Podcast Episode 013: Addict and Expert Back in Action!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jun 2008 01:07 am EDT

CrackBerry.com Podcast
it's been a few weeks since Craig and I have recorded a "normal" CrackBerry.com Podcast, but we got back to work this weekend to bring you our supposedly "unlucky" thirteenth episode.

Join as we talk WES 2008 Highlights, BlackBerry Bold, KickStart, Thunder and more! We also answer some listener questions and per usual go slightly off topic and have some CrackBerry fun. We always like to throw in some content that doesn't make the blogs or forums, so if you consider yourself a hardcore BlackBerry Addict you'll for sure want to give Episode Thirteen a listen.

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  • Recorded: Sunday, June 1st, 2008 @ 5pm CST
  • Show Length: 1h04m27s
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Reader comments

Podcast Episode 013: Addict and Expert Back in Action!


First off...Great podcast as always guys...

Second...for Craig..you made reference to carriers not being able to "kill" or "fry" SIM cards, while it's true their is no menu that simply says kill SIM card (other then cancel account), if at any point someone wanted to shut down and kill your SIM card it is entirely possible, it can even be done unintentionally, their are some systems one that I know of specifically that AT&T uses that simply updates your IRDB (Intelligent Roaming Database), that if it is used incorrectly, will fry your SIM card in a matter of seconds,also just simply removing your SIM card from your account profile will kill it off as well, once removed from a profile SIM cards go inactive...RIM however could NOT kill off a SIM card without carrier co-operation, but really RIM has everyone by the shorts anyways as they can block data at the PIN.

PS: "Wise" users will edit their BlackBerry.alx file and remove the assoc. cod files from the application loader so as to NOT load quincy onto their devices, therefore never sending RIM (saquincy) their IMEI,PIN and SIM card number...much the same way one would load the Dimension L theme from 4.3/4.5 install onto a 4.2.2.XX device ;)

And now that I seem to have shown how much of a geek I REALLY am again, I'm done lmao!!

Once again great show guys...keep up the great work!

Great podcast as always! Neil told me I was featured in this podcast, so I had to have a listen :) Perhaps my accent is a bit tricky because my dad is from Croatia (but I think I have a pretty normal Occa accent - maybe it's just because I am a mumbler). I am honoured to get a special crackberry mention :) Hope everything is well! P.S. My company is "Grabba", but close enough :D

Noooooooooooooooo!!! You can't move to a weekday night. What will I listen to on the way to work Monday morning? That is what gets me going for the week. You can't.


Great job again guys. I think you should do whatever works for your schedule. We're not the ones that have to give of our time to record and edit. We just listen and we have the luxury of listening whenever we want(admit it Craig, you use the bb in the bathroom).

Hey guys!

Hearing you read my email on the show was almost as cool as my BlackBerry -- almost.

I'll be listening whether you podcast on weekend or week day. You're the crackin' bomb! (and I don't mean frackin') Just keep the great banter and info coming.


PS I hope Craig's feeling better soon.