Podcast Episode 033: CrackBerry Catch Up!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Mar 2009 12:43 am EDT

CrackBerry.com Podcast

Finally! After what feels like forever (I literally forgot how to even record to one of these things), Craig and I got online Sunday evening for a little over an hour and played BlackBerry catch up. We have some fun in this CrackBerry Podcast episode as we work our way through the events of the past few weeks and look to the future and what *could* be coming down the pipe. Heck, I even have a "Niagara" epiphany! Enjoy the show!

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  • Recorded: Sunday, March 15th, 2009 @ 6:00pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h19m06s
  • File Size: 45.4MB

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Reader comments

Podcast Episode 033: CrackBerry Catch Up!


Missed your podcast! *downloads and puts on blackberry, throws on earbuds, and sighs like a person who's taking his first drink after many months*

Crackberry Kevin and Craig, you sure fuel my addiction. ^_^

I'll take your bet Kevin. I don't think RIM will go with the "Bold" name for the 9630. I think they will just follow the same naming pattern as the current CDMA WE phone, just naming it "9630 WE".

i dont like the Bold WE name

mainly because the original is technically a world phone.

it just makes people think that the original Bold isnt a world device.

so im take u on Kevin - add me to this contest!!

about the sent emails showing up in your inbox:

you can create a filter in the BIS website to block all emails that have your email in the FROM section of the email.

Hey Kevin!

Awesome Podcast! I want to enter the "contest" though it would be sweet if it was called the Bold ;)

Dudes. That took forever to get the next pod cast. I'm a new blackberry user and i have been listening to your pod cast from your day one episode over the last month and have been waiting for the new one. Man, now i know what you mean about being a crack head. Holy smokes. You can't get me addictive then cut me off like that. You guys do a great job. I'm soo hooked on it, im spreading the word about you guys and crackberry.com. Even talked my Chiefs into getting a few blackberrys.

Suggestion, if i may?
Can you do a new person 1-2 minute spill for useing blackberry stuff. Example, I just found out what "PIN" meant. It its awsome. There is soo much more i want to learn about my storm.
Great job guys. I really enjoy the pod casts.

New Addict

I love the podcasts. My only complaint is that they are so long. I, personally, stop following podcasts over time because I simply don't have the time to listen to them. If they were in the half hour range I'd never miss one. Just my opinion. I'm sure others would prefer them to be twice as long.

I'll take your bet, I can't see RIM calling it the Bold WE. They will probably end up just calling it the 9630 WE.

Hey guys!

You weren't sure about how the bell NHL colored blackberrys were. It is as you thought kevin, each blackberry comes with a code for a free skin from decalgirl.com (which I might add is super cheap, got it for my blackberry, wii, wife's rumour, and ds).

As for the WE for the bold. when bell and telus had the 8830 it was "world editon". But with the storm it's just storm. And with bell upgrading their systems to hspa, I just don't see the point in saying world edition or WE for short.

oh, btw Gemini = May 21st - June 21st

Hi guys

I normally have itunes grab your cast and put it on my iPhone. As of 20/3/09 it's not showing up there.... latest one online is 032.

Hiding?? :)


9630 is call the Tour and not World Edition Sorry Kevin, Ive been using Podtrapper and listening to all the podcasts newest to oldest.