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Ready - Want a great podcast app for BlackBerry 10? Check out Podcasts

By James Richardson on 1 Mar 2013 07:19 am EST

If you like to listen to podcasts on your Blackberry and have recently picked up the BlackBerry Z10 you may have noticed that it didn't come pre-installed with a native podcasting application. Fear not as there is a great third party one with a rather relevant title - Podcasts. This BlackBerry 10 application not only makes finding and subscribing to podcasts easy, but it also comes with a nice, simple user interface.

Once in the application there are four main tabs at the base of the display. The 'Now Playing' one is pretty self explanatory I think. Next we get 'My Library' where you can peruse the podcasts you have chosen to download and select the one you wish to listen to. The 'Featured' tab will show you popular podcasts and there are two ways of viewing them - either as tiles on the screen or you can switch over to Categories to filter down the sections you want to view. Finally we have the 'Downloads' tab and once again this too doesn't need any explanation.

Jumping into the settings things still stay nice and straight forward. You can decide if you want to use your data connection to grab downloads or just WiFi - a great option to have. In addition you can choose how many episodes of each podcast you wish to download.

Podcasts for Blackberry 10 comes with a price tag of £0.75/$0.99 and is well worth the money. Until BlackBerry have their own version this one is  a must for podcast fans.

More information/Download Podcasts for BlackBerry 10

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Great stuff! There are lots of great Podcasts out there...


It has potential, but it isn't 'Great'.

It lacks so many of the basic things such as:

1. Only download via wi-fi

2. Ability to know what you've listened to and where you got to in any particular podcast

3. No easy way to see what's new

4. No easy way to choose how many episodes to download at a time

5. No sleep feature

and a whole heap more. It sure isn't anywhere near as flexible or feature-packed as Podtrapper, which alas, isn't on the BB10.

Hopefully some of these things will come over the next few months, but I think it is shocking that Blackberry didn't think to include a feature packed podcast tool ready for the release. It is basic stuff.

All credit to this publisher though. They've filled a gaping gap and as long as they make it more feature packed over the coming months then they're onto a winner.


I feel your pain. Some good news though.

1. Only download via wi-fi

Only downloads via wi-fi by default in the next update. You will have to make a selection in the settings menu to have it use your cell network.


Only wifi?? Forget it.


the app will download over wifi or cellular, depending on which options you use.

Mike Sumner

Hi there, I'm a big podcast listener and use iCatcher on the iPhone and BeyondPod & Pod kicker Pro on Android, all of which are excellent. Podcasts for BB10 is ok but still lacks a lot of basic and key features such as the ability to see the show notes and show description. I'd also like to be able to create categories and have individual settings for each podcast subscription so some will automatically download and others won't.

I've just come back to BB with a Q10 and am loving it. My fingers are crossed that these sort of apps will continue to be built and enhanced so as to make the BB an even better experience.

Thanks for your work in this so far.

Joshua Netterfield

Hi. Developer here. Thanks so much for trying Podcasts for BlackBerry 10!

First off, your copy already has a sleep timer. Just go to the "Now Playing page", tap "..." and choose "Stop After..."

Points 1,2 and 3 are being fixed in an update which should be available sometime in the next two weeks!


Hi Josh,

Can you also look into adding a skip ahead or back function with various intervals (5s, 10s, 20s, 1 min, 2 min, etc).


Joshua Netterfield

I'm adding a +30/-10 second skip-ahead/back. I think that fits most needs without getting too cluttered. Let me know what you think!


I think that's perfectly fine.

Although I'd still prefer an option to change the intervals. -5s is the sweet spot for me, but these things are very personal and many will have a different feeling I'm sure.

Thanks for being so responsive Josh! I hope more people will download apps from a dev like yourself!


I'm trying to use this app, but like the big post above says, in summary, it's no PodTrapper. Marcus, if by some long shot chance you're reading this. Please bring your PodTrapper app to BB10. I will happily pay you another $10 for it.

"Joe Rogan Podcast, all day, all night."


Side loaded PodTrapper works well & even accepts your old registration code.


Hey blackraven. Great news! Can you share - where can we find PodTrapper.bar?


Hers is the podtrapper bar file for anyone who wants it.


I too hope Marcus reads this and does a proper port or better still, a native cascade app. Podtrapper is the best podcatcher out there on any platform.


I've used it for 2 weeks now. Comments above are valid but it's still quite functional. You just need to turn online more "off", and "on" when you're connected via WiFi. They've already issued one update, so the vendor is working to steadily improve this app.

Joshua Netterfield

Hi. Developer here. Thanks so much for trying Podcasts for BlackBerry 10!

Just wanted to let you know that an option to only download over wifi will be available in an update which will be released sometime within the next two weeks!


It needs the ability for the user to select individual episodes to download. This would be very handy when not in WiFi. As it stands, I can't put it into online mode when not in WiFi even if I just want to listen to one episode because it will just download everything. Other then that, looks great.


to select an individual podcast to download, hold your finger on the podcast in question and the option to download it will appear on the right hand side.

Joshua Netterfield

Hi. Developer here. Thanks so much for trying Podcasts for BlackBerry 10!

As others have said, just long press an episode and select download.

Just wanted to let you know that an option to only download on wifi will be available in an update which will be available sometime within the next two weeks!

Ted Jennings

Does anyone know where it saves the downloaded podcasts on the Z10?


How is this any better than Nobex... Which is free by the way, has push notifications and stands a good chance of being updated compared to this app. Do agree however that Blackberry missed a trick by not including a native app, a big complaint i had as a UK user on OS7 where we werent eligible for a full release podcast app.


I tried it and it used 70% of my monthly data in two days while I was using wifi. No wifi only option. Deleted.

Joshua Netterfield

Hi. Developer here. Thanks so much for trying Podcasts for BlackBerry 10!

Really unfortunate - the current release is a bit more explicit. I recommend always choosing to start in offline mode when you're on the run.

Just wanted to let you know that an option to only download on wifi will be available in an update which will be available sometime within the next two weeks!


I tried it and it used 70% of my monthly data in two days while I was using wifi. No wifi only option. Deleted.


This will be a six star app. I like this app a lot. it has issues that are being addressed as we speak. I have been in contact with the developer and he is very receptive to reviews. I am currently beta testing the next update, which is not perfect yet, but incorporates a lot of the features people want.Most importantly the app will download by wifi only by default, but you will be able to change this in the settings.


^^ what he said... this app serves as a great foundation for everything you need in a BB10 native podcast app. Joshua, the developer, is committed to improving things and has just recently contacted people who sent him comments with a new beta version for testing. The new beta seems far more responsive, has the cellular/wifi download toggle, with other key features in the pipeline. Absolutely worth the $.99.


Hopefully they will incorporate the new blackberry Podcast app with BlackBerry world. Maybe that's why it's not out yet. It's be pretty sweet if it was the same across BB10 devices I know this is thinking ahead but picking up where I left off from on my Z10 to my Playbook would be pretty sweet too. Can't wait to see what BBRY has coming down the pipe!


I love this app. And it does have the option for haw may episodes to download per each podcast you sub too. I download all my episodes when I'm at home on my houses network via wifi and then put it to offline mode when I leave. Then all you have to do is go to your library and select a particular podcast and on the episodes list it shows which you have already downloaded as "saved". It works great. Until I figured out that I had to switch it to offline mode myself everyone I used alot of data. Now it works great for me. Highly recommend thus app.


The biggest drawback for me was that it ignored the settings I chose for how many episodes and proceeded to use up my device's internal memory very rapidly and I had to delete it quick sharpish to have a usable device.

If that huge bug can be fixed and downloads be saved to the sd card this will be a very nice little app, but until then I am sticking with nobex for my podcast needs.

Joshua Netterfield

Hi. Developer here. Thanks so much for trying Podcasts for BlackBerry 10!

Some users have experienced problems with that setting. I just wanted to let you know this will be fixed in an update available sometime within the next two weeks


I have no issues spending .99 (cup of coffee!) to support an app developer who's making an honest effort. I think this app has real potential, especially if constructive critics are provided for the dev and upgrades are forthcoming.



Ya me too. The dev is obviously responding here to suggestions and concerns.

Definitely downloading it when I get my Z10.


Speaking of podcasts, how come James is never on the CB podcasts? Time differences?


I would love the feature to choose storage location, I have a 64gb sd card, I do not want to use my internal storage for media!

Joshua Netterfield

Hi. Developer here. Thanks so much for trying Podcasts for BlackBerry 10!

Thanks for this great suggestion, and high on my priority list. This unfortunately didn't make the upcoming update, but should be available soon!


I'm interested in this app for my Q10. Joshua, would you let me know when we can store to the media card? Thanks.


I have a question for the dev. Let's say I download a podcast but do not sub to that podcast, where do I go now to play it? Normally I would go to my library and select my subs and under episodes it shows which I have saved. If I don't sub to to a podcast but download a single episode it does not show up in my library.

Joshua Netterfield

Hi. Developer here! In the current version, just go to "Downloads > All". In the upcoming version, go to "My Library > Saved".


Update is a big step forward!

Where exactly are the Podcast stored? I'd like to echo the earlier comments, requesting the option of saving to my memory card to save device storage space.



Very nice app. Very easy to subscribe to podcasts. I note, however, that I sometimes have trouble getting episodes to download. Downloads only seem to start when I open the downloads page, and then downloads often stop after 1 or 2 episodes are saved. I have to close the app, then restart and re-open the download page before other listed new episodes will download.


Version 50 a great improvement wrt wifi downloads. Now fast and problem-free. I'll be sticking with this app. Congrats.


Why would blackberry push it's customers to "pay for an app" that should have come native?


Hey Dev, really needs progress bar (for currently playing, for unfinished, and slow for downloads). Also progress bar and pause, fwd and back should be on main screen and not popup (let's be honest, that screen realestate isn't doing anything in a podcast but show coverart). Would be great to see now playing progress bar in active frame. Also, some subscribed podcasts are either not downloading or I can't tell if they are. Also, how about a feed export (in case of device change?). Finally: VARIABLE SPEED PLAYBACK??? Podcast and audiobook fans love this timesaver. Keep up the good work!


Also can't seem to delete subscriptions (can unsubscribe but the main feed still appears in my Library). Also the little "subscribe" icon is not so responsive or intuitive; how about flashing a little "subscribed" or "unsubscribed" when the toggle is activated.