Podcast Episode 034: CrackBerry Chit Chat

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Mar 2009 09:29 pm EDT

CrackBerry.com Podcast

Surprise! Wednesday afternoon podcast! Craig and I were joined by our pal Adam Zeis for Episode 034 as we spent some time chit chatting on all things CrackBerry. We talk BlackBerry 9630, App World, CTIA, and even do a little BlackBerry 101. We hope you enjoy the show!!

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  • Recorded: Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 @ 3:00pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h18m41s
  • File Size: 45.2MB

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Reader comments

Podcast Episode 034: CrackBerry Chit Chat


Awesome this just made my night. I wish I could have an unlimited stream of crackberry podcasts.. I just can't get enough.

it's about time kevin and craig haha i spent the last week catching up from episode 1 all the way till now love the podcast hope it becomes a regular thing and not so far apart always get my crack news from ya *what the frak*

I AM ONE.....MONTREAL QUEBEC....JE PARLE FRANCAIS AUSSI...lol....I've got an idea... since im the only one posting a comment can I get a copy of the CrackBerry BOOK ;).... PS love the podcasts....

on the berryreview.com site there's always "more advanced" information that is passed along like this week there was a chart comparing features on all BES versions including 5.0.... it would be nice to see stuff for more advanced users(or even BES Admins) that as well as all the other stuff everyone likes...