PocketDay Start! for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 13 Jan 2009 03:50 pm EST

PocketDay Start!

Everyday, you try to become more productive, faster, more efficient. You try doing something today and maybe you'll do it differently tomorrow, seeing if you can shave off more time. Besides being the ultimate smartphone, the BlackBerry can help you become better than you were before. Better, stronger, faster. Okay, maybe not like the Six Million Dollar Man, but at least a little better. What if you had an application that could help you quickly manage your day to day routine with minimal effort? Say, something that "redefines Shortcuts?"

From Cross River Systems comes PocketDay Start!. This application enables you to gather up your favourite contacts, applications and links into a stew. Add a dash of Message Management to the mix, and you have a recipe for simplicity. For those sporting a Storm, PocketDay Start! currently has an open Beta. Want the link? Well, you'll just have to read the full review.

About PocketDay Start!

Currently, you can download OTA or head on over to your desktop manager and add the application. PocketDay Start! is available on BlackBerrys running OS 4.5 or higher. Cross River Systems also offer PocketDay (the Ultimate today screen), PocketDay Sports and the reviewed PocketDay Lists. Is it just me or are you guys sensing a theme as well?

I've looked at applications that have grouped together contacts and had a folder containing a favourite application or twelve. PocketDay Start! goes one step further and groups everything you use the most into a one stop shop. Doing this, I find it minimized my dizzying navigation between folders and applications.

The application captures the look and feel of a newer OS, almost as though I was opening up a native application. Across the top of the main menu, the four categories can be found; Contacts, Email/Cal(endar)/Tasks, Applications and Internet Links. Below the categories you will find the view field. This field will display the entries for a highlighted category. Let's have a look at each Category;


In this category you can access your native address book and create shortcuts to your favourite contacts. You can create quick names to appear below the contact's icon. Speaking of icons, if your contact has a picture assigned to them, it will replace the green PocketDay Start! icon. All of the contacts here, can be shuffled around until you find the perfect layout - you aren't limited to alphabetical listings. When you highlight a contact, click the trackball and you can choose a contact method. Call, text or email with a click.

Contact Category. Note the different icons.


Here, you can access Messages, Calendar entries, Tasks and Memos. The icons found here cannot be moved. For messages, you have shortcuts available to your inbox, search, compose SMS and compose email. Calendar gives you the ability to view agenda, day, week and month. You can also create entries in each section. For tasks and memos, you have the option to create a new entry or search through existing ones.

PocketDay Start!
keeping you organized


I like to think of this as a secondary favourite application list. Scroll through most of the native and third party applications and keep your most accessed ones here.

I'm sure I had more applications than that...

Internet Links

Each entry requires an URL before this section becomes your shortcut to your favourite links.

PocketDay Start!
where else should I access the #1 site for BlackBerry Users & Abusers?!

Setting up your personal entries takes very little time. Once you have though, PocketDay Start! will help you manage your daily BlackBerry routine by housing your favourite contact, applications and more. I did find that the application didn't always keep up with my scrolling. At its worst, it was a second or so behind. PhoneFace offers a similar contact solution, so perhaps in future releases, PocketDay Start! could connect to my FaceBook and get the latest photos of my contacts. For best results, you should have PocketDay Start! assigned to a convenience key.


I bet this application is fantastic on the open beta for the Storm. No more jumping in and out of applications. Your contact, messages, link, applications and more all now grouped in one place. Not only that, now it requires less keystrokes to access them. For now I will slow down my scrolling and see if the application can keep up. Download the 15 day trial and see its greatness for itself. Once you are sold, PocketDay Start! is available at the CrackBerry Store for $12.95. I noticed in the forums that you can head over to www.pocketday.com and get the discounted price of $9.95, by using the promo code "start!" at the checkout.


  • all of your favourite actions in one place
  • less keystrokes
  • smooth layout


  • lags slightly


Reader comments

PocketDay Start! for BlackBerry Smartphones


why would you deface your device with such an ugly app? This doesn't appear to add any functionality to any BB device from what i can tell. jeez CB, can't you come up with anything better than this garbage? 2009 has been lame from an post value perspective....

And think before you say anything. Yes Crackberry developed this application (sarcasm). If you actually read the article CROSS RIVER SYSTEMS developed it. Crackberry only rounds up whatever is relevant and posts it on their awesome website for users (yes there are other people in this world besides you) to review.

I'm just not seeing the point of this app on the storm. If I want my favorite stuff to be in one place, I can simply put it in a folder titled "favorite stuff".

The web links is essentially a launcher for each bookmark, cutting down 2 whole clicks per bookmark.

I'm not uglying up my baby with that thing. NO sir.

Its amazing. We get these ugly, nonsensical programs for the storm, and can't get a simple today theme.

(Bitter? me? naaaaa...)

An app that has just the favorite contacts part of that would be nice but why not just create an app that can give us that without all of the other useless garbage.

Also, I don't know if anybody else noticed but it's incredibly ugly!

For favourite contacts, try an application like PhoneFace. I'm guessing Cross River Systems is trying to get the functionality nailed before making PocketDay Start! pretty.

Send them some feedback, it'll help them get the app to where you want it to be.

yes ima have to agree for storm users thats going to make my phone look very ugly just give us what the people want the most themes for the blackberry storm..everybody has them why not us.. themes ...themes...themes..

The only con I have (have to email support) is that with testing all the leaked OS..everytime I wipe the device I lose all my settings..I wish there was a way to back it up.

Reminds of BB Shortcuts for the storm. I like it and think it has potential. Makes calling and texting your favorites way quicker. Its not as ugly as pocket day at least.

I don't care about the aesthetics of an application if it functions. I use my Storm for business so I couldn't care less if it is not a "beautiful" application if it performs an awesome task. I would give it a try.

if you have, does Pocketday have its own icon mixed in with all your other icons (in portrait and landscape views)? If so, what does the Pocketday Icon look like?

I'm pretty impressed with this so far. It's admittedly a bit sparse, but it gives me massively quicker access to text or call my most frequent contacts, and the other shortcuts are quite useful as well. I'm not usually one to do this, but it'll probably be a purchase once the evaluation period ends.

If you organize your icons, you're already doing 95% of what this program does. It also doesn't utilize any nice sliding or touch screen effects - very boring. The storm just came out but this app looks like it has been out for years. $12.95??? Gotta be kidding!

I don't get it. So it just saves nav time? I agree with the consensus that the Storm has a beautiful theme already once you get rid of the Verizon wallpaper. Why mess it up for a couple extra clicks?

This is a lesson for those this might be cool users in this distinct yet weird style of theme there is no extras or purposes to this ridiculous excuse of an idea just a different theme pretty stupid if you ask me c-berry i kno u guys can do better than that..

Yeah, I'm not a fan of this app, but why are you guys telling the CB peeps to step up? They don't make the software they just review them. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean CB isn't doing their job. Every application deserves to be looked at so we know what to buy or not.

Cripes it's a frikkin review not an infomercial guys.

One thing I don't like about the Storm is how much of a pain it is to find someone in the address book (compared to just starting to type their name on the curve). By having this application hot keyed to the camera button, I can have my favorite contacts pop up at the touch of a button. I like having their faces show up too. I would prefer an application that only did that (don’t need the other tabs at all). I looked at PhoneFace as subjected by another poster but I don’t want a bunch of people to pick from on one screen rather than having to scroll through everyone.

ill use it for the evaluation period and see how much i like it , but i do have one question on the internet links how do you get the names to show up under the icon all i get is the icon (maybe i used the wrong url?)
(oops never mind got it figured out)

honestly i cant see me using this app as its colors are just wrong. that may sound like a petty thing but seriously i cant look at that every day and not want to throw it away.

honestly i cant see me using this app as its colors are just wrong. that may sound like a petty thing but seriously i cant look at that every day and not want to throw it away.