Podcast Episode 036: CrackBerry A.D.D. Again...

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By Kevin Michaluk on 27 May 2009 08:25 pm EDT

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Back in February we called Episode 031 CrackBerry A.D.D. because we bounced all over the place. I'm pretty sure that name serves Episode 036 pretty well too. With some technical glitches, no real script or agenda, and lots happening as we recorded in real time, this show is definitely a messy one. BUT...it's a good one for all the podcast listeners out there. Adam, Craig and I work through the news and rumors and leaks of the past few weeks since WES. We had some reports that our podcast player was slowing down some web browsers, so we put it "after the break". Click on through to take a listen!

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  • Recorded: Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 @ 5:30pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h24m48s
  • File Size: 48.7MB

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Podcast Episode 036: CrackBerry A.D.D. Again...



I love all you do for the crack berry community BUT WE ARE NOT AMBULANCE DRIVERS!!!!!!!!! WE ARE HIGHLY TRAINED (and professional) PARAMEDICS AND EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS (EMTs)!!!! I (and all my EMS brethren) didn't go back to college for 2+ years to be called ambulance drivers!!!

/rant off

And yes, the berry is great in the field!

Hey RushTheBus,

My bad. No offense meant!!! Wasn't trying to make less of all that you do or anything like that here... we all know / rely / are thankful for EMTs (and all emergency responders for that matter) and the services you guys and gals perform!

Appreciate the friendly rant. Won't happen again! Lesson learned. And good message for all to know.

Thanks again. Keep Crack'n and Saving Lives!


That Twitter client stole the idea from Yahoo!
"The name Yahoo! is an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle""

Tried PINing 2087C463 but its being rejected! Bastard! I'm hoping it's because he got a swarm of them from Crackberry Nation.

hi all first off im sure you`ll agree a podcast without kevin would be sooo wierd, and secondly, if you have a 5GB data plan, then feel sorry for us Vodafone UK people, only 500Mb!!!!!!!

till the next podcast


The sprint version of the tour is not the 9630fts. It's just the 9630. The 9630fts is a "for trade show" unit. I got one off craigslist for $200. Posted pics of it here...
hxxp://forums.crackberry.com/f141/device-blackberry-9630fts-what-where-why-276430/ (replace the hxxp with http, don't know why i couldn't post address)

BDM wouldn't let me load 3rd part apps. It said i didn't have enough memory. It had the same amount of memory as the released 9630. I swapped it at sprint store and sold it for $425 on ebay. Lol

I still have the original tour bought from telesales. Just bought this one cause it was a good deal.

Thanks for the podcast though guy.