PlayOn for BlackBerry 10 now available - Stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and more from your PC

By Adam Zeis on 16 Jul 2013 09:35 am EDT

If you've been looking for a streaming solution for your BlackBerry 10 device for Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go, you'll be happy to know that PlayOn for BlackBerry 10 is now available. With PlayOn you can stream content via your Windows PC to your BlackBerry over WiFi or even a 4G/3G connection. The service includes streaming from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and over 60 TV channels including ABC, NBC, FOX and Comedy Central.

PlayOn is available in the US and Canada as a 30 day free trial with a lifetime subscription available for $49.99 or an annual subscription for $24.99. 

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Press Release

PlayOn Brings Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, 60+ Channels to BlackBerry 10 Platform

PlayOn app now available on BlackBerry World

Seattle, WA – July 16, 2013 – PlayOn, the award-winning media server software from MediaMall Technologies that streams online videos to TVs and mobile devices, today announced the launch of the PlayOn app for the BlackBerry® 10 platform.

For the first time, BlackBerry 10 customers in the US and Canada can watch content from Hulu, Netflix and HBO GO on their smartphone. By downloading the new PlayOn app to a BlackBerry® Z10 or BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone, and PlayOn software to a Windows PC, customers can stream online content from Netflix, Hulu (with no Hulu Plus subscription needed), HBO GO, CBS and 60 additional online channels to their smartphone.

PlayOn’s online software is installed on a Windows PC where it browses content from various online providers like Netflix and Hulu and online channels like ABC, NBC, CBS and Comedy Central, and then displays that content directly on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone through the PlayOn app. BlackBerry 10 smartphone customers can browse and watch movies, TV shows and more on their phone at home or on the go over a Wi-Fi®, 4G or 3G connection.

"With our new PlayOn app for BlackBerry, we are excited to extend PlayOn's benefits to BlackBerry 10 smartphone customers, including first-time access to all the great content of Netflix, Hulu, CBS and HBO GO," said Jeff Lawrence, CEO of MediaMall Technologies. "We are very pleased to be partnering with BlackBerry to launch this app. It is really going to change how BlackBerry 10 customers watch content on their smartphone."

“We’re delighted that  PlayOn is now available for BlackBerry 10 smartphone customers, giving them access to the fantastic streaming video content they can get today on their Windows PC,” said Martyn Mallick, VP of Global Alliances and Business Development at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 10 smartphone customers can try PlayOn risk-free with the software’s 30-day money back guarantee through a Windows PC in the United States and Canada. A lifetime subscription to PlayOn is currently on sale for $49.99. Annual subscriptions are on sale for $24.99. The PlayOn app is a free download and is now available on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront.


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PlayOn for BlackBerry 10 now available - Stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and more from your PC


Cool! But that it a little high for streaming when I can just download content directly to my device from the browser. But it is nice to see an app because I am sure some will live it!

Posted via CB10

Right now there are a number of media sites that require some type of plug-in, which means they don't work on the BB10 Browser.

Wait, so you need to have pc on? Isn't that what Flix did? It failed miserably based on the negative reviews on the app..

Corky Notes for bb10 developer

PC has to be running but the BB10 smartphone doesn't have to be on the same WiFi. It will work on WiFi, 3G/4G. Flix did not offer this benefit.

Yes, this is just another link to the direction that BlackBerry has chosen to go (away from the common crowd), of simply using your one BlackBerry phone to control and operate all devices in our lives.

Although some may not get-it right away, I think that this BlackBerry-only concept will catch on. I don't know of any other platform so powerful.

Posted via CB10

Free trials make me nervous. A lot of thing s offer a free trial but make it hard to cancel. Take ShopRunner for example. They offer a 30 day free trial, but a lot of people get charged anyway even if they cancel, and it's a pain to get your money back.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Very excited to see PlayOn on BB10. Here's tip...install PlayOn server on a Windows machine that you know you never turn off...set it up with your streaming accounts and stream to your heart's content. Works over wireless. I've used it to watch Netflix on my Playbook while not at home, too.

Nice but for the price, what sets it apart from say Splashtop streamer that is just $6 that can stream all content from your PC or Mac to your phone?

Posted via CB10

This is the best solution so far. You have media control where as splash top you have a tiny screen of a computer to control.

Posted via CB10

Netflix has an asterisk beside it with that note at the bottom of the app description, so yes you need a Netflix account to stream it via Play On

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

According to their website's channel descriptions you need a subscription to all their premium channels via your cable provider including ESPN, HBO etc, so not much point to this service at least for my needs.

Lifetime subscription is the way to go unless Netflix and hulu show up as an app next week. If it works well, it does put all the channels and your Netflix etc in one spot. Getting better bb10

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

So I can stream from my PC, but what if I have a mac? I have to have windows through bootcamp, or vmware, or parallels? I'm not an apple bigot or anything but I use mac for video editing and nothing else. Let's get this for Mac soon as well, but will try and see if I can download when I get back to the house

Posted via CB10

Im an avid PlayOn user and this is one of the best apps for me that has shown up. Best 50$ (PlayOn and PlayLater) investment I have ever made.

The sideload didnt allow for playing movies on my Z10 due to a flash issue.

They just released the PlayTo feature and their PlayMark feature a couple of weeks ago that allows you to play and record most websites videos.

Wooooooooow, awesome another US only app, great just what I wanted more cool apps I can't use, this is great!!! Thanks guys!!!!
Ooh wait here comes the "no its not BlackBerry's , its the devs and content developers " posts! Cool

Posted via CB10

Well, being that I develop apps for fun in spare time and the fact that I have gone through the publishing process, it is indeed the developers that decide where to make the content available. The publishing wizard asks you that exact question. So yeah, when you see a region restricted app, it's because the developer decided to restrict it. BlackBerry has nothing to do with it.

Posted via CB10

And in this case neither did the developer. The content providers have the final say where content can be watched.

Doesn't matter, in the end customer who pays for all this, who keeps the platform alive, gets screwed

Posted via CB10

Does Playon work for other platforms in your country? For that matter, can you even watch any of these channels, Netflix, HBO, ESPN, ABC, NBC, etc are all US channels. What are you complaining about? Why don't you get someone in your country to cme up with an app for the channels you actually could have the rights to watch. US is getting screwed in other ways here, still on 10.0 and BB's brand is totally in the dumps. This is good news, but for you it is only me, me, me. Stop your whining.

And here it is!
That is just ignorant assuming I don't get these channels because I don't live in the states, i probably live in a cave right, yeah that's it nice going, I am not from America therefore I don't count
This is exactly the type of attitude that got BlackBerry in this situation
Let me explain something to you, I own my own business here and my business model is EVERY customer is important regardless of race, gender or origen.
Just because I don't live in the states (anymore) doesn't make me less important, hell I payed $800 for my Z10 what did you pay?
Before you judge think man, not understanding something is completely different from being ignorant

Posted via CB10

Take it easy. If it makes a difference I paid $650 I believe. Not sure why that matters. Thanks for answering my question too. Where do you live anyways? Also - just wondering how you would get these channels if you don't live in the states. These are US channels and if you are getting them I would guess it is over the internet and with a workaround. Otherwise you are getting them through a cable or sattelite provider?? I still think you are whining. Your whole premise that the end user is getting screwed is ridiculous. You are no worse off than before and I am better off. There are apps from other countries that do not benefit me, you don't see me complaining about it though.

And really, I judged you? You some big time business owner. Give me a break. You sound like a total loser on here complaining like that.

Satellite cable provider, and you know what, you're right, I should know before than picking some forum fight with some 15 year old zit faced kid

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I think you need to take a step back and determine who really is to blame here. I live in Canada and the only way I can get a direct US feed is by pirating it on the net or illegally using satellite. I say illegally using satellite because in my country, it is not legal to transmit nor receive media content that is not controlled by the CRTC, our governing body for radio, phone, and other media. That is why, for example, Netflix Canada content is greatly reduced when compared to the US.

It's all about broadcast rights so if the developer decided to circumvent these rights, they would be doing so illegally.

Yes in the end it is the consumer that gets screwed, but that's not BB's fault, nor the developer, nor in some cases the provider. In most cases it's legislation and broadcast distribution rights. I would love to get US Netflix in Canada legally, but I can't so I have to hack it and understand that I'm doing so illegally.

'nuff said.

Posted via CB10

wow sometimes i feel so left out living in the Caribbean , i have owned more than 20 different smartphones from blackberry, and to be honest i am just about to give up, i see my friends have iphones and android phones and they got crackle and playon on there and i can't , I think someday i will have to move on .

Exactly my point, I really love my Z10, in fact I wouldn't change it for anything, but sometimes I feel screwed when I see a different phone(android iphone). With an app we have but for some reason they don't give it to us by some "regional " dispute or deal.
It's easy to sit and say ooh it's up to the dev or content provider, when you are getting all the good stuff
But when you have a cool phone and for bulls hit reasons your not getting apps, it kind of blows

Posted via CB10

yeah ,man this hurts I love my phone but whenever a new app comes out then I search app world and it says not available for your device I just wanna smash the phone , my son has an android tablet when I search for the very app I find it there with no issue. So sad because no other device has a sweet UI like bb 10 , i am holding on to my z10 but not sure how long again , and using vpn does not give you us content in app world either , something has to be done

Patience brother I am pretty sure they'll figure something out
I feel you though I'm in the same boat, to me the Z is superior to iphone 100%, and and android does tend to hang and lag although they are good
But none have such a streamlined UI as BB10

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it is not available here in the caribbean in BB world , it is available however on other devices such as iphone and android devics

This is a waste. Just give me the native apps like Netflix, HBO and all the other apps I have installed on my iPad 2. I already pay for these on my television then when I go to watch them on my iPad it's there. I'm not going to go and pay more for what I already have! I'm getting sick and tired of having to pay more owning a BlackBerry device to view content I already have paid for. I'm almost ready to throw in the towel.

Posted via CB10

Amen to that buddy, and sideloading Netflix didn't cost me perfectly on my bb10, looks native too :)

Posted via CB10

I live in the states. I want all the BBC channels!! The UK sucks they don't let me get their content here in the states. It's like we here in the states are second class people just because we won the eor of independence from them hundreds of years ago and they don't like it they evil unfair people not letting me have it! Lived there once and paid taxes so I deserve to get it! BlackBerry should make them give it to me.

Posted via CB10

No you leave it on running at home. Initial app install and pc search should be done from same wifi as PC. From then on it finds it whether on wifi or cellular

Posted via CB10

Lemee guess - needs 10.1. I can pull it up in World, but says unavailable for my device (Verizon Z10).

That's getting old, and I really shouldn't have to install a leaked OS. But more tempting every day...

Posted via CB10

This looks pretty cool since you do not have to be on the same wifi to watch, but I have to pass since this is supposed to be a business phone and I have enough toys on here already

Posted via CB10

I will give this a try. If this means I can watch Hbo and Espn with BlackBerry while I am overseas, it is worth it. I assume that it will work since my pc will be up and running at home in the us.


Posted via CB10

This is not a streaming solution. Why would I want to stream my content to my Q10 when I'm in my house and can watch the larger screen on my computer.

Comparing PlayOn to Splashtop Streamer is like comparing filet mignon to turkey jerky.

A one-time, lifetime purchase of PlayOn and PlayLater was one of the best "toys" I ever bought, and they keep making it better. If your TV is hooked into your home network (as most are now), you should be able to "see" your PlayOn PC server and stream the content to your flat screen as well, in addition to anything you may have in your PlayLater library. It will also stream not only to your BB10 device, but literally any device on your home wireless network with a browser. And (get this) once you've synced your device with your PlayOn server, you can stream your content from *anywhere* you have internet access (bandwidth and firewalls permitting).

Of course. On Verizon, and this application, which I have on PlayBook, is not yet available from BlackBerry world .... then again neither is frekkin 10.1!!!! Go Verizon. Not.

Posted via CB10

well, i need help on my blackberry classic and PlayOn. I want to watch netflix on it and it keeps telling me i need to sign in. i did, in settings. seriously frustrated.

well, i need help on my blackberry classic and PlayOn. I want to watch netflix on it and it keeps telling me i need to sign in. i did, in settings. seriously frustrated.