Podcast Episode 030: CrackBerry Addicts Unite!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Jan 2009 12:01 am EST
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Here it is folks, Episode Oh Three Oh, and what a shOW it is. We wanted to follow up our live on location CES 2009 podcast with another humdinger (did I seriously just type humdinger?!) so we invited Al Sacco and Nan Palmero back for some Cracktastic good times.

Warning - at over 90 minutes this show runs long, but we cover pretty much everything going on in the world of BlackBerry. If you're a CrackBerry addict, you'll want to give this one a listen for sure. And if you're a Twitter addict, you can follow all of this show's particpants... @crackberrykevin, @ibanyan (Craig), @asacco and @nanpalmero

We hope you enjoy the Episode 030! It wasn't recorded in a Casino bar in Las Vegas, but it was a still a fun time!

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  • Recorded: Sunday, January 25th, 2008 @ 6:00pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h34m48s
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Podcast Episode 030: CrackBerry Addicts Unite!


Gentlemen, again, thank you for extending an invitation to be on the podcast. I certainly had a great time speaking with such big brains! I hope to have the pleasure of chatting with you again soon!

Nan the Power User

Ah, I wouldn't call the Pre's UI unoriginal, Craig. One of our comments on IntoMobile summed up the situation really nicely:

"Apple didn’t invent multi-touch, they were just the first to put it in a smartphone.

Palm didn’t invent the ringer mute switch, they were just the first to put it in a smartphone.

The ringer mute switch on the iPhone, down to its orange coloring and the “buzz” when it’s put in vibrate mode, is a blatant and obvious ripoff of the Treo’s switch, which invented this feature years and years ago.

If Apple sues Palm, Palm should respond by filing an injunction to stop iPhone sales over the switch and demand damages for all 20 million iPhones sold worldwide. Perhaps that would give Apple pause before it decides to bully a competitor rather than innovate."

I would say that the Pre borrows pretty evenly from iPhone, Android and even BlackBerry ideas without coming off as a copycat.

Leave it to Kevin to Compair the OS to Ketchup. LOL. it was a great comparison. An-tic-ipa-tion!!

Love the podcast, but .90 kind of sucks. I have to do 3-4 battery pulls a day. I'm downgrading back to .76 or whatever today.

totally agree with the idea that apps don't look good. You download apps and they still use fonts that aren't using anti-alliased fonts.

Also, you can't create themes for the Storm with Plazmic 4.6. You can't even create themes for the 8350i and the 8900 yet.