PodTrapper Updated To Version 2.1.0

By Bla1ze on 1 Jun 2009 09:39 am EDT
PodTrapper Updated!

I love it when great apps just keep getting better. PodTrapper which we have covered on numerous occasions here at CrackBerry has just gotten that much better with the recent changes that have been put into effect. For those unaware of how or what Pod Trapper is, Craig's review is something you'll want to have a look at if being able to download podcasts direct to your device is something you need in your life.

For those of you all out there that have been happily using PodTrapper for a while now, the change log has some fine points in that are worth mentioning:

  • Multiple playlist support
  • Preserve episodes from auto deletion
  • Rearrange playlists
  • Ability to pause via mute key on top of handheld while locked/holstered
  • Ability to assign actions to convenience keys while BB is locked

While those are the major changes, there is a whole laundry list of minor changes that have been considered as well. You can read the full changelog here. And for those new to the PodTrapper application, a free trial is available in the Shop CrackBerry Store, after which the application costs $9.99.

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PodTrapper Updated To Version 2.1.0


I love PodTrapper! Before getting my Storm, I had never really listened to podcasts much because it was such a pain in the butt to sync my mp3 player with iTunes to get the latest feed. Now with PodTrapper, it detects when a new PodCast is available and downloads it right to the phone. I currently have 18 different podcasts that I am subscribed to and episodes are brought automatically (I have it set to check 4 times per day). Even if the only podcast you listen to is the CrackBerry Podcast - it's worth the $9.99.

I've been using Stitcher for about 2 weeks now, and I have to say it's very nice. Why pay 10 bucks for something when there is a free app that does the same thing.

PodTrapper downloads the podcast's MP3 file to your phone so you can listen to it.

Stitcher finds shows and streams them to your phone.

They both do the same thing... but one doesn't require a wireless data connection to listen. I'd rather download all my episodes ahead of time and listen without using any data.

I've never used Stitcher... what happens when you're in the car and you find a place with no or slow data coverage?

I love this program. I have tried them all free and not and this is the best. The over the air download is awesome! I have ditched my iPod because of my awesome Storm, Podtrapper and Rhapsody. Now if Sandisk will ship the 32 gig card I will be in 7th heaven.

I don't know if it was the latest official build for the Storm or this version of Podtrapper or both but I no longer have playback issues with any of my media. The Storm had some issues where it wouldn't play though headphones at first unless you plugged and unplugged the jack a few times. It wasn't Podtrappers fault at all so I'm glad the RIM folks finally got this worked out and the VZ finally let us in on a good build (officially that is).

Support from the developer is immediate and excellent. I couldn't ask for more in the small price for this fantastic application!

Than PODTRAPPER!!! Simply put. End of discussion...

Best interface. Album art. Fully (I mean FULLY) customizable. SDcard loading. Great customer support.

There is no excuse NOT to at least try it! It has one of the longest trial periods for any app out there. I made my purchase after 6 days, and never looked back.

Listen and unlock the full potential of your BlackBerry!!!

The new version has the same standby issue as the new Slacker version on the 8900. ERrrrrrr downgrading!

I think this might be the first time I'm hearing about this issue. What are you seeing?



What kind of issues are you seeing? If you want you can use the 'Email developer' menu item to talk with me directly.


See, this is what I'm talking about. Not only ready to help if you contact him, but seeking out user problems to resolve. Corporate america could stand to learn a thing or two about customer support from this guy!!!

I started using Podtrapper several weeks ago - tried the free trial - I must admit I had a bit of a problem getting started - don't read directions! :-( I also download the files via my computer rather than over the cell network and found the process a bit confusing. It took me at least 10 whole minutes to figure it out! Also, as was mentioned previously, the author gets back to you very quickly, answers questions, and I think, understands some of us may need a bit more help than others. An excellent program - I do not regret paying that small price! I would recommend it very highly!

I like stitcher because #1 free, #2 good selection, #3 continuous play will go to the next podcast which is good for news, #4 notifications when new podcasts are available.

$9.99 is expensive for a non-essential app. imo.

At the risk of starting sumpin’ sumpin’…
You may have wandered into the wrong space. This is about PODTRAPPER!
Glad you like Stitcher but…
1) Everyone loves FREE, but you get what you pay for. Podtrapper Rules!
2) Podtrapper has a GREAT selection, not good. As a matter of fact, I believe you can elect to participate in information gathering to have what I call “most downloaded/viewed” type of listings, almost like YouTube. Haven’t used it yet though.
3) Podtrapper HAS continuous play, for as many podcasts that there are available. They also refresh in the back round as you listen if you elect so. In ADDITION to having default and customizable multiple playlists. Even BETTER for news, especially sorting of different types.
4) Notifications. WTF? Podtrapper is fully customizable bro. Who needs to be notified? We need to get it!! Podtrapper will automatically download your podcasts if you tell it to. It will even automatically download while you sleep if you choose, or directly while listening if you choose. It also stores on your SDcard so you don’t have to search for a WiFi spot for a good connection, and it’s better on your battery. Because of the SDcard load, your audio is always in time with your video. (Depending on your device speed, and it’s ability to process coding).
5) $9.99 is cheap compared to 10-20 times that amount for an extra MP3 or IPod player. Why have extra hardware carried around. Unlimited use, free upgrades, and customer service that makes you think Marcus is in the next room.

At the risk of sounding bad… Why spend good money to purchase a BlackBerry (top of the line in my book), want to use it for good quality podcasts, but then talk about FREE?!?! Give me a break. Don’t be cheap! $10.00 is a one time good deli sandwich with a drink. Why not feed your BlackBerry good palatable applications?!?!

I have been using this app for several months now and would be lost without it. Marcus has been an example of the best customer service person/programmer I've run into! He is quick to answer your emails and solve ANY of the problems (which are very few at this point) you may encounter. I think the program is worth much more than what he is asking for it! I have personnally corrected that.

If you listen to podcasts then this is a MUST app for your phone... no kidding!

I had podtrapper before and it worked great but didn't purchase it. When the update was announced yesterday I downloaded again. Now I have problems. It installed fine, found my channels and it even downloaded during the night without issue, however this morning when I try to actually view the episodes downloaded my whole screen goes nuts. It blinks on and off and won't stop,when it comes on it shows the screen partually, never makes it to playing. Also everytime I open the app it has to reset permissions, my defaults are set to allow all.

I have to do a battery pull to stop it. I've retried 3 times. :( Very disappointed.

had to pull twice, and decided to bail altogether.

Also having a problem with the interface - using a Storm 9530, I can't seem to get the keyboard to go away when downloading, playing, etc.

Gonna try reloading the whole thing and see what happens.

Hmm, sounds like a video + older BB issue (they don't handle most podcast video formats well). If you want I can work with you via the 'Email developer' menu item.

For the storm issue, sounds like compatibility mode is turned on. Once that's off it should work like a regular storm app.


Man I can't say enough about this app. This is likely my most frequently used app and every time that I run into an issue, I use the email developer. Within minutes he responds with a solution.