Podcast Episode 012 - WES Special Edition Wrap Up!

WES 2008 Special Edition Podcast Recording In Session
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2008 10:07 am EDT
left to right: Al Sacco, Me (back turned), Bill Foust, Brian Reed, James Shannon

Here it is folks, our last of three WES 2008 Special Edition Podcasts. Big Thanks to the Mobile Computing Authority team for co-hosting the shows and to all of our guests.

In this episode Bill and I are joined by Al Sacco who writes for CIO (and also blogs for CrackBerry.com), James Shannon of Paper IQ and Brian Reed, CMO of BoxTone (thanks again to BT for the Lounge!). 

We recorded at 2:00pm on Thursday just as WES finished off for the year and the deconstruction of the event began to take place. Recording these shows was an absolute blast - I hope you all found them enjoyable and we'll be talking to you live from Orlando next year!

Listen to CrackBerry.com Podcast: Episode 012

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Podcast Episode 012 - WES Special Edition Wrap Up!

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Hi Kevin,

I just finished listening to episode 12 & was glad to hear you had Wayne from my home town, Brisbane, Australia on your podcast. I'm not sure why a guy who has never used a BlackBerry before was at WES let alone the CrackBerry podcast, but hey it was entertaining.

Oh, by the way....we do not have funny sayings. That's you guys. e.g. "aboot" instead of "about", "hoose" instead of "house". I could go on ;-)