Podcast Episode 032: Live from NYC!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Feb 2009 08:57 am EST
CrackBerry.com Podcast

Here it is CrackBerry Podcast listeners... THIS IS THE SPECIAL EDITION SHOW WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! It took us 32 episodes to make it happen, but in this show we hit two BIG milestones:

1. Craig and I record together in person!
2. We have an employee of Research in Motion on the show as a guest!!

We recorded this on Wednesday in a hotel room on the 43 floor of the Marriot Marquis in New York City (picture after the break)! Craig and I were in attendance that day for the BlackBerry Solutions for Business 2009 Press Preview (follow up article to come) where some awesome folks from RIM walked us through BES 5.0, MVS and more.

When the formal part of the day was done, Mike Kirkup, Manager of Developer Relations for Research in Motion, joined us for a CrackBerry Podcast! YOU WILL WANT TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE FOR ALL KINDS OF WICKED INFO. Over the course of an hour, we throw a lot of questions at Mike like Will we see Flash on a BlackBerry? and Will we be able to run apps off a memory card? and we even talk OS 5.0 and App Store details. We also hit Mike up with some more personal BlackBerry-use questions... and I'm happy to say Mike passed the CrackBerry test - he is as ADDICTED to his BlackBerry as all of us! This is a MUST LISTEN episode.

Huge thanks to Mike for joining us on the show, as well as Simon Sage from IntoMobile, who added to the Cracktastic fun. You're both welcome back anytime. Enjoy the show!!

NYC Podcast Crew
NYC Podcast Crew - Simon Sage, Mike Kirkup, Kevin Michaluk, Craig Johnston

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  • Recorded: Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 @ 2:30pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h01m55s
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HUGE Thanks To Our Special Guests:

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Reader comments

Podcast Episode 032: Live from NYC!!


Whats this about BES 5.0 Requiring Device OS 5.0 and then Secret guests monitoring what people say...

And all the things that it seems like shouldn't have been said...BEST PODCAST EVER

Its only the new features that BES 5.0 brings that requires BB OS 5.0 or later.
So if your OS is lower your BB will still work like it does today, just won't be able to flag messages etc.

:) We stayed in Marriott over New Year, fantastic hotel & location...the elevators are cool...anyway off to download the podcast :)

Speaing about apps...namely Worldmate, it is a fantastic app, i too found out on a recent trip that my flight was delayed, an 1hr before it was even broadcast to the other passangers.

I was wondering when you were going to post this new podcast... my iTunes downloaded it last night... did not have time to listen to it... hopefully sometime this weekend. Thanks again for these podcasts... I really enjoy these.

When Obama did the interview and said he had fingerprint recognition.....it was a joke....a lame joke....but a joke nonetheless. =)

"if you delete the application off your device ... download again... don't have to repurchase"

Do I need to point to all the music people thought they could "just download again" only to get notices that their store servers are getting shut down because they were not as profitable as desired?

So much better insightful information on this show instead of the mindless chit chatter of boys playing or messing around. A joke or two is fine but to much makes it hard to pay attention to the good stuff. This show had good info on tips and things that are useful to the BB users. So much better and "Mature" show. More substance and less college humor and banter. Keep this up.

Couple comments. Please will someone hire Craig already!! The guy clearly knows his stuff inside and out. This is getting embarrassing.

And I agree with many of the listeners who have commented that...
a) guests like Mike from RIM make the "show" a lot more informative and interesting, and
b) there is a fine line between education and entertainment - more meat less banter really helps

Keep up the great work guys.

PS> I just "retro-graded" back to a 7290 running In my humble opinion the keyboards are just way too small these days.

so kev. so viigo a sh!tty app huh lollol
and yes us cdma people do want our version of the bold :)

and i can't wait til os 5.0 comes out and what goodies it will pack
well keep the great podcasts comming

hahaha... YOU know what I mean. Awesome app. I just... errr... happen to use it a lot when I'm umm.. you know... doing that thing all people do :)