Podcast Episode 039 - The Three Crackateers are Back!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Aug 2009 07:50 am EDT

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I'm on vacation at the moment, but that didn't stop Craig, Adam and Bla1ze from getting a CrackBerry Podcast recorded. They jumped on the line Wednesday evening to discuss all things BlackBerry. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, so this description will stay short and sweet... but based on the last show they did without me I'm sure it's great! If you're a BlackBerry addict you know you'll want to be listening to this one. Details below. Big thanks to Craig, Adam and Bla1ze for gettin'r done!

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  • Recorded: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 @ 6:30pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h13m08s
  • File Size: 33.5MB

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Podcast Episode 039 - The Three Crackateers are Back!


when you click play on podcast 39....it plays podcast 38. when you click "our podcast feed" at the top...it brings you to a list of recent podcasts, and when you click play on 39. It actually plays 38

Will be fixed shortly... updated the RSS feed late last night while sipping too many sangrias. in the meantime can download the direct mp3 from above.

thx for the patience!

I'm having the same problem as RQuick44 (8MB file that runs about 18 minutes) when using the podcast RSS feed and when trying to download the MP3 directly from the above link.

I will add a me too to the fact that I am only getting 8.5MB file when downloading off the feed on my podcatcher and when clicking the download now link.....did Kevin do that bad when he joined the show that you censored him?!?!?

you guys only do the podcast once every month or so and now when it finally comes out its only 1/3rd to 1/4th the size that it should be :(

How about some love for the zune and zune marketplace. All the podcast episodes are also available for download on the zune marketplace, you can even subscribe as well! It's not as popular as itunes, but it has tons of content.

Once again, great work guys – but how come when Kevin isn’t directly involved (he always calls in) that there’s no Crackberry intro music? Same thing happened on Podcast #37 when Kevin was AWOL as well. Anyway, love the podcasts, keep them coming….

I wanted to also comment on the atrocious ho-hum BIS experience with the lack of OTA sync’ing of contacts, calendar, etc. that was discussed during the “answers to questions” section towards the end of the podcast. Craig mentioned that he thought RIM needed to allow BIS to do PIM sync via OTA since other platforms were doing it anyway, and he gave examples of Apple’s MobileMe service and that Microsoft was going to launch a new service as well. I agree with Craig, but I also believe that Apple’s MobileMe service and the soon to be launched Microsoft service are those vendor’s lame attempts to offer psuedo-BES capability and to allow more instant delivery of mail. Of special note however is that both Apple and Microsoft have licensed ActiveSync to allow OTA sync of one’s PIM data with Exchange, and that has been available for some time. RIM does not have a solution for this, and this makes the Blackberry BIS solution appear archaic for those users who work for companies that have their own Exchange server but don’t support BES (count me as one of those users). As much as the BES solution is the premier email solution amongst the smartphone vendors, RIM’s BIS solution is amongst the worst.