Podcast: CrackBerry Kevin on The Cell Phone Junkie talking BlackBerry Bold 9650 (and more!)

The Cell Phone Junkie
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jun 2010 12:05 pm EDT

We'll be recording a CrackBerry Podcast later this week (Craig was on a cruise last week so we skipped our regularly-scheduled show), but if you're jonesing from some BlackBerry talk right now you can jump over to TheCellPhoneJunkie.com and tune in to the TCPJ Unlocked Show #52 where I was guest. On this episode we talk BlackBerry Bold 9650, CrackBerry and some of the opportunities and challenges facing RIM in the smartphone space. Good times.

Keep in mind the TCPJ unlocked show is a premium show (you have to pay a monthly or annual fee to subscribe to listen) but they always do a bang up job. If you're already a fan of all of SPE's podcasts, I'd definitely recommend you also check out The Cell Phone Junkie. 

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Podcast: CrackBerry Kevin on The Cell Phone Junkie talking BlackBerry Bold 9650 (and more!)



Kevin was that you on Boy Genius last Night?

I saw that someone was defending the BB Brand

BGR really brought up some valid points about the Bold 9650

Stating that it the 9650 doesnt have great form factor

And it feels outdated compared to the 9700

Which i happen to agree with

It also stated that based upon the fact the EVO was coming out on the same network, why should any sprint customer pony up 200 dollars for an outdated BB

They also mentioned that since all phone manufacturers are putting Snapdragon Processors in their phones why settle for an inferior BB

I thought BGR gave a great Review for the 9650

I went to my local Sprint Store and picked up a 9650

It just doesnt look or Feel right in the hand

The Trackpad is a needed inclusion, but they should've slimmed down the width of the phone

It just looks too wide

The 9700 feels like the perfect BB in the Hand

Too Bad CDMA customers havent been blessed By RIM with a Comparable BB to the 9700

Oh yeah

Whats with charging people to listen to a podcast?

I hope you guys cover the 9650 in the Crackberry Podcast

not even sure what article you're talking about, so definitely not me. i was out for dinner last night and drinking campari. definitely somebody else. but pretty sure me and BG have the same viewpoint on something like the 9650.


BGR did a review on the 9650

I qualify for an upgrade next week

But after reading that article i'm yearning for something else

And i think at 199 the Upgraded Tour isnt worth it

I'm not a fan of the Slider or the Clamshell

Are there any other BB's on the Horizon?

Im gonna keep my tour until i can get a BB that's worth the Money

And i prefer a New Model instead of a Refreshed Model

I hate touchscreens, but i must admit if Andriod had a great Phone with a Keyboard On Sprint i would probably jump ship

I love my 9650, its a little wide but defiantly slimmer than my 9000 was. I'd love to hear that podcast but I stick with the free ones. ;-)

i mean at $5 a month i cant see why you wouldnt!!!
(end sarcasm)

all things blackberry are good, paying for a podcast so isnt :(

I know podcasts must cost money to make, but considering how Many there are online, it's sad that a small majority either require a fee or donation. shame gonna miss out on Kevin, ah well new Crackberry podcast will be out soon!