Podcast: Craig Johnston On The Cell Phone Junkie

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 12:48 pm EST
CrackBerry.com Podcast

Between last week's birthday festivities and me coming down with the flu, Craig and I didn't have a chance to record our regularly-scheduled CrackBerry podcast.

HOWEVER.. We still have a FANTASTIC show for you to listen to as Craig joined our pal Mickey, The Cell Phone Junkie, on his show this week to talk about all things BlackBerry!

Jump on over to TheCellPhoneJunkie.com and give Episode #16 a listen.

And we'll be back next week, so send your questions and thoughts into podcast @ crackberry.com!

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Reader comments

Podcast: Craig Johnston On The Cell Phone Junkie


Once again, thanks to Craig for jumping on the show with me this week. We had a great time, as I love talking about my Crackberry!!!

So I am currently still listening to this Podcast and no offense to TCPJ but I hated hearing someones voice other than Craig on the Podcast, maybe it was just the lack of banter since Kevin usually doesn't say anything of importance but rather just says smartass stuff to Craig(which is entertaining to say the least). The Podcast would have been better to just have Craig read off questions and then answer them. Sorry that I'm mean but I am kinda upset that I am not listening to a CB podcast at the moment.

On a side note, I laughed out loud when Craig talked about flip phones, when he was bagging on them all I could picture was him holding one and being like "WTF is this?!?!" and then throwing the phone down. I feel the same way about those phones and I can't stand my GF using a RAZR, she always wants me to reply to texts for her if she is driving and it takes me 10 minutes to type 3 words, yet she refused to use a blackberry(converted her recently).

I agree that Kevin adds an uncompairable amoumt of entertainment, But it was still a good show. Maybe because I liked the techie talk.