Podcast Episode 042: It's a Full House!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2009 04:50 pm EDT
CrackBerry Podcast Episode 040: Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever!

Wow. We did it. We recorded another podcast. After going weekly for a few episodes, we fell off for a stretch, but today over lunch we got on Skype and recorded a CrackBerry Podcast. And this wasn't just any podcast... but a very special edition. It took 42 episodes, but today we had a female voice on the show!

Big welcome and thanks to Jessica who joined Craig, Bla1ze, Adam and myself. We had a full house of a show, and covered a lot of ground. We caught up on device talk, including some of my hands-on thoughts of the 9550, we worked through some topics tweeted in by listeners, and covered other BlackBerry news of the moment. Take a listen and we'll catch ya again real soon!

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  • Recorded: Friday,  September 25th, 2009 @ 12:00pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h22m
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Big Thanks to our Special Hosts

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Podcast Episode 042: It's a Full House!


Not a CrackBerry case... I went back to my Bold a couple weeks ago cause I wanted to rock my CrackBerry Coveroo, which looks best on the Bold's leather back. And in the process I realized just how much I love the Bold. Would love to see them just update this big form factor.. love the width of the display and big keyboard.

I thought you guys already suspended Bla1ze for one show already...

NVM: I didn't pay close enough attention to the ACTUAL show notes. FYI it says that you suspended Bla1ze under the 'special hosts' section.

If you actully touched your Storm once in a while and upgraded the OS to the newest 5.0(or in case you did but havent noticed it) you would see that it has the option to allow letters to pop up over the letters....just pointing it out not trying to come off as a smart a** since you guys said you didnt like that it highlighted the letters under your fingers.

To be completely honest I think people who upgrade their OS to the newest 5.0 leak will find it tougher to justify whether or not to get the Storm 2...They would need to offer something simply amazing other than WiFi and screen tech(my opinion because Im really good at typing on my S1) which as we get closer and closer to the release of the S2 I find to be less significant. Maybe turning on openGL would more than justify it because at this point without actually typing on the screen of the S2 I dont think most S1 users who are "truely" happy will go for the S2 unless somethig happens to their S1....

hmm... strange. i skipped to some newer builds of 5.0...  on .243, and the popup key isn't in there.  went to .230 though and it is.  i wonder if they tried it and scrapped it or if it's staying longer term?  the implementation was ok, but kind of disjointed..needs a smoother popup.

Hey just wanted to say i am a new BB user I have the 8330curve and love the phone, i just started listening and wanted to say that i am glad i started. I only listen to 2 pod casts yours and Major Nelson from X-BOX 360. I added you to my twitter love the info you all give may not be all for my phone but i its good to know what to look forward to when i upgrade phones. Keep up the good work guys.

maybe they should just make the alt key two sided? one on the left and one on the right? If that gets pushed through that would be cool :)

I think RIM needs to make a new version of a pearl with a 5.0 OS. I loved the size of the Pearl and the keyboard and feel, but got rid of mine because it wasn't upgradable anymore, so it became "lame" or "boring" and nothing new could be added.

I already thanks Kevin on twitter, but thanks again for giving the Bold 9000 some love! I love mine! Hope you podcast again soon.

Someone mentioned the lack of stereo bluetooth adoption by the masses. Just wanted to let you know that I was listening to the podcast via stereo bluetooth. I have a Pioneer car stereo with bluetooth that I use for hands free Blackberry operation. I also listen to podcasts using it. I heard someone on the podcast say that could not get their Pioneer to work other than with cell phone operation. It is a little finicky and I must admit that it probably took me about 30 minutes to figure it out the first time. What threw me is that I would see the profile of my Blackberry and would want to connect to that. However, it never would. I actually had to select the "generic" bluetooth profile to get a connection going. Go figure.