Keep things simple with the Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10

Want a case without the case? Check out the Poetic Borderline!

By Adam Zeis on 20 May 2013 11:19 am EDT

When it comes to cases for your BlackBerry Z10, you can go big, bigger or biggest depending on your needs. Some users want full-out protection for hardcore environments while others just need something to protect from those accidental drops.

Others want to keep things as minimal as possible and for that comes the Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10.

The Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10 is more of a bumper than a full case but it still gives you some great protection. The Borderline fits around the edges of your device and holds tight, keeping the sides and corners safe from any unexpected falls.

There is no back to hide the battery door which means you'll still get to show off your BlackBerry Z10 to the world.

Peotic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10

It comes in a variety of colors and is really as simple as they come. Just snap it all around your Z10 and you're ready to go. The buttons are covered as well and while I did find them to be a bit hard to work at first, over time the case loosens up a bit so you shouldn't have any issues.

If you're look for some basic protection for you Z10 or just want to add that pop of color, the Poetic Borderline case may be the one for you. Grab it now from the link below in a variety of colors.

Purchase the Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10

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Reader comments

Keep things simple with the Poetic Borderline Case for the BlackBerry Z10


Perfect! I hate hiding the BlackBerry logo. "Is that an iPhone? "


Posted via CB10 / Z10

Agreed. Also the BlackBerry logo should have been placed near the top of the device. I'm going to hunt for BlackBerry logo stickers for my cases.

Heh, in Slovenia almost no one recognizes BB logo, but they do know the name. Most of the time they ask me if it has Android...

You can respond with "No, Apple wouldn't put a BlackBerry logo below the screen of an iPhone."

Posted via CB10

I seem to be unable to do so through the CB10 app. Perhaps that is why the question was asked.

Not that it matters to me since it's not even available in the Canadian CB store.


I really like this...I'm definitely looking for a case that covers all edges but keep the physical identity of the device.

It's hard plastic with rubber border. It's a great Lil case but if you remove your battery or change cases often it might be a problem because the rubber tears aways from the plastic once you remove it over and over

Posted with my Q10

It's not available in the Canadian store. If you live and Canada and don't mind needlessly paying for shipping you can get it in their US store.


I have one, it's not the best quality. I find the OEM transform case to be a perfect minimal case.

Posted via CB10

I just got a replacement of this case...the rubber peeled away just from day to day looked like they didnt glue it well enough. Will see how long the replacement lasts.

I got one a month ago. The edges around the ports are a bit sharp and uncomfortable, which is why I don't use it.

Posted via Zeppelin

I bought the poetic atmosphere, which is this plus a transparent back, I found the backless bumper really stupid. Especially if you drop it on it's back

Also how can they have a variety of colors but no red?
I'd buy another if red became available

Posted via CB10

I have this case and it's almost impossible to access the side buttons of z10 (very hard plastic)! I had to cut the sides out! Ended up with the crunk case.

I got mine in red but you can't charge your phone while is on. So that makes it useless. The quality is only average. I sent it back

Posted via CB10

Erm I have the same case and there's totally an open slot where you can charge it on the side, don't listen to this guy people!

Posted via CB10

Timbero is right, charging is a pain in the ass. There is an opening but it isn't aligned properly, it slightly prevents the charger from easily going in. The Poetic Atmosphere however is much better...

Nice.. not sure what case I want to get for my Z10.. I know there's a lot of stuff but not sure which one fits me best..

Posted via CB10

Extremely hard to take off, I almost broke the battery cover. I do not recommend any of the Poetic products. They don't have quality.

Have the Poetic Atmosphere case, similar to this but has a back, and it's gathering dust now. It's ok but I found the buttons too difficult to work, didn't soften like I'd hoped. The lock/power button was alright but the volume controls were not good with this case on.

I'm using the poetic atmosphere case at the moment it's really nice only problem was the volume buttons were hard to press but I managed to fix it just by put a thin piece of sponge or paper in the cover by the volume buttons now it works perfectly :-)

Posted via CB10

Better get a case ,mine fell on the concrete floor today, I heard it crash,no problem it fell on the corner and I heard the impact and was relieved that my protection was good,no damage at all.God bless protection!!

I have a blue case as well and I love it. I went through a few before finding this one which really seems to be that perfect balance of allowing the natural beauty of the phone (and the feel of the back) along with some minimalist edge protection.

I would definitely recommend it.

Posted via CB10

I have a Poetic Atmosphere case for my Z10. I'm very, very pleased with the fit, finish, quality and level of protection it offers. It's my first Poetic product and I would highly recommend them.

If your looking for minimal bulk, the Atmosphere is barely noticeable. The Borderline would still provide adequate corner protection with even less bulk.

If you're on the fence about their products, do yourself a favor and try it out.

Posted via CB10

I like it. Shows off my skins very well. It is minimal protection aimed at consumers looking to maintain the asthmatics of the phone. The charger fits snugly but no issues charging. The buttons are difficult but is just sliced each side with an exacto knife and they work great now. The soft rubber separated from the hard plastic after 3 removals but is not catching anything or reaching our yet so it's of minimal concern. For $12 I'm pretty satisfied. And it does look great. Another minimal case with a "Clear" back the Cimo hybrid. I used it until my skins showed up.

Posted via CB10

Don't you think it's about time someone put a some sort of creative case out almost fully customizable say like it's almost logo like if just clips together with different panels and that, maybe just me who wants to see this but I think it would sell insanely

Posted via CB10