PodTrapper - Podcast Downloader And Player Updated

By Bla1ze on 15 Apr 2009 12:08 pm EDT
PodTrapper-Podcast Downloader And Player Updated!

One of my favorite applications recently got an update. PodTrapper, as we have seen reviewed here before by Crackberry podcast expert Craig Johnston. PodTrapper is a great utility for downloading Podcasts direct to your device be it through your carrier's network or through WiFi and it even supports downloads through your desktop as well. When your device is plugged in, provided your have the desktop downloader installed. A finer point of the application which I love as well is that it supports video podcasts on devices that have support for the downloaded files. The update that came out, puts PodTrapper now at version 2.0.0 and has fixed a lot of the little issues that users sent feedback in on. The developers were kind enough to give us all a change log:

  • Make sure help items are placed properly
  • Mark podcast as updated only if it succeeds, or it's failed a significant number of times (5)
  • Settings screen doesn't allow enter key to make selection
  • Added 'Quick add' menu items to the playlist screen
  • Show download status in app footer
  • Fixed erroneous 'download killed' messages

All in all a great update with some minor issues addressed to make the user experience even better. You can grab PodTrapper in the CrackBerry App Store where a free trial is also available. PodTrapper sells for $9.99 and all devices with media playback are supported.

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PodTrapper - Podcast Downloader And Player Updated


This is my most used app, that i don't think enough people know about. It's a great way to find podcasts and download them right to your phone. the devs are great, they get back to you really quickly with answers. i picked this up when crackberry did a review back around christmas, cause i was looking for a podcast app that allowed me to download right to my phone. so for everyone that doesn't use podcasts, check them out it may just be something you didn't know how you could live without, and for everyone not using podtrapper, it has a thirty day trial period, just give it a try. and by the way the devs update this every two to three weeks with noticable changes.

Yes, the app even detects you are using a Storm and advises you (if you choose) on how to get it working by adjusting compat. mode. :-)

I love it, it needs to be on appworld, and works absolutely great! I love the new updated interface, and finding podcasts is easy breezy

$10 for a Podcast application? Way too expensive. You can get all of these features from cheaper (or even free) applications for other platforms.

Hopefully the App Store will increase competition to drive prices down.

I searched high and low for a blackberry compatible podcasting solution for a couple years. NOTHING came close to what PodTrapper does. It is the premiere podcasting app for your Blackberry. Nobody cares about other platforms, because this is Crackberry! I've used this app since day one, and it is consistently updated with new and improved features. It is a steal for $10! If you like podcasts and want to be able to listen to them on your phone and download the latest ones no matter where you are, PodTrapper is a must!

I'd rather pay $10 for an app I use EVERY DAY than 99 cents for a stupid app that I might use once.

I looked for a free podcast app, and I ended up buying PodTrapper.

$10 is less than I spend on dinner... it's well worth it.

I use this more than any other app, so it has been a great value for me. And if you look at his extensive release notes, you'll see it's constantly being improved (based in large part on feature requests in his forum.) There's a free trial, so you can judge for yourself without coughing up the $10.

after my ipod classic recently died (for the 4th time/4 replacements!!!) I started looking for a podcast app for my BB.

I can get all my ESPN podcasts and other video podcasts and it works flawlessly. The desktop application is a real plus for updating.

Now when i get to work i can plug it into my computer, add to itunes library and listen to my podcasts while i work through a quick playlist i set up. Now i need to look for something to replace itunes at work!


I've been using this app on my storm for at least four months now - it's easily the most used app on my BB. The developer has been *very* responsive to the comments and suggestions on his forums, and that attention shows in the stability and usability of this software.

$10 is a bargain for this app.
I use it every single day and it does what it is supposed to do. The programmer deserves to be paid at LEAST what he is making by selling this app.
If you don't think it is worth $10, the app must not be for you.

One feature I sorely miss from my iPod is that it had a Podcast "memory" feature. If I'm listening to a morning radio show or something via podcast which can go for over two hours on end and I want to come back to it, I can. When I go back to play that podcast, it'll pick up right where I left off. Does PodTrapper support something like this? If so, it's an instant buy for me.

It absolutely does. This is the only app I've paid for on my blackberry and its worth every penny (if not more). I use it multiple times a day. Makes my morning and evening commutes go by quickly.

It's not even close, go with PodTrapper and you won't regret it. I was just looking around a few months back and thought I'd try it for the 30 day trial for the two podcasts that I liked to listen to and by day 10 I was hooked and looking for more podcasts... now I have 10+ and use this app everyday. $10 is a steal and the upgrade to 2.0 is really nice! Just try it out, it's free and I'm sure you will be paying for it before the trial is over like I did.

I tried Ultra Podcast Player on my Storm. I was unable to add a podcast feed manually since it would not let me paste it in the feed field. I was able to add the crackberry "channel" but it failed to download an episode. It just gave an error. Then it started on the next episode. It did not give any indication of progress. I pasted the feed for the crackberry podcast into podtrapper and it started downloading fine. I was even able to play it after it had downloaded enough of a buffer. There is no comparison between the two.

I actually like this app a lot. I think it needs a bit of a face lift still but the app is fully functioning and works PERFECTLY. It has an array of options to fine tune the app the way you want it. I might actually buy it if i find i'm listening to enough podcasts!

Besides Crackberry.com podcasts, what other podcasts are you guys listening to?

This is one of my favorite apps. It works beautifully, and the developer is very responsive to suggestions.

I love this app and will be purchasing it this week. There's one thing I've noticed: even after I change the settings to allow for more than 4 episodes for a podcast, it still won't download them and it gives me an error saying I can't download any more. I hope they fix this!

Otherwise, this app ROCKS!

Hi jayhammy,

Yeah, I have to clear this up in the next version. There are two places where that setting can be configured. The one you're probably editing is under Settings -> Default Podcast Settings. That only affects new podcasts that get added.

What you want is from the main screen to highlight the podcast and choose 'Edit podcast'. It's the same screen (mostly), but edits a specific podcast's settings.

Hope this helps.


As an avid user who comes from using my iPod for podcasts, I must say this app is just awesome!
No need to connect via USB to your computer and sync with iTunes.
Love the ability to pause a podcast and come back later to exactly the spot where you left off and all the other customizations one can make.

One question though, is there anyone you could allow for further customization of update times, for example, for weekly, set which day of the week and at which time?

i actually had this thing for the full trial and was stalling to buy and wait for a coupon...LOL this app is really USEFUL and after seeing this new interface, i was SOLD and just bought it lol

This app is more than I expected I have been trying it now for just two days and already I know that I don't want to be without it. I have used it and used it and used it. GREAT APP!!!

I'm trying to find adam corolla's podcast using podtrapper. i can't find it on the search function. so how do i add his using the URL function. also does anyone know how to add the Jim Rome pod cast.

i found the adam corolla podcast using the search function but still having problems with the jim rome podcast. let me know if you guys have any ideas