Plug It In app alerts when your battery is low - Perfect for new Torch owners!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Aug 2010 01:17 pm EDT
Plug It InPlug It In

One of my biggest gripes with the new BlackBerry Torch is that is has no low battery indicator. None. Why I have no idea. Instead when the battery gets low you see a message telling you the device is powering off and that's that. In the middle of a phone call, composing an email or browsing the web -- you're totally out of luck unless you have a power cable nearby. To help save some frustration, Plug It In is a simple app that pops up an alert when you battery is low. You can set the threshold (I like it at 30) and when your battery gets down, Plug It In alerts you with a popup, colored LED and sound (if you choose). This way you can get your device plugged in and charge up before it eats it. Whats cool is that Plug It In also shows a notification in the banner after your threshold level letting you know exactly how much battery power is left. Charge up the device again and the notification goes away. Granted there shouldn't be a need for this app, but if you want to keep up and running without the fear of your device randomly shutting down, this is definitely the way to go. Plug It In is available as a free download for the Torch 9800 and other devices in the CrackBerry App Store. Be sure to check out all the other great apps from ShaoSoft while you're there :-)

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Plug It In app alerts when your battery is low - Perfect for new Torch owners!


what is the battery life on the torch? I know the battery has a smaller capacity than the 9700, does it get you through a 12-14 hour day with decent usage? My bold 9700 will get me through at least a day and a half straight with decent usage.

Hard to say just yet since I've been playing around with it more than normal, but I say as of now it gets about 12hrs with "normal" usage. No where near what my 9700 was (I could go nearly 2 days on a charge). I'll know more as I get back into regular use the next few days though.

Nice...I always live by the practice of charging my phone when my battery gets down to a single bar...but free is always good!

There should be a way to have the battery percentage permanently stay in the banner, not just when it goes below the threshold

Check out BatteryEX. It already does this and there a bunch of skins for the battery meter in the forums.

"One of my biggest gripes with the new BlackBerry Torch is that is has no low battery indicator."??? I didnt have it on OS 4.5 or OS 5.0....

I thought I would never get use to typing on a touchscreen due to the iPhone. So a few months ago I got to use an Android phone to set it up for email.

Wow. I can actually type on it! After that experience I know that I can leave blackberry now. My BB 9700 is serving it's purpose but my horrible AT&T 3G issues just won't stop. Granted, it's smooth sailing in my new home away from home.

What does this have to do with with this product? I don't understand why people leave comments like that here. Sure, free speech, etc, etc, etc but this is about as annoying as dating site bots on other forums.

Wait, what is that batter looking thing in the photos.....oh wait, that's not the Torch screen.

Why would some one need an indicator that their battery is low if they already have and indicator up in the corner. Two things tell you when your battery is low, plus if i believe the a blackberry tells you when your battery reaches 10% or less, so the count is now upp to three? Why? Are there that many people that cant look at their screen and see that the battery is getting low with out another flashy thing saying "Hey, you idiot, I'm running low on power!"

Seriously!!? Come on folks come up with something better!

The battery indicator on the Torch doesn't show "bars" like other meters, its filled solid. It goes down as the battery does, but it doesn't give a very accurate representation of the actual battery. Unlike other devices/software versions, there is no yellow or red indicator when the battery gets dangerously low and the device just shuts off,  hence the need for an app like this.

Does the Torch not let you power it up and/or not let you turn on the radio when the battery is completely dead, even after plugging into a power source? Like, ahem, certain other BB versions? I would be OK with the lack of low battery alarming if they fixed this oversight with OS6/The Torch.

Good news is you can plug it in and get going again. The radio doesn't die before the device, it just shuts off all at once. One you plug in though you the radio stays on and you're good to go.

I don't get it .. wouldn't you want a ringer for your ringer? How else will you know the device is ringing when its ringing?

I was out Monday & I saw a woman using one at the restaurant that I was at. She probably thought I was crazy but I had to walk past her booth twice just to make sure but it WAS the Torch!

I have BerryBuzz on my Bold 9000-the battery icon doesn't have "bars" either-but I can look at the battery and tell "about" when I need to plug it in! However, my BerryBuzz is set to blink RED when the battery gets to 30%...I'm thinking thinking this would work on the new Torch if I decide to get it.

This isn't something that will be seen with every device that upgrades to BB6. Hopefully it is just an OS glitch that will be fixed in a future release.

Is this just something that's happening on the Torch or is it going to be something affecting all BBs running OS6?

not surprising. no keyboard locking feature on my tour (first blackberry) a few other no-brainer phone features you need to DL (or buy) apps to make your phone do normal stuff youre used to your phone doing.

next BB's should come with nothing but the OS and make everything apps.

what's that? you wanna make a phone call? that'll be 4.99 for the Phone Call App.

I saw the battery indicator turn red when I was at my local AT&T store today as they did not have it connected to any charger. It eventually turned off just after popping up an alert message.

Every Blackberry device has a battery indicator! You can even view & charge easily under status on EVERY device. I don't see the need for this app, sorry, is it just me!?

This is kinda funny that we are already seeing little things that rim leaves out that should have been there to begin with do those guys sit around and think of things to leave out so there can be an app For it?

For those of you who to leave it at the banner, just set it to the max (80%). Once the alarm goes off, hit ok then it will just stay at the top and continue to show the decrease. Thats what I did.