The Poetic Atmosphere case brings a pop of color to your BlackBerry Z10

By Adam Zeis on 19 Mar 2013 12:09 pm EDT

The Poetic Atmosphere case for the BlackBerry Z10 was the very first case I picked up for my device. Heck, I purchased it before I even had my BlackBerry Z10 just so I could be prepared - and I have to say it did not disappoint. The Poetic Atmosphere case is a simple snap on case that provides a good amount of protection for your BlackBerry Z10 without a lot of bulk. It holds on tight all around the device to the point where it's somewhat hard to get back off - which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's a great choice for the everyday BlackBerry warrior and will keep your Z10 safe from those little drops and even a few big falls.

Putting the Poetic Atmosphere case on your BlackBerry Z10 is easy - just slip in one side of the device and snap the case around. It instantly clamps around all the corners and doesn't budge one bit. With the exception of the screen, the device is covered from head to toe. The front even has a bit of a lip that will keep your screen clear if you happen to lay your device face down on any surface. 

The back of the Poetic Atmosphere case is a frosted plastic, so you still get to see the BlackBerry logo on the battery door. Important for some to show their BlackBerry pride, but maybe not so much for others.

My favorite thing about this case is how it adds a great pop of color to the Z10. Since the Poetic Atmosphere case is available in a variety of colors (CB orange is obviously my favorite) you can easily change it up depending on your mood ... or if you want to match your outfit. 

Overall I really like this case. I've been using a bunch of different ones however so at this point it's hard to say if it's my favorite. I've been changing out cases so much I'm not sure which I like best right now. It's still one of the best Z10 cases you can buy for the money, and if you're just looking for simple protection with a bit of flair - the Poetic Atmosphere is where it's at. 

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The Poetic Atmosphere case brings a pop of color to your BlackBerry Z10


Will my Z10 still fit in my BlackBerry leather swivel holster I purchased from CB with this case on as well?

Posted via CB10

The black Z10 and orange case looks perfect for Halloween. I wonder how a white Z10 will look with draped in the blue case

I was thinking along those lines. Never had a case for a phone, but the white phone would look good accented by a case like this. If you had a white phone then a case preserving it's pristine look would make sense, and the frosting would integrate better with a white background.

i got a blue one for mine and a purple for my girlfriends white Z10, honestly i see these cases standing out more on white then on black, though all the example pics are on black

Just got my Poetic Atmosphere case in the mail 2 minutes ago. White case to match the white Z10. How does it fit?? Cant tell you...Still being tag-team owned by Verizon and Blackberry!

It's alright...still not as great as an OtterBox commuter would be...

BlackBerry Z10 & BlackBerry PlayBook

I have the Ballistic Case SG...using it to fill the void left by the absence of an OtterBox commuter...still not the same though.

We should spam OtterBox on Twitter and demand they design a Commuter for the Z10

BlackBerry Z10 & BlackBerry PlayBook

I actually bought 2 of these (from ebay they were $7 with free shipping, sorry CrackBerry but that is almost $20 less after shipping) and they are really sweet cases. Very sturdy and they look good all I need is my Z10 from ATT to go in it...can't wait until Friday!

can somebody design a bumper-like case. the Z10 has the nice squared shape, will look nice on a bumper.

Poetic makes a bumper case for the z10. Just ordered a red one. They should be listed in the CrackBerry Store.

Agreed, it does bring a little pop to the phone, its eye catching. Do think it would look better on the White model, have a nice contrast there. Don't have a Z10 yet (hopefully CB can help out here) but will definitely get one later this year along with these (if the sell them down in South Africa).

I was debating between this and the iSkin Vibe and went with the Vibe for two reasons:

1) it doesn't have plastic
2 offers better grip

I checked out the iSkin Vibe on Amazon, but I'm wondering does it come in more than 3 colors (Amazon has black, pink and purple listed) and what type of material is it?

Edit: answered my own questions with a web search. looks neat but I don't like their blue and that's the color I want

i bought the blue one, its really nice looking, my only complaint is that the volume rockers are very hard to push on. im now going naked until my chromatic skin bring sexy blue to my z10 :D

Ordered a white one for my black z 10 yesterday but advised me they are out of stock. Anyone else get that info?

No ship date guaranteed due to out-of-stock items; ships with Canada Post Xpresspost.

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

All the colors that I want like Orange or white are Out of stock in Crackberry store :(
Also Battery Charger Kit for Z10 is Out of Stock.
When is the new inventory expected?

What I'd most like to know with case reviews : does the lip interfere with bezel gestures?
Had the Roots case - no good.
The best ones that I've found so far are the two BlackBerry OEM's.
Vcoer also makes a sweet one with cut outs in all the right places for gestures and access...
Wish CrackBerry carried it...


Can someone tell me which case is the orange one? it looks really nice on black. Never mind, should've played the video.

I have the blue one on my white Z10. The blue really does pop with the white. As someone said earlier the volume rockers are insanely difficult to push. I find that the sides occasionally interfere with gestures for me because I have fat thumbs. The gestures still work I just might have to do it an extra time or two.

Posted via CB10

Someone mentioned phantom skinz in another article and i have to say they have some cool looking skinz...i wonder how well these cases would fit with one of those skins on.

Does anyone know the difference between the Poetic "Atmosphere" and the Poetic "Borderline"?

Posted via CB10

@nemzy the borderline is a bumper case like the iphone ones and the atmosphere is a normal case... I think anyway.

lol i also bought the poetic atmosphere as my first case for my Z10 which i havent even bought yet because im on tmobile :(

Ahh I rather have the borderline, why is this not available in Canada :(

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

Ok so it's available in the USA shop and I was able to order. Best part is its in stock. Going to cancel the atmosphere

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

I got this case in blue with a black Z10. Volume rockers are hard to push I agree. But I do like the case.

Posted via CB10

Got mine from Amazon. The side volume buttons are extremely difficult to push. If I had continued to use the case, I would have cut this area out with an Exacto knife. And the hot pink I wanted/ordered (as shown in the picture) turned out to be coral (orangey red), instead! Another negative. Which is too bad because otherwise I loved the slimmness and the pop of color is nice against the black.

Posted via CB10

Has anyone who purchased this found that the rubber is separating from the clear plastic? Does anyone know if this has a warranty? I bought it from Crackberry shop.

Posted via CB10

How come this poetic atmosphere case for z10, everytime I click 'buy now', it kept getting not available for z10! But the post is for z10?

Posted via CB10