Poll: In Addition To Your BlackBerry, Do You Use Another Device?

By Bla1ze on 17 May 2010 09:45 pm EDT

Among CrackBerry readers, I think it's safe to say we all have something we could say that we love about BlackBerry. Often times we read in the CrackBerry forums of users checking out other platforms available to them be it iPhone, Android or even webOS. Some of those users decide the other platforms are better. Some decide that BlackBerry is better and finally, others decide they want their cake and to be able to eat it too by opting to make use of both BlackBerry and whatever other platform they have chosen. The question here is simple, do you use other platforms or is BlackBerry your only device of choosing?  Whether you use only BlackBerry or have decided to use another platform, let us know in the comments why you have chosen whatever path you have.

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Poll: In Addition To Your BlackBerry, Do You Use Another Device?


iPhone and sometimes play games on it...but that's about it. I'm BB all the way, unless Android comes out with a decent slider with fully qwerty.

iPhone and sometimes play games on it...but that's about it. I'm BB all the way, unless Android comes out with a decent slider with fully qwerty.

I had a Pearl and Storm for about 4 years total (Storm was less than one...) until I got the Motorola Droid with Android. Yet now that I've converted all my friends to BlackBerry, I've been feeling left out recently. Sadly, I communicated with them more with BBM (gTalk is no comparison... Can't even send pictures/videos).

Soooo although I have no reason to warrant getting the Bold 9650, I really want to get one, whether I use it as an upgrade (Android is pretty awesome) or get a second line... So pondering that. Maybe work will let me put company e-mails on it... Hopefully, that doesn't stop BBM, which is what I want it for.

Now if it were the updated version of the 9000, I would have no question in my mind.

"Can't even send pictures/videos"

u can send pictures and maybe videos on BBM through "Send File". Pictures through "Send Picture"

If by gTalk u mean GoogleTalk, then yes, you CAN send pictures to your contacts. If you're trying to send a pic from your media file, select the pic u want to send, hit the menu key, and then SEND/SHARE, then u should get a pop up box with options on HOW you want to send (as Google Talk, MMS, EMAIL, etc). I do it all the time

you cant be a die hard blackberrier if you have more then one phone(pozer). i have a bb,only use a bb, and hope to get a better bb (holdin down #team8330)

Can't afford to pay pay two smartphone bills! Though I wouldn't mind trying out android, I am pleased with what I have and don't plan on switching anytime soon.

I use a  Bold 9000 as a WIFI only work unit & my  Bold 9700 as an always on device.....so I guess yes I use 2 devices & no ones not the other brand...both are  & I even tried looking @ some others.....

I WAS a die hard blackberry lover but after playing with the Android platform i had to get one. Sooooo I am using my blackberry and my Incredible. The push technology with Blackberry is unbeatable but i need a device thats a little more fun than just straight business. I like the technology of the Androids.

I switched to android from bb. Blackberry is too far behind times and WES2010 showed very little improvement.

I had enough of the waiting around for anything great from RIM. Sold the 9700 last week and I'm now 100% on my Nexus One. Love android.

I had many friends on bbm but my wife was the only one chatting with me. So no loss for me. We use Yahoo Messenger now to chat. Texting or IM is fine too. I use meebo for android and more people chat with me through the Facebook chat feature of meebo. Not everyone owns a blackberry.

I agree the push feature of email is great on the bb but the email program sucks. I needed a device that did more than just email. The apps are all below average on the bb, I always hated what we got compared to the iphone or android apps.

I use two blackberries: my DroidBerry (Storm2) and my UberBerry (!old2), but I'm desperately trying not to replace my Storm2 with the HTC Incredible.... Battery life on my Storm2 is crappy and the phone has been freezing up a lot even with "performance enhancing" apps!

I truly enjoy my new phone! I do not have access to all of my features, but besides that, I,m good. Before and at present, I have a Boost i776.

But, only because my husband wasn't happy with the blackberry (silly man) and went with the samsung moment (android). Of course it is up to me to tweak it and make it do the things he wants it to. It is interesting though I must admit, and the price was much more reasonable than the current equivalent in a blackberry.

Switched from a nice Nokia phone to the Pearl in 2007, now have the Bold 9700 - loving it and not looking outside the blackberry family!

I have an iPod for listening to music. I'm not exactly a fan of the BB's music player. Or the cost of the memory cards to import my music collection. Plus I mean if my phone breaks then the music is gone too, which is quite the downer.

But in my lifetime having a Motorola Slvr, an LG Shine, a BB Pearl, an Nokia N95, an iPhone, I love my Bold the best.

Sure, I have other "devices", but thats because they are sitting there collecting dust because they cant do anything my BB does. None are activated, all have been replaced by my BB. Guess I should get rid of them since I will never leave my trusty BB.

Don't need anything else. My contract is up in September just hoping at&t gets a new 3g bb by then. I like at&t and I love the BB.

I receive links to websites on a daily basis so it's most viewable on the iPod Touch I carry with me. Viewing through the BB would take too long to load and even then, functionality of simple website functions like drop down menus don't always perform well, if at all.

BB for BBM and e-mail, and iPod Touch for everything else. I'm definitely done with my BlackBerry, just tired of the archaic OS and the crappy releases for the Tour. I'm debating the HTC Evo or iPhone 4G, leaning towards the Evo at the moment.

I use my iPod Touch during school; we are allowed to have iPods out but not phones. I use the calculator application (I believe it can do more than the BB one?) and the Kindle application predominately. Generally if I'm not at school I will just keep my phone on me.

I have 3 sim cards, so I use a dual sim samsung apart from my BB. Would pay anything for a dual-sim BB solution

Well I'm lucky enough to work in the telecom industry so my BB 9700 is my daily workhorse but I also have a second line which I've been using for touchscreen devices. Had the iPhone 3GS for a few month but the tethered JB was killing me. Tried the Storm2 for a while and although much improved from the first gen, it's still lacking. I currently use the Samsung Galaxy but I have my eye on the upcoming Galaxy S i9000.
I would never give up my BB. Since my first BB 7200 series, so many years ago, I just can't put the damn thing down.

My choice was strictly for financial reasons. The BB was the cheapest data-only device. Would rather have an iPhone or Android.

BlackBerry Only for me, running the 9000 for 2 years (almost) now and dying for the same size unit, with WAY more app memory, taller screen and trackpad!!! Now wouldn't that be sweet!!!

I use the Blackberry for what is does best. Messaging and phone service. The itouch is my media and game player.

lol considering how close an ipod touch is to an iphone would using a ipod touch and blackberry be considered? i mean since i have a blackberry with wifi now i dont use my ipod touch's apps as much anymore though. idk lol but the ipod touch def. uses another os

with a samsung flip phone back in 05. converted to a pearl in 07 and then a 9000 and now the 9700.

So i have used another device before hand. I choose to go BB because i love the design of the phone and the function that it does. The pushed email actually helps because my classmates and professors constantly sending emails back and forth and i always never at the computer during the day; only at night. A BB is convenient.

however, since i am close to getting my BA, I am deciding whether or not to jump ship to another platform due to the recent WES not showing anything promising.

I still use my iphone, because until RIM gets its act together and realizes there is more to mobile then email, then it won't be my only device.

Currently I am STUCK on my 8th Tour since July and I HATE THEM. I just ordered a DROID INCREDIBLE and as soon as I get it that damned Tour is hitting the wall....HARD!!!

I don't require that much I guess. The bb media player works fine for me and Podtrapper updates all my podcasts while I sleep. I'm rockin a 9000 now but I'm hoping att will have a device with 512 memory when I upgrade in october. I tried the iphone and had so many problems, windows mobile was a joke. For me messaging and security are number one. My heart belongs to bb.

I switch from my 9700 to my iPhone 3GS on a weekly basis and vice versa. And as soon as AT&T gets a decent Android OS phone I'm buying it, so I'll be switching between 3 devices! The coolest part about having a provider that uses SIM cards! Although I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to do it when I my new iPhone comes out next month since it's more than likely going to use a MicroSIM card!!! :(

I swear, nothing happened! That big fat iPhone-lookin' thing can't even make calls! You're the only phone for me, Bold! Honest! You know I love the way you multi-task!

I have two weeks left to use up my tour that I paid up...On Verizon Now that bill comes in like another couple weeks, on a Corp account with Verizon so noooo biggie.

Blackberry is perfect high-end phone, but I need powerful PocketPC too, so I have HTC Advantage. This combination is best way for me.

Two devices
1. My Beloved BB9700 for communications (all kinds)
2. Nokia N86 (use it as music player/FM radio/ 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss Optic/ Not as a phone)

I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 for everything and an Iphone 2G for testing purposes and client support./ My Primary is Bold 9700 all the way.

You're either BlackBerry or you're not. I am. The 9000 on .681 is the Bomb for me. Don't need anything else. Besides, there's no BBM on the other platforms.

Love my 9700, but just bought my girl a Droid... Really like it. Might get a GSM Droid (aka Milestone) and play with both. Tried to carry two phones (BB9700 and a Nokia Luna8600) but just couldn't justify haveing both.

i need a competent mobile web browser so i definitely need a another phone. so i use either an android phone or an iphone. plus id rather use exchange activesync for corporate push email than BIS, so either one of the above is perfect.

MY BB if basically for messaging and BBM. definitely for BBM. plus I love touch screen phones, so i also using a STORM

My iPhone 2G for Wi-Fi internet browsing especially when outstation ( where I won't need to translate various sites just to check on Prepaid BIS ) and my Tour which does everything else.

Seriously RIM, we really really need the WebKit browser for our 'older' devices. I was thinking Onyx just for 6 but if somebody manages a 5.0 with 6 browser hybrid I'll keep my Tour.

I use my BB 9700 for my everyday use ie emails, texts and calls whereas i use my Android HTC Desire for more multi media ie games and web browsing etc...could have gone for the new iphone but i despise everything Apple and Android is going places.

But out of both i still love my BB 9700...its the one phone that never bores me which i cant quite explain to myself or my friends.

Still managed to convince most of my iphone friends to dump the iphone and get the BB....they havent looked back once.

Those damn i phone commercials got to me and I broke down and got one. The BlackBerry is my primary phone. It's the best for email, battery life, and texting.

The i phone is for browsing and all those cool apps. The battery life is horrible...

Now I have the best best of both worlds.

i used to use a Blackberry because it was issued to me by my employer. Now i use a Blackberry because i need one to communicate better with the people i work with. (they decided to drop the blackberry for security reasons, but most of the employees here ran out and bought personal ones so they still use them just on BIS now). I also have my own personal device the HTC Incredible which i use to interact with friends and family.

I have 2 blackberries one for primary day to day use and one old model for backup but i do at times use my Nokia 6210N for video calls seeing that that's the only function that i lack out of a Blackberry.

I love BlackBerry and my main device is my Storm2. I carry around my iPhone occassionally to listen to my podcasts and play some of my fav games. The iPhone used to be my main device until I converted to BB almost two years ago. I don't have the heart to get rid of my iPhone as it got me my job two years ago. But my Storm2 to is my main device.

The geek in me would like to try out an Android phone.

I use my BB Tour as my personal device, and my work gives me a Nextel as well. I don't think it's exactly what you all are talking about, but TECHNICALLY I use two devices. If I didn't need Nextel for work, than I would only have the BB, nothing else interests me.

Bold 9700 is my Primary device but I also have a Samsung Jack i637 around with a prepaid SIM. I might even get the Nokia E5 when it is released to give non-touchscreen Symbian a try. With every manufacturer wanting to be an iPhone now, I feel I have to hold on to the best non-touchscreen smartphones that remain as they may be the last ones.

I live and work in different countries and use a Storm 1 while at work and Android at home (HTC Hero). Push email is essential at work but when I'm at home Android is more fun.

at the moment i only use my BB, but i believe that if i had the finance i would get another device on a different platform. lets be real i dont think there is one device that does everything to someones perfection. thats why people use IE and Firefox, Windows and Mac.
one normally does something better than the other. i think i want my next device to be running Android. i think a combination of Blackberry and Android will be the perfect match.

I began using a Dell Axim PDA running Windows Mobile 2003 SE, well a long time ago. I later upgraded to Windows Mobile 5 running on a AudioVox 6700 (a.k.a "The Brick"). By then I was hooked on the need for mobile PDA function, anytime access to email, and always on web. I upgraded the phone as often as I could find releases to gain function and speed. I then upgraded to a Samsung i760 sporting Win Mobile 6. In Feb of last year I was completely upset realizing I was warrantying my phone every 3-4 months, reloading the OS (which on WM is a pain) and restoring all my data about once a month. I had zero stability. A coworker of mine had just upgraded his 8830 to a storm so I borrowed the 8830 and tried it out. After 30 days I ran out and bought a Storm myself and have been pleased with it. Being a touchscreen phone made it easy to transfer from WM to BB. Further I figured out how to run two BES accounts (1 Personal + 1 work) immediately which has "made" the experience. I couldn't imagine not having this kind of integration at this point. I'm all BB!

After having used my Blackberry Bold 9700 for nearly 6 months I've found that it is the only hand held device that I keep with me. Before purchasing the Bold I used an outdated Dell Axim X50 and a Nokia 6250. By using bluetooth connections to my laptop I kept all three devices in sync. It was a pain when I to forget to carry my Dell Axim and not be able listen to music since my older phone lacked this capability. Now, with the Bold I'm able to do everything, even GPS (via the Google Maps App). At first I missed the Dell Axim touch screen but find it much safer to use a physical button based device.

I have an 8GB ipod touch, which i use in addition to my Tour. the Touch is fantastic for games and watching movies on the airplane while traveling. Also, my car has an ipod hookup .... but doing any kind of communicating it done via my BB.

I have a Curve 8300 and it's the only device I use, no need for another one...it fulfills all what I expect for a phone has to be...BB abú!

Went from G1 to BB8900 then to Moto Cliq.....but was missing BB so I got the 9700.

I use my G1 for tinkering with roms. The Cliq is my Android phone that I take with me (sometimes) to use for media/web browsing/games.

My BB9700 stays attached to my hip. :)

Give you one example of when I take my Cliq. When the wife wants me to take her shopping at the mall. I find myself a nice little spot to sit and just fool around on my phone.

when i read the poll, i didnt think of a 2nd phone. i openly mock certain people about carrying multiple phones. either ur on the downlow or ur thinking is beyond me.

Anyway, I have my bberry and I sometimes tote an iPod touch. Lets face it, Apple has the market on interfaces and knows how to make a media player. (As much as iTunes pisses me off) Apple owns mobile entertainment. For real functionality (managing contacts, appointments, quick emails, chats, etc) bberry the way to go.

The only platform I use besides my Tour, is my DayTimer, which I use to take notes at some meetings and to keep my master calendar on, since I know it won't get deleted or lost when I change devices or screw up. There's still a lot to be said for leather, paper and ink, even in the age of bits and bytes! My second favorite (behind CrackBerry.com) website is levenger.com, since they are the paper and ink equivalent to the BlackBerry app store.

I use a Storm 2 and it's all I need. I do wish the onscreen keyboard was a little easier to type on but other than the occasional lockup requiring a battery pull, the Storm 2 is a very useful and functional device.

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I have recently switched from the iPhone. I love the BlackBerry. I have to say though, there are things that I love and hate about both. I have everything organized with MobileMe, and that made the iPhone awesome for me. The BB is definably more business oriented. If Apple would allow MobileMe to sync with the blackberry, the BB would be the 100% perfect device for me!

I had the 8320 on T-Mobile. But the combination of BB and T-Mobile was so slow to evolve, I moved to Android for 3G.

Now I have Nexus One and a 8520 from work.

There's something about BB that once you use them you want to keep coming back to them. But RIM disappoints on multiple fronts like browser, media, apps etc. Lack of 3G BB used to be one of my gripes but that was addressed with Bold, though a little late for me.

Thanks to me my wife converted to BB and now sports a Bold on T-Mobile.

Currently I have the 9700, Nokia E71x and iPhone 3GS.

While the 9700 is an amazing device it does not hold a candle
to the E71x with respect to build quality, functionality,
intuitive OS, etc.

The iPhone wins the day in the multimedia arena. This is where
the BB truly underperforms. They really need to scrap the
Media Player and rebuild something better than the train wreck
the currently have.

At the end of the day though, I would hate limiting myself to
one single platform. They all have something to offer and only
a fool would claim that one is head and shoulders better than
anything else.

I currently rock a 9000 and an iphone 3g - both phones I pay for, however only give the iphone number at work to keep my life seperate...I did however request a work 9700 so the iphone will stay at home and will only get used for long calls (big call plan). No need for my iphone once I get an ipad too - blackberrys for work and keeping up with friends, ipad for fun

I have never used other devices my bb does everything I want and then some.. I've tried playing with a few of my friends phones..but nothing has even come close to the functionality of my Sexy BB. More then likely I will stay with my bb till some superduper crazy as$ phone comes out that merges with all other phones...like a "I-Black-Droid" phone LoL.

I have my T-Mobile Bold 9700 and Archos 5 Internet Tablet running Android hacked to use Marketplace. The Archos complements my Bold and I use the 3G to connect to the internet on my Archos via a CradlePoint router. I find this combination perfect because when I want a bigger screen I just switch over to the Archos.

After getting my current job, I got to playing with Android quite a bit. For business purposes I still use a BB (currently the 9105, before that the 9700), for all other purposes I play around with the HTC Desire and since 2 days the Samsung Galaxy S. Though the 'droids can handle Exchange accounts, I still prefer the security of the BB for my corporate emails.

Third option should be
Yes - I have a BBerry (which I hate) and use another device.

Whenever I'm in wi-fi range, i use my ipod touch instead. The bberry is only for phone use.

Nope. I did have my few month old BlackBerry Bold 9000 that I'd switch to when the 9700 was doing an update or something, but I ended up selling it on eBay (for $260). Now it's just me and my 9700. :) I really want an iPhone to play with, though.

I have an iPod Touch and that's a good improvement for adjusting your eyes. Email gets sent to both(bb and iPod) and the web browser is an improvement from the Blackberry browser. There isn't really a lot of apps for the blackberry, so I use my iPod for my phone bill and check my bank account. I use the web browser on my blackberry for that as well but it just doesn't suffice. Plus the blackberry doesn't really have a lot of memory as a 32 GB iPod? So yeah can't really download much on here. The good thing about the blackberry though is the wi-fi and it seems to have a better signal strength than the iPod. I can't wait for the updates for both devices. Being able to multi-task on the iPod and for the blackberry, oh dear! a web browser that has tabs for multiple pages! But these are my reasons.

Either way I'm happy with both devices and androids don't really call to me. Plus with google being able to see what your searching for and what not doesn't really call to my attention. Not that I have anything to hide. It's just a little scary knowing they know what your looking at and what not. Although I might be a hypocrite for saying all that since I do have a gmail account and use google as my homepage.

I just don't see these android phones, cute as blackberries.

I use an iPod classic for music - does that count? BB's media player is far too buggy, and ugly to boot. When my contract is up with Verizon in August, I'll be dropping the BlackBerry altogether and switching to something with a more modern OS.