Podcast Episode 008 - Kickstart, Storm, OS 4.6 and More!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 May 2008 09:12 am EDT
CrackBerry.com Podcast: Episode 004"You are now listening to CrackBerry.com, home of the #1 Podcast for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers!), with your hosts, the Addict and the Expert, Kevin Michaluk & Craig Johnston!"

There was a LOT to talk about in this episode of the CrackBerry.com Podcast.

Join Craig and I as we discuss all of the craziness that went down in the world of BlackBerry last week - 9000s for sale on eBay, leaked docs showing OS4.6 feature improvements, OS4.5 waiting games, the BlackBerry KickStart, Storm & a 3G-less 9000?! And that barely scratches the surface. We also have CDMA Curve updates, BlackBerry outage talk and address the topic we missed last episode of the so-called coming of a BlackBerry meltdown.

It's another CrackBerry.com Podcast at it's attempted finest. Take a listen after the jump and be sure to report back with your comments. Enjoy the show!! 

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  • Recorded: May 5th, 2008 @ 5pm CST
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Reader comments

Podcast Episode 008 - Kickstart, Storm, OS 4.6 and More!


Another Great Podcast from Kevin & Craig, loads of info as usual. You guys have cool jobs !
loved the out-takes by the way :)

Looking forward to your WES Podcasts next week.

Looks like you guys have no lack of info after going to the weekly format. I look forward to listening every week :)

Episode 008 only downloaded 2:34. Last week you guys said you wanted to know if this was still an issue, it was at the beginning and now it's happening again. THANKS!! Great Podcast!

how do i download as an mp3 file to my computer. I click your link mp3 and it goes to quick time and starts playing.

ok, now I am really confussed. I see my ipod showing show 007 as 1:17 mins for 4-28-08 and I am listening to streaming of show 8 that is the same cut off time . Then open my itunes and it shows 008 as only 21mins long?

it says in my wmp that the file doesn't have usage rights and can't download onto my media card. wpl file

First CDMA and now flip phones!?!?!? Man, that guy doesn't like anything. What's next diatribes about the negative points of kittens and finding money on the street???

No but seriously great show guys. A heck of a lot smoother and informative. A lot to talk about this week and you covered pretty much everything that matters. Can't wait to hear you WES coverage.

I have now listened to the last three and am only wondering what I have missed in the others. This is a great podcast!!!