Podcast Episode 038: Emotional BlackBerry Rollercoaster

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By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jul 2009 12:24 pm EDT
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A little late, but better than never. Craig and I jumped on Skype last night and were joined by special guest Marcus Watkins, developer of Podtrapper (which lets you download and listen to podcasts on your BlackBerry) as we chatted about all things CrackBerry-related. As always, we went way too long, went off topic, I talked too much (went on a few long-winded raves and rants) but at the end of the day covered a lot of stuff.

Marcus walked us through his story of developing Podtrapper, including the goods and the bads. We got excited for some things, depressed about other things, tossed out a few of the new unconfirmed "codenames" apparently floating around out there (can you say dakota?)... by the end it was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster! You ca listen below. Hopefully you'll enjoy the show. If not, well.. haha.. at least it's free :)

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Reader comments

Podcast Episode 038: Emotional BlackBerry Rollercoaster


Verizon does only have one plan for blackberry, the $29.99 plan for BIS or $44.99 for BES. And you have to have a plan to have a blackberry.

As a long time Audible Platinum member I have to say I was excited when they finally released a Blackberry application but I have to take issue with your praise of it as it is totally unusable. I have yet to be able to download and entire book, there are no manual bookmarks and if you need to reboot your BB, it loses your place in the book. It is also extremely slow to start and rarely works, even for already stored books unless you have internet. Good news is I have talked to them and they are aware of these and other problems and should have and update soon.

As for the Wifi issue, I doubt that is a Verizon decision since all other smart phones and I do mean all, have had wifi for at least the last three years. This would include all Windows mobile and Palm OS devices. Having said that, since the battery in my Blackberries have all been lower mAh than every PPC and Treo I have had, and CDMA devices by there nature, use more power (fewer towers so you are bound to be further away hence the use of more power) I would think RIM would have made that decision on their own to increase battery life. The easiest way I found to lose 2/3 of my battery life on my PPC's was to forget to turn off wifi and have the regular radios on at the same time. This might also explain why the unlimited BIS plans on Verizon are truly all you can eat, no limits while the same price unlimited plan on their PPC's is really capped at 5gb like on their wireless cards.

Last but not least, to answers Craig's question about what T-mobile was named before VoiceStream it was Omnipoint (Purple Parrot mascot instead of Jamie Lee Curtis) Was my first carrier that had a phone that was not in a bag. Those where the days. 200 minutes for the low low price of $99 bucks, times two phones. No family share, no free weekends and god forbid you use it for dial up. Would eat you alive. Could eat up 15 minutes just getting a connection. On the upside, the phones did have snake on them ;-)

This is such a interesting Podcast! It's great so see a developer on the show!

I downloaded podtrapper, but can't find crackberry in their list. What address do I put in to get the crackberry podcasts?


listened to this podcast like, 4 times. good stuff. I also downloaded and listened to all of them while Howard was on vacation for those 2 weeks. I wanna go from Nextel to the Sprint Tour but I'm gonna wait for the Tour with WiFi, if that even Manifests...

I'm sure Podtrapper is cool and all, but, Viigo gives us the ability to also save podcasts, not just stream them. This was overlooked, probably on purpose? Kevin seemed like he wanted to say it maybe? but didn't want to burst Marcus' bubble?