Plunk! - a fun and addictive labyrinth game for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Alicia Erlich on 4 Jan 2012 02:43 pm EST

Growing up one of my favorite puzzle games was Labyrinth. I would sit at that wooden box for hours using the side knobs to guide the ball around the board and get frustrated when things didn't go my way. Well now I can play for hours without getting my hands tired with Plunk! by OMG! Brews Games. Guess I'm a sucker for nostalgia but this is an enjoyable game that was meant to be played on the PlayBook. It makes you feel as if you're tinkering with that wooden box again and is sure to keep you occupied for hours.

Right off the bat the first thing you notice is how precise and accurate the marble glides across the board with ease. All you need to do is tilt your Playbook in all directions to navigate the marble through the maze, around the holes and obstacles into the target. It's very responsive so that even the slightest movement in the wrong direction will land you in hot water. Although I do love that my trick from the original works here as well: that if you propel the marble fast enough it will glide over the hole and not fall in. This does come in handy for a couple of the higher levels if you do it right.

Plunk is a challenging game that really flexes your hand-eye coordination especially when there are two, three, four, or more marbles on the board simultaneously. Furthermore, I tend to keep my games on mute while playing but for those of you who like to crank it up you'll enjoy the realistic sounds of the marble moving across the wood. It's extremely detailed with five different boards all named after different types of wood (Pine, Camatillo, Rosewood, Kingwood, and Mahogany) each comprised of twelve levels ranging from Easy to Hard.

I absolutely love this game but you don't have to take my word for it. While there is a sixtey level premium version for $1.99 there is also a lite version that features the first twelve levels of the Pine board. So why not try it out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below. The one thing that did bother me after awhile is having to align the red ball with the target before each level begins. Other than there's no reason why you shouldn't give this a whirl.

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Reader comments

Plunk! - a fun and addictive labyrinth game for the BlackBerry PlayBook


This is a very addictive and fun game!

At times extremely frustrating when you plunk the marble in the wrong hole... =D

fun game and very responsive. which only makes me wonder why the playbook is so damn slow/laggy when changing (sometimes it just doesn't) from landscape/portrait.....

i just bought this yesterday! love it! It took me 3 seconds of playing the Lite version to decide on buying the full.

(@powderbanks... yeah man. i find myself shaking my Playbook quite often thinking that might help when I know it won't)

The one thing they are missing is the ability to flip quickly and cause the marble to jump. I used to do that all the time with my wooden Labyrinth game when I was a kid.

This game is almost like Tetter, the game that came with my Incredible....and ANYONE who ACTUALLY played GAMES knows this is the REAL bb game from the 40's
****these ARE the droids you're looking for****

+1.....if more apps/games had a free trial it would boost sales because once you master the trial game your gonna want more.....just like s*x

Awsome game. Very realistic sound, extremely responsive and addictive. Couldnt let it go until i completed all 60 levels. Mahogany Total recall was really difficult. Enjoy it . Thank you RIM.