PodTrapper Updated to Version 2.5

By Adam Zeis on 30 Sep 2009 11:35 am EDT


One of my favorite apps PodTrapper, has been updated to version 2.5 and includes some great new features. PodTrapper is probably the best app there is for listening to podcasts on your BlackBerry, and the new updates make it that much better. Some of the updates include:

  • Podcast recommendation engine (Add Podcasts->Recommendations)
  • Setting to run PodTrapper on Startup
  • Configurable rewind after unpausing
  • Ability to save files to your SD card with reasonable names (Save As.. in episode viewer)
  • Sleep timer (started via the Settings Screen)
  • Ability to specify day and time for weekly updates

Podtrapper is available for $9.99 in the CrackBerry App Store. While the price is a bit higher than the average BlackBerry app, if you do a lot of podcast listening on the go then it is well worth the price.

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PodTrapper Updated to Version 2.5


Very few apps I have I use on a regular basis, much less on a daily basis. 10 bucks is not a lot given how much I have used this application and the support I have received with it. When I first Bold went down, they quickly got me another code for my Pearl and another for my next Bold within a day.

One of the best hands down.

Its the best app on my BB. I love that it keeps adding features, and is a great interface for listening to podcasts.

I've always loved this app! It's my favourite way to listen to crackberry podcasts on the ride to work!..

this is the most-used app on my tour. if you listen to podcasts, do yourself a favor and download the free trial.

This app is great. It not only fills a niche like no other, but the developer is awesome. It's just one guy who places customer satisfaction at the top of his list; though perhaps tied with software quality. Podtrapper is always running on my bold, and I use it almost every day and I've never had any trouble with it. When the developer asked what people thought it was worth, he was surprised to find most people felt 9.99 was either just right, or too little!

I use PodTrapper each and every day. It was $10 very well spent. Also, the developer of PodTrapper is one of the most approachable people I have had the pleasure to interact with. He even seem excited when you discover small problems in the software. The first but I reported I had a response from him within a couple of hours, what "Great" customer support.
He is also very open to new features as well, and the forums he has setup for discussion of PodTrapper is excellent and has great members all working to make the application better.

My suggestion: If you listen to podcasts, don't even bother with the free trial, just buy the application as I'm 99% sure you will.

This app is the best Podcast app I have used.
It's easy to use and it automatically updates all your selected feeds.
I have started to listen to podcast books, Theater, and other story based podcasts.
Well worth the $10.00

I just want to reiterate what everyone else has said. Marcus has been extremely patient with my endless questions, always answering me within 24 hours and always with patience. This app is well put together and performs above my expectations.

One thing I didn't realize is that you can download "one off" podcasts (or an MP3), such as what Blackberry Zone did (they don't have an URL yet for regular downloading) and PodTrapper can listen to that and keep bookmarks for it as well. Use the "File Playback" at the bottom of the list of Podcasts. I keep "one off" podcasts in a Podcast folder, and PodTrapper regular downloaded podcasts in a PodTrapper fodler. I had seen some posts in the forums about the only program that could do this was BerryTunes. Well that's actually not the case. I love PodTrapper.

I've never dealt with the developer as some of the others have -- I haven't needed to it's worked great from day 1.
I love what it can do, the only ding against it - it could LOOK better. Could look worse too. Thats a complaint I have of most of the Berry apps out there - they just don't look as good as the iPhone/Pre/Android apps look.

Overall, it works very well and it's one of the MOST used apps on my Storm.

I just bought this app (didn't even bother with the free trial) and it was well worth the price!! Fantastic functionality!

You know when it's an amazing app...

When people who already purchased it, take the time to rave about the product.!!

I wholeheartedly agree with everyone saying this is the best Podcast app on the BB, but here is something else that I love about it:

I listen to a lot of 'lectures' / Audiobooks as well, that are simple MP3 files downloaded like any other music files. The player has excellent controls that the native media player is lacking in (for example greater control over rewinding and forwarding), but by far the BEST feature is that it 'bookmarks' where you left off, for each and every audio file that you open.

So you can listen to track 1, leave halfway and move on to track 2, leave 1/4 way and move to track 3. It will bookmark that you are at 50% for track 1, 25% for track 2, and whatever you left at for track 3. Excellent!

I listen to audio books on podtrapper everyday. Absolutely the best blackberry app you can get. Also, Marcus is all about customer support. He encourages feature requests.

A really pro app and Marcus keeps improving it. This one gets heavy use on my Bold. $10 is a bargain.

I've used PodTrapper for a long time... paid $10 and everything. But it seems to take forever to download podcasts to my Curve.

I use the PodTrapper Desktop Downloader, and my Curve connected with a USB cable.

It is simply that the MicroSD card has such a crappy transfer rate that it seems to take a long time to download?

I switched back to using my 2nd gen iPod Nano because it was so much quicker to download.

I can download a 30MB podcast in seconds with iTunes and sync my iPod faster than Podtrapper can even initiate the download.

Am I doing something wrong?

Downloads are quite fast, though they do takeup a lot of the CPU resource when they are getting downloaded to the phone. However I have a Storm with 3G not sure what speed your Curve has.

Also I've exceeded 5GB on my data plan. And I'm sure Podtrapper has something to do with it.

I have to agree with everyone's comment here, excellent app and excellent customer support for only $10! The bookmark(really a place holder) is one of the best features.

Also even though the one issue I reported was not resolved, the level of support Marcus provided was excellent so I'm bummed but still 100% satisfied with the product.

Love this app just waiting for the deal of the day to run with it then I will buy. By far the best podcast catcher its replace my Ipod because I can listen and it will break in for phone calls. I just wish it would ring instead of pause.

BB Storm User Alert:

With all the positive comments you would think this the greatest podcast player of all time. In my experience it falls short of hitting the mark!

Call me a critic but I think Zune & iPod have made excellent netcast/podcast players for years. So why is it so hard for a BB programmers to mock what has been done before? Is a smooth user interface or the ability to D/L either oldest to newest or newest to oldest, too much to ask?

I have the BB Storm and like 95% of the apps for BB they are designed around a fixed keyboard and track device(ball/wheel). So when I buy an app for $9.99 that is "storm approved" I get an app half heartedly converted app from the standard screen/keyboard/track device BB to Storm touch screen.

For those using the above styled BB I will try to explain:

To start your screen is about 1/3 of the BB Storms so instead of reworking the app to take advantage of the extra room they keep the same screen size 1/3 of my available screen real estate. The ONLY input device the Storms has is the touch screen but when some devs convert they forget this and yes the app does not work. Another issue is Storm users have the option of landscape and portrait and many after market converted apps don't take advantage of this. (90% of my active time is in landscape mode)I hope this helps you are fellow BB owners understand our issues.

PROS: Podtrapper is the best of what is available without a doubt. Many features and good communication from the developers are a strong plus.

CONS: User interface is squished/cramped and hard to use while moving, many time you press the wrong button. I note this the most while driving I want to switch a podcast or pause and hit the wrong button. Output source changes after a call. I use my aux output on my BB. When I receive a call and call has finished it returns to playing the podcast but from the BB speaker not my aux output. Only downloads newest to oldest, this really is a sore spot for me every time I add a podcast I have to download all the episodes just so I can listed to the oldest one first. I have tried to OTA d/l the 2.5 release and from the PC and both tell me this version is not for the Storm. It would have been nice to see that mentioned here or on Versatile Monkeys site.

Conclusion: It could be the software is too sophisticated and I am failing to see how to over come these things, but I sure have no prob with iTunes & Zune?