Podcast: Interview with RIM Senior Product Marketer

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Sep 2008 09:35 am EDT

BusinessCast PodcastNo weekly CrackBerry Podcast up just yet... a couple things came up that prevented Craig and I from being able to record per our regular Sunday night schedule (trust me, we both WANTED to record... just could not). We'll record a show in the next 48 hours, so look for it soon - between the Storm and Javelin and latest Bold OS there is so much to talk about! Thanks for the patience. We'll be TALKING to you again soon!

In the meantime, I suggest checking out this podcast that just went up today by the BusinessCast Podcast crew... it's an interview with Michael Younder, who is a RIM Senior Product Marketer. If you're a regular CrackBerry Podcast listener, you'll love this!

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Podcast: Interview with RIM Senior Product Marketer


Very Interesting podcast but not a patch on Crackberry Podcrack :)....where the frack did they record it?....sounds like they are sitting in a coffee shop next to the coffee machine ;)

I'm one of the co-hosts of the BusinessCast interview with Michael Younder, RIM Senior Product Manager. Micheal is a great story teller - the interview is fascinating. If you like it, you'll really like the next two (we did three 20 min. episodes with him).

Watch for those interviews over the next few weeks on the BusinessCast.


Exactly! Listen to the opening Geoff Smith theme song - it starts off "From A Local Bagel Shop Somewhere", which is where we were. Unfortunately, the sound from the soft drink cooler is somewhat annoying.

Listen to some of the earlier podcasts (from no. 39 onward at http://businesscast.ca/archives) and you'll hear crowd sounds, bagel ovens, the whole shebang!

hee hee bagel ovens ;) Will listen to your other 2 podcasts as its very interesting to hear how RIM is changing from purely business to consumer users & their related applications.......I hope you got free softdrinks ;)

Did anyone find a direct link to the MP3? I didn't see one on that page. I don't have itunes, and I don't really feel like downloading it at work. :)