Time to eat some brains with Plight of the Zombie for the BlackBerry Z10

By James Richardson on 7 Aug 2013 05:18 pm EDT

If you have $3.00 spare to spend on a BlackBerry 10 game I would urge you to consider purchasing Plight of the Zombie as it is now my new addiction! If you want excitement, great game play and a challenge this one has it all. The game supports just the BlackBerry Z10 currently, but this will be down to screen size.

You control Craig who as a zombie is only interested in eating brains - as zombies generally do. Scattered around each level will be a selection of pink brains which you must collect but in addition there will be some humans who you will need to eat too. Controlling Craig is simply done by drawing a line on the display of where you want him to go. You can stop him with a double tap if you need to, but you shouldn't find this something you need to do too often.

As you progress through the levels things get spiced up a bit. Many of the humans have shotguns so you need to keep out of their range. Creeping up behind is one tactic but you can also use another. Because when you eat a human they too become a zombie you'll be able to control multiple characters. So the distraction technique can work with some of the guys with guns - send a zombie in from one direction and as the human turns to shoot him you can attack from behind.

Things get even more complicated later on and you'll have to use your own brain to work out how to complete the levels. The graphics are great with Plight of the Zombie and the sound effects are stunning. If you buy the game and don't like it I'd be very surprised. I'll be off now to play some more. Bye.

Plight of the Zombie features:

  • Play over 50 deliciously brainy puzzles
  • Be one with your inner zombie as you nom on yummy brains
  • Support a savory cause by helping end zombie hunger
  • Appetizing store with plenty of tasteful accessories for your zombies

More information/Download Plight of the Zombie for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Time to eat some brains with Plight of the Zombie for the BlackBerry Z10


Sure, here's 3 dollars......man , any other important news? seems like crackberry has. Become, ...more ap advertising. Feel free to comment.

Z10 Rocking

The one thing long term BlackBerry users have been wanting is apps/games to rival other OS's. Yet now we have them them on BB10 you complain.
Guess you can't please everybody.

Posted via CB10

Thanks James for the reviews, you help introduce a plethora of new APPs to me on a regular basis. Thanks for the effort and time.

Agreed, thanks James.  Must nicer to see a comprehensive video review than to have to search the app world and hope I don't buy a dud.

Thanks james, what will be nice if bb10 came out with a exclusive bad ass game to bb10 only, that other platforms will die to have, kind of like when Microsoft came out with out halo.

Posted via CB10

Yeah James, how dare you let us BlackBerry consumers know about new apps available for our phones. Shame on you.

By the way folks, that's sarcasm.

Posted via CB10

Agreed... better to read up on new reviewed apps then headlines like BlackBerry still has no apps!!! I jus don't understand why soo many devs make zombie type games l(?) I guess there's a good market for them


Sadly this app only rivals other crappy games in blackberry app world, how could this rival a 99cent Plants vs Zombies or the FREE PvsZ2 on ios or android! Come on devs, if we keep supporting crappy apps at premium prices blackberry app world's quality will always be an issue , especially for native apps. Again I don't have an issue with advertising apps because of the lack of proper curation in BlackBerry App world this can actually help consumers find exceptional apps, but If you keep showcasing cheap knock off apps with low quality and high prices people will stop paying attention.

Posted via CB10

First there are no apps on BlackBerry now time to complain that we have them and we are attempting to spread the word. Don't like don't read. Just my personal opinion. Could be wrong too

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

I personally like that CrackBerry aids in app discovery. Sure, I don't think that all the apps/games they feature are worthy of the attention, but to each his own.

Great write-up James. The game looks really good and I'm about to give it a try.

Posted via CB10

What's wrong with app promotion? For a platform where many have said there are a lack of apps, we are showcasing some of the best apps to be found in BlackBerry World.

Many developers have also benefitted from our App Gallery as it gets the CrackBerry stamp of approval.

Posted via CB10

Exactly! This shows developers that try can get some help in advertising the good ones and encourages them to develop more! That's what bb10 needs so keep up the great work!

Posted via CB10

Hey giant sh*$#!?,

You do realize there are different categories for this CB app, like editorials, games and apps. News. If you don't like an article don't read it.

Why do people waste their time complaining about nothing. Miserable people leaving negative comments then attracts more miserable complainers to join in

Posted via my Zzzeeyeaahh Baby

Yeah that's true... there has been a lot of app reviews which isn't a bad thing... but the real main issue I have is that there are barely any app devs for other OS's that are bringing their games and apps over to BB10, it's quite sad. We need more support. I love my Q10 but we need more app devs.

Posted via CB10

Will we get Plants vs Zombies 2 for playbook? That's the only Zombie game I'm looking for at the moment.

Posted via CB10

That's just because it's new. If you don't trust my opinion then wait for the reviews. I'm pretty sure there will be many in the next few days.

Posted via CB10

James, I'm not much of a mobile gamer, but I really appreciate the reviews. Ignore the whiners and keep up the great work!

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Yeah keep them coming. Most the game apps I do download are from James write up. Sadly I can't get this for my Q10..maybe a Z30 is on the cards.

Posted via a mean looking Q10

99.9% of my app purchases are made because of James' reviews. Keep up the good work man! Haters gonna hate.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for the review James, cartridges!!! LOL

I might not buy this or a few other but by watching your videos and reviews it puts me onto things I might have missed.

Keep on moving CB team

Posted via CB10

Some major game titles that are on ios and android are still missing, I love getting updates but crappy apps that usually charge for a service that is free on the aforementioned mobile platforms or games that generally suck and do not showcase the performance of OS 10 are annoying. This game looks like it could run fine on OS 7, I wanna use apps that look like it's made for OS 10. And value! Seriously I use all mobile platforms when you spend this much on a game on IOS you get quality and on android if it sucks the refund process is beautifuly simple, developers need to step it up, only worthy apps should be pushed by crackberry!

Posted via CB10

Looks like a great game, with the exception of the shi**y text. You "looz"??? Seriously? I am so sad for the english language...the dumbing of society continues.

Knew my comment would start a small argument. I was not directing what I wrote against that particular person or review. As you can see by the above post views differ, some agree. Some don't, some insult my avatar name. Anyways,
Perhaps there should be a separate app/game Section on crackberry, because once again I will say it more and more feels like an app advertising place everyday when u start the blackberry app (PC, Web page more options, doesn't feel as forced) .

Z10 Rocking