Plazmic 4.7 Content Development Kit OFFICIALLY Released!

Plazmic CDK 4.7 Officially Released
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Mar 2009 04:34 pm EDT

FINALLY!!! The moment sooo many people have been waiting for. RIM has FINALLY released the Plazmic CDK version 4.7 which now allows for the legitimate creation of themes for the BlackBerry Storm, Curve 8900 and Curve 8350i.

To all the developers who have been making free and paid themes using previously leaked betas, stock the fridge with Red Bull and get ready for some pizza delivery as you've got a late night ahead of you revamping all of your past creations to make them "official" (and be sure to give free updates to any past customers!). 

From there...let the fun and games begin! I can't wait to see all of the awesome theme creations that will be coming to CrackBerry Nation soon! FINALLY!!!!

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Plazmic 4.7 Content Development Kit OFFICIALLY Released!


Sweet! I'm psyched. A lot of people have made some great themes already. I can't wait to see what they come up with next. Props to all those who've put in time for free themes!

How is this better than the older software? Will it allow the developers to create better themes, or is it just the same software, but now it's "official"?

there where a few problems like if you hit the mute button you couldn't turn it off on some themes

Sweet I was hoping that was the reason. You can turn it off using the menus but not the screen button. Nice to know that was the reason.

I hope this new version will be much better. I am having trouble figuring out why I can't put a special icon on for everything. I need to tinker longer. :)

happy theming

When I go to run the install it tells me to choose another place to extract the file, every where i try it gives me that message. Anyone else getting this and if not how are you getting it to extract and where is it being sent to?

I'm having the same problem. No matter what location I select it gives the same stupid message. I may try downloading it again later.

i know this is not for the bold, but is there a software to create themes for the bold?? can't seem to find it anywhere. help!

I hope the fix the bugs with the storm today plus hidden...I love this theme, but those few quirks suck. And if they do update, how will we be notified so we can download those updates?

I can't wait, I'm gonna see what else there is available to do, maybe the things I wanted to add together will work now!

The only things that would make it better would be a Verizon OS update for the Storm 9530, Facebook 1.5 being released, and maybe AppWorld coming to life.

Well, I wish there was a Mac version of Plazmic, but oh well. I've been creating themes for different systems for years, as graphics design is sort of a hobby of mine. Can't wait to get to work on BB ones!

burst your bubble folks but really, not much has changed from the Beta to the official, a lot of the bugs that were in the beta still exist in the official release as well.

Lays to rest all the "I wont buy beta themes" though, considering their will not be much of a difference anyways lol.

I totally agree with you!

At least they could have fixed the font issue with this release.... that is the fonts in the theme builder.. being cut off.

well that's about 2hrs of my life I'll never get back waiting for that rubbish to download.

It's done downloading. Now it's installing. Several (like >2) hours of download time. We'll see if it was worth it.

Have tried downloading it three times. First time got to 46% and then my internet messed up and it gave me an error message saying it couldnt access some site. Then tried it later only to have it stall at 2%. Immediately tried it again at 1am and went to sleep. Got up this morning and it evidently had not downloaded due to the program not being on my comp and nothing else on the screen. I guess due to so many people DL the server is overloaded. New to the them development and wanted to see what it was all about now that the official release has been made.

Seems to me that the official version really isn't all that much different. There are still things in my theme that are not skinned properly on the phone after export and multiple battery pulls. I even rebuilt the theme from scratch and exported it to test and same thing.

As far as I am concerned, this is still beta software.

I tried to download last night and it kept timing out.
So i decided to try from work this morning. Went to clicked on Download which brought me to a address.


Sorry, you have encountered an unexpected error. Please contact the webmaster.

Funny, i just finished downloading the 8900 device simulator 10 minutes prior!

anyone else getting a similar error?

the link Kevin provided in the original post brings me to the same site - which yields the same result.

I was getting that red error when I went to download it.. im using google chrome, I switched to IE and it worked fine. try that?