Podcast Episode 041: Worst CrackBerry Podcast Ever?!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Aug 2009 11:24 am EDT
CrackBerry Podcast Episode 040: Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever!

Well, I'm not really sure that this is the worst CrackBerry Podcast ever, but if not it has to be pretty close. I think we must have jinxed ourselves when we called Episode 040 the Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever. We're a little more disorganized than usual (hard to believe I know!) and there wasn't a whole lot new to talk about since our last podcast was recorded only six days earlier.

Our umm.. professionalism even went down the drain a little bit with this episode, so I'll toss up a language warning on this one (we'll be more angelic on episode 042). All self-deprecation aside, we still had some fun as we attempted to work our way through questions tweeted in by listeners and poked fun at Bla1ze for his one week Podcast supension. The other good news is that by hitting rock bottom we spawned some good ideas - I have a feeling our next podcast in two weeks time might be the bestest yet! Try and enjoy the show! :)

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  • Recorded: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @ 6:15pm EST
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Podcast Episode 041: Worst CrackBerry Podcast Ever?!



this is the first place i have seen it...

its essentially lolcats...


I have a new goal in life.... I want to see a comment from you one episode that says "that was the greatest podcast i have ever heard and don't think there will be another in the future history of the world that can touch it".  well, something like that anyways

Kevin: The "I Can Has" phenomenon was started in early 2007 by some picture of a cat that says "I can has cheeseburger?". After gaining popularity, that picture spawned a whole online language called "LOLspeak". The idea is to try to sound "cute" by misspelling words and/or using poor grammar (kind of like how a small child would speak or write). I myself am not sure why or how this became popular with the masses, but I personally think its kind of dumb. :)

Here's the official "LOLspeak" website: http://speaklolspeak.com/

...just in case you want to become more fluent. Hahahaha!!!

It might not have been the most insightful podcast but it was definitely one of the funnier ones.
Keep up the good work boys and keep goofing on the "Storm Hater"!

hi all, to answer the question of alochol or redbull, i have the answer, BOTH!!!!! you know it makes sense!

also surely it should of been send the emails to bla1ze not to the podcast email, that surely would of been funnier!! (unless ur bla1ze i guess)

Awsome podcast, but you forgot to tell cb nation how to reset their suretype devices. (promised last episode)

Quickpull scheduling doesnt work on the 8220 flip, a reset device key combination is a must!

I have a disabled Curve, and mine also says Exceeded 250k and Exceeded 60 Minutes. My active Storm gives usage, but doesn't say exceeded. And my Curve, I used a lot of data, but it was unlimited, and my voice usage is almost null, I've probably used the phone for 30 minutes in the year time I had it ( for calls ).

I cannot believe that Kevin and the podcast group, would like a iclone for a screen. I would hope that Blackberry continues to developed the sure type screen for the Storm. That idea is sound, considering the reason people buy phones with qwerty keyboards is because the feel of typing on the phone is more sound. The screen on the Storm try's to give you that same sensation. I would hope that ultimately they will get to a point where, you could get the screen and, the feel of a qwerty. The iPhone on the other hand is harder to type due to the screen. Your hand cannot comfortably type a message and, almost feel like your pecking at the screen instead of actually typing. I think that Blackberry is on the right track and should keep up the good work.

I have a curve 8310 and my data usage also exceeded 250k and voice usage exceeded 60 minutes and i have unlimited data plan

I thought it was one of the best podcasts so far!! I like when they get off topic; we learn a little bit about them as a person and not as a CrackBerry user. Maybe I can relate because I'm the queen of off topicness ;) And I can always use a good laugh; they make learning about this stuff fun!!!

The reason I listen to your podcast is that it is not "Dry" your banter, the fun your having is what makes the podcast for me. I get plenty of information out of it, if I wasn't I would move on. Just wanted to let you know, leave it alone, its working for me and apparently for your base.

I also disagree with this being the worst podcast ever...I think its funny when you go off topic and be silly. Doesn't have to be "all informing".
My BUYR shows up as:
Data usage: Exceeded 250K
Voice Usage: Exceeded 60 minutes
I definately know I haven't exceeded my minutes, since I use google voice for pretty much 95% of my calls, which I LOVE by the way! Hmmm good topic for the next podcoast maybe?! As far as the data usage...no clue.
Good job guys, very entertaining, keep up the good work!

You get off topic so much because it is too small. Make it bigger. Look, nobody wants to listen to a BlackBerry lecture in a podcast. We want to hear what you have to say on all things Blackberry. That includes things of interest to blackberry users. Discussion about the google phone or the palm pre, as it relates to smart phones, or even the iphone is perfectly acceptable. I found it very interesting to hear how you guys have both an iphone and a BB and how and when you use each one. I think the podcast should be more about smart phones in general and BB in particular. If nothing is exciting the BB world one week, there is most certainly something to talk about that relates. I know you do talk about other stuff but you are always apologizing for it. Stop it. Instead, I think you should embrace it, like Lea Laporte does. Your podcast and his are very, very similar (except he makes a ton of money with his :)) Get guests on who write software for the blackberry more often. Maybe somebody who has written for multiple phones and can compare the differences. Ok, enough of my ranting already. I just wanted to get my 2 cents in. And, yes, I will keep listening. This one was the 4th one I've listened to, I'm new to the blackberry world, just got a Tour from Verizon when they came out.
Keep up the good work!

Hey sorry to bother. I'm fairly new with Crackberry and my BB. Just listened to the podcast for the first time. Regardless your doubts, I enjoyed enough to keep listening, and I think that says all that needs to be. Concerning FF, this is probably a reference to FriendFeed, a social networking app/service that ties Twitter, Facebook and others together, and also serves as a network on its own, if I understand it properly. They were just recently purchased by Facebook, so FF may not stick around for long. Keep up the excellent work!

P.S. to my prior post. Concerning language. Let it fly I say. Be natural. That is how I speak. That is how the people I know speak. This may not say much about me or my friends, haha, but it does feel natural to hear profanity. If that is what rolls off your tongue, then I say "What the Hell!" :)

We're big boys and girls here guys. Let it fly. Curse all you want. Also, let the podcast go for a Full 4 hours if you want.