Podcast Episode 026: Follow Up and Fall Out!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Dec 2008 02:35 pm EST
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Surprise, Surprise! And here all you CrackBerry podcast listeners were thinking that since we recorded an episode last week it would be mid-January before we got to recording another. Wrong! Within an hour of posting up my Round Robin iPhond 3G review Craig and I jumped on the air to record Episode 026 for all our podcast faithful.

This show is very much a follow-up show. We follow-up on last week's BlackBerry Storm podcast review, we talk about the BlackBerry Curve 8900 and chat a bit about the Round Robin. And of course we cover some of the current BlackBerry news and manage to get sidetracked a time or two. Enjoy the show!!

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  • Recorded: Monday, December 15th, 2008 @ 12:00pm EST
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Podcast Episode 026: Follow Up and Fall Out!


Thanks for another new podcast - fun as always. I think you should spend some more time talking about your 8900 in the next podcast since you will have some more 'seat time' with it by then. Also, I would like another BabeBerry post, perhaps on the new Storm.

Thanks Kevin and Craig!

i love the podcast and i sent an email to podcast@ crackberry.com but i just also thought of another question ( and also think i am the first one to leave a comment ) but the atomic trackball , do you know what it will be made of and how it will make the next step up for trackballs in other device ( not only BB's , but all devices with a trackball ) and does RIM produce their own trackballs or imports them ?

once again crackberry is perfect and the best way to at up to date in the bb world .

thanks MIKE ( lol ) and Craig .

Once again another great podcast and quick turnover from the last podcast. I really liked your information on the 8900 and now know why you like the device so much. The nicest feature that I like is the UMA with the WiFi. If it was on another network here in the US besides T-Mobile then I would ponder switching networks. That feature alone would make it my favorite BB hands down. But I'm on Verizon and love their service as well as my Storm. I like the additional disclaimer and clarity you gave on the storm for the previous podcast as well. Once again thanks for the great work you guys do, Kevin & Craig.

A little side note about the Storm:
I thought my keyboard was fine until I loosened the screws just a bit on the back of the device and now the screen is perfect.

Kevin, doesnt it upset you that you go through all the work of making a podcast, and that the storm cant download them? i assume no other blackberry can either. they get this annoying "data to large" error or something like it. i am really disappointed i canat download these using this nice podcast interface on the storms browser. i can view them, read their info, mark them as played, but cant download them! come on rim.

@ Mike, download Opera, you can download the mp3 using Opera and then play it in your music player. I do it all the time with my Curve.

thanks, but what about this nice podcast interface the storms browser has? i cant use it? why would they make it, if you cant use it? so weird.

In the podcast you guys mentioned the new Blackberry 8350i, and stated it's CDMA/EVDO and iDEN. From what I've read, it only has the iDEN radio... Have I been reading wrong? Is it a CDMA/EVDO + iDEN + WI-FI? Phonearena only lists iDEN, but they have been wrong before. Sprint's site doesn't mention the radios used in the phone.

This is an iden device only. is has a bigger battery with a shorter battery life due to the iden radio.

we only wished it was a cdma/iden device

Well I just listened to my first crakberry podcast. I was especially appreciative of the information about the 8900 and uma. Will the uma be something that AT will pick up or would I need to buy a rogers or tmobile 8900 unlocked to be able to take advantage of that?

OK, so after numerous flight delays and a long drive in the wee early hours of the morning from the airport to home, I rapidly sent my message on the podcast before crashing to sleep, hence the origin of "Mike." Don't know where that came from. Mystery solved, hopefully. Love the podcast. Great info and discussion. Oh, Craig, I downloaded the podcast in the Denver airport to my Macbook Pro and listened to the whole podcast while waiting for said flight delays. Kevin,sorry for the dyslexic moment! :)