?


I answered "what's a superbowl", but what I really meant is "when is the superbowl?". I only just found out a few hours ago it was today, which kind of goes to show how much I care...


not into it, soccer is more fun to watch


+1 wake me when the euro or the world cup comes around.


I am pointedly ignoring ESPN and NBC today. Maybe I'll go grocery shopping while the streets are clear...


Right before reading this, I just had on my 9930 :) Sprint Football Live.
Boldly sent from my 9930


Heading up to the Shamrock & Thistle pub with my family to watch the game. I'll be keeping Scoremobile open on my PlayBook for stats and etc. :)


It'll be a cold day in H-E double hockey sticks before I take my PB into a bar. Unless it were a fern bar or something, but that's not my style.


Only if you consider my 55" TV a mobile device. :)


well technically... lol


Is there an app to keep track of Puppy Bowl?


I have to agree with you there.


''What's a Superbowl?'' Come on thats not a choice....!!


I may have to rely on Poynt if I cant get away from it all.

ScoreMobile is up and running as well.


Actually, I will be using my iPhone to participate in the Chevy ad contest. They have a companion app for iOS and Android. Not sure about others. Might be worth checking out.


37% voted on "What’s a super bowl". That’s awesome. It shows that demographically smart people have BB's, with better things to do then just sit around and watch a game.


lol this was a little funny


Actually smart people rock Android. Which is why the bb community cant even form a team clever enough to unlock the playbook's boot loader lol.. All the poll proves is that a large percent of RIM's demographic are the type who rather watch glee


What causes the BB tablet to shut down? Won't come on again?


Charging it usually helps...


2 bb bold 990 and 9930, a Playbook, iPad and iPhone.


Should be an option I don't care about the SuperBowl


Superbowl? Only thing worse is the STANLEY CUP, talk about boring.


Definitely would put no got better things to do. Sitting on my arse looking at the wall would be more entertaining than this, stop start game.

If it weren't for the ads I douvbt the game would get much air time around the world. The news this morning was all about how costly the ads would be this year. No mention on who was playing.


Just using my Playbook to view the commercials via YouTube as we don't get to see them in the great white north!


Going to agree with you, currently watching the game, then after going looking for to ads with my playbook after!! We only get fiat and chevy ads it seems!!!


Yea, mostly watching the game for the commercials. Not a fan of either surfing CrackBerry, killing time till the next set of commercials lol.


why cant we watch the game on the playbook. its online to watch if you goto when i goto the site on the pb i cant watch it live


Super-what? Waiting for NASCAR. Danica Patrick...all the time.

Give us the NASCAR app on Verizon!!


Yes Big Blue put another end to Tom Brady & company...21-17


Couldnt watch it online with the PB... NBC was streaming for US online but it uses silverlight... :\


Yeah, I was going to do the same thing.


"Yes, smartphone/tablet combination"
Thx to "BlackBerry Bridge" :)


I use my BB and Playbook while sitting on the Super Bowl


in my country, and most others around the world, football is where you actually use your feet to kick a ball and not pick it up and run with it! its here on the BBC for my country to watch but the game is severly long!!! it takes hours to get through the game!! so the questionnaire was a "whats a superbowl" from me.

BlackBerry's are for the self-assured type ;)


Connected my laptop to the TV and watched it via live stream.. This way i got to avoid the shitty commercials and gay halftime shows. Once again my playbook was useless


Epic touchdown by Giants! What was he thinking ... gotta fall before the line to stall time.... but I wanna score ...oh no my ass is already over the line and gravity has a hold on it!