Podcast Episode 028: 2009 Here We Come!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Jan 2009 02:47 am EST
CrackBerry.com Podcast

The holidays are over and 2009 is officially here. I'm off to catch a plane ride to Vegas for CES shortly, but before leaving Craig and I made sure to get on Skype and record our first episode of the new year. We catch up on the news of the past week and a bit and look forward to 2009. Speaking of CES, with a Crack Crew on the scene we're going to try and bring you a Special Edition CES podcast before the week is up! Enjoy the show, and Happy New Year from the Addict and the Expert!

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  • Recorded: Tuesday, January 6th, 2008 @ 5:30pm EST
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Reader comments

Podcast Episode 028: 2009 Here We Come!


Another sweet podcast guys, and for the love of all things BlackBerry someone hire Craig for Frak sakes, a man with as much knowledge as him should not need to seek out employment even in these economic times!

Yes its depressing. Somebody needs to hire our buddy Craig.

I listened to the first 30 minutes on my drive to work this morning and looking forward to the rest on my drive home. Hopefully we get to record the special episode with Kevin at CES.

A Man with that kind of cellular knowledge definitely needs to be in a cellular store or something at the least, until he's back on his feet O.o. If you were in my area Craig, my manager would probably hire ya on the spot! I could use a fellow CrackBerry Expert in the store ;) Sadly tho I am in Canada eh? :( But All the best on finding a new job. A month is a long time to go without a place of employment.

I am actually listening to the Podcast (Well, paused to make a comment so I dont miss anything) and it was mentioned about the BlackJack and the BlackBerry lawsuit. One thing that did happen, when Rogers Wireless got the Samsung "BlackJack" early 2008 it was re-named to just Samsung "Jack". But as with the US's Samsung BJ, it was crap! The first one we got in the store, I went to sell it, opened it up to put it together for the client and the "Silent" key in the bottom row of the keyboard was installed UPSIDE DOWN! Talk about QUALITY O.o.

But I am going back to the podcast now.
Happy new year Kev and Craig!!

I'm a new(ish) member to crackberry.com and only started listening to these podcasts and the smart phone round robins and i love em. Save em to my SD card so i can linten on the go. Someone PLEASE hire Craig!

Good job Kevin and Craig. Another great episode. Can't wait to hear the next one with all the updates from CES.

PS. Good luck on the job search Craig

Just finished listening to it and i can't emphasize enough how great these podcasts are, very entertaining and informative at the same time, not the easiest feat to pull off sometimes. I totally agree with your thoughts and comments on the 9520. Safe travels Kevin and best of luck Craig. Hey Kevin i live in the Caribbean you can fly here for the winter. LOL!

you guys always come through with great episodes.. what a good way to bring in 2009.. an announcement of a CDMA BOLD coming to Sprint will be awesome. :)

good luck on your job hunt Craig..

Hey guys, love the podcast. I'm having problems with the album art showing up on my Zune. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?

hey guys!! great podcast guys!!! hey Craig, don't worry man, you'll find a gig soon bro!!! kevin hope you had a safe trip... as always, great job guys and i can't wait for the next one.

I just finished listening to your podcast. Thanks to you I'm now a CrackBerry addict and my wife is a "BB storm widow" I now have the Storm and you guys are correct about the learning curve on it. It took me about a week to learn the in and outs of the device. And I'm still learning more things about it. But I do love it!!
Don't worry Craig, that new job is just around the corner.
PS the Simpson episode was when Homer had a poker night at his home, and the Military nut said he had to go to the garage for something. And Moe says he calls it a car hold.
And yes I watched way to many Simpson episodes.
Peace and Happy New Year.

Great Podcast as usual guys & Happy New Year ! Craig, we did the Times Square thing & it was amazing !!....We stayed in the Marriot for 10 days so had passes so we managed to waltz into the madness at 11.30pm rather than stand for 6 hours ;)

Also...my UK Bold worked a treat in NYC switching between T-Mobile and AT&T depending on where I was in the city, everything worked a treat, e-mails, maps, calls & so on.
I've also never seen so many people with BB's they were everywhere & saw some huge BB adverts on sides of buildings.