Podtrapper Podcast Manager Updated To v2.6.7

By Bla1ze on 20 Jan 2010 09:44 am EST
Podtrapper Pocast Downloader Updated To v2.6.7

Getting the new year started right, Versatile Monkey have released the latest version of their CrackBerry Best of 2009 award-winning application, Podtrapper. Version 2.6.7 is now available as a free trial or for purchase and has plenty of bug fixes in it to address any previous issues. You'll want to check the changelog for the full list. A quick run down of the major additions included in this update:

  • Can now bookmark any folder to the main screen via the 'Add to Home Screen' menu item
  • Support for all media controls (wired and Bluetooth) on OS 5.0
  • Customizable download settings per-podcast 

While that may not seem to be a huge update for some, the minor feature changes in the application is where it really counts. Some of which was based on OS 5.0 bugs, that have since been cleared up with this release. If you've not used Podtrapper before, give it a shot and find out why it was a user favorite for 2009. And if you're looking for a good podcast to listen to, try giving a listen to CrackBerry Radio. Our 2009 year-end show and first show of 2010 were actually pretty decent!

Reader comments

Podtrapper Podcast Manager Updated To v2.6.7


You probably haven't used the app. It doesn't use the font indicated by the screenshot. It uses BBSans, and does not look terrible.

It'll actually use whatever font you have specified in your config. When I was on the 8320 I used the casual font because you could get it's characters the smallest. I really need to take new screen shots.

Versatile Monkey

Thank you both for the insight! I purchased the app and it fetches my podcasts just fine. I'm having issues with playback on my Storm2 though. Doing more research in the forums...

This new version turns on a 'Buffer playback' option that attempts to help CDMA users. Apparently there are some OS versions that don't play nice with it. You can fix it by toggling 'Buffer Playback' in the 'Playback settings' screen after choosing the Settings menu item from the main screen.

Email me if that doesn't fix it for you. (Via the 'Email developer' menu item).


best podcast app on the market. Great support from developer as well. Had two issues on the old version and got an email response very quickly with answers. $10 well spent!

This is the best $10 I've ever spent. Works amazingly. If you listen to podasts, or any media with a feed...just buy this.

PodTrapper (and its developer) earned all the positive comments above. Rock solid, flexible, and with a continuous stream of improvements. I use it more than any other app on my BlackBerry.

Best app on the Berry hands down. I'm an audiobook junkie, if I'm not using Audible, I buy audiobooks on CD. The built-in auto bookmarking ability makes this the perfect app for listening to your own CD ripped audiobooks.

I'm still in evaluation (7 days left) with this app. It works great & I've been on their forums. The makers seem to stay on top of things as far as updates. I've seen many posts answered quickly and issues addressed promptly. This is a MUST HAVE!!! I have a Bold 9000, running 4.6 and it works like a champ. Don't hesitate on this one.

PodTrapper is my favorite and most used app on my Storm.

I try to keep up with the betas but have been falling behind lately, so thanks, Bla1ze, for the post. And a big thanks to Marcus for the continued amazing work on this app..

Can't say enough good things about PodTrapper. I use it every day. And with the tweaks in each update, it just get better and better. A real bargain at $10.

This is by far the BEST podcast app available for the BlackBerry currently.

I'm impressed with all the features and thought that has gone in to this program.

I'm currently on my 30 day trial, but will be converting to a purchased app this weekend!