Polarbear beta gets updated to version 2.0.1

By James Richardson on 15 Aug 2013 04:38 am EDT

If you have been one of the lucky selection of folk to have been testing out the beta of Polarbear you should get an update today via email. The BlackBerry 10 application that allows you to post to numerous social networks simultaneously has had a ton of new features and improvements added, so we are one step closer now to the app getting submitted to BlackBerry World - I hope.

We've been lucky enough to get the new beta version early and I'm pleased to say that things are looking much better. Out of all the new stuff, the one thing that really pleased me was the capitalization of the first word of a post - It's the little things that make me happy.

If you are in the beta program be sure to hit up the comments with any improvements you would like to see. I for sure 'need' an Active Frame that looks pretty. At the moment it is just the static app, but as this is just a beta I'm sure that will be implemented in due course.

What's new in Polarbear 2.0.1:


  • Twitter posts longer than 140 characters will automatically split into multiple tweets
  • App.net posts longer than 256 characters will automatically split into multiple status updates
  • Character count for Twitter and App.net
  • Link preview with thumbnail for Facebook posts
  • Link preview with thumbnail for LinkedIn posts
  • Added support for blank lines (line-breaks) for Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger

 Account Management:  

  • Connect Blogger and Google+ accounts that have different login credentials - e.g. example@gmail.com for Blogger and johndoe@gmail.com for Google+


  • Faster account connection and logout process
  • Optimized overall performance


  • Auto capitalization of the first word of a sentence
  • Simplified 1 button "posted dialog" with text clearing after closing

Bug Fixes

Once Polarbear is available to everyone we will of course have a full review. Because the app is built for all BlackBerry 10 devices it should be a big hit. I hear social networking is quite popular these days!

Request an invite to the Polarbear beta program



Yesss! Waiting for my mail, great app!

Posted via that z10!


Can't wait for this app to hit BlackBerry World.

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I need this app to add scheduling of posts (if possible)

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Sayumi Whisp

Wow :) that's really cool I need it :)

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Rage Riley

How can I be apart of this programme?

Posted via CB10 with STL 100-3, BB Z10

DJ Reyes



Is this available in BlackBerry World yet? If not when will it be?

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Send me please...

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This app is laggy as hell and not even native cascades, kills the experience

DJ Reyes

This is why it is still in beta. The developer welcomes any feedback to help him improve the app before mass release.


Not interested.

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sladka miyatovic

And he has in store?

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The developer is on top of things+++! Got back to me within minutes of two questions I emailed to him. Can't share pictures yet but am liking this app!

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