Podcast Episode 040: Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Aug 2009 03:02 am EDT
CrackBerry Podcast Episode 040: Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever!

Well, I'm not really sure that this is the best CrackBerry Podcast ever, but with Adam jumping ship on this show in order to spend some time with his family (son's birthday!) I figured I'd rip him a bit by giving Episode 040 an illustrious title like that.

Regardless, we had some fun in this episode as Craig, Bla1ze and I add some fuel to the always hot BlackBerry rumor fire (I swear I'm sober on this podcast but listening to it you may have your doubts). After diving into Storm 2 chat, where I throw out my theory of what's going on with the next-gen Storm's display for all to hear (one word - piezo), we cover the tale of two Bold 9700s (different batteries and processors between the onyx and driftwood?) and even drop a new codename... Arrow anybody? From there we work our way through a whole bunch of tweets sent in and cover pretty much everything BlackBerry. It's another long-winded, slightly disfunctional CrackBerry Podcast at its finest. Would it be a CrackBerry podcast if it wasn't? We hope you enjoy! Post a comment if you like what you hear (if you don't like it, we'd rather not know!). :-)

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  • Recorded: Thursday, August 20, 2009 @ 6:00pm EST
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Podcast Episode 040: Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever!


and its rip not RIB kevo :) maybe you meant rib lmao i dunno

when do I get in on a broadcast geez! waiting haha nice intro music too...lol

oops... RIBS on the brain i guess. after the podcast i actually went out and had a rack. tasty. :)

also just realized during the podcast when i started talking movies that i got my directors crossed... tarentino just did inglourious bastards (but i had district 9 on my mind to go see). make mistakes all the time. keeps it real! 


Got a mention... :)

Kevin that was me who tweeted you a while back about being like Quentin Tarantino & then asked about the stickers on the podcast :) *is famous*

Also Definitely go & see Inglorious Basterds its Awesome stuff !

Ahhh Goood! I was hoping the Quentin nicknamer would hear that. Glad it was you! I won't forget this time.  :)

My to do list this weekend... go see Inglorious Basterds and District 9. Weather has been crap around here so the beach won't be happening. Might as well do up some movies.


I just renewed my subscription yesterday!!! Wish i could get a retroactive discount. I love this program.

Nice podcast! Wish I could commit to being a podcaster but unfortunately I work too much, even though it may not seem like it lol.
Lots of good stuff, love the story about your 10th grade trouble-making Kevin, too funny.
Distric 9 was an interesting movie and a very odd one too. But pretty good, really gorey!
I'll be waiting for the next cast!

Storm Reboot answer - I use Quickpull to reboot it as you cant obviously do the key reboot like on other BB's.

I think the reason you three and many other people are against surepress is because the way RIM applied it first time around was horrible, i think its a great idea and i have a lot of experience with touchscreens and i was sick of accidently clicking on the wrong thing, i think RIM can optimize it to work better in the future and will make the whole navigation vs confirmation idea a must have on touchscreens(or at least on bb touchscreens). And i think it goes perfectly with what RIM as a company produces because its basically a big trackball/pad where you can navigate then just click down to select so it sticks to the traditional sense of a blackberry.

guys i still like the sure press it work so much better for me then the iphone touch screen is i use iphone and for some reason i just cant type on it thats my opinion

inglouris bastard not district 9
and they are both really good
district 9 is done by peter jackson
inglouris bastard is done by QT

I understand that the iphone and other touch screen only smart phones do a fine job and make many users very happy. I think RIM could make another iphone copycat, non-clickable screen phone, and do it better than iphone. RIM could dominate the touch screen market with such a phone, without the help (or liability) of SurePress. I think RIM is looking to do something more. I myself would never get a standard touch screen phone (storm1 included). Its a great concept, I really enjoy playing with my friends various touch screen phones, and they are the first thing i check out when i walk into a store, but i could never make one my daily driver. I rarely look at my keyboard when i use my blackberry. I'm always doing something else while using the phone with spare attention. I have responded to texts without taking the phone fully out of my pocket. I usually use my blackberry by feel. If RIM could make a touch screen phone with a keyboard I can really feel, I'm in. Imagine a phone that made the concept of a keyboard obsolete. Suddenly a touch screen would have zero negatives, it would be revolutionary. So, if RIM wants to dominate the touch screen phone market, I'm sure they could do without SurePress, but I think RIM is aiming a bit higher.

Why can't RIM and T-Mobile get it together??? Why must RIM and T-Mobile USA always settle when it comes to phones??? Neither RIM nor T-Mobile offer the perfect smart phone solution (or at least nearly perfect) that people have been asking and waiting for; politely I might add. ON ANY CARRIER! Apple is KILLING us because of it too, the company is just so damn "average consumer friendly" by top priority and becoming more business friendly by the second as I'm siting here typing. Why is nobody saying anything about RIM putting out inconsistent devices, and if so why is it so nonchalant on everybodies part? Why is T-Mobile the only carrier that doesn't have a 3G Berry that matches the other carries Berries as far as features??? Its always something. Oh this phone only has Wi-Fi, or we don't offer GPS, oh this phone doesn't have 3G capability, and etc. Why can't RIM and T-Mobile just say these people have suffered long enough with the 8320, and 8820 and now we're going pay off their loyalty with a device that is the most State of the Art Tech that we currently offer. But no, they rather cut my processor or my battery or something else. And that all quite frankly is really a slap in the face. It should have have everything and then some by default. Be it 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.2MP Camera if not higher, 256MB Ram if not higher, High-Res Screen, the Onyx 9700/Bold 9000 processor, and not some lower end processor from the parts bin. It should be the Onyx is the Driftwood and Driftwood is the Onyx. I don't want cousins, I WANT IDENTICAL TWINS. Crap make the devices conjoined twins if you can. Simply put, if I'm paying the same price as a customer of T-Mobile to get the "same device" as the guy/gal who paid the same price at AT&T, I DEMAND to get to the same features. Anything else is second class treatment and I'm not having it. Why can I not have the same 1500mah battery as the 9000??? So what if you have excess power because the Driftwood runs on less power, well now you have something to brag about... I'll tell you one thing as an AVID Crackberry Abuser...Apple has got us beat....I know it's unfair because they have only one device....but no matter which way you look at it their getting it done.

Come on Kev.....Podcast was too random.
To be fair Dieter at wm their sound quality is better. Kevin it always sounds as if you are at Grand Central.
Wish it were weekly or three a month, kept to an hr tops, but a weekly tip is good, with listener emails/ voicemails.

I for one love the idea of a clickable screen. I started off with an 8830 and eventually moved to the Storm. I have used this 9530 device as my one and only smartphone since Verizon first released it. I think the clickable screen is a vast improvement over standard touch-screen devices like the iPhail. I HATE trying to type on traditional touchscreen devices because it can't tell the difference between a selection and a confirmation. I personally thank RIM and applaud them for advancing touchscreen technology and making it USABLE AND TOLERABLE for once.