Podcasts for BlackBerry 10 gets updated

By James Richardson on 10 Mar 2013 12:58 pm EDT

We posted a video of the third party Podcasts application for BlackBerry 10 recently, and as a big fan of the app I'm happy to see it has received an update with some sweet improvements. As I said in the video post - we don't yet have a native podcast application on the BlackBerry Z10 so this one is by far the best option and it works like a dream.

This latest version includes the following improvements:

  • Many bug fixes, robustness enhancements and speed improvements
  • Cellular downloads disabled by default with the option to enable them
  • An Active Frame when minimized
  • A view which shows only downloaded podcasts from within 'My Library'
  • A green icon for downloaded podcasts
  • More reliable resume and delete after listened
  • - - 10/+30 second buttons

A fine selection of new treats for a great app. Have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comments.

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Podcasts for BlackBerry 10 gets updated


Excuse me, whoever snapped that picture, I don't see Techfoolery in your podcast feeds. This should be rectified!

(Yes, this is shameless self-promotion. And nope, I'm not sorry about it.)

That's it, you're fired! Shameless self promotion will not be tolerated!!!!

(don't worry though, I've fired Adam at least 24 times now and he is still here).

Posted via CB10

I love this app, works perfectly. The -/+ seconds was badly needed (some people just go on and on about nothing sometimes). I use this app all the time and highly recommend it!

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

This app has a lot of great features but I find that it is too complicated for the function that it is intended for. Why so many tabs? All podcast episodes in a given subscription should easily be displayed on one screen. Downloaded would simply have a different icon. New could have a red splat. Listened to another icon/color. Three separate tabs and a "Downloads" button make it clunky. Streamline and simplify and I might give it another try. In the meantime, Nobex is a more true BB10 experience that is lacking in features now, but future updates promise to bring all of them.

Posted via CB10

Hi! Developer here. Thank you for your interest in Podcasts!

This app is designed as a podcast manager, as opposed to having podcasts as a bonus feature. I've received many emails complimenting the layout, however I will consider your suggestions.

Just want to clarify one small detail. Podcasts does in fact shows you all your subscriptions on one page - in fact it's the first screen you see after launch.

Podcasts is written native to BlackBerry 10 strictly following the BlackBerry 10 guidelines.

If you have any other suggestions, email me at support@nettek.ca

Does anyone know if this is an Android port or not? I've side loaded BeyondPod and it works really well, but I'd be more than happy to buy this one if it's built for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Hi! Developer here! Thank you for your interest in Podcasts!

It is indeed a native BlackBerry 10 app written using Cascades, the native framework.

Hi! Developer here! Thank you for your interest in Podcasts!

Podcasts supports most video podcasts. If it's not in the library, you can subscribe to an RSS feed.

Waiting on the Q10, a good podcast client is one the first apps i look for.

Does this one have OPML import and export?

This app is shaping up nicely. I was a big fan of Podtrapper on the 9900 as it was so amazingly feature packed, but Joshua is pretty quickly adding all of the key functionality. I'm so relieved that the ability to make downloading via wi-fi only possible, as this was seriously needed.

A few features I would love to see are:

1. The ability to see what has been listened to. Someone else suggested a different icon, and I would definitely agree that is the way to go, or alternatively instead of the words [saved] it could say [100% listened to]

2. How much has been listened to. Again this could simply be [43% listened to]

3. Automatic bookmarking. For example if you're 43% of the way through an hour long Podcast it would start at 43% and not back at the beginning.

4. Ability to set a sleep time. I often listen in bed and so want it to switch off after x minutes.

5. Option to choose where podcasts are stored (e.g. SDcard/mypodcasts

As for the current layout, I personally love the layout. It seems very clear and easy to understand. One change I might suggest for the home page might be an option to have a more detailed home screen instead of the current four tile layout. For example, it could have a small thumbnail to the left, and then to the right it would have the details such as name of podcast, number downloaded, number listed to, number of new/unlistened to, etc. This option could be chosen from the settings menu.

Hi! Developer here! Thank you for your interest in Podcasts! Thankfully, all of these features are either implemented or on their way.

1 and 2. Great idea! I'll see if I can make it happen.

3. This should already be the case. Make sure Podcasts is up to date, and if you find a podcast which does not do this let me know at support@nettek.ca

4. This is already possible! In the "Now Playing" tab, press "...", and you'll see a "Stop After..." button

5. This is on it's way!

As for the layout, that's a great idea. I'll see what I can do.

I commented the last podcast review. Just wanted to say I love this app and have been using it from day 1. It's a great app and it just keeps getting better. Thank you Joshua netterfeild for this great app.

This is a good app. Use it every day. The -10 Second button has some issues tho. Seems to crash.

Posted via CB10

Second that. I have been a PodTrapper user for three years. It has definitely been the benchmark for podcast manager functionality.

Loved this app - but it stopped downloading individual episodes. They just hang in the cloud and never download (over Wifi). Hoping Joshua has some troubleshooting tips. Was working amazing on my Q10. Thx

I really want to encourage native apps, I got this one and Nobex. Both are pretty good for the basics but lacking in advanced features. The layout in Podcasts really does need to be re-thought. In particular, when a podcast is playing the interface is this super clean screen where nothing is displayed but the cover art. Maybe the clean aesthetic makes sense to some, but I want to have quick access to pause, skip back and skip forward at least. The popup bar at the bottom does this, but it is awkward to get it to pop up and activate the control (not saying it's super difficult, just saying the cover art doesn't serve much purpose, Dev don't hesitate to clutter it up with some controls!). I have to say, I did also side-load BeyondPod from Android. It works perfectly and is REALLY impressive. Podcaster also seems to work perfectly (both are superior apps but BeyondPod is even more feature rich and better laid out).

I would also add it really needs a progress bar and OPML import/export. Finally, The podcast listing often appears partially blank and takes some time to populate when I open the app, that seems a bit glitchy.