Podcast Episode 019: Back on the Crack!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Aug 2008 02:59 am EDT
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Finally, Craig and I are back on the Crack!! Thanks for the patience to all those who have been waiting for Episode 019 - it's been a full two weeks since we have tackled the BlackBerry news and rumormill. In this podcast we dive into all of the BlackBerry device fun of the past couple of weeks: my hands on with the BlackBerry KickStart..err Pearl 8220; Bold releases and delays, Thunder news and we even debate the issue of Javelin vs. Bold...which is the must-have device?! Enjoy the show!!

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  • Recorded: Monday, August 11th, 2008 @ 6:30pm CST
  • Show Length: 1h03m30s
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Reader comments

Podcast Episode 019: Back on the Crack!!


Great show! That was the first time I have ever listened and loved it. I can't wait for the next one. But now I have to listen to 18 old shows to see what I missed!

Really? Don Lafontaine gossip? Is Craig Johnston planning a career change and writing for Jezebel? Snap!

Awesome as always..some podcasts seem to lose my interest at times, but can always count on the cb one to keep me entertained.

ATT "does the most extensive pre-release testing"? More than Verizon? Or you guys think Verizon just takes far longer to do less extensive testing?
Not that many areas without 3G coverage??? Has Craig checked out an ATT coverage map??? Humph, I live 23 miles from the nation's capital (in a City of 45,000) and can't get ATT 3G coverage.
First podcast of yours I listened to. Enjoyable. Good, no "bleep". ;)

Having just listened to the latest podcast which is the second one for me, I have to take exception with the poor review on iTunes. If I wanted "terse" headlines, I could read The Register or The Inquirer, which I do. What I like about your format is that it puts some flesh on the news.

I heard another podcast about phones blare out that nobody really likes "push" email but offered no explanation or context to their comments. Since I love to have email pushed to me everywhere, including my iPod Touch, their comments diminished the value of their viewpoint which lacked context.

Long winded but there it is. I like what you're doing.


David B. You are right, I should have looked at the coverage map first. Now that I do I see that the list of cities is much lower than I expected.
For anyone who wants to look, here is the URL:
Click the "View 3G" link to see the "select" list of cities :-)

KayWay, of course there must be some DLF talk. He is THE man, or should I say, THE VOICE.

that made my day!!!!!!!!!! :D - yes!!!!!!
ooh the javelin is mega gorgeous 3.2 megapixel cam :D

the bold processor is faster than the iphone is 3 megahertz slower lollllllllll

yeah, the jevelin processor is way faster than the curve's

it's options/status -

to view media space, go to options/memory card/mass storage

oh and no, you can hot swap media card for bold and thunder

very specific about models - Rim is going after consumer and beause of their preexisting niche they are going to overwhelm the market -

yeah and everytime rim releases a new product, their stock goes up and they are spending more on research and development than any other mobile phone mfg - even more than apple -