Polarbit releases four new games for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 27 Sep 2011 12:02 pm EDT

Polarbit has released 4 shiny new games for the BlackBerry PlayBook today that are sure to get some love. All of the games were assumingly designed using the native PlayBook NDK and they certainly do look good. The games are Armageddon Squadron, Raging Thunder, ToonWarz and Wave Blaster and each retails for $2.99. We haven't had a chance to check them all out first hand just yet, but rest assured we'll try out each of them and let you know what we think. From the screenshots and descriptions alone they already look better than many of the available games for the PlayBook, so if you've got the itch to get your game on, you'll definitely want to check these out.

Check out the Polarbit games in BlackBerry App World

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Polarbit releases four new games for the BlackBerry PlayBook


This games are just remakes of some available for older symbian Nokias I hope these work better, the originals lagged close to 2 minutes between frames.

This is very promissing, Adam, or Other CB bloggers, if you end up buying these games for your Playbook, would you mind making a short video with actual gameplay? Thanks :)

Having just purchased WaveBlazer, I certainly would not describe it as being slick. The graphics are pixalated and, although the gameplay mechanics are smooth, the graphics arent. This is not necessarily a criticism, but if your expecting graphics on par with Dead Space or Spacelings, you will not find it here.

The other problem I've bumped into is the suspend feature of the PB - I hate that thing. With WaveBlazer, as you rarely tough the surface of the tablet in that you are primarily only tilting the device, the PB will enter into its supsend mode during the middle of the game.

My suggestion would be to up your suspend mode settings to the highest time and then occasionally touch the screen. Note, I only tried the Arcade mode of WaveBlazers; havent tried the other modes yet.

ffs....still RIM cant get the pricing right, $2.99 is not £2.99 its £1.99...sort it out RIM and stop screwing us!

I tweeted a similar thing to @UK_BlackBerry and @BlackBerry a while ago.

They replied with .... silence.

ill be picking these up as well. graphics dont look great but multiplayer sounds awesome. i just bought Tofu...must have game, i love it. well worth the money, tons of levels. im trying to buy as many pay apps as possible, hopefully if we all do that developers will see its worth it to make them for the PB, and it lets them make more money out of it. I love the playbook

Well as said, the game is ok. The graphics look alot better on the pic. taken, but they're not unbearable. This game could use some improvements there though. Anyways, the multi player is some what interesting. I picked me a fight with someone earlier, who seemed to have a lag that looked like a BB Bridge. The dam lag saved him on Toon Wars, dam guy exploded me.
Anyways, the online play is only as fun as playing single player at the moment. There's no way to communicate with each other, and now I wish they had BBM connected with these things. Your just randomly going to rooms with other players.

I bought all but the racing game. Very nice games! And the multiplayer option will get tried 2night when my guys in my BBM group get it.

what happened to games like Samurai II: Vengeance by Unity that they said they will bring to PB? i want those kind of games....*sigh*

I would guess RIM might of held most top app/games for that OS 2.XX version, in next months update. That way, they can say there's just so much more with RIM now.
Anyways, I hope the top games don't end up taking 400MB again... unless you can move it onto the storage memory.